Episode 17 - Ricky chats with Robin Ince and Danny Wallace.
The seventeenth episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Hadvarr
    Hadvarr7 måneder siden

    Did anyone actually listen to the podcast or are they just here to comment Karl and merchant We need steave and karl Like stop fuck meeeeeee jesus christ man

  • Hadvarr
    Hadvarr7 måneder siden


  • Ser Bronn Of Highgarden
    Ser Bronn Of Highgarden2 år siden

    Jesus! ricky has said the words neil young heart of gold more than head like a fucking orange

  • ikham shamble
    ikham shamble2 år siden

    this was by farrrrr th worst episode

  • ikham shamble
    ikham shamble2 år siden

    god Robin Ince is not interesting

  • Matt C
    Matt C2 år siden

    That was an awkward start...I think Danny might have been doing exactly what Ricky was describing

  • Juan Arboleda
    Juan Arboleda2 år siden

    The name of the mayor is Antanas Mockus, and he was headdirector of the National University when he was fired for showing his ass in front of the students who were booing him. Later on he run for president and got second place.

  • WOOOPdoctorFROGhere
    WOOOPdoctorFROGhere2 år siden

    If you see a sailor by Bob Drillboids

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good
    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good2 år siden

    None of this now needed. Baby dead.

  • DJ Blakey
    DJ Blakey2 år siden

    He’s from Baba

  • J5am3ds
    J5am3ds2 år siden

    17:00 “Other way round” haha!

    iNGRATE2 år siden

    I'm sure Ricky will have Karl on his show soon, because Karl has a new show coming out. So, he'll be a good friend and let Karl promote his show.

  • Absolute Muppet

    Absolute Muppet

    2 år siden

    iNGRATE Karl won't want to promote his show.

  • Flumpf Telly
    Flumpf Telly2 år siden

    Ricky! get Karl on the show.. if the rice is right.

  • Fionn MacNamara
    Fionn MacNamara2 år siden

    Ricky stop interrupting and talking over your guests please

  • Alex Cerecedo
    Alex Cerecedo2 år siden

    And you neeeever see...an old man..eat a...Maaaaaaarssss...Bar Bar Bar

  • AholeAtheist
    AholeAtheist2 år siden

    What the woman with the hotdog was probably trying to say was, "my boss is incompetent, therefore we don't have enough competent staff on to deal with the volume of work/custom, and you're the type of person that does not realise that if there's a queue for something 45 minutes long, it's for this very reason, and you're an idiot for not realising that, and subjecting the slaves that work there to more hell by lumping on more work they obviously can't handle. And why the fuck do you ever think it's okay to queue that long for something that is designed to be fast? You're an idiot!" Totally out of touch for this one, Danny and Ricky.

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    2 år siden

    It's funny when someone who wasn't even there thinks they understand something better than the person who was actually there.

  • BaronVonPenguin
    BaronVonPenguin2 år siden

    Would love to hear you do one with Frank Skinner and Stewart Lee

  • Benbob 9
    Benbob 92 år siden

    When I was younger, I ate a beetle. I ate a beetle, cause' I thought it was licorice.

  • DecoyOctopus33


    2 år siden

    I ate a big blob of wasabi, i thought it was one mushy pea

  • Mikeu118
    Mikeu1182 år siden

    Robin is such a perfect name for Mr Ince as he's always someones sidekick

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought2 år siden

    Bring back Karl!!!

  • Malcolm Powder
    Malcolm Powder2 år siden

    I don't really like this series. I'm just going to float around on a bit of webbage.

  • The United Katedom
    The United Katedom2 år siden

    I Kould eat a nob at night

  • Lendiggy Lendogg
    Lendiggy Lendogg2 år siden

    Good shout getting Danny on!!

  • MrTriplet
    MrTriplet2 år siden

    should have mentioned the name of the hotdog place

  • Murray
    Murray2 år siden

    WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE LOSERS? no, I will not have it, I remember Robin and his thumbs and it does not interest me what so ever. GET KARL AND SMERCH OR FUCK OFF TUBBY

  • Eleni Beck
    Eleni Beck2 år siden

    We all want Karl and merchant. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN

  • Alex Cerecedo

    Alex Cerecedo

    2 år siden

    Steve Mitchell and Karl Dilkington

  • ASMRYouReady
    ASMRYouReady2 år siden

    So basically, Anne Frank is just a squatter with a diary?

  • SR
    SR2 år siden

    Still no Karl or Merchant. Lame.

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack2 år siden

    Could the world fall

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack2 år siden

    Where Karl Ricky ?

  • Zed's Dead
    Zed's Dead2 år siden

    If Robin mentions Dunstable in this I'm going to shit my pants

  • Lugh Summerson
    Lugh Summerson2 år siden

    Poor Danny is too nice for his own good. You need to be a No Man sometimes.

  • Nathan S C
    Nathan S C2 år siden

    If you see a sailor

  • Fernando Dehter Trigo
    Fernando Dehter Trigo2 år siden

    Hey, say you hello from Spain!!(Seville) did you come here any time?? See you soon Adiooos

  • Old Uncle Tommy

    Old Uncle Tommy

    2 år siden

    Fernando Dehter Trigo Good point mate, I agree

  • thehitman2001uk
    thehitman2001uk2 år siden

    "her ankles were so fat, her feet couldnt fit into the shoes"

  • Abe Wilson

    Abe Wilson

    År siden

    Oh you cant cause your ankles are so fat. Never mind heres some boots

  • spreadthelove77
    spreadthelove772 år siden

    Rick, I’m not here to whinge about Steve and Karl. There’s plenty old podcasts, xfm shows, etc to enjoy and reminisce over. But the calibre of guests with this new project are pretty poor. Robin Ince is as funny as rectal cancer. Upgrade the guests and change it up some, would ya?

  • rodeoclowngreg
    rodeoclowngreg2 år siden

    More Danny Wallace please. And thanks for not talking about 'the art of comedy' for the whole show for once :)

  • Alex Cerecedo

    Alex Cerecedo

    2 år siden

    "I never did the comedy circuit, I was already famous when I started stand up". Repeat ad naseum

  • Steve Plant
    Steve Plant2 år siden

    I talk to and wink at Dogs.

  • Num47
    Num472 år siden

    Something for the youngters, Danny Wallace done some voice work for the AC video game series... played the IT dude that helps Desmond with the Anumis or Animus or what-ever that machine is called.

  • HKAR
    HKAR2 år siden

    It's dead small... the flea.

  • Nid


    2 år siden

    Thanks for clearing that up

  • VypaUK
    VypaUK2 år siden

    Still waiting for some decents guests. I know it's gotta be tough to get them when you're one of the most famous comics in the world.

  • Mertin
    Mertin2 år siden

    Gervais get decent guests on fs... ince is pish and so is wallace

  • Abe Wilson

    Abe Wilson

    År siden

    What does pish mean

  • Old Uncle Tommy

    Old Uncle Tommy

    2 år siden

    Don't you dare speak Ill of lovely tufty

  • PlumbobMillionaire
    PlumbobMillionaire2 år siden

    Would be great if you could get Louis Theroux on here!

  • Terry Woodward
    Terry Woodward2 år siden

    No Diane... ☹️

  • Galveenus
    Galveenus2 år siden

    Gervais with the pavement scenario again.

  • Crystal3lf
    Crystal3lf2 år siden


  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Ricky "I want my ground anus now" I only write that so dyslexics can think he said ....

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Robin Ince "I saw a giraffe with an erection" Robin you're not meant to tell people you get aroused by giraffes. And haven't we told you to stop going to the zoo.

  • jootai
    jootai2 år siden

    mentioning Karl to wind up Ricky

  • Paul The Party Animal Parker

    Paul The Party Animal Parker

    2 år siden

    brent was initially Ricky's invention called "seedy boss". He therefore sees it as his character, plus he did all the acting so thought it was fine to shit all over the greatness of The Office with that shitty Life on The Road

  • Absolute Muppet

    Absolute Muppet

    2 år siden

    Cactus Jack He is still doing it in Humanity. Noticed a couple of things Karl said on the podcasts repackaged for Rickys standup. The no need for nappies baby now dead joke is in Humanity.

  • Alex Cerecedo

    Alex Cerecedo

    2 år siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/ral5eJivmn9qrHg. This video from Aug 2017 shows Ricky talking heaps about Karl but he gets a question on steve and does not reply (to be fair it was a 3 part question and he took ages in answering the first part)

  • Dan Oliver

    Dan Oliver

    2 år siden

    pen12345 'A C' is questioning where you read/heard that information about Ricky, Steve and Karl arguing over those things you mentioned. Until you can provide a source we can only assume you are speculating.

  • Niaurus


    2 år siden

    what Karl jokes did Ricky steal?

    ONE TOO MANY PODCAST2 år siden

    I bet Ricky can't stand Karl now. Ricky said Karl was his gift to the world and now everything he does will always be followed by what about Karl... For a man who so staunchly refutes religion he must see the irony... Rickys career will never be without the karl questions... He sacrificed himself so the world got the gift of Karl... RICKY IS JESUS... .. Or I could be drunk and talking bollex.... Im gonna play a record while i still can.

  • ASMRYouReady


    2 år siden

    DeanCutty He said it years ago on XFM

  • Lugh Summerson

    Lugh Summerson

    2 år siden

    Why the fuck isn't Martin Freeman on this? He was good on that thing Ricky used to do. He should be on everything. Martin Freeman. Martin Freeman. Martin Freeman. Martin Freeman. Martin Freeman. Martin Freeman. *Look to camera* LOL! Martin Freeman. Martin Freeman. Martin Freeman.

  • Ant Hoeny

    Ant Hoeny

    2 år siden

    yeah pls

  • DeanCutty


    2 år siden

    Could you give a timestamp as to when Karl is mentioned please? Or do you remember the general position? Beginning, middle, end?

  • jootai


    2 år siden

    Moses Juice Ricky is Jesus Karl is God

  • dominic d what 420 no really snap
    dominic d what 420 no really snap2 år siden

    poor little ince had to sit there going on about success

  • Skush
    Skush2 år siden

    Wet-Knee Houston.

  • Skush


    2 år siden


  • Absolute Muppet

    Absolute Muppet

    2 år siden

    Will Son Pick It

  • Skush


    2 år siden


  • Fred B

    Fred B

    2 år siden

    Christ! Di berg!!!

  • Alex Cerecedo

    Alex Cerecedo

    2 år siden

    Buy-on Ferry

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC2 år siden

    Robin get some ham under your arse