Episode 31 - Ricky chats with David Baddiel and Diane Morgan.
The thirty-first episode of Ricky's radio show on Sirius XM.
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Clem Teetonball
    Clem Teetonball10 måneder siden

    Diane is very pretty, and well funny.

  • Dave McCullagh
    Dave McCullagh11 måneder siden

    Peterson is not right wing, he's liberal

  • Tara Doherty
    Tara DohertyÅr siden

    Yes Diane, people who don't move out of the way!!!! Grrrr pisses me off so much

  • Marc Siosal
    Marc SiosalÅr siden

    Were these recorded a while back, or are they up to date?

  • HeatRayz Video
    HeatRayz VideoÅr siden

    I love Diane, she should be my wife.

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder WomanÅr siden

    I love Baddiel and could listen to him all day, and he’d let you... I just wish they’d let Diane have time to speak without quickly chiming in with another anecdote. But maybe it’s best to have a talkative guest so Ricky doesn’t have to constantly lead. Baddiel isn’t afraid to go off tangent and he’s a great story teller. Think these two guests could work long term.

  • C
    CÅr siden

    For the record; Jordan Peterson is not alt-right. And I’m a bleeding-heart liberal admitting that.

  • Dave McCullagh

    Dave McCullagh

    11 måneder siden

    Came here to comment that

  • ThatGuyTobyPlayz
    ThatGuyTobyPlayzÅr siden

    Omg it’s the girl from after life ! Kathy

  • John Davies
    John DaviesÅr siden

    No, the reason you don't put garlic over your door is that it actually attracts vampires. Vampires run the horror-writing industry and they prefer victims that are so scared that they take that bullshit seriously. How do I know this? Because I believe it because someone else did and they wrote it down somewhere. If that's good enough for most of the rest of the world then why can't it be good enough for me?

  • Gary Dennis
    Gary DennisÅr siden

    Baddiel looks like he has his finger in Ricky's ass

  • CMDR Scorpion
    CMDR ScorpionÅr siden

    St Winifreds School Choir - Theres No-One Quite Like Grandma... for ref: nolocal.info/have/video/p6WMfseCtHyD2Ig

  • Elephantstone
    ElephantstoneÅr siden

    The cat thing is that they never became domesticated, they’re basically the same cats the ancient Egyptians had bar the coats. Selective breeding by humans didn’t really start until the 19th century and that was only to achieve varied markings, not for different uses or abilities like dogs, horses, livestock, etc. They were attracted by shelter, warmth and more importantly an easy food source once agriculture was developed. Humans didn’t mind them clearing the vermin, they were pretty much harmless, pleasing to the eye and touch, and cats realised we’re vocal creatures and so used this to get attention from humans. Different calls for different desires. We tolerate them or are beguiled by them and they get an easy life, while tolerating us. Well at least until they find it better somewhere else. The old lady next door who’s got better treats, more shelves and constant sunshine streaming into the living room for instance.

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G.År siden

    I wonder what Ricky was going to say about Australia before that cunt David interrupted with the bucket description.

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G.År siden

    Ricky's right about Jordan.

  • Mester
    MesterÅr siden

    I live /born in Manchester. And everyone no matter what background is polite. Go figure?48ish min bit

  • Neil Hodgetts
    Neil HodgettsÅr siden

    When Ricky isn’t ranting about atheism and his comedy being art, he is still funny - much better episode this one!

  • jim
    jim2 år siden

    I love Diane Morgan. Philomina Cunk is fucking brilliant.

  • Super_tramp_142
    Super_tramp_1422 år siden

    I’m a pilkoid but coming on here and seeing all of these people moaning about the fact that Karl and Steve aren’t here is unbearably annoying. Shut up and listen to Ricky’s new show for Christ sake.

  • lifedoctor
    lifedoctor2 år siden

    Two-guest format...you know what to do Ricky ;)

  • Sally Bailey
    Sally Bailey2 år siden

    Love this, but not the Baddiel guy. He barely let either of the other 2 get a word in!!! And they barely let Diane talk at all!

  • Pat H
    Pat H2 år siden

    anyone know why these arent on apple podcasts?

  • Raza Said
    Raza Said2 år siden


  • Tweek MeNipps
    Tweek MeNipps2 år siden

    NDE's are the existential proof that we are not who we believe ourselves to be. Would love to see Ricky's face as he's hurtling toward the Universal Light and then realizing it's all Unconditional Love, there is no death and I AM THAT. Hundreds of thousands of documented cases simply cannot be ignored. The comedians comedian, Bill Hicks said it simply and profoundly, love all the people. (and serve others, as yourself) What awaits us all is Truth...

  • Franco P
    Franco P2 år siden

    Why do you video tape it and post it here on NOlocal?

  • Craig Perry

    Craig Perry

    2 år siden

    Easier for people to get it. He doesn't monetise his videos so he doesn't get money for putting them on here.

  • Joseph lee
    Joseph lee2 år siden

    Boi if u don’t get Karl or Steve or both on why even have a radio show

  • Oleyullah
    Oleyullah2 år siden

    Jordan Peterson is not ALT-RIGHT, you twat. Not even "kinda alt-right". He is anti-collectivist thinker arguing against the madness of any collectivist ideology nazism, fascism and communism mainly and the ALT-RIGHT are a bunch of white nationalist collectivists.

  • Richard Hooper
    Richard Hooper2 år siden

    I am so sick of famous people muscling in to the fiction market. For some people it is their job, their only way to make a living, and twats like Baddiel and Walliams come along and sell purely because they are already famous for something else. In Baddiel's case it is being famous for hanging around people who are funny and nothing else. Now 'Newman and Baddiel' and 'Baddiel and Skinner' are over all he has to talk about is his Jewishness the self-obsessed tosser.

  • radius one

    radius one

    År siden

    Realise this is an older comment (written 7 months ago at the time of writing), but famous people aren't "muscling in" on the fiction market, if the publishers think they'll make money because they have a celebrity they can promote then they'll publish them. It's not as if people are only able to buy one fiction book. There's other books from the entire history of published works that non-famous authors are competing with too so why not complain about them too as it's not as if the dead authors need the money either. If the famous authors write a bad book then they might sell their first book but any subsequent books will be left on the shelves. Baddiel has written scripts, sketch and stand-up shows so I don't think he's without some skill. I don't really understand your problem with famous people writing fiction. Every form of creative work, whether writing, music or art now has increased competition as people can self publish or put online relatively easy so there's no real difference if a few people who are famous for other things decide to do something for which they're not known. I realise writing this how boring my reply is but I've already written it now so I might as well push send

  • Jon-Paul Ling
    Jon-Paul Ling2 år siden

    Diane is the closest thing to Karl! It's curing at least part of my XFM withdrawal symptoms.

  • Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas
    Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas2 år siden

    $5million a year for crap like this!!? Fucking obscene! I hope you enjoy the new house it buys you Ricky.

  • 陈港生
    陈港生2 år siden


  • 陈港生
    陈港生2 år siden

    Bring back Karl!!!!

  • Paul Calvert
    Paul Calvert2 år siden

    Does anyone know where to find the first 30 shows?

  • Kevin Flemming

    Kevin Flemming

    År siden

    Playlist of everything. Updated whenever a new episode comes out (so long as I have access to a PC and internet, at least lol). nolocal.info/section/PLepgQ192Efh4O2NoAytEUcVbq7_g6euQd

  • Umbrella Sound

    Umbrella Sound

    2 år siden

    They are on this channel mate. If you can't see them, just put the name of the show and episode number in search bar and it'll popup

  • Sid Arthur
    Sid Arthur2 år siden

    2 or 3 hands big spiders hahaha fuck off baddiel, if you can't tell a story without exaggerating then it's not worth telling

  • Sid Arthur
    Sid Arthur2 år siden

    'are you going to call me a jew now? eh? please don't get me started on how i'm, surprise surprise, a jew' fucking hell baddiel, right from the outset

  • rodcosmic
    rodcosmic2 år siden

    The biggest lobster ever recorded was 20 kg caught off Nova Scotia in 1977.

  • Joe Sarsfield

    Joe Sarsfield

    2 år siden

    Or a 2 year old Ricky Gervais

  • Sid Arthur

    Sid Arthur

    2 år siden

    that's a 7 year old child

  • Matt McManiac
    Matt McManiac2 år siden

    Ricky's been playing the same handful of songs for 20 years.

  • Neil Hodgetts

    Neil Hodgetts

    År siden


  • Richard Steele

    Richard Steele

    2 år siden

    If you see a sailor...

  • jordan e
    jordan e2 år siden

    Excellent, fresh materi.. oh wait

  • P O S T
    P O S T2 år siden

    Diane Morgan “it’s not bad, a dick in your face”. The sequel to “I could eat a knob at night”

  • J R
    J R2 år siden

    Get the K-Man on Ricky, you goggle eyed freak... Steve

  • kfc667
    kfc6672 år siden

    Came here for the Atheism...and Ricky Gervais too

  • shane parry
    shane parry2 år siden

    Who reckons Gervais will never be on Rogan?

  • C


    År siden

    They spoke on Opie and Anthony. They’re both against trophy hunting. Ricky isn’t so much against hunting for food - which is what Joe does.

  • jim


    2 år siden

    They met on the Opie and Anthony Show I think. Joe Rogan, Gervais and Jim Norton would make a great podcast.

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    2 år siden

    @IAmRedherrings I didn't know he trophy hunts? I'm sure I've heard him slag off trophy hunters on a recent-ish episode.

  • IAmRedherrings


    2 år siden

    @shane parry I honestly think Ricky would get frustrated enough to just leave though haha

  • shane parry

    shane parry

    2 år siden

    IAmRedherrings agreed, but would be an interesting debate

  • Mr Galactus
    Mr Galactus2 år siden

    Irrational fears are different from real fears. Illness is real where as trypophobia is also real but irrational and silly to most people.

  • beef business
    beef business2 år siden


  • Shippidd
    Shippidd2 år siden

    I'll just get in the tank.

  • Youtumor
    Youtumor2 år siden

    where's Dilkington ??

  • Ben Paterson
    Ben Paterson2 år siden

    It was a pork chop she sat on 5 years earlier

  • Musical MARK Richford
    Musical MARK Richford2 år siden

    seasideMARK is Britain’s Funniest Guy. Check out his Brilliant NOlocal Channel & Pls Share, Subscribe nolocal.info/have/video/iWdopdCKs52fs5A

  • 69birdboy
    69birdboy2 år siden

    It's the same thing ewvery fucking time..get Karl back...Ricky's pontificating on life is smug and tiresome...we get it ricky..be funny!

  • Jumbo Howard
    Jumbo Howard2 år siden

    No pilky, no interested.

  • Elephantstone


    År siden

    Nick Howard No part of his stand up? Some parts surely? Lazy mouse, no?

  • Jumbo Howard

    Jumbo Howard

    2 år siden

    Umbrella Sound no I just don’t rate his stand up shows. I’ve seen him live twice

  • Umbrella Sound

    Umbrella Sound

    2 år siden

    When you watch Ricky doing stand up you also wait for Manc to appear ? It's just different show get over it.

  • Jumbo Howard

    Jumbo Howard

    2 år siden

    Korasi I love Ricky's work dick head, the office, extras and Derek are some of the best TV shows of the last 20 years. I don't rate his stand up nor his podcasts without Steve and Karl. I'll say what the fucking hell I like, ok penis breath.

  • Korasi


    2 år siden

    Then get the fuck off of his channel asshole! Don’t you guys realise how much you are being assholes? Ricky Gervais is a person who takes time and puts effort into making this, and you, some asshole behind his computer screen, only have this to say? Look, if you don’t like it just don’t watch it! Don’t you understand that this is nothing to do with Karl and Steve? It’s a totally different show! You don’t watch futurama and say “bring homer back!”, so don’t come on Ricky’s new podcasts if it’s just to say the least constructive, most inconsiderate thing possible!

  • Bryony Anderson
    Bryony Anderson2 år siden

    Typical of the blokes to dominate the conversation.

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

    3 måneder siden

    Yes, this awful patriarchy

  • Kevin Flemming

    Kevin Flemming

    År siden

    Why are you out of the kitchen?

  • Funni Monkey

    Funni Monkey

    2 år siden

    Bryony Anderson so?

  • CraigChelsea
    CraigChelsea2 år siden

    Gervais coasting , no doubt Robin f*ckin Ince up next . . .

  • Cornwall1888
    Cornwall18882 år siden

    49:58 😂😂😂

  • Defne Dance
    Defne Dance2 år siden

    Cats were pest control, saved crops and prevented virus spreading. That's why all the worshipping happened of course. Duhhhhh 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  • Mr_Applecore
    Mr_Applecore2 år siden

    more diane morgan please

  • A Gouws
    A Gouws2 år siden


  • Stevland Cornelissen
    Stevland Cornelissen2 år siden

    Can you please post a video podcast version.

  • mikewozere
    mikewozere2 år siden

    "We've talked about that every single time I've come on the fucking podcast." Glad Baddiel has a memory.

  • pizza punk
    pizza punk2 år siden

    not baddiel again ...i'm out

  • luuke luketer
    luuke luketer2 år siden

    You want people to listen ??? bring Pilkington ........

  • One Card Short
    One Card Short2 år siden

    Good job Ricky. Your mate should be ashamed of himself for spreading sonofpeter's ideas. Jordon doesn't use facts he believes in Jungian archetypes and seems to subscribe to woo bullshite.

  • silastom
    silastom2 år siden

    Jennifer Hennessy was in the St. Winifred's School Choir that sang There's No One Quite Like Grandma.

  • Antony Murray
    Antony Murray2 år siden

    Fan of all involved at different times, but this show is utter shite. They seem to be fully aware of it as well. But it really is drivel.

  • hedgehog1965uk


    2 år siden

    Well when Ricky says "This is the worst radio show in the world. Seriously! Honestly!" that did make me think that maybe he knows it's shit. For some reason I do still quite enjoy it though. I like having it on as I go to sleep at night, although I worry that Ricky's laugh will disturb the neighbours.

  • Qartheros
    Qartheros2 år siden

    Please do about 7 of these per week for the next 27 years. Cheers.

  • Trevor Miranda
    Trevor Miranda2 år siden

    Love this show, also happy you're doing more radio/podcast stuff on your own, Ricky. The old stuff was good, but I definitely want the three legends to get back together in another decade after doing a lot of solo work so there's even more stuff to talk about and more life experiences to joke about.

  • Matt Gould
    Matt Gould2 år siden

    I absolutely love this.

  • Dan Runs
    Dan Runs2 år siden

    Dicky Anderson

  • Kevin Flemming

    Kevin Flemming

    År siden


  • Gustaw Morawski
    Gustaw Morawski2 år siden


  • RockPhonic
    RockPhonic2 år siden

    If you've had your arms cut off, then you don't mind a dick in the face

  • ScotiaNova Wilkinson
    ScotiaNova Wilkinson2 år siden

    World at War was actually ITV. Hard to believe in this day and age . . .

  • ScotiaNova Wilkinson

    ScotiaNova Wilkinson

    2 år siden

    Although the BBC has screened it since . . .

  • Pluggit1953


    2 år siden

    ScotiaNova Wilkinson Yeh, Thames Television.

  • TurtleBurger
    TurtleBurger2 år siden

    I woke up after listening to the KP podcasts then remembered these and wanted to listen to her a bit more.

  • Stridey Gaming Jesters
    Stridey Gaming Jesters2 år siden

    Yawn... stop going on about Karl peeps. He has just launched his own tv series, which he has written. Watch that to get your Karl fill.

  • killerskillet
    killerskillet2 år siden

    Lobsters aren't immortal, what kind of bullshit is that? How did Ricky let that nonsense go unchallenged?

  • killerskillet


    2 år siden

    Is it a pointless comment or the definition of a misnomer? The word means what it means.

  • Classic Gaming

    Classic Gaming

    2 år siden

    Okay. Can't wait to get to that part. I have not heard any of it yet. I assume it means they don't age? There are a few creatures which are classified as 'immortal', at least in some sense. Of course, by definition, nothing is immortal in the strict sense of the word: 'never dying or changing state in any way at any time'. Nothing in all of reality is 'immortal'. Everybody changes and dies at some point in some way. So, that's a pointless comment, skillet.

  • killerskillet


    2 år siden

    They grow until they die. They have a finite lifespan, like everything else in the history of ever.

  • HelloTardis


    2 år siden

    killerskillet functionally

  • C D
    C D2 år siden


  • Musical MARK Richford
    Musical MARK Richford2 år siden

    seasideMARK NOlocal Channel he’s much funnier than Gervais check out his brilliant NOlocal channel nolocal.info/have/video/nn2flshutYWY3Jo

  • Sir Moan A lot
    Sir Moan A lot2 år siden

    I think Ricky has kept ‘Feeder’ in our consciousness since 2002

  • C


    År siden

    It’s like a Ride track.

  • Matthew Harding

    Matthew Harding

    2 år siden

    Just the way I'm feeling on XFM 104.9

    CORNISHDUDE2 år siden

    14:51 YAWN what facts do u have? I'm an atheist yet NOT a complete cunt about it like Ricky always is. Get the fuck off your over worked high horse and dissect religions...

  • Sir Moan A lot
    Sir Moan A lot2 år siden

    I’m ginger and now I’m offended

  • Sir Moan A lot

    Sir Moan A lot

    2 år siden

    I was born to be exterminated

  • megaskyburst


    2 år siden

    You're ginger. you were born to be offended

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Perfect happiness - walking out of the house and everyone you meet smiling and saying hello, and having nice conversations with them. Achievable by anyone. Ontop of that, a bellyful of food, a clean warm bed, a peaceful nights sleep. Unfortunately not achievable by everyone. Why? because, if you can eat you can sleep, if you can sleep you can dream, if you dream you can heal.

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Why do I imagine turning up for a date with Diane and she slaps a maxi pad in ya hand. "Here stick that on" "What? huh! why?! what kind of date is this?" "You won't be going toilet for a while. Hang onto your underpants" (more info goes here that no one is really interested in)

  • Joran
    Joran2 år siden

    Can whoever does these thumbnails please make the names of the guests larger? Almost impossible to read on desktop YT.

  • xJLM
    xJLM2 år siden

    Oh shit. I didn't expect another podcast

    CORNISHDUDE2 år siden

    SICK OF IT!! Rick suffers from Trump derangement syndrome, it's such a celebrity stereotype.



    2 år siden

    wow I got 2x NPC replies plus bonus points for them not making any sense lol Get a grip soyboys nobody wants to hear your orange man bad shit here.

  • yoda apologist

    yoda apologist

    2 år siden

    "Trump derangement syndrome" - a term used by brainwashed sheep to describe free speech

  • Mike R.

    Mike R.

    2 år siden

    Funny how the same people who accuse others of "Trump derangement syndrome" also thought Obama was a secret Muslim from Kenya who was going to declare Sharia Law and imprison conservatives in FEMA concentration camps.

  • SR
    SR2 år siden

    Same old talking points with Baddiel back for the 9th time. Lazy shite.

  • 69birdboy


    2 år siden

    rxp56 miles better than this repetetive obvious unfunny drivel

  • Dwayne Dibley

    Dwayne Dibley

    2 år siden

    Lazy is a bit strong

  • hedgehog1965uk


    2 år siden

    Actually, it's only his 7th time on the show. Shows 2, 4, 11, 20, 27, 30, 31. I think I might have too much time on my hands :)

  • Kyle H
    Kyle H2 år siden

    I fucking love this podcast

  • sugelanren
    sugelanren2 år siden

    I had to Google the story to get the name, but a guy called "Ugolino" (spelling?) Was in prisoned with his children, and had to watch them starve to death. Always stuck in my mind, and would be up there under greatest fear.

  • The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury
    The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury2 år siden

    the final 2 episodes of sick of it tonight, cant wait but its almost over already :'(

  • Callum Tregurtha-Nairn

    Callum Tregurtha-Nairn

    2 år siden

    Yeah man, I totally down buzzed realizing that there was only 6 episodes, but he's a true artist, creating quality which is practically a genius piece philosophical art and he didn't milk it. There's a reason comedians envy him, and find themselves jealous of him, because he has golden lines with every single line, it's from the heart, and most of all, he isn't a sellout. Most comedians turn out to be whores for the money and fame, Karl is one of the few who when asked to sell something of his, he doesn't create false idols, he's a mind worth respect and gratitude.



    2 år siden

    Yep short but oh so sweet, loved it.

  • rythmosrythmos
    rythmosrythmos2 år siden

    Jordan Peterson is not alt right - that is the most ignorant casual thing to say - check your facts Baddiel

  • Notflix TV

    Notflix TV

    År siden

    Most of you dumb fucks commenting don't even to know what the alt-right even is.

  • Akka Lange

    Akka Lange

    2 år siden

    fuck off, moron!

  • Akka Lange

    Akka Lange

    2 år siden

    oh wow, you are so wise and full of power, im amuzed @ that!

  • Sid Arthur

    Sid Arthur

    2 år siden

    Campbell1 12:57, and i don't know why he felt the need to drop that label in there, he seems to be in agreement with him basically

  • Akka Lange

    Akka Lange

    2 år siden

    you guys are morons, get a life !

  • Max
    Max2 år siden

    Get webcams

  • Jason J
    Jason J2 år siden


  • The Peacetime Book Club
    The Peacetime Book Club2 år siden

    I hope for an update on the forthcoming confrontation between David and his local tormentor.

  • Sam McIntosh
    Sam McIntosh2 år siden

    Atheist's on a plane the next new blockbuster 😂

  • P O S T

    P O S T

    2 år siden

    Sam McIntosh atheists are the only people that should be allowed to use planes. Same goes for all other scientific inventions with the exception of the electric chair.

  • BaronVonPenguin
    BaronVonPenguin2 år siden

    Oh Diane ❤️❤️

  • Stacey Phelan
    Stacey Phelan2 år siden

    I’m surprised that I’m actually able to listen to this in the states, I expected for it to say it wasn’t available in my country but I’m able to listen!!

  • Blueberry Pictures
    Blueberry Pictures2 år siden

    Crush grapes

  • Aaron Skilton

    Aaron Skilton

    2 år siden

    "Look at your arms. You're a grape crusher, next!" Haha

  • Boo Ridley
    Boo Ridley2 år siden

    Where the bloody hell have you been? I need this mindless nonsense to listen to opposed to the voices in my head. Where ahave my handcuffs and tin foil hat fuckin gone

  • Qibble
    Qibble2 år siden

    Oh boy! What a nice surprise:) Hehe I gots a shitty Charlie Sheen joke.. Q: How much coke did Charlie Sheen snort? ɐɥɐɥɐH ¡uǝɯ ɟlɐɥ ɐ puɐ oʍʇ llᴉʞ oʇ ɥƃnouƎ :∀

  • B D
    B D2 år siden

    Karl Pilkinton and Diane Morgan together PLEASE RICKY!!!!

  • IAmRedherrings


    2 år siden

    Too good to be true or likely

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius2 år siden

    Drink more.

  • SeanGP
    SeanGP2 år siden

    How may times can Ricky talk about the same things Zzz.

  • Knowledge Science

    Knowledge Science

    2 år siden

    SeanGP so I imagine you don't go to church because is the same thing for more than a thousand years.

  • Wolfgang Hendery

    Wolfgang Hendery

    2 år siden

    When he managed to get Richard Dawkins and wasted the whole episode recycling their previous conversation on atheism. So boring.

  • Chris Brady

    Chris Brady

    2 år siden

    @SeanGP Triggered christian detected.

  • SeanGP


    2 år siden

    @Alex McC I am a fan of his, just wish he'd change it up a little. It's like hearing an overplayed song on the radio sometimes.

  • Alex McC

    Alex McC

    2 år siden

    Why do you keep listening then

  • music is good
    music is good2 år siden

    fuck yeaaaahh