Episode 29 - Ricky chats with Sean McLoughlin and Joe Lycett
The twenty-ninth episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Hadvarr
    Hadvarr8 dager siden

    It's so werid seeing comedians like joe and ricky talking like a clash of two worlds. One of the best episodes ever that lid thing was hilarious

  • sarah c
    sarah c8 måneder siden

    Jesus no wonder Ricky doesn't read if they're the two books he's read.

  • Ant B
    Ant BÅr siden

    'Catcher in the Rye' must be one of the worst books ever written! I used to read all the classic novels because I though you had to but that was the most memorably bad of them all. Sure it was iconic and of its time but now it reads like trash... Maybe it is because the themes have been repeated so often and done better? No movie of that one... Just saying...

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MCÅr siden

    Joe is so good on this! I've never seen any of his shows, but loved any TV appearances and stuff like this he's done.

  • Paul Stephenson
    Paul StephensonÅr siden

    Yoke? Oh.... oh no

  • Jonathon Adlingon
    Jonathon Adlingon2 år siden

    Why couldn't this one go on a little longer like the others, Joe Lycett is brilliant!!

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good
    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good2 år siden

    You're muscly.

  • Pepé Smoov

    Pepé Smoov

    2 år siden

    Fancy an arm wrestle?

  • janpec10
    janpec102 år siden

    There is shadow somewhere

  • Adam Subtract
    Adam Subtract2 år siden


  • Marcus Cross
    Marcus Cross2 år siden

    Ricky "two plumbs in a sock" Gervais

  • Marcus Cross
    Marcus Cross2 år siden

    Joe "squeeze it into your mouth" Lycett

  • HKAR
    HKAR2 år siden

    "Get ye'r knickers off!"

  • C.S Adams
    C.S Adams2 år siden

    Sean, you killed at the Albert Hall man!

  • xJLM
    xJLM2 år siden

    Karl Pilkington got 3 wishes from a Genie?

  • Danny
    Danny2 år siden

    9:20 Orange for a head. Karl???

  • dogs aren't dangerous
    dogs aren't dangerous2 år siden

    Was that joke about Karl?

  • heybrailsy


    2 år siden

    dogs aren't dangerous no, it’s an old joke

  • Nick
    Nick2 år siden

    Hit the left button, get a banana.

  • This Music Is Not For You

    This Music Is Not For You

    2 år siden

    Nick John the right button does everything else. Hit reverse.

  • Nick
    Nick2 år siden

    Okay. Episode TWENTY NINE. Let's see if Ricky manages to let other people speak, actually engages what they say and doesn't just pull it back to one of his verbatim views about fame (people will do anything to be famous, the 'recent' study with kids at universities etc), offence (just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right....) or the big one - telling us how he transitioned from being a popstar, a failed popstar which lasted a year + his recent transition to becoming a 'real stand up' and how Humanity is his favourite tour yet... Here's to hoping this isn't the TWENTY NINTH identical episode in a row, though I'd put everything I own (which isn't much, admittedly, but, still) on the fact it 100% will be that.

  • R4-P17


    4 måneder siden

    living your life like an open wound, confusing the target of the joke with the subject, people would rather be known for being a cunt than not known at all

  • Luke Moralee

    Luke Moralee

    7 måneder siden

    Stop listening then

  • Nick


    2 år siden

    Yep. Here we go. Not even 7 minutes in. Here's the revelation speech about stage time. I am not even being remotely facetious in saying... I think Ricky's narcissism and repetition of thoughts and lack of self-awareness, or not caring now verges on a mental illness. How does he not blow his own brains out saying the same things over, and over, and over, and over so many times! Like, identical too, it's not even like he's opening up new thoughts or even challenging his ideas, he's just repeating his laid out speeches repeatedly. The man is insufferable now. Gonna do this each new ep now. 29/29.

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Read E.T Spoiler... he goes home in the end.

  • Darren T
    Darren T2 år siden

    But clearly, you don't put things in lids. Lids cover other things, like pots. So it's not *IN* the lid, it's under the cardboard *ON* the lid.

  • Ryan G.

    Ryan G.

    9 måneder siden

    Inside the lid.

  • rodcosmic
    rodcosmic2 år siden

    Hope this is the antidote to a shit week. Joe effing Lycett ..... I love him!

  • Bill Door
    Bill Door2 år siden

    Why the fuck is Gervais playing a Christmas song in the middle of summer?

  • Jonathan Noel
    Jonathan Noel2 år siden

    I'd rather be a blind moth

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    År siden


  • Danny1980 Stamp
    Danny1980 Stamp2 år siden

    Best hour of entertainment ever would be Karl Ricky and Diane

  • Alex Wilkinson
    Alex Wilkinson2 år siden

    She was in a cupboard

  • Steve Plant
    Steve Plant2 år siden

    He just got out the pool and burped

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack2 år siden

    Wheres Karl ?

  • Cactus Jack

    Cactus Jack

    2 år siden

    Triggered are you cosmos ?

  • Cosmos


    2 år siden

    every fucking episode, leave the poor guy alone

  • Rob Plant

    Rob Plant

    2 år siden

    His boiler is on the blink again

  • Danny1980 Stamp

    Danny1980 Stamp

    2 år siden

    He’s filming or in post production of his new sitcom for sky 1 “Sick of it”

  • Dicky Anders

    Dicky Anders

    2 år siden

    he is grouting the tiles in the bathroom again

    CORNISHDUDE2 år siden

    7:43 Rick your stand-up is recycled material from 15 years ago, audience laugh cos they have heard it before

  • Kerrie Swann

    Kerrie Swann

    År siden

    Jealous much !

  • papa john05

    papa john05

    2 år siden

    Danny1980 Stamp waiting for fresh material obviously.

  • Danny1980 Stamp

    Danny1980 Stamp

    2 år siden

    CORNISHDUDE Why you here then ?

  • Joe McGrath
    Joe McGrath2 år siden


  • Jay


    År siden

    Love that. Surprised no one pick him up on it. From now on I’m calling him Grimezy 😆

  • Pepé Smoov

    Pepé Smoov

    2 år siden

    Don’t worry, he’s just as shite as “Stormzy”

  • Stridey Gaming Jesters
    Stridey Gaming Jesters2 år siden

    Nice to hear Joe on.