Episode 3 - Ricky chats with Robin Ince and Richard Dawkins
The third episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Ryan Patey
    Ryan Patey16 dager siden

    These shows are some of the best things Ricky has done. Just let the genius get to the end of his point sometimes. PS Dawkins said the "selfish gene". How is that different from the problem gene and problem hole?

    LOUIS -YTMåned siden


  • general comments
    general comments5 måneder siden

    Brian Cox impersonation is spot on!!!

  • sarah c
    sarah c11 måneder siden

    LET DAWKINS SPEAK!!!! (Ricky for once you are not the most intelligent person in the room). Get Karl in here talking to Dawkins, who's mind would be more blown?

  • Abe Wilson
    Abe WilsonÅr siden

    I love ricky but wouldnt this be a more interesting conversation with just richard and robin? Ricky is clearler out of his depth and puts in elementary little bits whenever he can and tries to remind the audience that its show but robin is far less known and talks far less (because hes actually listening) but actually offers something to the conversation

  • Abrax 23
    Abrax 23År siden

    1:38:10 "How would I know which one I was?"

  • Gaz Lee
    Gaz LeeÅr siden

    Brian Cox talking for 2 hours is not science, science needs practical repeatable tests otherwise it is pseudoscience. If people want to talk about gravity and theories, without a practical example of it, its not science, its just a story.

  • Gaz Lee
    Gaz LeeÅr siden

    Here's something scientific, 1. There is no such thing as a pulling force, all "pull" needs a pushing pressure in order to "pull". Pull is just a description of the action. 2. Standing water cannot curve around a ball, lakes and oceans cannot curve around a ball, unless you invent an imaginary force they named "gravity".

  • Jayden Fraser
    Jayden FraserÅr siden


  • Jamie Fitzgrade
    Jamie FitzgradeÅr siden

    I really appreciate Robin Ince

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MCÅr siden

    Genuine question: Ricky always goes on about in a few 100 thousand years we won't be Homosapians anymore, I'm sure he's right and I do actually agree. But haven't crocodiles, sharks and jellyfish been the same for millions of years now? IF that is true (and I don't know that it is, hence me asking) then how do we know we haven't pretty much hit our peak? Or is the slightest little thing going to be looked back on in thousands of years as different hominid? Because I've got some mates that really couldn't be classed as even human tbh and I know some lasses that are so close to perfect that it makes me think we may have cross bred with a form of angel at some point ( okay pain meds may be kicking in now, *But my original question still stands* ).

  • Snooty


    4 måneder siden

    Crocodiles aren't the same as say a million years ago, but they have been around (or crocodile-like creatures have been around) for 200-250 million years or so, as man has been around for 250 000 years. Now what constitutes as change can be microscopical and it can be random or specific. Animals do not breed like we breed dogs for example and breeding dogs is not random. Every animal is perfect for their environment or they do not survive, human-animals have changed their environment so that they can survive in it. That is not exactly evolution, as humans have something called social evolution as well, but as humans are a product of evolution, we either change or go extinct. Dawkins has said many times, that the small window of our individual time alive sadly makes it hard for us to comprehend the full scale and spectrum of the world and evolution. We should not let our social evolution and vast (well we think it's vast) knowledge let us get ahead thinking we are somehow more evolved as crocodiles or worms, just because we can speak and sit on the toilet writing long answers to a question no one can answer. I promise you, everything will be different when given time; we have not studied evolution even for 300 years and see what magnificent things we have dug up and how we have learnt to see evolution all around us. Only if we keep an open mind and remember that science is not to be treated like religion, there is no sides to it, no teams to pick. That angel thing is shit. Love from Finland Ps. We might have hit our peak, we just can't tell. But if we have, so what and if we haven't then...so what. Evolution does not "work for the better" in a way that we like to see it (Like Karl Pilkington once said "everything wants to speak and is heading for that goal"...). Humans are however a flagship in the Earths history as we know it, in that we actively change our surroundings and are as bad or worse than a city-sized meteor and that is evolution or has evolution in it, but by no means is it the peak of evolution. We must understand that humans may destroy this planet, but something may survive or then nothing survives, humans may go extinct and then the planet keeps pushing on. I find it hard to believe that humans still exist a 100 000 years from now and if they do, they must have done something different from us and come to their senses or just a handful has survived by changing once again by evolution to live and breed in the horrific conditions we are now inflicting and generating. I will go as far as to say, man should not have left the fucking cave...

  • Phil Haslam
    Phil HaslamÅr siden

    Is this the Robin Ince show?

  • jimdraw.com
    jimdraw.comÅr siden

    Can you put the names of the guest in the title. You'll get more views and exposure of these great podcasts.

  • sarah c

    sarah c

    11 måneder siden

    YES, Its so frustrating.

  • George Dunbar
    George DunbarÅr siden

    R speaks to R and R

  • portaccio
    portaccioÅr siden

    I'm only on episode 3. Does he just repeat the same conversation over and over?

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    År siden

    Lol wait till you hit the comedian convo ones. Almost the exact same thing in everyone. I say this negatively but I've still listened to all 51 episodes.

  • P O S T
    P O S TÅr siden

    When Dawkins is talking about cloning at 1:37:45 he’s pretty much saying “how would I know which one I was?”

  • Joe Blows
    Joe BlowsÅr siden

    Ricky' I liked science at five' gervais...bollocks.

  • Scott Jones

    Scott Jones

    År siden

    Joe Blows Joe blows dicks, why ? My daughter who is now 15 has been in love with science since about the same age (5) she has a great interest science, nature, how things work, why they work, so why is it bollocks that Ricky ‘much cleverer than you’ gervais would like science from the age of 5 ?

  • Sam
    SamÅr siden

    Ugh the feigning, self affirming intellectual understanding and buddying up to Richard by Ricky is sickening, everyone knows he understands, it's like he's hanging around with the big kids so they'll accept him

  • [banned user]
    [banned user]År siden

    Karl can take this discussions on next impossible level.

  • European Bourgeois
    European Bourgeois2 år siden

    SHALLOW MINDS...these atheists think they are perfect in every way but they can never offer anything that can fill the spiritual and moral void in Europe without Christianity. We are being conquered by Islam and our western way of life is dangerous, disgusting, filthy, cheap, immoral and shallow....Christianity offers people an opportunity to keep a relationship with your forefathers and love life by a higher code of honour and respectability.

  • Bigg Stavros
    Bigg Stavros2 år siden

    Quite a few whiny snowflakes commenting here.

  • Stephanie Patrick
    Stephanie Patrick2 år siden

    “If I was a clone, how would I know which one I was” - Karl Pilkington ... Dawkins literally just said the exact same thing that Karl got ridiculed for ... proof the man is actually a genuis 🙌🏼

  • Scott Lee Clayton
    Scott Lee Clayton2 år siden

    RICKY!!! SHUT UP!... you got Dawkins sitting there, how about letting him talk!?....

  • MaggotDiggo1
    MaggotDiggo12 år siden

    Dawkins starts at 52:16

  • Prophet Motive
    Prophet Motive2 år siden

    1:02:40 "I've been watching chimps for 6 years in the zoo". "A 5 year old would say that. That's like a 5 year old". Well done, Ricky. Well done.

  • George Bradley
    George Bradley2 år siden

    Ricky Gervais is the Karl Pilkington in the room. I’d have preferred to have just listened to Richard Dawkins and Robin Ince have a discussion.

  • Sid Arthur
    Sid Arthur2 år siden

    this generation thinks it invented atheism

  • Sid Arthur
    Sid Arthur2 år siden

    the hijacking of the word soul by the religious

  • David Fewtrell
    David Fewtrell2 år siden

    +1 for "The Love Witch"

  • xPadge112x
    xPadge112x2 år siden

    To be honest you can make more than just assumption of an Atheist. Like you have some more devout catholics or muslims you have a similar scale with atheists. Like rick said hes not running into churches, but some non believers can be so imposing with their view point it makes me assume they are a bit of an ass.

  • jordan stevenson
    jordan stevenson2 år siden

    "Stuart Foot.. Money don't make my world go round. I'm reaching out to a higher ground. In a warm and peaceful place. I i i. I can rest my weary face. Cos we're livin livin in a crazy maze. Why do you want this job? Shoot."

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie2 år siden

    Best answer ever! I do which is not at all. (murder and rape as much as he wants to)

  • Phil Porter
    Phil Porter2 år siden

    Somebody tell me who wins this "look at me, look at me, look at how wise and worldly I am"! contest because I can't be bothered any more

  • O. T. Flipz
    O. T. Flipz2 år siden

    I'm an atheist but I find endlessly bashing religion to be not big or clever it's extreamly tedious. He's got a scientist on his show yet Ricky still just wants to talk over people about religion. When Richard Dawkins is telling you to change the subject you know you've got a problem.

  • sarah c

    sarah c

    11 måneder siden

    I find it childish the way he speaks about it, like he's just joined a group and is realing off a load of memes he's learned. Dawkins must be cringing.

  • Scott Jones

    Scott Jones

    År siden

    Sarah Yes you are right, and majority of it is extremely negative and harmful.

  • Sarah


    År siden

    otflipz1 yeah I’m atheist too but the way he talks about religion makes me really uncomfortable. Religion brings a lot more than an explanation of existence to people’s lives.

  • BurntFaceMan
    BurntFaceMan2 år siden

    Sigh comedy and entertainment once again tailed off into Atheism preaching... ironically I'm Atheist I fucking hate people preaching their religion, I Also hate Atheists preaching their lack of religion. You have an opinion, other peoples opinions differ, accept it and move on why do you feel a dying need to force your opinion onto others? Yes, ironically, much like this comment you're been hypocritical... stick to the funnies man.

  • Kai Hus
    Kai Hus2 år siden

    Katie Hopkins

  • Chris & Faye
    Chris & Faye2 år siden

    Can we get Mr K Dilkington on these??

  • sarah c

    sarah c

    11 måneder siden

    He's a very valued customer.

  • janpec10
    janpec102 år siden

    Ok so who knows what is the most efficient way to extract a worm from the head? Like what kind of smell one cannot resist?

  • David Kershaw
    David Kershaw2 år siden

    Some really salty people who are acting like keyboard warriors to people talking about Karl and Steve I think its very sweet that people still care, not only about the content they created but also their friendship and would just like to see it once more and its never bad to ask or mention it, got a few hear that need to get off their high horse just cos people have mentioned it on a video with Dawkins on it

  • SpiritVine
    SpiritVine2 år siden

    Does Robin Ince still sit on Spam?

  • maia cookie Harlow unicorn
    maia cookie Harlow unicorn2 år siden

    dbowie@live.ie. ..,

  • HC
    HC3 år siden

    It’s quite funny. In this constellation, Ricky is Karl.

  • j may
    j may3 år siden

    At 50:03. Can I answer this question. Why do people watch things they hate? Personally, I will subject myself to utter shit like Housewives of Beverley Hills, Made in Chelsea and Love Island just for a quick 5-10 minute burst every now and again! Why? To remind myself that 'anything' else I do in my life is better than sitting in front of the TV! I would rather use my time on Earth to learn and be creative than to become a sponge! These shows just reassure me that Im doing the right thing! :)

  • Sam


    År siden

    you just watch the wrong shows

  • josh180984
    josh1809843 år siden

    Robin sat on spam

  • Yohan Artist
    Yohan Artist3 år siden

    I like listening to these podcasts , I just wish Ricky would stop saying 'of course' all the time

  • Yohan Artist
    Yohan Artist3 år siden

    A snail holding hands, ah c'mon now that's ridiculous

  • AJ
    AJ3 år siden

    Please talk about something else other than religion ffs. We've heard it all before

  • Louis Hessey-Antell
    Louis Hessey-Antell3 år siden

    "I was a little bit famous" "do you know what I mean?". I still prefer "I could eat a knob at night."

  • Louis Hessey-Antell
    Louis Hessey-Antell3 år siden

    A-licks parks, Aztook Camera, Fill Colons.

  • Adam Subtract

    Adam Subtract

    3 år siden

    Detrout Spinners

  • Olly S
    Olly S3 år siden

    Sounds like Ricky and Robin have just sniffed several lines of coke before they started this... they're trying to cover every subject in the known universe at about a million miles an hour, each interrupting the other at every available opportunity.

  • MegaJaysSlots UK
    MegaJaysSlots UK3 år siden

    My personal fear of death is related more to not knowing what happens to the world not what happens to me. I think the human addiction to new discovery, and the fear of knowledge and understanding disappearing is far more of concern. Where will we be in 400 years? 4000? What will we have discovered and achieved by then? These are the questions I will wish I could answer. So hurry the fuck up science and figure out time travel!! 😂

  • Toby Lyons
    Toby Lyons3 år siden

    Where's rockbusters?

  • Green Is Not A Creative Colour
    Green Is Not A Creative Colour3 år siden

    Should have had Karl Pilkington on with Richard Dawkins... Missed opportunity!

  • d c
    d c3 år siden

    This is great for anyone who doesn't like Richard Dawkins, you can hear him get interrupted and talked over again and again.

  • Gaz Ash
    Gaz Ash3 år siden


  • doormatt7
    doormatt73 år siden

    Missed a trick not getting Karl in so that Dawkins can try and explain evolution to him...

  • Oliver Wood
    Oliver Wood3 år siden

    Glad Ricky and Robin are still mates

  • xxnonstopdancingxx
    xxnonstopdancingxx3 år siden

    You lot are starting to sound a bit preachy. I've had easier mornings with JWs on the doorstep

  • CMDR Scorpion
    CMDR Scorpion3 år siden

    Didnt Karl ask "How would i know which one was me"? when you put the clone question to him some time ago? Dosnt seem like such a mental question to ask after hearing this now. :)

  • xxnonstopdancingxx
    xxnonstopdancingxx3 år siden

    Robin's hair makes you realise how much we've all aged

  • jjtotheb
    jjtotheb3 år siden

    Where can I hear this with the music included

  • Enzo
    Enzo3 år siden

    Nick her shaw

  • Sarithus
    Sarithus3 år siden

    Robin and Richard make this episode. Gervais is so desperate to be liked and to try and prove how smart he is. He says 'of course' a billion times and rushes to speak over to people to say the same things he says all the time. Someone made a good point on a previous episode that I haven't listened to because it's more of the same except with worse guests, episode 2, but Gervais really does seem to have turned into a real David Brent. All he wants to be is liked and he'll say whatever he can to be part of the group.

  • Blacktooth Fox
    Blacktooth Fox3 år siden

    "Closest thing to magic.." You just deplatformed science ffs!

  • Luke
    Luke3 år siden

    Swear down that every day that goes by Ricky's head gets further and further up his own ass. Don't get me wrong he's always being very egotistical but it seems so have gotten out of control especially in the last few years. Although I don't blame him, he's done well for himself so fair play.

  • M Shadbolt
    M Shadbolt3 år siden

    As an atheist I don't see why Ricky needs to talk about God so much. It's supposed to be the religious ones that go on about all that.

  • 6079SW
    6079SW3 år siden

    Shut the fuck up about atheism Gervais. Goddam, he's become as annoying as a religious fanatic.

  • Johnny Foley
    Johnny Foley3 år siden


  • Kenny Juto
    Kenny Juto3 år siden

    So much repeated content dammit

  • Brendan Mitchell
    Brendan Mitchell3 år siden

    COme on dude you're repeating yourself heaps!

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    År siden

    Lol you ain't heard nothing yet lol

  • A
    A3 år siden

    Thoughts Carl...?

  • akayakay
    akayakay3 år siden

    47:17 Who are they talking about?

  • Adam Subtract

    Adam Subtract

    3 år siden

    I'm pretty sure its about Katie Hopkins

  • Hugo Dreamsletter
    Hugo Dreamsletter3 år siden

    52:15 Richard Dawkins

  • KH Dewantoro
    KH Dewantoro3 år siden

    Finally!!! Ricky unites with Robin again!!!

  • bonnie43uk
    bonnie43uk3 år siden

    I can imagine that having Ricky Gervais as a friend can be very very annoying, from listening to what Robin Ince was saying, .. constantly asking him the same question over and over and over.

  • CharlieRC
    CharlieRC3 år siden

    I fucking love Richard Dawkins

  • Scott
    Scott3 år siden

    Dawkins starts @ 52:00

  • Lugh Summerson
    Lugh Summerson3 år siden

    Why is eugenics off the table for discussion? We know that we have been foiling natural selection in humans. We know that a species that doesn't continually adapt to its environment is at an evolutionary disadvantage and risks disease epidemics or even extinction. Eugenics has a bad name just because the Nazis tried it. But you don't have to be a totalitarian or a racist to be a eugenicist. You don't have to take away anyone's reproductive rights or to treat people unequally. You could let people know the strengths and weaknesses of their genetic makeup and let them know the likely strengths and weaknesses of their children with a certain mate. They could then decide how they want to reproduce, choosing from natural breeding, adoption, surrogacy, genetic donation, genetic modification, or whatever else, knowing the likely consequences for the children and for humanity. Informed, knowledgeable reproduction with a long- long-term goal of maintaining a healthy species. Each individual could consider it or completely ignore it, as they wish, just as people decide for themselves whether they are going to opt into medical treatment, good nutrition, physical exercise etc.

  • JS
    JS3 år siden

    Get karl on the show

  • Matteoj
    Matteoj3 år siden

    Stop talking over Richard!!! FFS.

  • Anton
    Anton3 år siden

    Why would you take him on tour he is shite

  • Charlie Funnell
    Charlie Funnell3 år siden

    Roughly 47 minutes in I think they are on about Katie Hopkins, am i wrong?

  • RockPhonic
    RockPhonic3 år siden

    I was exepcting it to be shit because Steve and Karl aren't there but it actually wasn't too bad.

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown3 år siden

    Ricky is the Karl out of these three.

  • fblio
    fblio3 år siden

    Dawkins is a great guest. But you know, deep in you heart, you HAVE to bring Karl back for at least one episode of this.

  • GhastlyCretin85
    GhastlyCretin853 år siden

    Ricky says he doesn't focus on things he hates yet when he's talking to a brilliant biologist he can't help but bring up the tiniest group of people that are stupid enough to think that they have disproved evolution because they haven't seen any genetic changes in chimps after 6 years of observation. Why are you bringing these people up? Even the most passionate creationists usually aren't stupid enough to argue that point. Seems really trivial.

  • Craig Warner
    Craig Warner3 år siden

    jonrowley1 oh, ok. Thanks mate. I have heard of that old trout. Cheers.

  • halfabeet
    halfabeet3 år siden

    Great new series Rickster

  • WOOOPdoctorFROGhere
    WOOOPdoctorFROGhere3 år siden

    gervais clearly making a joke about how a spider invented webbage by having a gossamer out of its adbomen and its mates all thought thats a good idea and also did it... Dawkins: Thats not how it worked NO SHIT?????

  • Benny the Bear
    Benny the Bear3 år siden

    He rufty he’s tufty

  • Leewise
    Leewise3 år siden

    Sorry, but the lack of volume and lack of consistency in volume is VERY frustrating, every episode so far. Is there an engineer for post session? If not I'll do it for free...

  • RavaRiley
    RavaRiley3 år siden

    Nothing without KP

  • Steven Crane
    Steven Crane3 år siden

    Loving this for the Nick Cave reference

  • Mr Stevo
    Mr Stevo3 år siden

    Waiting for Steve and the Manc twat Karl but knowing they will not appear.. sad times.

  • stfn kblm
    stfn kblm3 år siden

    I said was he gonna be here, you know I don't like him ; )

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown3 år siden

    I'm convinced Ricky is gonna have a final and bonus episode with Steve and Karl!

  • Liam Mccormack
    Liam Mccormack3 år siden

    Get in the pool get in the pool get in the pool hahaha. Enjoying these podcasts keep them coming

  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore3 år siden

    Can we have karl and Steve back for one show

  • Oliver Parke-Gailey
    Oliver Parke-Gailey3 år siden


  • thebigbeard
    thebigbeard3 år siden

    "How would I know which one was me?" Quote by Richard Dawkins and Karl Pilkington. Who said it first though? Mr Dilkington I finks.

  • Joe Sutton

    Joe Sutton

    2 år siden

    Mr K Dilkington *Ricky laughs hysterically*