Episode 1 - Ricky chats with Ben Bailey Smith and Huey Morgan
The first episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • CavemanNinja100
    CavemanNinja100År siden

    Stop wearing tracksuit bottoms Sir, you are too old and it looks silly. You look like a nutter who's on day release at JD Sports. Spend some of your trillions on some new clobber, you tight git. Thanks. Bye.

  • jane W.
    jane W.År siden

    Fuck me ! I never knew the Scooby Snacks bloke was so awesome....inspirational....adorable

  • Celeste Gamarra Venegas
    Celeste Gamarra VenegasÅr siden

    enjoy rap battles jajajajaaj

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G.År siden

    Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.

  • ©ZEUS®™
    ©ZEUS®™År siden

    Didn't know that these podcasts were on NOlocal and I feel like I found a treasure chest right now.

  • Greiguci Wootchie
    Greiguci WootchieÅr siden

    Superb. Love this. It's been going for a year. I only found out about this a few days ago.

  • mr niki
    mr nikiÅr siden

    Please submit a subtitle if you respect the deaf people

  • danny newey
    danny neweyÅr siden

    I made the word "Like" free for Morons to these to say it whenever they get stuck for a word. I made it possible for people to start EVERY sentence they say with "SO".

  • danny newey
    danny neweyÅr siden

    Frankie Boyle is the bollocks!

  • JODA
    JODAÅr siden

    Ricky i got headbutted cus i outwitted a bully once! Love ur work man.

  • P O S T
    P O S T2 år siden

    There’s a shadow somewhere

  • Moomen Schance
    Moomen Schance2 år siden

    Huey is not interesting - please don’t interview him again

  • Arthur Katz
    Arthur Katz2 år siden

    this aind nearly as fun as ricky show with karl

  • Beatriz Cunha
    Beatriz Cunha2 år siden

    RICKY, why don't you film this? That would be great

  • Ryan G.

    Ryan G.

    År siden

    Can't be bothered.

  • Benjamin CJ Holmes
    Benjamin CJ Holmes2 år siden

    Love that Ricky is doing podcasts again. Will definitely be checking out each episode. A personal take: A Merchant/Pilkington episode wouldn't be a miss, however, these fresh conversations are great.

  • Dave Lister
    Dave Lister2 år siden

    Ricky, Steve and Karl were great, but it's time for something new. Enjoyed this! :D

  • SKM
    SKM2 år siden

    Bring Back Karl!

  • Paddy Magenis
    Paddy Magenis2 år siden

    Everyone on here wanting Steve and Karl to come back, that time has been and gone. They did that to the death, Ricky is trying to do something new. I loved those old podcasts and radio shows but I feel like if you reunited those guys there wouldn't be the same spark or chemistry. They've all moved on to do different things, like I'm not even sure if Steve and Ricky even speak with each other anymore.

  • The Fearmoths
    The Fearmoths2 år siden

    The more I see/hear of Ricky Gervais in recent years the more I realise that Stephen Merchant was the comedy genius behind their success. Does anyone know why they don't work together any more?

  • Silent Shrimp
    Silent Shrimp2 år siden

    The days of Karl, Steve and Ricky are over. Accept it or just go and watch all Pilkyboys videos like me.

  • Joseph Tessier
    Joseph Tessier2 år siden

    'Both kinds of music; country and western' is a Blues Brothers joke.

  • Amanda Ferguson
    Amanda Ferguson2 år siden

    Ricky is funny but Ricky, Steve & Karl together is a winning formula. Ricky Gervais, you know you could make it happen, please. Turn on your persuasive powers. Off to watch “The Ricky Gervais Show” with Karl and Steve, classic. 🤣🤣

  • Conor McKee
    Conor McKee2 år siden

    I have to admit that I've been disappointed by RG's latest stuff like Life on the Road and Humanity, but this was brilliant. Loved it!!

  • Korasi
    Korasi2 år siden

    Everyone saying that they want Karl and/or Stephen, this is a DIFFERENT SHOW. You do not watch the American dad and say where’s Brian and Stewie! This is the same. Just enjoy the fucking show, we have got more Ricky gervais podcasts, just be grateful for that.

  • David
    David2 år siden

    People are talking about wanting Steve and Karl back, but, if they did collaborate again, you can guarantee that those same people will complain that the show isn't as good as the old ones.

  • cobrakai83
    cobrakai833 år siden

    These are nothing compared to the old podcasts. It needs the 3 of you.

  • Chillrah
    Chillrah3 år siden

    What a fucking tin head military fuck tard...

  • GenericGooner
    GenericGooner3 år siden

    People seem to forget that they began to run out of things to talk about when t was Karl and Steve with Ricky, a decade of talking shit will do that. And now they are cemented in history as comedy gold. This is something new. Won’t suit everyone, but at least it’s different discussion topics.

  • Daniel Black
    Daniel Black3 år siden

    OK , so this is Ricky having a chat , without humor and a few boring guests. Hope this gets better...

  • kernowarty
    kernowarty3 år siden

    Why does Gervais appear on small radio stations? You would think he would be on BBC radio.

  • jon cund
    jon cund3 år siden

    Absolutely loved this

  • 5%
    5%3 år siden

    Invite the head like a fucking orange and the tall guy from Bristol for a special appearance show

  • Quack Quack, Im a duck
    Quack Quack, Im a duck3 år siden


  • Sam Samsonson
    Sam Samsonson3 år siden

    Saying "Where's Karl" is like watching Extras wondering where Gareth is. Just enjoy it and be grateful Kaaaaaaarnts.

  • Sam Samsonson

    Sam Samsonson

    3 år siden

    Having said that, I would love to see R,SnK finish where they started. Imagine Karl when he's 60.......The best is still to come!

  • B0W13
    B0W133 år siden

    Im not too keen on the new black karl, hes too smart and eloquent, when does the head squeezing start

  • Nonofya Bidnez
    Nonofya Bidnez3 år siden

    Glad there is no Karl on this podcast. He is so overplayed.

  • _abbi.b_ 0722
    _abbi.b_ 07223 år siden

    Most these comment say bring back Karl 😂😂 i 100% agree

  • Paul Motion
    Paul Motion3 år siden

    Why aren’t all the episodes podcasted? I can only find the pilot episode

  • iHound
    iHound3 år siden

    On XFM 104.9----- wait a minute.

  • El Gerardo Edwardio
    El Gerardo Edwardio3 år siden

    Left this one til last cos I thought it wouldn't have been as good as Dawkins and Cox.... this is the best so far (esp if you're a music fan)

  • AndrewJoyce1975
    AndrewJoyce19753 år siden

    At about 14.00 Ben Bailey talks about Judgement Night and Huey says he was on it. But Ben wouldn't let him finish. I can't remember them being on it and I just checked the Track listing. So. What was all that about was there song taken of it or something? wish he would have let him finish what he was saying.

  • extremetee
    extremetee3 år siden

    MIA Karl and Steve! Said before but still!

  • MrAnperm
    MrAnperm3 år siden

    Tupac and Bob Dylan on the same radio show

  • Dema Made
    Dema Made3 år siden

    Karl and steve missing

  • B1GB1RDB4G3L
    B1GB1RDB4G3L3 år siden

    5:50 so now we know why the relationship with Karl went so well ....

  • Mark Mathews
    Mark Mathews3 år siden

    All this podcast has made me realise is that Huey Morgan is awesome, Ben Bailey Smith is really nice, Ricky loves to talk about himself all the time and I miss those glory days of the Ricky Gervais podcast.

  • Sessions01
    Sessions013 år siden

    Great episode!

  • your self
    your self3 år siden

    Wet knee Houston

  • pen12345
    pen123453 år siden


  • zasherr


    3 år siden

    pen12345 how has karl retired from all media if he actively posts on facebook and has a new comedy coming next year?

  • Goughy
    Goughy3 år siden

    Does this not play for anyone else?

  • Gareth M
    Gareth M3 år siden

    58.50 - the point at which Gervais has to stop, thumb s up!

  • Absolute Muppet
    Absolute Muppet3 år siden

    Christ.....De Burgh

  • zasherr


    3 år siden

    Canwe.... canwe west?

  • Gareth M
    Gareth M3 år siden

    Wow. Huey Morgan's military obsession is verging on brainwashed.

  • Kevin Flemming

    Kevin Flemming

    2 år siden

    Well, in a way, you do get brainwashed. You are taught to essentially be a different person, and your ideals and morals can change. Source: Housemate is in the British Navy. He became a Royalist and Conservative, even though he showed zero inclinations of either in the many years I've known him (going on 15 years now).

  • Jim D
    Jim D3 år siden

    Genuinely cannot get enough of these podcasts. Hilarious as expected but also informative that gave me pause for thought.

  • John Smith
    John Smith3 år siden

    I'm listening to Wings, and that's OK - but I want to listen to The Beatles.

  • zasherr


    3 år siden

    John Smith nice analogy tbh

  • Mansour AlSubaie
    Mansour AlSubaie3 år siden


  • Andrew Lowery
    Andrew Lowery3 år siden

    Made my day hearing Gervais loves 'Angels With Dirty Faces', immense film. I've just turned 30 and no-one my age seems to know it, but I grew up with that classic.

  • hedgehog1965uk
    hedgehog1965uk3 år siden

    Will these episodes be released on Ricky's podcast, like the pilot episode was, or will I have to manually download the audio from here and import it into iTunes to get them onto my iPod?

  • Benjamin Salvage

    Benjamin Salvage

    3 år siden

    I was trawling through the comments looking for an answer to this also :(

  • Rob Plant
    Rob Plant3 år siden

    Can't stand Army members discipline blah blah blah ...how about kill for a government that is more evil than that people you are killing real clever stuff....

  • ruipelo37


    3 år siden

    Rob Plant As a man who has served a year in Finnish Defense forces, I gotta point out that there are some ”armies” out there whose Sole purpose is to defend the country, never attack or invade other territories. In addition to that we as an organization help the police and fire department on crisis situations.

  • Richard Steele
    Richard Steele3 år siden

    De Trout Spinners.

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones3 år siden

    Could people appreciate this is a different type of podcast to the one with Karl and Steve instead of moaning

  • Ricky Nutt
    Ricky Nutt3 år siden


  • *Rob.P.*
    *Rob.P.*3 år siden

    Science is the new Rock N Roll and his Lordship Brian Cox is more popular than Jesus 🤘

  • hedgehog1965uk


    3 år siden

    Don't forget Jimmy Alka-Seltzer.

  • Daniel Carr
    Daniel Carr3 år siden

    Whilst I too loved the podcasts, I'm grateful for this podcast as something new to listen to. I think the comments are unbelievably negative on these.

  • John
    John3 år siden

    scrap this, we need Steve and Karl

  • Bianco
    Bianco3 år siden

    Need the Merch man and K Pilk to make this really pop off innit

  • Shani LeMeow
    Shani LeMeow3 år siden

    No one will ever give up on getting pilkington back

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought3 år siden

    Bring back Karl!!!!!!

  • James
    James3 år siden


  • Chief
    Chief3 år siden

    Karl and Steve need to be on here

  • jod125
    jod1253 år siden

    Is there a version with the songs included, like the vimeo pilot? It's not the same without the songs.

  • freedom45
    freedom453 år siden

    Different but funny and insightful as usual. Apologies but yeah grab the other two if they're free (and orange head can be arsed) they can only add to what is already great chat. Cheers for all you've done Rick you'd gotten mee through some seriously tough times in my life, might not be here without you three making me smile when I really wasn't sure if I ever would again................sorry, puke..!! Cheers x

  • Josh Elijah
    Josh Elijah3 år siden

    round ed?

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle3 år siden

    I had suspected for some time that Ricky, in short interviews on American talk shows and longer interviews elsewhere, had started to omit Steve from his career résumé. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for two reasons: 1) I like Ricky and have done for years. I didn't want the suspicion to be proven correct and 2) how could someone reasonably go from "collaboration with Steve Merchant on The Office and Extras, among other things" to "ME ME ME ME" and think nobody will notice? My suspicions were confirmed when Ricky appeared at The Oxford Union a few months ago. He started in on the whole "I made this" and "I did that", consistent with his new stance, wanking on about being an auteur. Then someone asked him a compound question, explicitly asking about re-uniting with Steve and Ricky ignored that part of the question. Now he's on Sirius XM, again going over his career beginnings and surprise surprise, no Steve again. It's really fucking selfish and wrong. His omitting Steve from XFM is fine, up to a point, because he did famously hired Steve because his CV was top of the pile. But after they were booted and made that aborted talk/chat show with Jimmy Carr, it was _Steve_ who went to the BBC for a production course and ended up working on the World Service. If not for Steve, there would have been no Seedy Boss and there would have been no Office. So Ricky can engage in as much career revisionism as he likes, the record shows him as a liar. And those who wish to correct the record will do so. I think it's a cuntish thing he's done.

  • FoodforThought


    3 år siden

    tell papa truth robin

  • DudeDad
    DudeDad3 år siden

    "Gervais is cryin again sarge" XD

  • Edward McArdle
    Edward McArdle3 år siden

    This channel is called "Ricky Gervais". This video has Ricky Gervais. What is there to complain about?

  • B0W13


    3 år siden

    Needs more "squozen one"

  • zasherr


    3 år siden

    FoodforThought Are you avin' a laff? Is he avin' a laff?

  • FoodforThought


    3 år siden

    there's no karl

  • Harry Baldwin
    Harry Baldwin3 år siden

    Im going to join every other person and say brinj carl bak

  • Jock Doubleday
    Jock Doubleday3 år siden


  • adamant portraits
    adamant portraits3 år siden

    Gonna be on spotify?

  • Alex Ford
    Alex Ford3 år siden

    This needs Steve and Karl

  • Beany
    Beany3 år siden

    We love you Ricky but we really miss Karl and Steve. It's been years and there's so many stories to tell!

  • Mikey James
    Mikey James3 år siden

    Love everything you do Ricky

  • Louisa Corr
    Louisa Corr3 år siden

    Love this show Ricky! I strangely learn a lot about how to live life from you in so many different ways, thank you x

  • Louisa Corr
    Louisa Corr3 år siden

    If you are missing the 3 of them...I've done my best to help by impersonating them!!... nolocal.info/have/video/in13ZKaTnp1-0ng

  • dominic d what 420 no really snap
    dominic d what 420 no really snap3 år siden


  • A J
    A J3 år siden

    The demo was much better than this, this was a little dull and flat.

  • grimmyx22
    grimmyx223 år siden

    At 1:09:24 If Karl had said-"You could have 'em build a little lung on the side" Ricky would have shit himself.

  • Preda Dragos
    Preda Dragos3 år siden

    When is the new episode supposed to drop?

    DJ A.D.S MUSIC3 år siden

    Fun loving Criminals def not on Judgement Night Album! Surely Huey should know that?

  • Wilso Shplonkle
    Wilso Shplonkle3 år siden

    I love the old radio shows as much as the next person, but I actually enjoyed this. Especially after seeing Ricky's Humanity tour in London and seeing Doc open for him. Was interesting to hear flowing conversation.

  • Fabrizio
    Fabrizio3 år siden

    Love it, just love it.

  • rodcosmic
    rodcosmic3 år siden

    My grandfather on my mother's side was first wave on D-Day. Came out the front of the landing craft as his friends were mowed down around him, as in the opening scene from Saving Ryan. How can we imagine in any way to what that was like? He also turned out to be one of the nicest, friendliest people anyone could ever meet - just the best! He also didn't watch any movies but enjoyed sitcoms, comedy and snooker. Sorely missed. I wish he had written a book. Great that you guys talked about this in the podcast!

  • titaniumslug


    3 år siden

    What beach?

  • rodcosmic
    rodcosmic3 år siden

    Strange, I had commented on the recent Kevin Pollack interview that Rick rarely talked about his dad and in this he does. Great! Loving the new show. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Craig Warner
    Craig Warner3 år siden

    +Ricky Gervais Thank you so much for coming back with interesting meaningful chat, good guests and bringing a better class of light entertainment to my evening, which actually genuinely means a lot to me. Please keep it up. As ever Peace ✌ and Love ❤

  • definty
    definty3 år siden

    It's spiteful to put a jellyfish in a trifle..

  • Insufferable Ass
    Insufferable Ass3 år siden

    I like Ricky and I'm sure this is great but I listened to 4 minutes then left to Listen to episodes of the ricky gervais show instead.

  • ligerpride
    ligerpride3 år siden

    I bet Dicky Anderson and Paul "the Party Animal" Parker love this. This will be a shadow of the popularity of the previous version, and as much as I love the old gang (the greatest) I have to say it might be fair game for RG to move on. He's a funny enough guy, but he needs the right guests. This was reasonably promising from an interest point of view, but it's a max one listen job and with few laughs. I'd be amazed if any of these new versions offer any true all-time great quotes and running jokes that the old shows did. We're not going to be able to invest in the character dynamic either. The old trio were genuinely the best comedic chemistry of anything I've ever encountered......by a long way. It's gone, it's sad, but it is what it is I suppose.

  • letsago


    År siden


  • Carl Frock
    Carl Frock3 år siden

    Kolly osbourne

  • affalaffaa
    affalaffaa3 år siden

    Mr Bailey Smith always seems engaging and intelligent. I like it when he fills in for Mayo on 5 live, to the point where I don't miss Mayo.

  • Niaurus
    Niaurus3 år siden

    couldn't take Morgan seriously after he dissed Yachty and the "mumble" rappers... that's just jumping on the bandwagon