Episode 29 - Ricky chats with Sean McLoughlin and Joe Lycett
The twenty-ninth episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Danny Cheesums
    Danny Cheesums12 dager siden

    Does anyone know how to spell the surname of the comedian called George that did the sounds as his act?

  • Hadvarr
    Hadvarr3 måneder siden

    It's so werid seeing comedians like joe and ricky talking like a clash of two worlds. One of the best episodes ever that lid thing was hilarious

  • sarah c
    sarah c11 måneder siden

    Jesus no wonder Ricky doesn't read if they're the two books he's read.

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC2 år siden

    Joe is so good on this! I've never seen any of his shows, but loved any TV appearances and stuff like this he's done.

  • Paul Stephenson
    Paul Stephenson2 år siden

    Yoke? Oh.... oh no

  • Jonathon Adlingon
    Jonathon Adlingon2 år siden

    Why couldn't this one go on a little longer like the others, Joe Lycett is brilliant!!

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good
    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good2 år siden

    You're muscly.

  • Pepé Smoov

    Pepé Smoov

    2 år siden

    Fancy an arm wrestle?

  • janpec10
    janpec102 år siden

    There is shadow somewhere

  • Adam Subtract
    Adam Subtract2 år siden


  • Marcus Cross
    Marcus Cross2 år siden

    Ricky "two plumbs in a sock" Gervais

  • Marcus Cross
    Marcus Cross2 år siden

    Joe "squeeze it into your mouth" Lycett

  • HKAR
    HKAR2 år siden

    "Get ye'r knickers off!"

  • C.S Adams
    C.S Adams2 år siden

    Sean, you killed at the Albert Hall man!

  • xJLM
    xJLM2 år siden

    Karl Pilkington got 3 wishes from a Genie?

  • Danny
    Danny2 år siden

    9:20 Orange for a head. Karl???

  • dogs aren't dangerous
    dogs aren't dangerous2 år siden

    Was that joke about Karl?

  • heybrailsy


    2 år siden

    dogs aren't dangerous no, it’s an old joke

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Read E.T Spoiler... he goes home in the end.

  • Darren T
    Darren T2 år siden

    But clearly, you don't put things in lids. Lids cover other things, like pots. So it's not *IN* the lid, it's under the cardboard *ON* the lid.

  • Ryan G.

    Ryan G.

    År siden

    Inside the lid.

  • rodcosmic
    rodcosmic2 år siden

    Hope this is the antidote to a shit week. Joe effing Lycett ..... I love him!

  • Bill Door
    Bill Door2 år siden

    Why the fuck is Gervais playing a Christmas song in the middle of summer?

  • Jonathan Noel
    Jonathan Noel2 år siden

    I'd rather be a blind moth

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    2 år siden


  • Danny1980 Stamp
    Danny1980 Stamp2 år siden

    Best hour of entertainment ever would be Karl Ricky and Diane

  • Alex Wilkinson
    Alex Wilkinson2 år siden

    She was in a cupboard

  • Steve Plant
    Steve Plant2 år siden

    He just got out the pool and burped

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack2 år siden

    Wheres Karl ?

  • Cactus Jack

    Cactus Jack

    2 år siden

    Triggered are you cosmos ?

  • Cosmos


    2 år siden

    every fucking episode, leave the poor guy alone

  • Rob Plant

    Rob Plant

    2 år siden

    His boiler is on the blink again

  • Danny1980 Stamp

    Danny1980 Stamp

    2 år siden

    He’s filming or in post production of his new sitcom for sky 1 “Sick of it”

  • Purple Aki

    Purple Aki

    2 år siden

    he is grouting the tiles in the bathroom again

    CORNISHDUDE2 år siden

    7:43 Rick your stand-up is recycled material from 15 years ago, audience laugh cos they have heard it before

  • Kerrie Swann

    Kerrie Swann

    2 år siden

    Jealous much !

  • papa john05

    papa john05

    2 år siden

    Danny1980 Stamp waiting for fresh material obviously.

  • Danny1980 Stamp

    Danny1980 Stamp

    2 år siden

    CORNISHDUDE Why you here then ?

  • Joe McGrath
    Joe McGrath2 år siden


  • Jay


    År siden

    Love that. Surprised no one pick him up on it. From now on I’m calling him Grimezy 😆

  • Pepé Smoov

    Pepé Smoov

    2 år siden

    Don’t worry, he’s just as shite as “Stormzy”

  • Stridey Gaming Jesters
    Stridey Gaming Jesters2 år siden

    Nice to hear Joe on.