Episode 60 - Ricky chats with Bob Kelly and Bill Burr
The 60th episode of Ricky's radio show on Sirius XM.
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson2 dager siden

    These work so much better when they put ricky on the back foot like in this one. Much better when he has strong personality guests, otherwise RG just pontificates for 60 mins

  • TyTypical
    TyTypical14 dager siden


  • Mr H
    Mr H26 dager siden

    I wonder if Ricky knew that Bill shit talks him every time his name comes up?

  • Luis Carlos Prado
    Luis Carlos Prado29 dager siden

    Vim pelo Murilo Couto no Flow podcast.

    LOUIS -YTMåned siden


  • R.F. Ravari
    R.F. Ravari2 måneder siden

    yawn.... not funny

  • Gwen Dranem
    Gwen Dranem2 måneder siden

    when does this come back i mis those podcast

  • The Lost Wolf
    The Lost Wolf2 måneder siden

    Would you like to make a comedy horror film called "An Agoraphobic Werewolf in London"? Peace x

    TAYLOR BANTS3 måneder siden

    Anything Ricky does turns to gold he's like MIDAS :) My inspiration

  • Henri Henry
    Henri Henry3 måneder siden

    Brilliant.. They look like 3guys from Village People

  • alex hodgson
    alex hodgson3 måneder siden

    burr doesnt like rickys ribbing of karl because most of it is about karls little fucking round bald head. Naturally you can see where insecurity comes into play for ol billy bitch tits.

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G.3 måneder siden

    Ricky seemed smarter with his comebacks.

  • Chris B
    Chris B5 måneder siden

    I like BB but he's coming across negative jealous, like so what if someone does an ad or awards ceremony, why is that bad.. it's kind of like 'our era was better' when in fact RG was fairly innovative with Office and his podcasts

  • about a girl reading
    about a girl reading5 måneder siden


  • EB Pimpin
    EB Pimpin5 måneder siden

    Bill became Luis J Gomez in less than 5 minutes

  • CartmanbraahNd6
    CartmanbraahNd66 måneder siden

    I seen Bill burr slating Ricky and now he's on the podcast let's see if he had the balls to say it to Ricky's face... Probs not he'd get ripped lol

  • Je rry
    Je rry6 måneder siden

    Hi Ricky

  • Nick Sullivan
    Nick Sullivan7 måneder siden

    "That's what a fucking sell out I am"... yeah, you are. I like how he says it - thinking by just saying it with a hint of tongue-in-cheek means it isn't true. That trick doesn't work Ricky, you still are. You don't give a fuck about Audi, had nothing to do with anything, you just did it for the money... kind of the definition of selling-out. Even worse as he doesn't need it, not like he was struggling... so it's even worse.

  • Nick Sullivan
    Nick Sullivan7 måneder siden

    Ricky is such a bore thesedays, such a narcissist. He has almost a complete inability to truly talk about anyone or anything but himself or his verbatim phrases he says every chance he gets to hopefully get into quotation books one day.

  • Nick Sullivan
    Nick Sullivan7 måneder siden

    Bill Burr routinely talked pure shit about Gervais - not even jokingly - full out called him a fraud and did entire rants on him... then he comes on his show and doesn't say a peep. Fraud.

  • Alex William Jones
    Alex William Jones7 måneder siden

    As a big fan of Ricky & Bill, it pains me that they don’t gel. It just doesn’t work, gutting.

  • Lucy Bull
    Lucy Bull7 måneder siden

    He’s so mean to Steve carrel I know u guys r gonna come at me for that but I just hate him I HATE HIM

  • Lucy Bull

    Lucy Bull

    7 måneder siden

    I don’t hate him

  • Lucy Bull

    Lucy Bull

    7 måneder siden

    I was joking you know

  • Lucy Bull

    Lucy Bull

    7 måneder siden

    Yeah i know

  • Lucy Bull

    Lucy Bull

    7 måneder siden

    You got a problem

  • Lucy Bull

    Lucy Bull

    7 måneder siden


  • Lucy Bull
    Lucy Bull7 måneder siden

    I hate ricky gervais

  • power hounds
    power hounds7 måneder siden

    Sir I'd like to know what you know about adrenochrome

  • right side up
    right side up8 måneder siden

    Deadly sirius meaning here from 5.00 nolocal.info/have/video/eKmomcOxuKZts3g

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott8 måneder siden

    wish there was a camera 😳👍 oh bill burr here 🥇

  • KapoDiKapo
    KapoDiKapo8 måneder siden

    Make new pods ye bastard. Being all locked up and shit. Givus more or I'll come over there and make the worst kinda love imaginable to your left big toe

  • letsflyaway1
    letsflyaway18 måneder siden

    Your a star. If I ever meet you I just want to say thank you

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G.8 måneder siden

    Ricky won. When he led Bobby into guessing his fee... Fucking genius.

  • Brendan Lorenzo
    Brendan Lorenzo8 måneder siden

    do more!

  • Tracey Wright
    Tracey Wright8 måneder siden

    Hey Ricky just binged watched season 2 after life it’s was brilliant will there be a season 3 ?

  • John Woods
    John Woods8 måneder siden

    Plus afterlife is the English comedy larryDavid would make

  • John Woods
    John Woods8 måneder siden

    Biggest compliment i could give Ricky is he thinks like a scouse r we hate pricks and so does he

  • PirateSmileProd


    7 måneder siden

    Ricky hates scousers, all of the south does tbf

  • Sean Murray
    Sean Murray9 måneder siden

    Ricky is an immovable object and Burr is an unstoppable force. Bill burr wishes he could lay a dent on Ricky, but he just would not let him have it! Amazing podcast would love a sequel.

  • Eloheem202
    Eloheem2029 måneder siden

    Burr and Gervais have a dynamic that needs exploration.

  • Su-zii Nao
    Su-zii Nao10 måneder siden

    I dare you : nolocal.info/have/video/oZuLgMeyr4ensXw Hi Bill 'buy' the way...

  • Jack Tiernan
    Jack Tiernan11 måneder siden

    i can't listen to podcasts. why? because I've got a radio.

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G11 måneder siden

    Lol Rickys cheeky digs at these two lesser well known and poorer comedians.. " I thought u said it was a lot of money?" " is there alot of resentment towards other comedians over here?.. I mean it's different in England....." OUCH!!

  • Rex Republic
    Rex Republic11 måneder siden

    This is the best so far! Why have you stopped Ricky? Check out the channel guys, karl pilkington meme reviews and more nolocal.info/have/video/h3ejiKiw1HyKp6o

  • ObeseDuck
    ObeseDuck11 måneder siden

    Fucking fucking fuck, fuck!

  • CN MG
    CN MG11 måneder siden

    could be possible that you enable subtitles in this video? thanks

  • stereotype69
    stereotype6911 måneder siden

    I really wish you wouldn't have had this homophobic twat on your show

  • anita hargreaves
    anita hargreaves11 måneder siden

    What a shame Bill Burr doesn't like Ricky as both my favourite comedians.

  • Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly11 måneder siden

    Bill say somw more funny shit, your killing me bro

  • Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly11 måneder siden

    My two favourite comedians......... Except maybe Eddie

  • yag mi
    yag miÅr siden

    i remember when bill burr hated ricky now he does a show with him XD

  • alex hodgson

    alex hodgson

    3 måneder siden

    @wololoam 😂😂😂 brilliant

  • wololoam


    8 måneder siden

    @R4- P17 nah

  • wololoam


    8 måneder siden

    @R4- P17 i just dont know, maybe one day he'll be known internationally like rick gervais

  • wololoam


    8 måneder siden

    @R4- P17 yeeeah, he must not be very famous outside of the us

  • wololoam


    8 måneder siden

    @R4- P17 no idea who bill burr is, not very famous is he

  • j may
    j mayÅr siden

    Came back here 22nd Jan 2020 hoping there were more episodes.....:(

  • Skilled Rebuilds
    Skilled RebuildsÅr siden

    Ricky. Mate ... genius. Just watched Afterlife, Absolute Win, great cast and such a great watch you are RG, please keep pushing.

  • MCull83
    MCull83År siden

    Burr the bitch ass rat. Buries Ricky behind his back. Acting all off... but won’t just be honest. He doesn’t like Ricky. Just come clean to his face.

  • Ali Chahin
    Ali ChahinÅr siden

    Must have been awkward after Bill Burr shat on him on Joe Rogan Podcast.

  • Ryan G

    Ryan G

    11 måneder siden

    Honestly don't think he would have even had time to have known about that lol.

  • Ryan G

    Ryan G

    11 måneder siden

    I think he regrets that now. Bills funny and it was a shame he felt the need to talk about Ricky like that. It was a bit strange, considering how great Bill is and he came off a bit insecure?

  • Stuart Damien
    Stuart DamienÅr siden

    Its a bit weird after listening to Bill tear Gervais down on multiple Podcasts

  • Jeanette B
    Jeanette BÅr siden

    Thanks for your action at the Golden Globe. A real warrior.

  • Random Voice ie. Ian Tan
    Random Voice ie. Ian TanÅr siden

    Came here after watching some edited clips if Golden Globe night. Ever since I sat through my degree in Media Studies, never had I seen someone do media (well, Hollywood, to be exact) the best roast it deserves, because yes, it's high time the shock value starts coming back home. Glad to see the year starting off right, all things considered. Have a good year, Rick.

  • Luis LuLu 2.0
    Luis LuLu 2.0År siden

    When are you doing No. 61 onwards Rick? You coming back to this series... 🙏🏻 Please come back to podcasts...🤞🏻Can’t wait to see you live in October this year!

  • Johnn
    JohnnÅr siden

    I hope Ricky live long as fuck man, eat your vegetables hahahawe need you! Thank you so much for being the voice of MILLIONS! :D LONG LIVE THE KING!

  • PrognatusSeptem
    PrognatusSeptemÅr siden

    Sub'd here to show support after your EPIC Golden Globes performance/anti-performance. It is rare to find one of your kind so aware and willing to speak up in a den vampires. Balls...balls. Besides being real and real fucking funny, you've just proven to a whole lot of people that you are a stand up guy. Even to the ones who won't get it until later :-) Thank you.

  • Alan Bird
    Alan BirdÅr siden

    Bill's Mustache, is a radio Mustache.

  • TRIGGER WARNING! Truth, just for a change.
    TRIGGER WARNING! Truth, just for a change.År siden

    I enjoyed the ‘night of reckoning’ at the so-called Golden Globe awards the other night. Sanctimonious holier-than-thou virtue-signalling wokeness by hypocritical celebrities has become boring and pathetic!

  • Edward bevington
    Edward bevingtonÅr siden

    You seem to have stirred a hornets nest old boy 👍 well said amigo.

  • Glesga truth
    Glesga truthÅr siden

    Nice one Ricky thanks for sticking it to those clowns.

  • Valeria Cerón
    Valeria CerónÅr siden

    You're a genius. Thanks for the golden globe monologue, it was absolute gold.

  • Krogan Baby
    Krogan BabyÅr siden

    Alright, time to go back to old O&A clips again.

  • Scott


    År siden

    Krogan Baby straight to I broke my knee dude followed by Billy and Bobby roommate story’s

    LEAD BELLYÅr siden

    The end......wtf

  • Tass
    TassÅr siden

    Ricky without Steve or Karl just isn't worth my time.

  • John Lee
    John LeeÅr siden

    Nobody can talk because Bob won't shut up

  • [B]ean
    [B]eanÅr siden

    I think the conversation was great. Burr shows he's comfortable with people if he starts thrashing them, that's how he acts around his friends. Exactly what they were talking about about the 90s with Patrice and others.

  • Krogan Baby

    Krogan Baby

    År siden

    I miss Tough Crowd.

  • Njin
    NjinÅr siden

    There should have been a camera on

  • EoD
    EoDÅr siden

    Get Karl on here I beg

  • drdassler
    drdasslerÅr siden

    Interesting. I wonder if Bill Burr is going to slate Ricky & his 'writers' again. 🤣

  • mads Topper

    mads Topper

    26 dager siden

    I Ytte

  • CN MG

    CN MG

    5 måneder siden

    here is another one nolocal.info/have/video/bYZqjrN-3G6trYQ

  • CartmanbraahNd6


    6 måneder siden

    This is why I'm here

  • Scott Morrison

    Scott Morrison

    8 måneder siden

    @Clavers Odhiambo He said Ricky was an ass for making funny of Pilkington and dissing celebrities at the emmys on more than one occasion. Here's one of them, nolocal.info/have/video/YmiTra6NpmqQ3Gs

  • drdassler


    År siden

    Clavers Odhiambo aah, I get you, that is one way of interpreting it. Not what I was saying tho. In this case 'just' means 'simply' rather than 'recently'. It was a while ago. 👍

  • TrainInVain
    TrainInVainÅr siden

    What the fuck was that woman in the bar story? They just sound like a pack of complete cunts.

  • Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange
    Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking OrangeÅr siden

    Ricky, I know you're probably not looking at these, but please make the guest's name in the Title or at least readable in the thumbnail.

  • Stu R

    Stu R

    År siden


  • j may
    j mayÅr siden

    Come on Ricky, lets go to 100 episodes! This show is absolutely phenomenal!

  • lenatirant
    lenatirantÅr siden

    Keep coming to this channel to see if he’s put out a new episode. It’s been forever

  • Stu R

    Stu R

    År siden

    just some robin ince and diane morgan stuff will do, they bring their own content so ricky has to do nothing (as usual)

  • The General
    The GeneralÅr siden

    Why cant i download this so i can listen to it in work?????

  • Vahur Joa
    Vahur JoaÅr siden


  • Bajro - Nuhanovic
    Bajro - NuhanovicÅr siden

    -Gervais interrupts all the time -The fatty talks more than the other two relevant people combined.

  • Andy Andy
    Andy AndyÅr siden

    I hope your thinking off helping out the spiting image guys and girls 🤗😁!

  • Manfred Bazarov
    Manfred BazarovÅr siden

    Its obvious Ricky HATES hecklers. I went to see him live years ago and the show was pretty much ruined by a drunk screaming random crap and some stuck up student at the front was trying to stop the show to give his opinion on Ricky's sitcom. Ricky looked furious.

  • galad riel
    galad rielÅr siden

    I miss Karl. Loved the Pilkington - Gervais combo.

  • Vahur Joa

    Vahur Joa

    År siden

    Ricky (scared) after Karl's doss: Steve, I don't know what to do?

  • Nt4ubs


    År siden

    galad riel Steve also was an essential part. The work those 3 did together really was something special.

  • Debs McLaughlin
    Debs McLaughlinÅr siden

    I love Ricky...but getting same old same old.

  • Neil Wilson
    Neil WilsonÅr siden

    Loved this big fans of Ricky and Bill Burr

  • JustJordan
    JustJordanÅr siden

    If Bill Burr thinks Gervais would crumble at the cellar table show then Bill Burr should sit and be roasted by Frankie Boyle or Jimmy Carr

  • The Senate

    The Senate

    9 måneder siden

    Bill Burr has praised Frankie Boyles stand up on social media and Frankie Boyle has said he is fan of Bill Burr

  • JustJordan
    JustJordanÅr siden

    Very true, a blackout can cause mayhem, a civilized society descending into chaos

  • Mark the Magnificent
    Mark the MagnificentÅr siden

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  • Luriven
    LurivenÅr siden

    Tbh this was rather more chill than expected. I thought there'd be some real fucking antagonism going on, and it wasn't *that* bad at all.

  • F E

    F E

    År siden

    I thought the opposite. I didn't realise it would be this contentious.

  • The Insider
    The InsiderÅr siden

    It's always cringey when Americans act like somebody with a very non-posh English accent sounds posh. It's like thinking a hillybilly sounds like Frasier Crane, just because they're from the same country. Birdbrain Burr doesn't even know what the word 'advert' means.

  • J. McConnell
    J. McConnellÅr siden

    Kinda awkward after bill tried to side with the uptight celebrities who were pissed at Ricky’s jokes on the golden globes.

  • Ike De Winter

    Ike De Winter

    5 måneder siden

    Bill sold out his newest special paper tiger says it in the name. hes trying to say its all jokes i dont mean anything i ever said now he became leftwing af and verry hollywood

  • Jessica


    År siden

    Yep. And he said stupid things about karl and the podcast..

  • J. McConnell

    J. McConnell

    År siden

    FreeTommy Robinson he didn’t just “disagree”. Fairly certain he said he didn’t like Ricky’s act at all for doing something Bill said he would have done (taking the piss out of other celebrities). I like Bill, but he’s definitely being a bit two faced here

  • Nt4ubs


    År siden

    Jack McConnell Bill also slagged off Ricky about how he treated Karl Pilkington.

  • Productive Whinger
    Productive WhingerÅr siden

    The view count for these has been steadily increasing! Ten more and you'll hit a million.

  • James dickson
    James dicksonÅr siden

    Weird podcast, would love to see how Ricky and Bill met, and came to some sort of friendship/mutual respect. After hearing Bill on Gervais in past wouldn't of thought he would appear on his podcast

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThoughtÅr siden

    Bring back Karl!!!!

  • lefroy1
    lefroy1År siden

    Ricky, you should get Joe Rogan on next... he dislikes you even more than Burr, just more afraid to say so out loud. Make the supreme flip-flopper squirm a bit, it would be hilarious. See how many completely contradictory things you can get him to agree with, before he realises he's being played or something.

  • Garry Baldy

    Garry Baldy

    År siden

    Rogan won't even have Gervais on JRE, so why would he go on this?

  • Stv


    År siden

    I thought that, why go on Ricky's show, who is a bellend by the way. But still

  • Tony England
    Tony EnglandÅr siden


  • Jimmy
    JimmyÅr siden

    proof that bill burr isn't as funny as karl pilkington.

  • Jimmy


    År siden

    but still funny.

  • canvoodoo
    canvoodooÅr siden

    That was shite by far the worst so far. Another comedy introspective most people wouldn't give a shit about.

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer DoyleÅr siden

    Even with Bill and Bobby "DON'T INTERRUPT ME CUNT!!!" Kelly, I'm fazing out at 15.

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer DoyleÅr siden

    Quite surprised to find Bill here. He's on record slagging a good portion of Ricky's stuff. I used to _love_ Ricky but ever since he stopped working with Steve, he treats The Office and Extras like solo projects, and has tried to shoehorn himself into a category of stand-up where he simply doesn't belong. Ricky is the type of guy who will say he has played Madison Square Garden if he thinks he can smoke it past people. I know this because he's done it, and he's also been half-caught doing it. He once brought it up and Sam Roberts said "The Theater at MSG" and Ricky quickly changed gears to make it seem like that's what he meant. There's a 15,000 person difference between the two venues, with the Theater holding 5,000. Who in their right mind would be unsatisfied with filling a 5,000 seat venue? A comedian who hangs out with people who fill the 20,000 seat venue, like Bill Burr...and Louis CK.

  • Musical MARK Richford
    Musical MARK RichfordÅr siden

    Check out seasideMARK LIVE on NOlocal he’s hilarious here’s his latest video nolocal.info/have/video/g6WEopmL25qmrpA

  • smokedog number1
    smokedog number1År siden

    That ended weird

  • Dr Phil
    Dr PhilÅr siden

    Nahhhhh ain’t the same as Karl and Steve

  • Deano Newton
    Deano NewtonÅr siden

    3 legit comedy grinders.... do you reckon Burr is gonna be in the new BREAKING BAD MOVIE??? He should be, I was waiting for him to appear in Better Call Saul.

  • Notflix TV

    Notflix TV

    År siden

    Deano Newton 2 hard workers for sure