Episode 35 - Ricky chats with Joel Dommett and Sean Mcloughlin.
The thirty-fifth episode of Ricky's radio show on Sirius XM.
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Man speaks the truth!
    Man speaks the truth!2 år siden

    I’d love it if you finished a sentence one day rick 😂 I know yoou know what your saying, but help us out abit lol

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson2 år siden

    Joel is a melt

  • Anzac Raccoon
    Anzac Raccoon2 år siden

    Joels skype sex story was so entertaining!😂😂

  • Michael Morrissey
    Michael Morrissey2 år siden

    more is sea

  • OwlNation Legal
    OwlNation Legal2 år siden

    An ice free arctic in 2019/2020 ensures an abrupt spike in temps, crop losses, famine and extinction in under 5 years. Live each day like it may be your last.

  • ZCalzee Z
    ZCalzee Z2 år siden

    Sorry I’ve not been listening recently Rick as I’ve been busy watching a puddle evaporate. Glad to see you haven’t tinkered with the show’s winning formula by trying to introduce any quality.

  • This Music Is Not For You
    This Music Is Not For You2 år siden

    I hear that Seinfeld is gonna be on next week. I hope they have the slap bass licks in-between the segments

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good
    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good2 år siden

    You're muscly.

  • bicolouredprawn


    År siden

    You want an arm wrestle?

  • Petter Eliseussen
    Petter Eliseussen2 år siden

    This man MUST be Karl`s unknown brother... lol nolocal.info/have/video/pop4bayn14ap2qI

  • J W
    J W2 år siden

    Right, Ricky said recently (Oxford) it just 'wouldn't work' bringing the old podcasts back... is this working Ricky? A subpar rehash with different people. Nobody gives a shit. Actually listen to your audience instead of your own selfish desire to be the centre of attention. Call Karl and Steve. Fuck me. Even just get them on one episode and watch the viewers and ratings, maybe then you'll see what really 'works'. Sick of it. He just knows there wouldn't be the same power dynamic of him above Steve and Karl as they now have successful works of their own. Stop being a knob

  • SssS9372
    SssS93722 år siden

    Ricky im gonna be honest with you, the funniest person in your shows was Karl and the best mate you had on podcasts was Stephen......without them, just don't do the podcast mate. it sucks !

  • c.winston joy
    c.winston joy2 år siden

    Buy it sell it The games getting hard When someone’s dealing you a losing card

  • Rob Singfield

    Rob Singfield

    2 år siden

    They all had a bit in that

  • Akka Lange
    Akka Lange2 år siden

    lots of cheap laughs....idiots

  • Noah Simpson
    Noah Simpson2 år siden

    Get jaackmate on

  • Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas
    Cowboy Joe from Mexico - else Texas2 år siden

    I guess this is what it sounds like being bored to death! Whoever paid Ricky absolute shitloads for these should be locked in a room for a year with these shows blasted out 24/7!

  • menchTV
    menchTV2 år siden

    Sean is awesome.

  • experiment54
    experiment542 år siden

    Wheres Dianne, having her prostate examine?

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross2 år siden


  • Louis Hessey-Antell
    Louis Hessey-Antell2 år siden

    Is Ricky a virgin? Anyway, you never see a black ghost.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith2 år siden

    There no XFM

  • Nathan S C
    Nathan S C2 år siden

    I love the old XFM days but get the f... over it for Christ sake. We all love quotes etc but this isn’t xfm. Idiots.



    2 år siden

    Das Lanken Pissenstreak

  • music is good
    music is good2 år siden

    so i googled Joel Dommett (i didn't know who he was) before the wanking story....big mistake. bit of a pattern emerging. lots of wanking related content. I think that's why I enjoy the podcast. I wrote this message whilst furiously maturbating.

  • Nick Button
    Nick Button2 år siden

    I bet he could eat a knob at night.

  • Daz G
    Daz G2 år siden

    Get Lee Evans on

  • TommyCoopersMagicCarpetWeaver.


    2 år siden

    Was gonna say get Sir Francis Boyle on, but maybe not. Remember his views on celebrity atheists? i.e "I don't need Ricky Gervais to tell me God doesn't exist when 'Derek ' was commissioned twice. Interesting too, that he was sat next to Filomina Cunk when he said it.

  • Carl Ray

    Carl Ray

    2 år siden

    Please don't

  • Joseph lee
    Joseph lee2 år siden

    I wish Steve and Karl would just do a radio show together

  • Sam Wh
    Sam Wh2 år siden

    *Hello and welcome to another episode of “Ricky Gervais is taking himself way too serious”*

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    2 år siden


  • Lugh Summerson

    Lugh Summerson

    2 år siden


  • Gatherer Thompson
    Gatherer Thompson2 år siden

    Give us more Girl Karl, or riot!

  • dominic d what 420 no really snap
    dominic d what 420 no really snap2 år siden

    i like and was like iam like a cunt like scraping the

  • Daniel Prytz
    Daniel Prytz2 år siden

    Please bring on Karl😭😭😭

  • A Gouws
    A Gouws2 år siden

    Brett was on?!!

  • Hadvarr


    2 måneder siden

    Yeah like two podcasts ago

  • Tom Walsh
    Tom Walsh2 år siden

    I wonder if Ricky well ever treat us to an RSK podcast. I know its past the peak days, i know it's over and ricky says leave them wanting more and not saying why did they do another one, but if he did treat us... it would be so fantastic, even if they speak about boring topics and its not funny. It will still hit the oldschool fans in the feels :) Id love to hear Ricky interview Steve and Karl for a one off pod about what they have been upto since the idiot abroad days! Either way this podcast and all the Deadly pods have been great :)

  • Ryan G.

    Ryan G.

    År siden

    The more that people ask, the less chance Ricky will do it.

  • HKAR
    HKAR2 år siden

    It's not his volt...

    CORNISHDUDE2 år siden

    Where's Diane?

  • Claire Hughes
    Claire Hughes2 år siden

    What about bowie!!!?

  • Alan Dodd
    Alan Dodd2 år siden

    What? Another episode recycling the same 8 or so guests saying how he's an atheist...as much as love ricky Steve and Karl, these bore me.

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    2 år siden

    You're muscly.

  • Nathan S C

    Nathan S C

    2 år siden

    Moannnn moannnn moannn

  • P O S T

    P O S T

    2 år siden

    It doesn’t matter how many times you use the same guests, as long as they are good......you moan about using the same guests while at the same time say that you love Steve and Karl, both of whom appeared on literally 100s of podcasts and radio shows with Ricky. The issue with these podcasts is not the guests, it’s more that many listeners will not be happy with whoever the guests are because it’s not Steve and Karl. Those days are gone. It’s time to accept it and move on.

  • Crystal3lf


    2 år siden

    "same guests" Literally a brand new guest in this episode

  • Fuzzy Stomach
    Fuzzy Stomach2 år siden

    The reason why, the reason why The reason why I had to die Did I bleed the blood of greed? What was my destiny?

  • This Music Is Not For You

    This Music Is Not For You

    2 år siden

    Fuzzy Stomach I’d rather be a blind moth

  • Cyruszzz
    Cyruszzz2 år siden

    Make more learn English with Ricky Gervais

  • J W

    J W

    2 år siden

    Because he thinks he's leached all the comedic value of mocking Karl's ignorance

  • Cyruszzz


    2 år siden


  • P O S T

    P O S T

    2 år siden

    Mr Buttcheeks that won’t happen

  • Kian Francis
    Kian Francis2 år siden

    Bring back Steve and karl ffs.

  • Danny1980 Stamp
    Danny1980 Stamp2 år siden

    Yes Joel cheers Ricky

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC2 år siden

    Awww no Diane. But at least Sean is There!

  • Gutvill
    Gutvill2 år siden

    karl pilkington diary again!!!!

  • N R
    N R2 år siden

    Oh my god for fucks sake bring back Stephen Merchant

  • ThomasRP
    ThomasRP2 år siden

    Chick-en-ya believe it?

  • Joey Van Logan
    Joey Van Logan2 år siden

    Jack Septiceye?

  • Joey Van Logan

    Joey Van Logan

    2 måneder siden

    @Hadvarr well, duh

  • Hadvarr


    2 måneder siden

    He has the same name

  • The Man With No Name
    The Man With No Name2 år siden

    De Trout Spinners

  • This Music Is Not For You

    This Music Is Not For You

    2 år siden

    It’s not probleming me

  • The Man With No Name

    The Man With No Name

    2 år siden

    Whats Tomato with you

  • Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday

    2 år siden

    Alien gives man a beard

  • Carl Ray

    Carl Ray

    2 år siden

    French food in hand

  • Carl Ray

    Carl Ray

    2 år siden

    Can't say bien

  • linus baker
    linus baker2 år siden

    Bring back karl and stephen . Evwryone else is too weak humoured to be paired with you

  • eltrain2


    2 år siden

    Let it go mate, it ain't gonna happen.

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    2 år siden

    @William Bodie That's true, he did. I don't think it will happen though. Ricky has got too used to writing on his own and not having to compromise. I mean, Merchant wasn't even involved in the Brent movie. If there was ever a perfect opportunity, that was it.

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    2 år siden

    @Jim W Oh, that's original. Maybe write your own material next time 😂

  • William Bodie

    William Bodie

    2 år siden

    @Marcus Cross in the oxford union talk Merchant said he'd work with Ricky again if they came up with something meaningful again

  • Danny1980 Stamp

    Danny1980 Stamp

    2 år siden

    Every week there’s one

    PREPFORIT2 år siden

    This is going to be Great ! I Love it when You make fun of ridiculous religion !

  • This Music Is Not For You

    This Music Is Not For You

    2 år siden

    Rolo Baffi atheism is not a religion. It just means that u don’t believe in god. That’s all.

  • Truth Matters

    Truth Matters

    2 år siden

    atheism is just another religion too

  • DaveSlaz
    DaveSlaz2 år siden


  • luke richardson

    luke richardson

    2 år siden

    Thirsty AF