Episode 2 - Ricky chats with David Baddiel and Professor Brian Cox
The second episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • jammadamma
    jammadamma8 dager siden

    "Anger turns up the volume about what you believe." Good one.

  • tiredmummy
    tiredmummy2 måneder siden

    Although there are some racists in the UK, they are in the very small minority and are loathed by everyone that isnt racist. I had a friend years ago, that I'd known for 6 years. We had a party and I introduced a new friend (who was also a coworker). These existing friend asked me why I counted him as a friend. I said well, he got a lovely caring disposition. When I started with the company he went out of his way to help me find my way around. When I was working on a really big project (netted the company 10.5million quid on maintenance contracts) he made sure I had lunch, and was a real friend. This friend turned round and said well, you havent got anything in common with him really, I mean hes well black. My jaw hit the floor!!!! I said we have a lot more in common that with you... for example we're staying at this party and you aren't... I'd like you to leave please. And unless you apologise to both me and my friend, lose my phone number and dont call round for tea or anything. I'll get your coat.... I never spoke to her again....ever.....

  • Who is this?
    Who is this?6 måneder siden


  • twanger
    twanger7 måneder siden

    Fuck me Gervais is insufferable in this. Brian Cox has no chance to speak because Ricky just rambles on and on and on about people on Twitter. Someone should tell him that Twitter is not the real world. Fuck me

  • sarah c
    sarah c11 måneder siden

    Blimey Ricky, come out to the countryside in England if you want all white non mixed.

  • Greiguci Wootchie
    Greiguci Wootchie11 måneder siden

    Brian Cox has an IQ of 183. That is un fucking real.

  • Chris G
    Chris GÅr siden

    British Trump

  • Ser Bronn Of Highgarden
    Ser Bronn Of HighgardenÅr siden

    remember when karl said whales used to have legs then they went back in the water and ricky was having non of it. ricky keeps saying "yea." "of course." and "i know." and "that's what im saying." its like he cant be told anything. and he repeats himself more than comedy central.

  • Coos Oorlog
    Coos OorlogÅr siden

    Who's Karl?

  • Gaz Lee
    Gaz LeeÅr siden

    We don't live on a globe Brian, show us water curving around a ball.

  • Gaz Lee
    Gaz LeeÅr siden

    Brian Cox just talks about theories, theories and language is not science.

  • Sasudio
    SasudioÅr siden

    The meaning of life is to uphold life, and the meaning of sentient life is to uphold as diverse life as possible.

  • Crookedboy Foong
    Crookedboy FoongÅr siden

    Baddiel needs to stop fucking interrupting people...

  • Greiguci Wootchie
    Greiguci WootchieÅr siden

    Ricky pretending to be as intelligent as professor Brian Cox is hallarious.

  • anthony battersby

    anthony battersby

    År siden

    You trying to spell hilarious is hilarious!

  • James Keane
    James KeaneÅr siden

    Brian Cox has a voice that is so relaxing. Helps me sleep.

  • K C
    K CÅr siden

    Love this....missing Frank Skinner 👍🏼👍🏼

  • K C

    K C

    År siden

    The sharpest wit

  • Dark Sun
    Dark SunÅr siden

    The Gervais partical. Curing the common cold across the universe.

  • Paco Macaw
    Paco MacawÅr siden

    Kelvin rules OK

  • Solo Faces
    Solo FacesÅr siden

    After nuclear war cockroaches and Ricky gervais preaching about atheism survive.

  • Battle Spear
    Battle SpearÅr siden

    If there is a pattern to the universe then would it follow that our daily lives would be part of that pattern .so maybe our actions aren't free will but part of this pattern?

  • Battle Spear
    Battle SpearÅr siden

    What's beyond death must be good,no one has ever come back and complained.

  • jon denham
    jon denhamÅr siden

    No songs of phrase!??

  • Adam Becza
    Adam BeczaÅr siden

    Don't wanna hate but I found David's comments very uninteresting as opposed to Brian's and Ricky's which he kept interrupting

  • John
    JohnÅr siden

    David Baddiel fucking ruined this.

  • There is No Try
    There is No TryÅr siden

    Why aren’t these available as a podcast?

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel EvansÅr siden

    Get Clive Warren on....

  • Karl Dilkington

    Karl Dilkington

    År siden

    He can come on with Rebecca Dimornay.

  • Mark Crawfy
    Mark CrawfyÅr siden

    Great Podcast Ricky ..

  • Adam Weishaupt
    Adam WeishauptÅr siden

    I hate to sound like Richard Anderson, but this is dull.

  • Adam Weishaupt

    Adam Weishaupt

    År siden

    I'm still deciding whether to listen to episode 2 or watch a puddle evaporate.

  • Ben Hunter

    Ben Hunter

    År siden

    Little diddle dodders!

  • P O S T
    P O S TÅr siden

    He has replaced Merchant (the second best person of a famous duo) with Baddiel, and Karl (a scientist from Manchester) with Brian Cox.....so, no real change

  • Ryan
    RyanÅr siden

    Talk over each other's points more, please.

  • Doctor Sk3t
    Doctor Sk3t2 år siden

    just found this podcast series and the conversation on this one is fascinating to me stop complaining about karl haha

  • S JN
    S JN2 år siden

    Jesus Christ. Why invite Brian Cox on just to talk over him and interrupt him? No wonder he never came back

  • Herohammer Studios
    Herohammer Studios2 år siden

    Ricky is the Karl of this series

  • Dushyant Bangal
    Dushyant Bangal2 år siden

    Would've been funny if the parrot said the cue and then the dog did the salute.

  • Jim Page
    Jim Page2 år siden

    FUCKING HELL RICKY. Let people talk! stop talking over everybody!

  • BennySalto
    BennySalto2 år siden

    Never gonna happen boys, that civ. We don't have the resources, we are bound by the rocket equation. We need orders of magnitude more resources. Also, Antarctica is a tropical paradise compared with Mars. There is a difference between theory and feasibility., think about it some more from a practical standpoint.

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC2 år siden

    # Things can only get better #

  • Foisal Hasan
    Foisal Hasan2 år siden


  • Anabel Garcia
    Anabel Garcia2 år siden

    Why do I want to be nice and go through life being pleasant and kind, but at the same time, when I see someone chew with their mouth open, or being rude to an elderly woman, I want to end their existence in the most painful way possible?

  • Space Age Shakespeare
    Space Age Shakespeare2 år siden

    Brian Cox at 33:20

  • Pyeter
    Pyeter2 år siden

    Gervais has a lot of room to grow as an interviewer/podcast host. He talks over the guests too frequently. It worked with the old podcast because of the chemistry between R, S and K, but it's quite grating in this new podcast series.

  • JAMES McCann
    JAMES McCann2 år siden

    Fat baby

  • Besa
    Besa2 år siden

    resources are finite though.

  • Pekka Rastas
    Pekka Rastas2 år siden

    How far you can see vs. an old book. What was it 6000 years? By that logic the universe is 6000 cubic light years large.

  • Sid Arthur
    Sid Arthur2 år siden

    fucking 10 minutes about how he's a jew, and still no brian cox

  • Sid Arthur
    Sid Arthur2 år siden

    smart of him to always stick david baddiel with people i want to listen to

  • Old school beats
    Old school beats2 år siden

    Brian Cox makes my head hurt

  • Dr. Zoidberg
    Dr. Zoidberg2 år siden

    Technically you can be Christian and an Atheist. google Christian Atheism.

  • Alex e
    Alex e2 år siden

    You expect xfm then you get what is actually a really interesting and thought provoking podcast, starting talk about the origins of life and religion, whole time expecting ricky to scream let's have a bit of nob news !!!!! I want to see and Karl and Brian Cox on the show, Coxy likes to measure and research distant spherical objects in our universe , maybe he'll take an interest in something right here on our very planet in the bald manc fucking orange that is Karl pilkingtod , Gervais make something happen !!!

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie2 år siden

    How are Jews a race? Chritistians are Jews who got water poured over the head thats it. Isn't it simply a culture? (BTW this is an honest question not an opinion)

  • Shakermaker
    Shakermaker2 år siden

    It's just a vase with shit in it

  • RockPhonic
    RockPhonic2 år siden

    What does David Baddiel actually do?

  • Truth Knight
    Truth Knight2 år siden

    Hitler wasn't a vegetarian. He said that to appear more empathetic and "Gandhi-like". His favourite meal was duck liver as written in diaries.

  • BurntFaceMan
    BurntFaceMan2 år siden

    Sigh another Ricky G podcast talking about atheism.. not what I was hoping this would be. Where's the comedy and entertainment gone =( you even somehow ruined the presence of "Sir" Brian Cox, one of the nicest and smartest men on the planet.

  • Ricky Bojangles
    Ricky Bojangles2 år siden

    Karl pilkington and Brian cox! Also get Neil Degrasse Tyson!

  • big Yin27
    big Yin272 år siden

    Cox says we are 'atoms thinking about atoms', the material rationalistic view, seeming to then omit, ENERGY, that binds those atoms;, strong and weak nuclear forces, gravity and electromagnetism. This is Cox's bread and butter. In a universe of two trillion galaxies, it is highly likely other forces exist, that don't involve atoms. Think of like this, there are atoms in two radio transmitter/receiver, yet none in the radio wave or the vacuum of space the wave travels to on the way to eh the Moon.

  • big Yin27
    big Yin272 år siden

    Ricky;God, god, dog, is not a 'thing', the thing that organised religion sells for their power and advantage, god is a destination of experience, like 'fitness' is not a thing in any meaningful way, it's how you feel when you've put in the graft in the gym or in the hills. The path to god by analogy is spiritual fitness, on the hypothesis ( until proven through ONLY personal experience) that the universe is endlessly creative and reactive, the fundamental law would seem to be karma, you reap what you sew, as your actions are your experience will be. So cruelty begets cruelty and love begets love, suffering and grace.

  • unknownpleasures
    unknownpleasures2 år siden

    This is really great and interesting

  • James Davidson
    James Davidson2 år siden

    Tom Delonge says there is technology that exists that can warp space-time

  • Ollie Clixby
    Ollie Clixby2 år siden

    When Brian is explaining complex astrophysics to Ricky, he's probably looking at him thinking "it's like when you talk to a cat!"

  • Korasi
    Korasi2 år siden

    Don’t ring Karl back. Only the idiots that are stuck in 2003 want Karl. The rest of us enjoy the lightly intellectual/comedic entertainment.

  • Aleksandar Dimitrov
    Aleksandar Dimitrov2 år siden

    That was very nice episode, so glad that you are making those podcasts

  • Andy
    Andy2 år siden

    of course rick can say 'life is a nice holiday'... for him maybe, hes loaded for fuck sake

  • E O
    E O2 år siden

    What happened to Karl?

  • Kristian Rees
    Kristian Rees2 år siden

    Baddiel is hilarious

  • David
    David2 år siden

    There's so much pretentious nonsense in this episode. Like saying that animals are the same as humans and race doesn't exist. The fact is, despite what liberals would like, people within the same ethnicity are all different from each other, let alone from other ethnicities, and we're totally different from other species.

  • Billy Bullard
    Billy Bullard2 år siden

    Diane Morgan IS Karl !!!!!

  • Easy Care Systems
    Easy Care Systems2 år siden

    Brilliant! Made my day in the office great

  • menno Wolters
    menno Wolters2 år siden

    count dankula

  • Jake
    Jake3 år siden

    I don't think Ricky actually listens to Brian. He seems to just hear himself while other people talk. He can't get away from his own simple subject.

  • j may
    j may3 år siden

    52:19 - when you're trying to make a point and everyone cuts you dead!

  • d c
    d c3 år siden

    56:00 He got this from Sam Harris but doesn't give credit.

  • Mr
    Mr3 år siden

    Can you really pay sincere tribute to a man if you deliberately choose to not call him by his chosen name, even when you know what it is? (Bowie)

  • Flynny009
    Flynny0093 år siden

    You never see an old man eating a twix

  • EvolveF
    EvolveF3 år siden

    rick and david need to learn how to let people talk

  • Yaser Masood
    Yaser Masood3 år siden

    One of the main problems with atheism is a certain incoherence in what atheism implies. It implies materialism, which in essence means that everything is based on particles and fields. These are controlled by laws. Since our Brian are made of these same particles and fields, then our brains are controlled by these same rules, in other words we have no free will, and Ricky even admits to this, when he said the "illusion of free will". Therefore, how can Ricky and other atheists believe in anything, including his own atheism, since this belief was apparently reached by the random movement of particles in one's brain which is governed by these physical laws. Therefore what is the point even of this podcast, since Ricky and the rest of the panel are not free agents according to atheism, and therefore everything they are saying was predetermined anyway, so what's the point of Ricky trying to convince any one of anything, since they were also predetermined to have their beliefs..... See the incoherence of atheism? If you are an atheist, then you should have the courage of your conviction and be a nihilist like nietzsche, he was at least an intellectually honest atheist, who realized that there is no ultimate meaning if atheism is true, unlike Ricky who is an atheist , but does not seem to take his athieism to its natural and logical conclusion, and I don't blame him, because if you take atheisim to its natural conclusion you would be very depressed .

  • Yaser Masood
    Yaser Masood3 år siden

    Ricky needs to give the other 2 a chance to speak, especially the prof.

  • lianda forstrand
    lianda forstrand3 år siden

    The Trillionaires who run the west view us and part justify their contempt for us by our attitude to our 4 legged cousins. We eat them, they eat us.

  • Tom0
    Tom03 år siden

    Weird innit

  • MegaJaysSlots UK
    MegaJaysSlots UK3 år siden

    I loved this as it really made me think..... especially the crossover between ‘God’ and the universe. Ricky, next time someone is defending the existence of god, simply ask, “so god made everything? Why did he create 2 trillion other galaxies? Was he bored after creating earth? Is there life within any other of these galaxies? Or did he just create 2 trillion other galaxies with billions of stars each to be barren expanses of space?” I’d love to know the responses you’d get 😂😂

  • fred led
    fred led3 år siden

    Such a pity Sirius XM is supporting the likes of Steve Bannon and such pity the great Ricky Gervais would rather block people who speak out against it than give a reason why he is not leaving the show in protest. Could it be money? Like most republicans..

  • DeF4de
    DeF4de3 år siden

    I like Ricky a lot, but he's forever trapped in an argument that's only really going on in America.

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    År siden

    In America and on Twitter.

  • LiamDaLemon
    LiamDaLemon3 år siden

    Spirituality and science don't have to be mutually exclusive. Just as an example, I'm both a medical doctor and research neuroscientist but I occasionally believe in SOMETHING, and then sometimes don't. There seems to be a belief in a specific demographic of westernised people that atheism is direct reflection of intelligence, with folk like these boys massaging egos a little in related chats like these and thereby encouraging the belief. Also, I completely respect anyone's right to believe what they want, including nothing, but David in particular seemed to go a step further and spoke about his belief in no other power as gospel (ironically). A belief one way or another re any sort of supreme power is a religious belief.

  • LiamDaLemon
    LiamDaLemon3 år siden

    This is fucking great... just something supremely entertaining listening to a human conversation. And interesting for more than just the comedy, but to consider how people engage with each other.

  • Lee Willocks
    Lee Willocks3 år siden

    If you want Karl pilkington then there's literally hundreds of hours of him on NOlocal. This is Ricky gervais taking passionately about things he loves and to people he loves or respects. If you don't like it, don't listen, certainly don't comment the same bollocks over and over again

  • Kevin Flemming

    Kevin Flemming

    2 år siden

    Agreed. It's actually nice to hear some proper conversation for once, instead of Karl's inane nonsense, moronic views and outright nasty nature (which anybody who has listened to the XFM shows will know, he's really not a nice person).

  • Doolally Tap
    Doolally Tap3 år siden

    I have enjoyed these, whilst working at my desk today, BUT....I would like to hear a bot more from the guest, not just Gervais churning out the same old shit he always does in interviews. I heard nearly nothing from Dawkins on his episode. Like the show. More guest input please.

  • A H
    A H3 år siden

    Cmon Rick, remember on the XFM shows you said you wanted to get an astronomer and a doctor on call to talk to Karl? Get Karl back.

  • MrDragon1968
    MrDragon19683 år siden

    51:20 Brian Cox say's something very interesting. You should have let him finish!

  • AndrewJoyce1975
    AndrewJoyce19753 år siden

    Really enjoying these podcast so far. Stop moaning about Karl that was great but this is something different just enjoy it if you don't want it fuck of. But I am a little bit confused if it's a podcast why do they keep saying let's play a record? Then was it actually on a radio station?

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha3 år siden

    Ricky spouts the exact same thing every time he speaks. He’s been saying this stuff word for word for years. Brian was really cool, there’s no malice in anything he says and he’s really philosophical.

  • Greg Mcbride
    Greg Mcbride3 år siden

    Cox makes so many claims about places he and no human has every been that are millions of miles away ....never once is he asked how do you know that can you show me some prof please ? As with all all shit zero proof we just have to take his word oceans on Venus any proof of that mate ??

  • adamant portraits
    adamant portraits3 år siden

    These comments aren't worth reading, just go back and enjoy the podcast :)

  • Heart Initiation
    Heart Initiation3 år siden

    I think Ricky and these guys miss a point with all this atheism talk. My experience is that the universe is a living thing and came from one point. We are therefore all connected and all one. The universe is what I know as 'God' - but I do not refer to them as separate things. But the universe created us and we are part of it. The universe is spirit. It is benevolent. There is no need to invent something outside the universe that invented itself.

  • IrishGary1
    IrishGary13 år siden

    Great show, hope he does catch up with Karl even for one episode, it would probably be the most listened to podcast of all time

  • Jonathan Noel
    Jonathan Noel3 år siden

    Baddiel is so unfunny. I hope Gervais' new show is decent though. I didn't like Life on the road or special correspondents so I'm hoping Humanity is decent - I fear it's going to be political though....

  • Sid Arthur

    Sid Arthur

    2 år siden

    expect half an hour of him having a go at fat people, just like all the others he did

  • PSW 77
    PSW 773 år siden

    Boxer boy

  • PSW 77
    PSW 773 år siden

    I want the bald headed manc back

  • PSW 77
    PSW 773 år siden

    He was so hot his lips fell off

  • PSW 77
    PSW 773 år siden

    How many candles ya burning?

  • EDD
    EDD3 år siden

    Karl or riot