Episode 43 - Ricky chats with Robin Ince and Diane Morgan.
The 43rd episode of Ricky's radio show on Sirius XM.
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • James Owens
    James OwensMåned siden

    That was the Beatles, BE

  • Jack
    Jack6 måneder siden

    Robin really was the original Karl

  • Leon Blythe
    Leon Blythe10 måneder siden

    If you were 10 inches tall you could do prostate spelunking

  • Ernie Hudson
    Ernie HudsonÅr siden

    Robin Ince has the age to bring in enough stories and therefore speed - when Ricky brings on those comedy-youngsters the show sometimes slows down

  • Pat Wilson
    Pat WilsonÅr siden

    It's been ages since I combed my pubic hair.

  • Jack Curley
    Jack CurleyÅr siden

    Loving all the mad questions glad there being asked again loved them in extras and Derek glad to hear that type of questions again

  • Jack Curley
    Jack CurleyÅr siden

    Love robinand Diane u no it’s gunna be a good show when they’re on

  • David Lomax
    David LomaxÅr siden

    Can anyone tell me if Ricky has made a bit of money? .. coz he never mentions it or how many awards he's won? Wonder if Rickys ever pissed in a sink?

  • Jason Sharp
    Jason SharpÅr siden

    Shit. I thought Ricky was dead. I'm sure I saw him die on stage.

  • Margaret Johnston
    Margaret JohnstonÅr siden

    little robin nice 😂😂 I'm just getting around to listen to all of this one now.. Rickys laugh cracks me up 😂😂

  • One Life Time
    One Life TimeÅr siden

    this is like they're holding a seance,, tapping into Karl Pilkington Dimension!

  • ThomasRP
    ThomasRPÅr siden

    Same guests over and over. Bring back Acaster, Lycett, Amstell, etc. That is, if Steve and Karl are never coming back...

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MCÅr siden

    Did anyone else get the 'adventure communist' game advert for these? Wtf!? Lol

  • Hayley Mills
    Hayley MillsÅr siden

    Where is karl Pilkington

  • Fionn MacNamara
    Fionn MacNamaraÅr siden

    Nice to see Ricky is keeping it fresh with new guests 🙄

  • Ted Crilly
    Ted CrillyÅr siden

    Wow, Robin lactated.

  • experiment54
    experiment54År siden

    So many people say im a genius but im not, im just lazy, thats why I find shortcuts to fitness, health, and Gung Fu. Available for hire sign goes here 😊

  • P O S T
    P O S TÅr siden

    Gangsta’s by the Specials is a cover/remake of Al Capone by Prince Buster though, Robin.

  • Daisyyy


    År siden

    yeah but the specials took it, made it better and added lyrics

  • Candyfishes
    CandyfishesÅr siden

    Will you twats stop complaining about Karl and just move on already? Jesus. They have their own careers you bunch of whingy cunts.

  • Cactus Jack

    Cactus Jack

    År siden

    @Candyfishes but wheres kp ?

  • Cactus Jack

    Cactus Jack

    År siden

    Someones triggered, Where's Karl ??

  • akaNOCTURN


    År siden

    Thanks. Those idiots piss me off too.

  • P O S T
    P O S TÅr siden

    I haven't listened to this yet but I'm hoping for the story about how Ricky made a suit out of some old curtains, the first and last bars of satellite of love, this womens work and bones, and I also hope that I learn about how some people on Twitter are morons. Fingers crossed.

  • Joe90Production


    År siden

    Don't forget Cat Stevens, Jimmy 'You'll know it by Glen Campbell' Webb, and The Only Ones. Also, did you know his conscience never takes a day off? At least Papa made a reappearance.... 'Tell papa truth...'

  • Free Julian Assange
    Free Julian AssangeÅr siden

    Dont know how I made it to the end

  • Sownheard
    SownheardÅr siden

    When will you get Karl and Steve Ricky?

  • akaNOCTURN


    År siden


  • Moth Girlx

    Moth Girlx

    År siden

    Sownheard yeah I miss that trio

  • Mat Gellar
    Mat GellarÅr siden

    5 Diane Morgan episodes in a row 🙁 please get new guests

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

    År siden

    No I love Diane!

  • voodoochile333


    År siden

    Mat Gellar better than David Baddiel

  • Sonny Tew
    Sonny TewÅr siden

    Papa lmao

  • Paul Blackman
    Paul BlackmanÅr siden

    The A team

  • Randy Boer
    Randy BoerÅr siden

    God i have been trying to like this. I miss the XFM times. Sorry. I am biased....

  • akaNOCTURN


    År siden

    Go and watch/listen to them then.

  • Dave C
    Dave CÅr siden

    This has been re-uploaded due to the ending being cut off in the last one

  • Tommy Hearns

    Tommy Hearns

    År siden

    Good man. I had a few beers and was in a state of confusion.

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus JackÅr siden

    No KP No party

  • Shadow Beast
    Shadow BeastÅr siden


  • experiment54
    experiment54År siden

    Comments already posted. Not posting again. Request pay rise.

  • IdRiNk BleacH
    IdRiNk BleacHÅr siden

    ? Already listened to it

  • Connor Ellis Music

    Connor Ellis Music

    År siden

    If you did listen to it you would've known it was randomly cut off and was missing a bit.

  • Short.
    Short.År siden

    I love long testie guy

  • JodyShortt
    JodyShorttÅr siden

    Oh Robin

  • Nathan stear
    Nathan stearÅr siden

    I love the XFM podcast

  • Nathan stear
    Nathan stearÅr siden

    Anything you do rick is just gold

  • Nathan stear

    Nathan stear

    År siden

    Iv seen everything he has done and think all is fucking gold :) especially the outtakes 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nathan stear

    Nathan stear

    År siden

    Hahaha each to their own

  • ThomasRP


    År siden

    I'd hardly call 'Special Correspondents' gold lool. Nor this.

  • voodoochile333


    År siden

    Nathan Stear you obviously haven't seen everything other than the office and XFM stuff

  • Mooie Lawson
    Mooie LawsonÅr siden

    First. Boom