Episode 32 - Ricky chats with Diane Morgan and Sean Mcloughlin.
The thirty-first episode of Ricky's radio show on Sirius XM.
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Abe Wilson
    Abe WilsonMåned siden

    The amount of ads on this is ridiculous

  • K L
    K L2 måneder siden

    Your twenties are indefinitely a world of self doubts. They nailed it when they said your prentending to like being around a group of people and the fear of missing out, even if you don't like them. I wish I had the internet growing up to tell me its not all that bad-, or albiet all that different and your thirties and forties are much better

  • Hadvarr
    Hadvarr3 måneder siden

    This comment section is toxic af just if you don't like it leave I for one quite like these podcasts they are nice to listen too at the end of the day to cool down. Can everyone just shut up. Their is THOUSANDS of karl and Steve interviews and podcasts and radio shows that none of you have probably watched yet. If you dont like this just go and watch one of those. Jesus man.

  • Carol Spillman
    Carol Spillman8 måneder siden

    Rickie & Jane need to learn the Heimlich maneuver!

  • MrJacktheGC123
    MrJacktheGC1239 måneder siden

    I'd love to hear Diane interview Karl Pilkington as Cunk

  • Andy Godfrey
    Andy Godfrey9 måneder siden

    It's tinging it's way up the tube.

  • Leon Blythe
    Leon Blythe10 måneder siden

    My suggestion would be for Diane to shoot him in the heart by saying “hullo” while he’s love struck take the gun shoot the bank robber in the head then euthanise the dying magpie... by giving too much water

  • Andrew Smitu
    Andrew Smitu11 måneder siden

    Benny thumped one

  • Multahy
    MultahyÅr siden

    ricky wtf just get karl/steve on. theres so much for u idiots to talk about. steve has done all the stuff he does (idk what) and karl developed a few shows without u guys, catch up and let me listen to it. like ur being selfish at this point, im so mad rn

  • Hadvarr


    3 måneder siden

    What's your problem

  • Kev G H
    Kev G HÅr siden

    Get Arnold Schwarzenegger on. He's funny as hell.

  • Weis heit
    Weis heitÅr siden

    “That me name was Brett”

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar LothbrokÅr siden

    Funniest shit ever, first one ever listened now on to another

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G.År siden

    Yeah, that one did stuck.

  • Ric Jordan
    Ric JordanÅr siden

    I think I'm in love with diane/philomena ❤

  • CrispyRobot77
    CrispyRobot77År siden

    I did not know Karl had a twin sister.

  • Paddy .Cook
    Paddy .CookÅr siden

    Ricky, permanently trying to emphasise his 'real stand-up' credentials. Claims to "just go out and talk" off the top of his head, then a minute later he says it's more stressful to fuck up during a warmup gig, cos he's going "where the fuck are my notes?"

  • K LaMotta
    K LaMottaÅr siden

    I love Diane Morgan and Ricky (don’t know if Sean’s work) but this is just a watered down version of the original xfm/podcasts. Talking about the same stuff

  • jjsteer91
    jjsteer91År siden

    Every time I'm asked what my superpower of choice would be, I say Bernard's watch. Not really a superpower, but it's the ultimate for me.

  • DaveyB
    DaveyBÅr siden

    Exactly Sean! Switched from our usual curry house to an Indian "Street food" restaurant. Went up from £20 a head to £50 a head. Half the food, tasted crap. Hipster wank. Street food costs less than a quid, is meant to be a snack and most fundamentally is outside on the street.

  • Jonny Babich
    Jonny BabichÅr siden

    Why the heck do all the rest of the deadly serious shows say not available? Very bummed

  • me cooper1
    me cooper1År siden

    Hilarious, thanks;)

  • John Marx
    John MarxÅr siden

    Why does Ricky look like such a weasel in this picture?

  • Brooks Brooks
    Brooks BrooksÅr siden

    This woman reminds me of Karl... talking about tapeworms because of Sushi... 😂😂😂

  • MasterQ 19
    MasterQ 19År siden

    I'm the same way with living in a big city, there's a certain anonymity. It seems the more people that live in a given area, the less likely they are to talk to you.

  • lessevdoolbretsim
    lessevdoolbretsimÅr siden

    The person she admires most is a fucking socialist? Damn....her life must be shit.

  • Stonehouse Guitars
    Stonehouse GuitarsÅr siden

    Two hours of Ricky gervais having an opinion and two people agreeing with him and dozily reciprocating platitudes. The raging boner I had from years of Pilkington now lays lifeless and limp, not a twitch to be seen.

  • Le Sploosh
    Le SplooshÅr siden

    What podcast app can i listen to this with? Annoying to have to listen on NOlocal

  • unknown
    unknownÅr siden

    Not the same as Karl and Steve

  • Rugby Union
    Rugby UnionÅr siden

    Diane Pilkington?

  • Jess Saiyan
    Jess SaiyanÅr siden

    Play a FUCKING record.

  • Kevin McManus
    Kevin McManusÅr siden

    Is that the funny lady in After Life with the empty snow globe?

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    År siden


  • CMDR Scorpion
    CMDR ScorpionÅr siden

    Euthanasia Coaster: nolocal.info/have/video/mn2hf7CTtHmLl28

  • Uche Ononye
    Uche OnonyeÅr siden

    This is what happens when Ricky takes Dr. Fox's feedback seriously

  • P O S T

    P O S T

    År siden

    Uche Ononye Froggy

  • Young Hermitcrab
    Young Hermitcrab2 år siden

    Sean reminds me of steve and diane is kinda like karl. Its great

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham2 år siden

    I like Ricky, but I rather see him do a touri in Iran. Call it the Allah tour. Crack a few anti Muslim observations. I'm sure they'll have him hang around for a while..😁

  • Russ Williams
    Russ Williams2 år siden

    No Karl or Steve, no show

  • Victoria Saper

    Victoria Saper

    År siden

    Dr. Covfefe well said

  • n0ka
    n0ka2 år siden

    Diane we love you

  • nh6central


    År siden

    John Banks Oh yes, we do!

  • n0ka
    n0ka2 år siden

    Nil demand Christ de berg Detrout spinners Wet knee Houston

  • Jonny Boy
    Jonny Boy2 år siden

    So many good laughs in this. I listened to it while i was working "nice to be self employed"

  • Jonny Boy

    Jonny Boy

    2 år siden

    Yes i listen to joe also lol.

  • n0ka


    2 år siden

    I use these while working also, i enjoy the joe rogan podcasts to, passes 12 hours doing a repetitive job

  • Steve Plant
    Steve Plant2 år siden

    People who live in a glass house have to answer the door.

  • SlyRy
    SlyRy2 år siden

    She kinda reminds me of Karl

  • P O S T

    P O S T

    År siden

    John Banks my kind of girl

  • SlyRy


    År siden

    John Banks buddy, Karl was a funny mopey depressed male.

  • Young Hermitcrab

    Young Hermitcrab

    2 år siden


  • n0ka


    2 år siden

    We are all saying this, its uncanny although not as outrageous as Karl

  • Debra G
    Debra G2 år siden

    Peace, quite, and not being bothered is my perfect world.

  • GodMode On
    GodMode On2 år siden

    I would love to see Bill Maher and you in a Religilous 2 film. Maybe pop in on Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins, dragging them along on a meet up with some religous nut. That would be epic.

  • GodMode On

    GodMode On

    2 år siden

    By the way, what happen to that podcast you were starting? That episode was hilarious. Hope you pick it back up one day. You are one of my favorite comedians and atheist to listen to. The films are brilliant too. I even bought copies of The Invention of a Lying for the religous side of my family. They won't admit it, but they loved it.

  • boggers
    boggers2 år siden

    Diane got it right. If you had to be euthanised, nitrogen gas is the best way to go.

  • themaster408
    themaster4082 år siden

    I've now only heard the pilot and this episode. I'm loving it, I don't care if it's not really about anything. A couple of my favorite podcasts (giantbomb and beastcast) best parts are when they're just bickering and chatting. This made me LOL a few times.

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good
    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good2 år siden

    You're muscly.

  • mega city perp
    mega city perp2 år siden

    get off your face and listen too Gervais i always say,,,,,

  • Conor Uddin
    Conor Uddin2 år siden

    Bernard never utilised that watch of his, so many things he could of done

  • P O S T
    P O S T2 år siden

    The guy who got the tapeworm from eating too much sushi should have just enticed it out with a bit of Danish.

  • prm68
    prm682 år siden

    I think Karsl version of the magpie routine was better, it's a bad remake of classic XFM shows, Diane Morgan is pathetic as Rickys new "Karl" it's so see though and genuinely unfunny

  • Mertin
    Mertin2 år siden

    listening to this and 27minsin clicked for that this one is like sean is steve and diane is karl

  • n0ka


    2 år siden

    Yep, more Diane/Karl tho

  • ice dan
    ice dan2 år siden

    This is better than last year, shit talk is best talk! Liking Diane Morgan, she's growing on me, keep her. LAMP!

  • Gatherer Thompson
    Gatherer Thompson2 år siden

    I love Female Karl..

  • luuke luketer
    luuke luketer2 år siden

    Free da Payne........

  • ciaran obrien
    ciaran obrien2 år siden

    Why did no one say david for ricky lmao

  • Reggie Fensome
    Reggie Fensome2 år siden

    Can't you call someone a gimp on Twitter?

  • Reggie Fensome
    Reggie Fensome2 år siden

    Sort it out Rick you used to be funny also I got locked out of Twitter for calling Ricky a gimp after seeing a Pic he posted of him showing us how to hold um. The Pic did make me laugh

  • Rumandcoke
    Rumandcoke2 år siden

    Wet-knee-houston, bring the baldy manc twat back

  • Oscar Frederick Welsh
    Oscar Frederick Welsh2 år siden

    Phil, Phil Colons, Phil Col-- Phil

  • n0ka


    2 år siden

    Nil demand Christ de berg Detrout spinners Wet knee Houston

  • Gary White
    Gary White2 år siden

    Great episode.

  • Piles of Poodles
    Piles of Poodles2 år siden

    God bless Ricky Gervais

  • Steve Buccellato
    Steve Buccellato2 år siden

    "You were eating dust?" Lol.

  • Mike Mcp
    Mike Mcp2 år siden

    Diane is fantastic as a regular guest, so intelligent in a common way, super funny and unassuming, she is like an instruction pamphlet made simple for everything needed, that’s a skill, and you can tell she is a lovely person too, I’m not one to fan about anyone....but this lady could make me change that, plus the fact she’s so damn cute too.

  • jeremyramone


    3 måneder siden

    Agreed , she's extremely talented. Cheers from san Diego

  • n0ka


    2 år siden

    As above

  • Sonoftoenails93
    Sonoftoenails932 år siden

    should of kept the music in there as well tho :)

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole2 år siden

    Where did that come from?...Octavia's my sister's name 😁

  • Dub Chills

    Dub Chills

    År siden

    Black Hole my sisters name is Skoda

  • TheBitBlock
    TheBitBlock2 år siden

    Yikes, these have none of the charm or humanity of the old podcasts / radio shows. Without Karl or Steve Ricky is just like listening to any typical jaded person on the street.

  • sidneysmooth
    sidneysmooth2 år siden

    It was the baby that had the power.

  • RyuTheLegend
    RyuTheLegend2 år siden

    Imagine an episode with Steve and Karl as the guests I would die

  • P O S T

    P O S T

    År siden

    RyuTheLegend okay, I have imagined it. So, are you dead now?

  • Matthew Heath
    Matthew Heath2 år siden

    Did the purposely make these impossible to listen to on headphones? So fuckin quiet.

  • Murder Ballad
    Murder Ballad2 år siden

    ... think i'm gonna have to cut all moaning millionaires completely out of my life, it's starting to really depress me.

  • the great pineapple
    the great pineapple2 år siden


  • the great pineapple
    the great pineapple2 år siden


  • the great pineapple
    the great pineapple2 år siden


  • the great pineapple
    the great pineapple2 år siden


  • James O'Gorman
    James O'Gorman2 år siden

    Get Karl and Steve on for a one off show please Ricky. Sure you can all do an hour and a half, just for old times sake

  • Douglas Kalberg
    Douglas Kalberg2 år siden

    I hate the argument that you didn't worry about not existing when you didn't, did you. Well, I do exist now and I fear not doing it anymore. Some people worry about losing their car in a repossession, losing your life is almost twice as bad.

  • A Gouws
    A Gouws2 år siden

    The tapeworm bit was top notch 👌

  • SA H
    SA H2 år siden

    Love Diane!

  • sam brat
    sam brat2 år siden

    Does Diane remind anyone else of Karl> Her mannerisms/dimwittedness etc

  • Sid Arthur
    Sid Arthur2 år siden

    stop talking over diane morgan

  • Sid Arthur
    Sid Arthur2 år siden

    great, diane morgan

  • ketcpoe
    ketcpoe2 år siden

    I get it you lot miss the gang but, you can't replicate perfection. Them lot were brilliant together but, let's just appreciate the past and embrace the future. Sounds cliché but it's facts.

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    2 år siden

    Pff you not noticed that Ricky has these two on because they are basically Steve and Karl mark 2?

  • Danny1980 Stamp
    Danny1980 Stamp2 år siden

    Walking dead deadly Sirius my best two hours of the week

  • Cornwall1888


    2 år siden

    Danny1980 Stamp it’s a shame walking dead is no longer interesting

  • Danny1980 Stamp

    Danny1980 Stamp

    2 år siden

    We all like different things that’s what makes life interesting

  • Cornwall1888


    2 år siden

    Danny1980 Stamp both shit now 😐

  • Youtumor
    Youtumor2 år siden

    where the fook is Dilkington and the 4 eyed freak ?

  • DavisSimMusic
    DavisSimMusic2 år siden

    Love the show, but you really need to get fresh guests on!

  • jordan e

    jordan e

    2 år siden

    Definitely need fresh guests, just maybe not the ones you listed

  • xxnonstopdancingxx
    xxnonstopdancingxx2 år siden

    Fucking hell. Diane’s story about being a dental nurse is the reason that kids these days need a fucking degree to work in Tesco’s or have to fake passion for coffee to work at Costa. A whole generation of businesses learning the hard way, employing the bored for jobs they would never be qualified for

  • Fanny Munchkin
    Fanny Munchkin2 år siden

    If Diane Morgan is around, i'm happy.

  • Defne Dance
    Defne Dance2 år siden

    I like these

  • Tim Godfrey
    Tim Godfrey2 år siden

    Bob Mortimer & David Mitchell as guests (on the same show).... please!

  • n0ka


    2 år siden

    Imagine the banter

  • TheBuddhaFinger


    2 år siden

    Hell yaeah

  • Adrian Partridge

    Adrian Partridge

    2 år siden

    Great shout

  • Lottie
    Lottie2 år siden

    I am an absolutely massive Ricky Gervais fan and have been for many years. However these shows he just bores me and I find him annoying how he talks about himself all the time and I find him quite arrogant.

  • Knavery


    2 år siden

    I don't mind it, but I multi-task while listening to it. Maybe that's why I enjoy it.

  • Tom Walsh

    Tom Walsh

    2 år siden

    @Lottie you are right though... my bad squire 👍 guess i just couldn't help but try and defend Gervais

  • Tom Walsh

    Tom Walsh

    2 år siden

    @Lottie It almost is like that you absolute mad lad you!

  • Lottie


    2 år siden

    @Tom Walsh yeah I know crazy right??? almost like I came here to give it a try as it's a new series and then provided my opinion and left.

  • Tom Walsh

    Tom Walsh

    2 år siden

    @T Mo And yet here you fucking are...

  • Trevor Miranda
    Trevor Miranda2 år siden

    Thanks for posting these, Ricky. Wish I had SiriusXM

  • HKAR
    HKAR2 år siden

    Mr. Freeze Pop....

  • Sownheard
    Sownheard2 år siden

    I'm here hoping that one day Karl and Steve will return

  • SRNF


    År siden

    Return? This isn't even the same show mate. The show you are talking about was produced by Karl.

  • bumpy6994
    bumpy69942 år siden

    That first one felt like xfm but also there is a need for new material, so this is also a brilliant mess too in its own respective rights

  • mangasky7
    mangasky72 år siden

    Diane should have her own show. Gervais has become insufferable. Same inane, recycled blather. Even the song choices are the same.

  • The Peacetime Book Club
    The Peacetime Book Club2 år siden

    I like Deadly Sirius. Ricky doesn't owe any of us a particular style of show though. Remember that



    2 år siden

    Daddy never gonna stop robbing from telephone box

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    2 år siden

    You're muscly.

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Moto - One I like but often forget to remind myself of is "Everyone you meet is an idiot until they prove otherwise" You can never be disappointed or get angry with this approach. Theres some more to it if pushed at parties etc that can strike up conversation or end conversations haha

  • Gavin Roberts
    Gavin Roberts2 år siden

    It was about a wife that didn't exist, a fire that didn't happen, and a cat that didn't look happy.

  • Kevin Quatman

    Kevin Quatman

    År siden

    yeah?? they why did the cat look at em funny?

  • Lew Whalley

    Lew Whalley

    2 år siden

    Jojo's Books .....ye

  • Jordan G

    Jordan G

    2 år siden

    @Lew Whalley what, you mean all the blokes were ghosts?!

  • Lew Whalley

    Lew Whalley

    2 år siden

    Cats can sense spirits

  • The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury
    The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury2 år siden

    get the manc with a head like a fuckin orange on!

  • Isabel Bell
    Isabel Bell2 år siden

    This is the stupidest pod cast I have ever heard by adults......ridiculous ...they sound like 12 year olds

  • Steven Kelby

    Steven Kelby

    År siden

    I don't want fucking guitar lessons!

  • Danny1980 Stamp

    Danny1980 Stamp

    2 år siden

    Gotta have ye critics (Karl pilkington)

  • Isabel Bell

    Isabel Bell

    2 år siden

    pooper scooper ...... you like this show ? can't understand your reply....you must be on the same wave length as Ricky ......no sense ...talks nonsense

  • tom


    2 år siden

    Turn it off?