Episode 4 - Ricky chats with Noel Gallagher and David Baddiel
The first episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • New Thought
    New Thought2 dager siden

    Does Ricky EVER let someone finish a sentence?

  • Eve
    EveMåned siden

    the fact that Noel comes across as having the smallest ego in the room....

  • dave jess
    dave jessMåned siden

    Love the fact Patrice O’neal was mentioned here

    TAYLOR BANTS3 måneder siden

    Anything Ricky does turns to gold he's like MIDAS :) My inspiration

  • Alastair Hone
    Alastair Hone4 måneder siden

    This show needs a game, something like Big Mother maybe?

  • Dean Pointon
    Dean Pointon7 måneder siden

    De trout spinners

  • Hadvarr
    Hadvarr8 måneder siden

    This Is better than xfm its just 3 blokes having a laugh it made me die with laughter when david said the story about his daughter saying david baddiel

  • Robert Hannan
    Robert Hannan8 måneder siden

    Love that Ricky referenced Love is like oxygen by Sweet. Fantastic song and written by the band, not Chinn and Chapman. Noel also good call with Fox on the run 👍

  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill9 måneder siden

    2 legends

  • Fraser Webster
    Fraser Webster9 måneder siden

    These shows got a bit tired towards the end, but this one is easily the best. So, so funny, and it's not often Noel Gallagher is in a room with two other people and talks the least! Brilliant.

  • sarah c
    sarah c11 måneder siden

    Rick Astley is good live, great voice and crowd pleaser.

  • sarah c
    sarah c11 måneder siden

    Oasis were refreshing, seriously needed. Come back!!

  • minexplosion
    minexplosionÅr siden

    15:50 David Bowie 18:10 First meeting 20:20 BANANA 24:00

  • Shakermaker
    ShakermakerÅr siden

    I'd rather be a blind moth

  • Garry Baldy
    Garry BaldyÅr siden

    1:04:10 Comedy gold.

  • Ruthypops1
    Ruthypops1År siden

    This is the funniest one of them all.

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew CoxÅr siden

    I get that David baddiel is also a guest but he doesn’t shut the fuck up does he

  • Stefan Bengtsson
    Stefan BengtssonÅr siden

    It wasn't Twisted Sister, it was Quiet Riot.

  • ian welsh
    ian welshÅr siden

    Wasn’t it quiet riot who covered it too...??🤔

  • Waxadisc Music
    Waxadisc MusicÅr siden

    I think this is the first time I've heard noel Gallagher being drowned out by others

  • Crookedboy Foong
    Crookedboy FoongÅr siden

    How close are you to Baddiel, Ricky? Did you tell him that this isn't his show? I don't think anyone cares for his opinions that much for him to keep interrupting. He's more annoying than anything.

  • Fife Bielby
    Fife BielbyÅr siden

    This episode should be called Ricky and David Baddiel get Noel Gallagher so they can spend an hour preventing him from speaking

  • Danny
    DannyÅr siden

    very good but i wish David would give some one else time to talk

  • Sean Smillie
    Sean SmillieÅr siden

    magic this

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MCÅr siden

    After 48 episodes this is still the best!

  • Jordan Reynolds
    Jordan ReynoldsÅr siden

    Play a record!

  • Robert Straw
    Robert StrawÅr siden


  • Kebab Head
    Kebab Head2 år siden


  • millie
    millie2 år siden

    YAY I love Noel

  • n0ka
    n0ka2 år siden

    These are great, loved this one

  • Robert Mardle
    Robert Mardle2 år siden

    Love it. Just one thing Cum On Feel The Noise wasn't covered by Twisted Sister it was covered by Quiet Riot. Not a patch on the original or the Oasis version though. Sorry if somebody has already made this comment. Couldn't be arsed to read them all.

  • Prophet Motive
    Prophet Motive2 år siden

    You might have known him Ricky but its pronounced Bowie to rhyme with Zoe.

  • Gary Dennis
    Gary Dennis2 år siden

    If only they would stop talking over Noel constantly.

  • caraticus12
    caraticus122 år siden

    It's Nigel Gallagher and David Bladdyblub

  • Jacob Lewis
    Jacob Lewis2 år siden

    Why is Serious spelt sirius?

  • caraticus12


    2 år siden

    Sirius is the name of the sponsor.

  • scottymol
    scottymol2 år siden

    Fantastic podcast. Hilarious

  • This Music Is Not For You
    This Music Is Not For You2 år siden

    Get Clive Warren on

  • Cyber Hermit
    Cyber Hermit2 år siden

    It's not a podcast without Merchant and Pilkington

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy2 år siden

    Wasted Noel on this.

  • Alexander Wale

    Alexander Wale

    8 måneder siden

    He’s great on this?

  • dayaaaaam
    dayaaaaam2 år siden

    Nod to Patrice waheeey!

  • Bill Turpin
    Bill Turpin2 år siden

    This is lame tbh, No point Noel being there, Baddiel loving the sound of his own voice...as usual zzzzz.

  • Jesus Of Suburbia
    Jesus Of Suburbia2 år siden

    This would've been much better if it was just Ricky chatting with Noel. Baddiel talked too much, people want to hear from Noel, not him.

  • Grant Philpott
    Grant Philpott2 år siden

    Love that Bowie watched the Seona Dancing clip I used on Room 101 x

  • The Mulberry Parade
    The Mulberry Parade2 år siden

    Great show. Cheers guys.

  • micky smith
    micky smith2 år siden

    Great episode

  • Craig Pilkington
    Craig Pilkington2 år siden

    Absolutely fantastic stuff - so much better than the vast majority of crapolla out there!!!

  • Cruithneach
    Cruithneach2 år siden

    29:43 I'm pretty sure you had a co-writer, Ricky...

  • Louis Hessey-Antell
    Louis Hessey-Antell3 år siden

    There's a shadow somewhere...

  • Shaun McNally
    Shaun McNally3 år siden

    “She looked like Dave ‘ill outta slade”

  • Sam Obviously
    Sam Obviously3 år siden

    Theres so many xfm quotes in the comments but i dont think this is anywhere near as entertaining as those xfm shows

  • Tomkmb
    Tomkmb3 år siden

    Man, David Baddiels stories made this episode!

  • Yard Name
    Yard Name3 år siden

    Who is in charge of the sound? Why are they all at different levels? Never mind the fact that Gervais is, as always, interrupting and talking over everyone else.

  • foekist
    foekist3 år siden

    Really enjoyed this. I would love to listen to Ricky chatting with Liam Gallagher.

  • willtommo13
    willtommo133 år siden

    Which is the episode where Gervais and Baddiel talk about CountDankula, the Scot who made a pug do a Nazi salute? I'd listen to this to see if this is the one, but I can't listen to Noel for an hour and a half to check.

  • dickweeeeeeeeeed
    dickweeeeeeeeeed3 år siden

    This is my therapy....in a world of TOTAL SHITE.......

  • Sam Green
    Sam Green3 år siden

    57:49 really speaks to me. *I'm crying*

  • Andrew Pearce
    Andrew Pearce3 år siden

    Always been a fan of Ricky but he's stuttering and mumbling is SO annoying. Why can't he just say the next word without going I-I-I-I the-the-the-the....

  • jootai
    jootai3 år siden

    Jesus Christ ive listened to about 30 minutes of this and i had to turn it off.. its as fun as a funeral

  • Tom Boore
    Tom Boore3 år siden

    What the crud what's with all the talking over each other

  • yashicat5
    yashicat53 år siden

    This was brilliant! I've been listening to the XFM sessions again recently and they're very funny! But this is different, it's still friends chatting but if anything it's less belittling jokes and more self deprecating stories and observations. I loved this and cracked up throughout just as the previous episode made me search and learn a few new things. To me it felt like hanging out and listening to 2 heroes in Gallagher and Gervais, Baddiel was brilliant, who I just remember from Fantasy Football League.

  • TheJames208
    TheJames2083 år siden

    I've never laughed so hard until that dad rape bit wtf

    MrLEEMOD3 år siden

    Why does Ricky keep swearing to appear cool with Noel

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor3 år siden

    Ricky, give the people what they want. You, Steve & Karl as a video podcast. Even have the odd guest on.

  • sam Richardson
    sam Richardson3 år siden

    Steve is still salty that he didn't get invited to that bowie gig

  • Logan Beefweeks
    Logan Beefweeks3 år siden

    Sounds like 3 arseholes on coke

  • JJcrazy23
    JJcrazy233 år siden

    This is pure gold!

  • fred led
    fred led3 år siden

    Such a pity Sirius XM is supporting the likes of Steve Bannon and such pity the great Ricky Gervais would rather block people who speak out against it than give a reason why he is not leaving the show in protest. Could it be money? Like most republicans..

  • Jamie S

    Jamie S

    3 år siden

    Good for you. Enjoy your life in the shadows

  • fred led

    fred led

    3 år siden

    Jamie you obviously know him so well. I'm sure if I had that kind of relationship with him I'd delete that comment :)

  • Jamie S

    Jamie S

    3 år siden

    fred led Yawn, if you knew anything about Gervais and his libertarian views you would realise that freedom of speech (even the bad stuff) is important. The moment you censor views instead of defeat them you fail. Grow up.

  • Cocaine Rain
    Cocaine Rain3 år siden

    22:05 Ricky tuns into David Brent "huh?" lmao

  • Cocaine Rain
    Cocaine Rain3 år siden

    what about Ian Watkins? I would feel really horrible listening to Last Train Home today probably.

  • Jake Martinez
    Jake Martinez3 år siden

    Jesus Christ Gervais, let people talk!

  • Minna Marie
    Minna Marie3 år siden

    Really funny, loved the stories!

  • theshoe67
    theshoe673 år siden


  • Phil
    Phil3 år siden

    Bret Pilkington please!!!

  • Alexander Wale

    Alexander Wale

    8 måneder siden

    Bullshit man’s real name 😂

  • Stephen
    Stephen3 år siden

    That David Baddiels mum story is incredible.

  • bowles123
    bowles1233 år siden

    These are beyond good.

  • VelvetHead79
    VelvetHead793 år siden

    No this stuff ain't the same as Karl and Steve being on but it's still quality chat.

  • Oliver Wood
    Oliver Wood3 år siden

    This might be my favourite thing ever

  • Mark Mathews
    Mark Mathews3 år siden

    This episode has made me unbelievably happy.

  • Clare H
    Clare H3 år siden

    Does David Baddiel ever stop talking?? Give someone else a chance to air an opinion

  • Harold Kane

    Harold Kane

    År siden

    His stories aren't that great either

  • Clare H
    Clare H3 år siden

    Ricky is barely getting a word inDavid please pipe down

  • Tom


    2 år siden

    clare harding yes I wanted to hear more mad stories about his dad

  • Arturo Senni
    Arturo Senni3 år siden

    Proper fucking sod he is. No doubt about that. Give your brother a call and sort it out now will ya. We bloody need Oasis back. We bloody fucking need it...

  • Andrew
    Andrew3 år siden

    This was REALLY good!

  • iSuRRendeReDuK
    iSuRRendeReDuK3 år siden

    David The Unfunny one Baddiel the voice to kill any show God this sounds desperate ,utter shite

  • thepoofication
    thepoofication3 år siden

    David Baddiel with these stories is hillarious. Gotta check him out...

  • Johnny Foley
    Johnny Foley3 år siden

    this is sooooooo good :)

  • Johnny Foley
    Johnny Foley3 år siden

    ......." Da v i d . B a d d i e l......."

  • Lewis
    Lewis3 år siden

    david baddiel is a gobshite

  • Lofty Production
    Lofty Production3 år siden

    Stop trying to compare this podcast to the Ricky Gervais Show.

  • Lofty Production

    Lofty Production

    3 år siden

    Mr nope.

  • Mr


    3 år siden

    Lofty Production Am I allowed to say that Dark Side of the Moon isn’t quite as good as the Final Cut? Same principle really.

  • maia cookie Harlow unicorn
    maia cookie Harlow unicorn3 år siden

    dbowie@live.ie. ..

  • Jimi rushbrook
    Jimi rushbrook3 år siden


  • fuckoff
    fuckoff3 år siden

    I used to be deaf but I hit my head and got better. Now I can enjoy these podcasts

  • Adam Sturge

    Adam Sturge

    3 år siden

    fuckoff :)

  • frithstar
    frithstar3 år siden

    Where's Karl and Steve??? Fuck about!!

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee3 år siden

    I've always wanted to kick a duck up the arse

  • steven mascarenhas
    steven mascarenhas3 år siden

    Cant wait for the next episode!!! Ricky amazing as always!

  • Olly Hamar
    Olly Hamar3 år siden

    Aaannnnnnaaaaaallllll!!! 😂

  • Tom Stevens
    Tom Stevens3 år siden

    He's done you again Steve

  • ...CellAmen...
    ...CellAmen...3 år siden

    ...Great show👌🏻... ‪@NASA I can’t afford to commission you but I would like to have a run of atomic splitting experiments run by us and space robots remotely in the vacuum of actual space, as I believe that the chain reaction would/could generate enough energy in vacuum to travel space in enormous atomic lights and sounds wave rates/speeds, because the normal methods like air and fire ,that atomic bombs and nature use to dissipate the energy created is not present in space vacuum... However the energy is... So if we could harness this energy to a space submarine for example it stands to reason we could possibly travel on the amplified light and sound waves like a laser pointer... To be carried in that laser pointer stream carried along in an atomically amplified bass,treble and mid radio/sound wave... The planets with gravity could be used to generate the atomic sound wave that would transmit atomic wave us into space and to our next planet or star waypoint...‬ use planet’s atmosphere’s outer side to bounce the atomic energy on. Not unlike a drum drumstick drumming on a drum... or a person bouncing on a trampoline... Radiowaves and speaker 🔊 push... Atom splitting energy in space will surely get us some place...

  • StrettyHS 313
    StrettyHS 3133 år siden

    Never heard Noel being this quiet before. Towards the end all he does is giggle. Forget he's even there lol

  • Matt Hetherington
    Matt Hetherington3 år siden

    "I wish I could take you out back and rape you" haven't laughed so much in ages 😁😁

  • StrettyHS 313
    StrettyHS 3133 år siden

    quiet riot, noel not twisted sister, as you were...