Episode 21 - Ricky chats with Sean McLoughlin and Diane Morgan
The twenty-first episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Stefano B.
    Stefano B.9 dager siden

    Thing about the big bang: the universe was NOT the size of an atom. It probably has always been infinite, it just was very dense at the beginning.

  • Stefano B.
    Stefano B.9 dager siden

    I disagree with Ricky's definition of nothing which seems to be describing empty space. In Italian when you say "nulla" it philosophical refers to "not being" rather than empty space, is it different in English?

  • Hadvarr
    Hadvarr3 måneder siden

    I dont think Americans gets it everyone from the north is like that.

  • Leon Blythe
    Leon Blythe10 måneder siden

    Ha ketamine! I feel like a barely functional human being This ketamine will help me feel much more like a blob of green plastic melting off the edge of an old macintosh motherboard...

  • Hadvarr


    3 måneder siden

    Okay then 😬

  • Tony Harris
    Tony HarrisÅr siden

    the thing is from the bible's view it explains that you die and your soul dies as well .so there's no hope to live again the bibles view is when your dead you don't exist , jesus came to sacrifice his life and ransom it for mankind so they can live again. he didn't deserve to die so he could be resurrected back to life and this value can be transferred so people can be resurrected back to life too because mankind didn't deserve to die only adam and eve,. there is no hell nobody is going to heaven that little flock is full , there are no ghosts there is no immortal soul but soon the righteous will inherit the earth as it was in the beginning undoing the works of the devil, [ so the meaning to life then is to get to no the true god the farther and to do his original purpose to LIVE FOREVER without death on earth ]

  • Sasudio
    SasudioÅr siden

    The meaning of life is to uphold life, and the meaning of sentient life is to uphold as diverse life as possible.

  • Matthew Wilkin
    Matthew WilkinÅr siden

    Diane Morgan is fucking hilarious.

  • harry wissink
    harry wissinkÅr siden

    Diane is like my mum was.. she was proud of not knowing things How does that work?

  • harry wissink
    harry wissinkÅr siden

    Diane is really strange .. does she realize that? :-)

  • Robbies Vlogs
    Robbies VlogsÅr siden

    Diane needs to meet Karl

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MCÅr siden

    Fuck me, let Diane talk!!!

  • Kevin Flemming
    Kevin FlemmingÅr siden

    I hate to just mimic everyone else mentioning Karl, but this episode was so reminiscent of the early XFM shows. Ricky is even regressing back to the way he spoke, acted, and laughed during those days. Somewhat pleasant, but I'm hoping Diane isn't constantly in the other episodes, and more of a random treat.

  • Stephanie Patrick
    Stephanie Patrick2 år siden

    Of corse Diane believes in ghosts.. she also grew up in Manchester and went to school with 2 kids with big heads who weren’t related to each other ...

  • Man speaks the truth!
    Man speaks the truth!2 år siden

    It’s bad when I’m thinking Karl is ten times smarter than Diane. Karl had some ingenious existential ideas. He questions everything like a true scientist, is inventive and looks at the world with a real unique perspective, whereas Diane seems to come from a place that’s just a little dim & naive. Just my opinion on her so far, not necessarily true 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Ryan Fletcher
    Ryan Fletcher2 år siden

    Ricky spends too much time trying to impress people and prove he is an 'intellectual' Make people laugh Ricky....that is why people listen to you you seem to be forgetting this more and more as time goes on.

  • prm68
    prm682 år siden

    I hear Diane Is taking up the "Karl" role again YAWN

  • Sean Doughton
    Sean Doughton2 år siden

    Sean is completely unfunny but Ricky always gives him a sympathy laugh

  • Benjamin G Fairnington
    Benjamin G Fairnington2 år siden

    Ricky is so dismissive and aloof

  • vxmarcusxv
    vxmarcusxv2 år siden

    "What does it weigh ?" 😂😂😂😂 these are Karl Pilkington esque quotes. Diane needs to be a permanent guest on this show 😂😂😂😂

  • vxmarcusxv
    vxmarcusxv2 år siden

    19 mins in "because of technology, in the future we will be.." "idiots!" 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith2 år siden

    Ricky’s childhood infinity story sounds an awful lot like Lucretius’ analogy of infinity. This also involves travelling an infinite distance and encountering a wall, scaling it, and then travelling an infinite distance and again encountering a wall you can overcome, and this goes on forever Either Ricky also had this same thought as a small child (possible is suppose), or he’s taking an obscure Roman thought experiment as his own, hoping no one knows it’s not original

  • DanielMartin3006
    DanielMartin30062 år siden

    I'm a huge fan but it's sad that Ricky is getting weirdly similar to Warwick Davis in Life's Too Short; trying to recreate his past glory and forcing Diane to act as a female replacement for Karl... You can tell that she's acting

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good
    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good2 år siden

    These three are the best combination, but Gervais needs to shut up and let the other two talk, he just needs to pontificate about the same old same old too often.

  • MuikuliWander
    MuikuliWander2 år siden

    We are all going to die and there's nothing much worthwhile about life really. Bowie was right though, the best you can do is try to stave off the boredom before the inevitable death. The only reason to not commit suicide immediately is that while I am not yet in unbearable constant pain, what is the rush? The time will come, and in the meanwhile, things might get periodically tolerable or even mildly pleasant on the odd occasion. However, Ricky is right in that they really should be giving us easy euthanasia pills for when life becomes too shit to keep trudging through. Cheers!

  • blizzard veritas
    blizzard veritas2 år siden

    Love Diane Morgan and used to love Ketamine. Don't tell us 'don't take drugs' Ricky. Patronising. Also Ricky said ketamine has no use other than tranquilizing horses - they use it in regular hospitals, and its being studied and tested as a far more effective anti-depressant.

  • John McCracken The Lone Biker
    John McCracken The Lone Biker2 år siden

    Diane Morgan is a female Karl Pilkington

  • jootai
    jootai2 år siden

    i like how they get barely any views.. anything with Karl.. millions

  • Oh No M
    Oh No M2 år siden

    The patterns ...

  • jordan stevenson
    jordan stevenson2 år siden

    What about getting someone like Bill Burr on the show or Jimmy Carr, Jim Jefferies, Frankie Boyle etc.

  • Marcus Cross
    Marcus Cross2 år siden

    There is a flaw in the thing where you hope people die in their sleep. It doesn't take into consideration the other people who know them. For example, if Ricky was to die in his sleep tonight, what about Jane tomorrow morning? So then you might say, well they could both die in their sleep. But what about their friends and relatives?

  • Gary White
    Gary White2 år siden

    Ricky, have you thought about making a new Ricky Gervais Show, with all of your friends on here now being animated? It would be brilliant!

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    2 år siden

    Yes, that would be great

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought2 år siden

    Bring back Karl!!!!!

  • FoodforThought


    2 år siden

    Karl bring back

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    2 år siden

    Say something original

  • Nicholas Fairclough
    Nicholas Fairclough2 år siden

    Did Diane go to school ?

  • Arlyn Higham
    Arlyn Higham2 år siden

    Oh Jezz... I'm listening to this while stoned...

  • CANNIBoy
    CANNIBoy2 år siden

    I love a bit of Alan Watts... Very interesting character. Go on, google him... Y'know ya want to...

  • xJLM
    xJLM2 år siden

    "What about Gas?... I've heard that that's quite nice." Where or who the fuck did you hear that from Diane?

  • Lee Ramsden
    Lee Ramsden2 år siden

    Ricky please please upload all these to your podcast channel. I struggle to listen over youtube, you uploaded the first pilot one and then no more? that would be much appreciated.

  • TurtleBurger
    TurtleBurger2 år siden

    I had no idea these existed... season 3? I feel like ive found gold.

  • Timon Woodward
    Timon Woodward2 år siden

    All Gervais fucking talks about is death. His old podcasts used to ease my depression, his new ones just cause it.

  • Leo
    Leo2 år siden

    “Jigsaws” is fuckin legendary

  • Chris Marshall
    Chris Marshall2 år siden

    Diane is a female Carl Pilkington

  • Matthias K
    Matthias K2 år siden

    Where's Karl?

  • Brian Hurdman
    Brian Hurdman2 år siden

    Evolution. Give us one free miracle and we will explain the rest

  • Stolen Moon Boots
    Stolen Moon Boots2 år siden

    Does anyone love the sound of their own voice more than Ricky Gervais?

  • frarfarf


    År siden

    @S JN lol exactly. This person is listening to man host an audio program that is 100% talking and he's complaining about him talking too much! That's the most bitchass whiney stupid thing I've read in a while

  • S JN

    S JN

    2 år siden

    Weird thing to say about a stand up, radio host and actor where your job is literally talking

  • Super_tramp_142


    2 år siden

    Stolen Moon Boots I love hearing his voice more than he does I reckon

  • Cesar Bravo
    Cesar Bravo2 år siden

    Please talk more about hairy Chinese kids

  • Barney
    Barney2 år siden

    I never get de ja vu anymore either

  • shenmueso
    shenmueso2 år siden

    i used to lay awake thinkin about similar stuff.. i used to be freaked out by the supreme nothingness of death. like, you're so dead you don't even know you're dead. .. mad shit

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought2 år siden

    Robin, tell papa truth

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought2 år siden

    Bring back Karl!!!!!

  • eleven38
    eleven382 år siden

    is that lady philimena clunk ?

  • Steven Kelby

    Steven Kelby

    År siden

    No it's Philomena Cunk.

  • stewiegiligan
    stewiegiligan2 år siden

    Hey , hey mayor.... We got a problem down here, seems like a shadow.... I'm begining to think who the fuck is Mrs Battersby

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes2 år siden

    Really wish there was visual

  • Korasi
    Korasi2 år siden

    Excellent work as always. Glad to have more gervais podcasts!

  • Lugh Summerson
    Lugh Summerson2 år siden

    At last, back together with the awkward lanky one and the idiot from Manchester.

  • Rezzoffski
    Rezzoffski2 år siden

    it's tinging its way down the tube

  • The 0
    The 02 år siden

    Get some new guests but at the same time just have Steve and Karl every week!! I listen to this every single week but I will comment on every show saying how I hate it and will never listen again...

  • Gareth M
    Gareth M2 år siden

    Love that he played some Jimmy Webb. Didn't realise until after this that that song was featured in the Derek Christmas special.

  • A Gouws
    A Gouws2 år siden

    We need Karl and Diane as the guests.Ricky would be driven utterly mental.This was,and these are,great though.

  • Björn Lundin
    Björn Lundin2 år siden

    Wow, this episode was brilliant!

  • jordan stevenson
    jordan stevenson2 år siden

    This episode is basically Ricky asking a question then spending an hour and 20 mins answering it.

    EDDYFIT2 år siden

    Diane is enjoyable, however, she does ham it up a bit for my liking. Old school listeners probably agree as we only need to remember 'man moth' to draw a comparison. There is no way Karl thought the lads were talking about a man moth but it was entertaining if not a bit staged. Diane is similar, faux naive, yet likable. Having said that, i do still enjoy listening to these.

  • ciaran obrien
    ciaran obrien2 år siden

    I would love to see a video of ricky reading through these comments, i mean fucking hell man!

  • Ted Crilly
    Ted Crilly2 år siden

    Get Karl and Diane as guests at the same time.

  • Sownheard


    2 år siden


  • Jordan__ Roadhouse
    Jordan__ Roadhouse2 år siden

    Diane was brilliant in this. She reminds me of Karl.

  • Jonny Jin
    Jonny Jin2 år siden

    Pilkington ideas revisited

  • Daniel Tipa
    Daniel Tipa2 år siden

    spending eternity kicking your own height

  • Dylan Mullin
    Dylan Mullin2 år siden

    Diana: If you could have a chip in your head that could access google.

  • Dylan Mullin
    Dylan Mullin2 år siden

    Diane Morgan's ghost story reminds me of the stories Karl used to spout out on XFM. XD XD



    Måned siden

    ya never see a black ghost.... in magazines n dat

  • Dan O'Malley
    Dan O'Malley2 år siden

    Where were you? you was at home with your mam and your dad!

  • dominic d what 420 no really snap
    dominic d what 420 no really snap2 år siden

    bring back a man moth

  • dominic d what 420 no really snap
    dominic d what 420 no really snap2 år siden

    karl is that you,,,,, play a record

  • dominic d what 420 no really snap
    dominic d what 420 no really snap2 år siden

    i have eaten too much dairy milk ricky

  • robbie keenan
    robbie keenan2 år siden

    Diane and Sean are great!!!!

  • Louis Hessey-Antell
    Louis Hessey-Antell2 år siden

    The bid lin, the lid bin, the bin lid.

  • rgd1977
    rgd19772 år siden

    Get Tom Walker AKA Jonathan Pie on the show!

  • mikewozere
    mikewozere2 år siden

    Did Ricky ask himself a question in front of two other people and then spend an hour answering it?

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith2 år siden

    "Imagine if there is a hell. You'll be kicking yourself" reminds me strongly of nolocal.info/have/video/jKuNlaWHsX2wpZA

  • bonnie43uk


    2 år siden

    Andy Smith Thanks for that link, very good. I'm gonna have nightmares tonight now 😀

  • slee 1993
    slee 19932 år siden

    I know that the resemblance is kind of common knowledge now but I really can picture Karl saying everything that Diane says.

  • prm68


    2 år siden

    I agree it's almost scripted lol

  • Saint Don
    Saint Don2 år siden

    Like Diane I was thinking that..ain't had deja vu for years

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack2 år siden

    Mentioning Karl to annoy Ricky

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack2 år siden

    It would look daft if they dangled down below

  • the great pineapple
    the great pineapple2 år siden

    What about breakfast at tiffanys

  • bicolouredprawn
    bicolouredprawn2 år siden

    Dianne is like a sexy female Karl Pilkington.

  • Sownheard


    2 år siden

    that doest work i need karls Special Take on live

  • OfficialSituation
    OfficialSituation2 år siden

    Love these 2 as guests :)

  • Shaune Clarkson
    Shaune Clarkson2 år siden

    48:47 Ricky's laugh/gasp sounding like a door opening

  • Raskolnikov32
    Raskolnikov322 år siden

    "If you can explain something with science, I'm less interested." Diane is the female Karl.

  • Scott Hammond
    Scott Hammond2 år siden

    If Diana Morgan and Karl Pilkington got together and had a child! 😍😂

  • Super_tramp_142


    2 år siden

    Scott Hammond both waking up terrified because the baby is laughing... weird innit

  • dogs aren't dangerous
    dogs aren't dangerous2 år siden

    She can't be this dumb!

  • James Williams
    James Williams2 år siden

    Slowly falling in love with Diane

  • dickweeeeeeeeeed
    dickweeeeeeeeeed2 år siden

    when did you last vac it out....

  • dogs aren't dangerous
    dogs aren't dangerous2 år siden

    Karla Pilkington

  • Tom
    Tom2 år siden

    Needs more bald manc twats.

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee2 år siden

    Shit only funny with Karl

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Sean McLoughlin RIP - Assassinated By Safe 2025

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC2 år siden

    "When was the last time you had Deja vu?"

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    År siden

    @frarfarf She's amazing... as is Karl!

  • frarfarf


    2 år siden

    that was very Karlish

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy2 år siden

    I work in a call centre and I’m looking forward to Armageddon.

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    År siden

    You're clearly not a good salesman then

  • Patty1971
    Patty19712 år siden

    Vince Ebert ( a physicist and comedian) talks about this matter (of humans practically beeing stardust) in his stand up show "Evolution". When the english sounds bad, the shame is on me. I translated it. The original text ist in german. Everyone of us exists of 10 to the 28th atoms. These are more atoms than there are stars in the universe. Atoms which already existed before we existed. Maybe one of your atoms once was a component of Kleopatras nose or Napoleon´s knee.With every breath we take, we inhale a few atoms of every person who once lived on this planet. When we die, we breath out our live and our body disintegrates. But the 10 to the 28 atoms we all exist of, exist forever on. They go over in the atmosphere, combine with other elements and form completely new things. A stone, a tree, maybe even an intestinal bacterium. Every atom in our body has had stays in several stars. And when we look at the universe we actually look at our own origin. Everything we hear, everything, we see, everything we feel and everything we taste, everything we hate and everything we love was generated during the first three minutes of the universe and was forged inside the stars. When we die, we´re not gone. Nothing of us disappears. We are simply less arranged. We don´t need a Triune God to be immortal. The three main clauses of Thermodynamics are completely sufficient. Vince Ebert (Epilogue of his stand up programme "Evolution")

  • twattythirky
    twattythirky2 år siden

    can't listen to her voice xD

  • graham lawless
    graham lawless2 år siden

    Get some new guests. The same guests over and over is getting boring now.

  • jordan stevenson
    jordan stevenson2 år siden

    Cmon Ricky get some new guests on the show FFS!