Episode 33 - Ricky chats with Diane Morgan and Brett Goldstein.
The thirty-first episode of Ricky's radio show on Sirius XM.
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • reggie mcghoo
    reggie mcghoo9 måneder siden

    Ricky's fear of nude /sex scenes is real LISTEN TO THE ANXIETY 👂🌻💜😷👏

  • Leon Blythe
    Leon Blythe10 måneder siden

    Brain dead dudes can still “do stuff” depends which brain is dead though the one inside between the ears or the one between the legs...

  • jjsteer91
    jjsteer91År siden

    Can't watch people sing unless at their gig. Anything other than live concert or via studio album is an unacceptable to see singing.

  • Arran Brown
    Arran BrownÅr siden

    Sorry! But did someone fart at 5.15?

  • JB Townsend
    JB TownsendÅr siden

    I wish Diane was my husband.

  • Jack Curley
    Jack CurleyÅr siden

    Ricky back to his best

  • Daniel Porter
    Daniel PorterÅr siden

    I really wish Karl would come on the podcast. Just for one episode.

  • Joe Blows
    Joe BlowsÅr siden

    Ricky, could they eat a nob at night tho??

  • P
    P2 år siden

    Rat in Mi Kitchen by bob marley LOL

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson2 år siden

    Wonder if Karl is listening to this and wishing he was called Bret. Haha.

  • Steve Plant
    Steve Plant2 år siden

    Whether it's a potato or a nut it's a foodage.

  • George David
    George David2 år siden

    Mate that Diane is the female Karl Pilkington

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas2 år siden

    who shit? @5:12

  • Jake Bray
    Jake Bray2 år siden

    Easily the best episode i've listened to yet, i love it

  • keittomaster
    keittomaster2 år siden

    You're an idiot, play a record.

  • xxnonstopdancingxx
    xxnonstopdancingxx2 år siden

    "I'd bring out me pasta sauces if anyone's interested in making em" - That's commitment

  • Roo
    Roo2 år siden

    None of their heads are round enough Ricky. Diane & Pilk. Make it happen.

  • Tyler Barnes
    Tyler Barnes2 år siden

    Really enjoyed this episode, made me laugh a lot. Best one for a while!

  • Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    2 år siden

    Fair enough. Whatever floats your boat, personally i've had better fun cheese - grating my nether regions while listening to the collected works of Ed Sheeran!!

  • Sir Barnaby St.John Toffington
    Sir Barnaby St.John Toffington2 år siden

    Balderdash,claptrap,waffle,twaddle, poppycock, guff, hogwash!...how many more ways could this utter tripe be described? My goodness gracious me! I've read that Mr. Gervais is being given something like £5 million for this waste of everybody's time! Well, all one could possibly say is that unless he's donating all his fee over to animal charities, he should be utterly ashamed of his obscene greed! Quite certain he didn't need the money. People tune in regularly to this codswallop!? Dear God, how people's entertainment expectations have fallen! I despair, I really do.

  • Richard Steele

    Richard Steele

    2 år siden

    Is this Wendy? Let's all criticise your little show when it comes out.

  • xxnonstopdancingxx


    2 år siden

    I’m only here for the comments

  • Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    2 år siden

    I hope he is donating it to animal charities. Surely that's the only good excuse for taking the money. Money he certainly did not need.

  • Jacob Baum
    Jacob Baum2 år siden

    UB40. You called it Rick

  • Danny O
    Danny O2 år siden

    Karl and Diane need an episode to meet

  • MrTriplet
    MrTriplet2 år siden

    Is funny that Ricky talks about freaks without mentioning Karl, he's in denial.

  • Chris Pennington
    Chris Pennington2 år siden

    So Ricky just replaced Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington with these two as his foils. Shame. No one can replace Steve and Karl.

  • Umbrella Sound

    Umbrella Sound

    2 år siden

    He didn't replace anyone it's a different show.

  • Robert Spratt
    Robert Spratt2 år siden

    The perfect role for Ricky would have been as Arthur in the remake. Russell Brand failed miserably but I think Ricky would easily have won over even the superfans of the original (I'm one of them).

  • Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    2 år siden

    Personally, I don't reckon the Russell Brand "Arthur" was as bad as certain people made it out to be. Certainly far far funnier than these radio shows which are about nothing but satisfying Ricky Gervais's greedy soul.

  • Trevor Miranda
    Trevor Miranda2 år siden

    Jesus fucking Christ, can y'all stop bringing up the old radio show and podcast? They were almost 10-20 years ago. Move on and let Ricky move on.

  • Patrik
    Patrik2 år siden

    WHY isn't this podcast on Spotify? TF man...

  • Ernie Hudson
    Ernie Hudson2 år siden

    Old Man Sandwich!

  • P O S T
    P O S T2 år siden

    Brett G has a very similar voice to Gareth Richards from the Frank Skinner podcast and other things.

  • jon cund
    jon cund2 år siden

    Do one with joe Thomas or jack Whitehall

  • Benjamin LS
    Benjamin LS2 år siden

    We need the K-man back. Play a record you dopey balding twat.

  • Luca Van Dresh
    Luca Van Dresh2 år siden

    Rat in my kitchen was UB40 and not Bob Marley

    CORNISHDUDE2 år siden

    15:43 BEST EXAMPLE of Gervais starting a sentence with the intention of sounding smart and not knowing how to finish it! Then ironically says Diane did this like he never has..... lol

  • Louis Hessey-Antell
    Louis Hessey-Antell2 år siden

    His head was in perfect condition. It just wasn't attached to the body.

  • jordan e
    jordan e2 år siden

    Desperately trying to recreate the Karl days with the free butt plug reference..you need the real thing mate

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole2 år siden

    I actually love Diane 😁

  • PumpkinPie89
    PumpkinPie892 år siden

    Diane I love a good pasta, please share with us your knowledge of sauces next time x

  • Luke M
    Luke M2 år siden

    The same songs on EVERY fucking Ricky Gervais podcast since forever!



    Måned siden

    FALSE. A lot less of Feeder - "YEAHAYEAHHHH ITS JUST THE WAY IM FEELING" heard millions of times

  • Tom


    2 år siden

    @TV-GAME Fan Ricky Gervais has about the same amount of variation in musical taste as Simon Cowell.

  • TV-GAME Fan

    TV-GAME Fan

    2 år siden

    His music taste is very cringey and bland.

  • P O S T
    P O S T2 år siden

    Has Diane had her lips pumped?

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    År siden

    @Samuel Gaarder haha

  • Samuel Gaarder

    Samuel Gaarder

    2 år siden

    lower lips most definitely

  • Gruffas
    Gruffas2 år siden

    Is Diane the new Karl?

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    I went through a stage of drinking my own pee. You gotta try it I guess, and you haven't had a cup of tea till you've had a cup of piss tea. Boil it up in the kettle. That was years ago. I've done it and have no inclination to do it again.

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    "Double underpants, and never wear Chinos" Ricky Gervais 2018

  • Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    2 år siden

    "Integrity is something money can't buy" - Ricky Gervais 2007. 2017 - SiriusXM buys Rick's integrity! Christ, this is some boring shite!

  • vxmarcusxv
    vxmarcusxv2 år siden

    'There's was a kid with no brain but he could walk about n that' such a Karl thing to say, but from the wonderful Diane Morgan. She is 100%the new Karl. She needs to be a permanent guest !

  • S JN

    S JN

    2 år siden

    Karl actually talked about that on one of the xfm shows. The boy who was born without a brain

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    45:39 Adam and Eve had sex with their kids though didn't they? maybe that's why teenagers are disgusted, maybe its in the genes to say yuk

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Talking of sex scenes. In drama class in senior school I did a sex scene with my friend. I have no idea why he chose to do a sex scene or why I didn't protest more against it haha Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you view things, I was the women and therefore on the bottom with my legs spread wide whilst he banged away at me in what can only be described as a rather loud over characterised manner all while I did my best "woman getting well and truly absolutely fucked" impression. Oh the scars! The mental scars! haha Luckily it was before everyone had a camera in their pocket. Now I have an urge to shower haha

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Candy man scared me for a while. I had a girlfriend who'd take great pleasure in sneaking up behind me whilst I shaved in the bathroom mirror and start saying it. Damn her haha! Also there was a film with a cat in it that went on peoples chest and stole their breath as they slept. I think in one scene the cat went into their mouth and burst out their chest or something equally unnerving, may have come out their mouth again. I was with the same girl and we had a black cat so it spooked me even more. So as I was going down the stairs to open the door for the cat or something and she fucking made a scary meow sound behind me and I almost left this universe I jumped that high! Damn I used to be scared so easily.

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Being scared. Growing up the Wizard Of Oz was on tv every Christmas for years. Without fail I'd be sat on our floor, me and my mum would look at each other when they enter the woods and she'd be smiling and stifling her laughter as the witch appeared ontop of the house. I'd scuttle along the floor over to her for protection out of absolute fear. haha I kinda miss that level of fear.

  • Candyfishes
    Candyfishes2 år siden

    Quit whinging about Karl you twats. Go watch his show and quit being stuck in the past.

  • Tom


    2 år siden

    No. I live in the past.

  • Roo


    2 år siden

    Would be nice to get a Pilk episode though...

  • Logan


    2 år siden

    Behead those who question being stuck in the past

  • Connor Ellis Music
    Connor Ellis Music2 år siden

    When you're self aware of your dream state, you can learn to take control of the dream. It is your own head after all.

  • Nytephyre
    Nytephyre2 år siden

    I swear. Sometimes Ricky sounds like Karl.

  • Callum Tregurtha-Nairn
    Callum Tregurtha-Nairn2 år siden

    At 5:57 does Brett say 'Getting really stoned and going blind?', I can't work it out.

  • Arlyn Higham
    Arlyn Higham2 år siden

    For fucks sake!!!🤣 45.20....

  • simach masgof
    simach masgof2 år siden

    5:13 that sounded wet

  • ZCalzee Z
    ZCalzee Z2 år siden

    There’s only one Brett we want on the show



    Måned siden

    @James Williams well as he said "whats funny about that" and Steve says "Pillockton"

  • James Williams

    James Williams

    4 måneder siden

    "I love that its the Karl bit he wants to change not the fucking Pilkington!"

  • Logan


    2 år siden

    That or Pilky01

  • Rufus T. Firefly

    Rufus T. Firefly

    2 år siden

    ZCalzee Z I wish me name was Brett

  • Rob Plant
    Rob Plant2 år siden

    Brett really wants to do Heroin doesn't he 😂😂😂😂

  • DavisSimMusic
    DavisSimMusic2 år siden

    Fresh guests please!

  • music is good
    music is good2 år siden

    did anyone else google "Brett Goldstein Wanking"? I think it's trending.

  • Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    2 år siden

    Was going to, but then this strange voice came into my head, saying : "What the fuck am I doing with my life?" So I went out and committed suicide instead. Good choice.

  • music is good
    music is good2 år siden

    how much money do you get for this? I want to get on this train. My mum says I'm funny.

  • music is good

    music is good

    2 år siden

    what a bunch of cunts!

  • music is good

    music is good

    2 år siden

    if you want to say "cunt", just say it :p it's only offensive in backward c**tries

  • kye tilley
    kye tilley2 år siden

    Where the fuck is pilko and the merch man

  • A
    A2 år siden

    I like Dianes voice.Keep uploading more of these you twat

  • Jesus Fish
    Jesus Fish2 år siden

    No offense. I love the show and especially Diane Morgan as a repeat guest but she is definitely the new Pilkington. In the best way.

  • Kevin Flemming

    Kevin Flemming

    År siden

    @club036 Well, she is from Bolton which isn't far from Manchester.

  • club036


    År siden

    she mumbles the same too

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    2 år siden

    Diane is definitely filling the Karl role. I suspect it is at least partly an act, though. The bit about a bloke who was brain dead still being alive, that was a classic Pilkington bit, and so obviously just her talking nonsense to get a laugh.

  • pumpuppthevolume


    2 år siden

    Diane Pilkington

  • Gatherer Thompson

    Gatherer Thompson

    2 år siden

    "Look at her non-orangelike regular fuckin' human head! Look at her non-gormless little face!!"

  • Terrible Benjamin
    Terrible Benjamin2 år siden

    Love these :D would be great to get some deep thinkers on again too to mix things up haha

  • Lugh Summerson
    Lugh Summerson2 år siden

    Ooh, fancy that! It's *Diane's Brainless News* Brain-dead man does stuff, goes back to work as accountant www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-17757112 Boy has third of brain removed, he's fine www.newscientist.com/article/2175549-boys-brain-works-just-fine-after-a-large-piece-was-removed/ Boy born with only 2% of brain reads and speaks aleteia.org/2017/02/19/little-boy-born-without-a-brain-can-now-speak-count-and-attend-school/

  • Kurt Pullen
    Kurt Pullen2 år siden

    No Pilky, no party

  • Candyfishes


    2 år siden

    Stop moaning

  • Alfie Dodridge
    Alfie Dodridge2 år siden

    Does Ricky even read comments for fucksake

  • McK
    McK2 år siden

    I loved the early podcasts with Stephen Merchant & Karl :( I miss their collaborations...

  • Jimmy the mad ostrich

    Jimmy the mad ostrich

    2 år siden

    Yes, in comparison this is shit. People told me how shit this was, but they were vastly underestimating it's shitness! I 'll be on my death bed one day thinking about the hour i wasted listening to this shite!

  • Gatherer Thompson

    Gatherer Thompson

    2 år siden

    Lots of us still listen to it like it's fresh, here on NOlocal.. Channels are 'Pilkboys', 'King Karl', 'Yak', and 'BALR.' (with the period)..

  • hgfhgfhgfhgf
    hgfhgfhgfhgf2 år siden

    Ffs Brett, if you are going on the radio then clear your throat first. Jesus.

  • Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    2 år siden

    So as if this self-indulgent rubbish wasn't enough to drive people to suicide, Brett Goldstein 's got a podcast too!?...Jesus Christ! Can't fucking wait!!

  • Rob Plant

    Rob Plant

    2 år siden

    hgfhgfhgfhgf it's all that Future Heroin that fucked up his voice

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC2 år siden


  • Noah Weigert
    Noah Weigert2 år siden

    Can't wait for the one with jackmate!

  • Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas

    2 år siden

    Guess your'e on your own there!

  • GGDonner
    GGDonner2 år siden


  • ufknwot
    ufknwot2 år siden


  • Donald
    Donald2 år siden

    Love it. Got to be quick though