Episode 9 - Ricky chats to Sean McLoughlin and Simon Amstell
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Hadvarr
    Hadvarr7 måneder siden

    Is it just me or does simon amstell look like jesse eisenberg

  • minexplosion
    minexplosion9 måneder siden

    1:07:07 listening to that in April 2020 feels creepy.

  • Entertainment_HK Tyyxxcc
    Entertainment_HK Tyyxxcc10 måneder siden

    I really adore doctor Simon.

  • Michele Dobb
    Michele DobbÅr siden

    This is cool-I am listening to this after posting on Twitter with a friend ( we both like Ricky Gervais) and issues of anxiety came up and other stiff came up. Felt a bit self-conscious. But this helped. As always, Ricky Gervais always helps. Uncanny. Also have a carpet burning story with radiator that my mum caused. It was near where my dad sat at night drinking. She put one off the pouffé ( things) over it, and though it wasn’t actually in its normal place, it was never discovered.

  • Stuart Dicks
    Stuart DicksÅr siden

    Not sure about self analysing, eggs, milk, werent the animals put here to keep us alive, im sure humans are a higher species, jj

  • Siân Ishmael
    Siân IshmaelÅr siden

    Respect to you Ricky for moving towards veganism. It's a gradual progression for most people.

  • Robert Manthe
    Robert MantheÅr siden

    Thank you Ricky, for doing this again.

  • Emily V Yelyzaveta
    Emily V YelyzavetaÅr siden

    I can't stand Simon Amstell, he isn't funny and was CRAP on the Buzzcocks. His fucking laugh goes right through me too. He washes up badly when somone gets the better of him and he persistently tried to pick at Ricky all through this episode after Ricky owned him from the beginning.

  • Niall Quinn
    Niall Quinn2 år siden

    I never understood Ricky Gervais so much.

  • inhuy1
    inhuy12 år siden

    Ricky 'you know what I mean?' Gervais

  • ikham shamble
    ikham shamble2 år siden

    am I th only one who was disappointed to hear Ricky Gervais is goin vegan

  • ActionMirror


    År siden

    why do you care?...

  • O. T. Flipz
    O. T. Flipz2 år siden

    Could of been a great episode as Simon is really intelligent and funny but as usual Ricky just wanted to interrupt and talk about himself

  • Alcaseiver
    Alcaseiver2 år siden

    21:20 👌

  • Reverb 13th
    Reverb 13th2 år siden

    Ricky has the same viewpoint as I do about animals. Ricky and Simon are magickal perfect together!

  • rachaelsas
    rachaelsas2 år siden

    I love Ricky but i love Simon more, he helped me to go vegan (well pescatarian).

  • ikham shamble

    ikham shamble

    2 år siden

    give one good reason to go vegan

  • David
    David2 år siden

    I've seen two episodes with Sean in them and he barely speaks.

  • David
    David2 år siden

    Oh dear, a disgusting fascist vegan on the show.

  • ikham shamble

    ikham shamble

    År siden

    @ActionMirrorcus vegans r cunts

  • ActionMirror


    År siden

    @ikham shamble why?

  • ikham shamble

    ikham shamble

    2 år siden

    im so disappointed Ricky`s gone vegan:(

  • Damon Lewis
    Damon Lewis2 år siden

    Ricky wasn't given the opportunity to make a meal of Simon's vulnerabilities. Well played.

  • Nostalgic_Nat
    Nostalgic_Nat3 år siden

    I agree with the many other comments, fantastic episode! I’ve always adored Simon and after this I adore him even more. Please have him on again! I could listen to Ricky and Simon for hours.

  • sean lynch
    sean lynch3 år siden

    I love Simon, and used to love Gervais' media appearances, but I couldn't get past 25 mins of Ricky....I really tried.

  • Zed's Dead
    Zed's Dead3 år siden

    Sean isn't really there. I love that amstell takes the piss out of RG. Would love to see him back on TV ripping the piss out of vapid celebs.

  • d c
    d c3 år siden

    Stephen Merchant

  • Bemantix
    Bemantix3 år siden

    Bring back Karl for f**** sake.

  • Stephen Lister
    Stephen Lister3 år siden

    Let the guests talk Ricky.

  • rodcosmic
    rodcosmic3 år siden

    Hello! Are you doing any more in 2018, Ricky? I was personally really enjoying them all.

  • Joe O'Leary
    Joe O'Leary3 år siden

    Can we have an episode with Karl, Clive Warren and Rebecca De Mornay please?

  • Cult of Melkor
    Cult of Melkor3 år siden

    Really enjoyed this episode, Simon is a great therapist! Lol

  • Jack weinstein
    Jack weinstein3 år siden


  • G 2020
    G 20203 år siden

    I long for another episode with Smerch and the little round headed Twonk.

  • Lewis Wooldridge
    Lewis Wooldridge3 år siden

    Simon amstal is brilliant very funny but the whole holocaust meat eating thing makes him a cunt.

  • ActionMirror


    År siden

    the word holocaust means 'slaughter on a mass scale'.

  • ActionMirror


    År siden


  • Tanta
    Tanta3 år siden

    Simon Amstel & David Baddiel have been the best guests by a long long way. Simon was trying to get into really interesting areas and managed to squeeze out a few droplets, but Ricky is unsurprisingly resistant to getting into any material other than the “comedy shop talk” with dull hacks such as the other comedian and the rest of his guests, repeated for the 25th time.

  • jallow gayle
    jallow gayle3 år siden

    i was sceptical of rick with out karl or stephen but nah i am enjoying these shows

  • Fly24
    Fly243 år siden

    David Earl?

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC3 år siden

    Wow haven't seen any Simon stuff since Buzzcocks

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    3 år siden

    Have to say you've got some good poems on there mate. And totally agree with some of the things you're fighting for! Keep up the good work!

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    3 år siden

    B Vegan oooh thanks I'll check that out, along with you're Dynamite lol. Basically partied too hard in all honesty only just got back on track. Got 3 songs ready to go but my producer has moved to London so it's a bit all up in the air Atm. Thanks about another bad dream and thanks for having a listen mate.

  • Mathias Belli
    Mathias Belli3 år siden

    58:30 the “living life like an open wound” quote

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought3 år siden

    Bring back Karl!!!

  • Elixander Vild
    Elixander Vild3 år siden

    Ricky's bullshit carpet story

  • Matt G
    Matt G3 år siden

    Just skip around to any time stamp and you can almost guarantee that it’ll be Gervais talking. This show clearly doesn’t require guests because no one else gets a fucking chance to talk 😂

  • Williamson Racing
    Williamson Racing3 år siden

    If you like Ricky's humour, check this out t.co/1O67oFV9rX

  • Harry Maule
    Harry Maule3 år siden

    I am a massive Ricky fan and I think this is o e of the first times I seen Ricky let his guard down , Amstel really brought out the best of him in this interview

  • All travel pics
    All travel pics3 år siden


  • Anyoldactress40
    Anyoldactress403 år siden

    This is spectacular. Thank goodness for someone (Simon Amstell) who understands the value of asking a question.

  • B0W13
    B0W133 år siden


  • SSF Yung Shotta
    SSF Yung Shotta3 år siden

    I’ve always wanted to kick a duck up the arse

  • Marcus Cross
    Marcus Cross3 år siden

    Ricky's first therapy session, broadcast to the entire planet. If it had been advertised as such it would have got even more listeners.

  • Daniel •
    Daniel •3 år siden

    Jesus, that weasel (whichever one of the two that is) has the most annoying laugh in the world. It's like he's trying to imitate Ricky's, but it just ends up being cringy and painful. And judging from how little Ricky himself laughed he must have noticed it too.

  • ikham shamble

    ikham shamble

    2 år siden

    dat was Simon..... everyone laughs different... specifically In th uk, everyone laughs different

  • dogs aren't dangerous
    dogs aren't dangerous3 år siden

    Best guest so far. Simon is really funny.

  • AlpineHawkMusic
    AlpineHawkMusic3 år siden

    let them speak rick

  • Jams Ward
    Jams Ward3 år siden

    Come on Rick let the other two speak

  • Gareth M
    Gareth M3 år siden

    Sorry - was Sean in this? :p I loved him in previous episode and I share his surname so respect him for that! But Simon + Ricky = Amazing new direction.

  • Gareth M
    Gareth M3 år siden

    Simon Amstell really should have his own podcast. Very intelligent and honest. I think funny follows naturally when you have those two traits (usually).

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G.3 år siden

    Competitive comedians.

  • Matthew Heath
    Matthew Heath3 år siden

    So is this a youtube series? How do I find it on iTunes?

  • Alcaseiver


    2 år siden

    Matthew Heath i don’t think you do.

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah3 år siden


  • Charlotte B
    Charlotte B3 år siden

    Do u know what would be the best Christmas present ever? If Ricky done a Christmas special show with Stephen and Karl... Do u think he's even asked them for the new year maybe?

  • fred led
    fred led3 år siden

    Such a pity Sirius XM is supporting the likes of Steve Bannon (Seth Rogen refused to appear there) and such a pity the great Ricky Gervais would rather block people who speak out against it than give a reason why he is not leaving the show in protest. Could it be money? Entire career making fun of people and now he's playing the liberal and helping Bannon. When will we find out he doesn't like animals. "Oh I can't have a dog cause I'm always away" yeah right...

  • ikham shamble

    ikham shamble

    2 år siden

    I don't agree competely but im disappointed hes gone vegan....an he is getting a lil SJW....

  • fred led

    fred led

    3 år siden

    Only took a minute. Follow Sean, keep following

  • Sean Doughton

    Sean Doughton

    3 år siden

    You’ve put the same bollcks in the comments of every episode, get over it

  • fred led

    fred led

    3 år siden

    You made my point. He just shouldn't behave like he does.

  • blizzard veritas

    blizzard veritas

    3 år siden

    maybe he doesn't believe in libtard bullshit?

  • Pete Watson
    Pete Watson3 år siden

    Always on form. Any chance of dragging in Katherine Ryan?

  • vxmarcusxv
    vxmarcusxv3 år siden

    Really good episode this, Simon amstell works brilliantly as an interviewer. These guests work greatly with Ricky as he always has a lot to say and sometimes with the likes of Robin Ince, they also want the limelight so can be a bit of a shouting match on who speaks over who, but with Sean happy to take a back seat and speak every now and then and Simon's intellect as well as his patience really makes a good dynamic for all 3 of these to show their full personalities without conflicting one another, very similar set up of timings as ricky Stephen and Karl, really good pacing. Not deluded that a Karl ricky and Stephen podcast would happen again as everyone has gone their own seperate ways, but in regards to getting Karl on professionally to talk about his new programme coming onto Sky at some point would be nice

  • Dave C
    Dave C3 år siden

    I just wish Ricky would try a little harder not to repeat himself in these. The guests probably haven't heard these lines but the audience often have about 8 times already. I like everything he says I just wish he wouldn't say it so many times.

  • Joseph Pickard
    Joseph Pickard3 år siden

    Would love to hear Ricky chat to Bill Burr or Doug Stanhope - particularly in light of the recent events in Hollywood and the comedy scene.

  • Siân Ishmael

    Siân Ishmael

    År siden

    Be great if he'd have Louis ck on, he's been treated very unfairly.

  • Roger Hughes

    Roger Hughes

    3 år siden

    Joseph Pickard that won't happen, sadly. Bill Burr isn't a fan of Ricky's after his Golden Globes appearances. I love them both but he mentioned this on Joe Rogan Experience a while back. Shame, really...

  • Heyman57
    Heyman573 år siden

    The best episode yet, i like the chemistry between Ricky and Simon. I think this just shows that this is a good concept it just depends on who Ricky has in the room. He needs someone to bounce off or challenge him so he doesn't have to talk about himself the whole time to make it interesting

  • gooner inSP

    gooner inSP

    2 år siden


  • Gareth M

    Gareth M

    3 år siden

    YES, YES and more YES.

  • Leewise
    Leewise3 år siden

    Too quiet again. It's like commenting to a brick wall

  • Kyle Sheehan
    Kyle Sheehan3 år siden

    15:35 I was hoping for a "Satalite ahoooooooooo"

  • A H
    A H3 år siden

    We know what you mean Rick.

  • Julia Pinsent
    Julia Pinsent3 år siden

    Best one ever! Pls have Simon on again

  • music is good
    music is good3 år siden

    I like it. Big fan of Simon Amstell. Loved the egg shaming! Fleetwood Mac a good choice but can you play some of their early bluesy Peter Green stuff?

  • Anais Bentley
    Anais Bentley3 år siden

    This is a lot better than the last few ones. I really enjoyed the psychoanalysis and am still in awe of Simon Amstell's intellect. Very interesting episode, thanks for listening to our feedback!!

  • .
    .3 år siden


  • Chris Morton
    Chris Morton3 år siden

    are these not on another platform? only see the pilot on acast etc.

  • Every Tube
    Every Tube3 år siden

    Tea all over the worlds smallest man. ricky needs to start trying to be sick on his guests leg. would make it much less repetetive

  • euphospug
    euphospug3 år siden

    How does Simon look YOUNGER than he did on Buzzcocks?

  • Yom Bristol
    Yom Bristol3 år siden

    Why is the 'IS' in caps unlike the others?

  • affalaffaa
    affalaffaa3 år siden

    Carnage is really good. I'm still eating meat after seeing it, but it's very well put together and does get you thinking.

  • Derry Shillitto
    Derry Shillitto3 år siden

    Simon: "because you'll need both hands for this joke..."

  • Nathan Trudgill
    Nathan Trudgill3 år siden

    The next podcast is number 10. A milestone that will introduce and conclude with Karl, hopefully.

  • CANNIBoy
    CANNIBoy3 år siden

    THIS is your therapy Ricky 😜

  • Jimmy Sandwiches
    Jimmy Sandwiches3 år siden

    Has Ricky recently developed a stutter or has he always er-er-the a-that-that - Jesus!

  • ikham shamble

    ikham shamble

    2 år siden

    its a greater west London thing I do it too

  • David


    2 år siden

    Jimmy Sandwiches He's always been like that.

  • Kizza X

    Kizza X

    3 år siden

    Jimmy Sandwiches stutter shaming. .. classy

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer3 år siden

    Like the dissection of comedy but Ricky said on the pilot that this was going to be talking about the bigger things in life and the universe, but still waiting for that bit

  • Kizza X

    Kizza X

    3 år siden

    Depends on your definition of big.

  • blizzard veritas

    blizzard veritas

    3 år siden

    Christopher Mapson I'm sick of the dissection of comedy. Sick of it.

  • experiment54
    experiment543 år siden

    I have some serious sad tales of woe. So sad they make girls cry (so I dont speak about it much as its not fair, not very manly to make girls feel sad for you) What I did was look for ways to re-frame events so they changed my feelings towards everything/everyone. I also came up with exercises and other ways/things to do to get rid of the pain. Im pretty fucking clever if truth be known ;) Except sometimes the pain does seep through.

  • Dean Stokes
    Dean Stokes3 år siden

    Easily the best one yet !'. Great dynamic between you and the collaborations of laughs from Ricky and Simon. Fantastic.

  • Phil McAvity
    Phil McAvity3 år siden

    Iv just masturbaited 4 times in 55 minuets. Now I’m off out to get some fish & chips.

  • BIGG BENN 85

    BIGG BENN 85

    År siden

    To completion?

  • Funni Monkey

    Funni Monkey

    3 år siden

    retry tobuy remember to drink lots of water👍

  • moleman1961


    3 år siden

    retry tobuy Bravo, Sir!

  • VivaValdez
    VivaValdez3 år siden

    I like Simon in every other medium I've seen him in other than stand-up. Which feels weird. But I like him...

  • Terry Woodward
    Terry Woodward3 år siden

    Hands down, Simon has been the best guest of the series so far. Baddiel wasn’t bad either.

  • mikewozere
    mikewozere3 år siden

    I wish Simon had interviewed Sean McLoughlin instead so we could hear something new.

  • Patrick Clark
    Patrick Clark3 år siden

    I know Gervais cares about the environment but recycling material for 20 years is a little over the top isn't it?

  • Stephanie


    2 år siden

    I love Rickys commedy but it`s true. Same stories over and over :)

  • Jorge Clay

    Jorge Clay

    3 år siden


  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    3 år siden

    Better joke that he's ever done. Seriously.

  • Joseph Pickard

    Joseph Pickard

    3 år siden

    He'd love that

  • dominic d what 420 no really snap
    dominic d what 420 no really snap3 år siden

    nice one simon

  • Mythagoras
    Mythagoras3 år siden

    haven’t started yet, I wonder how long before Ricky says his first Gervaisism?

  • Patrick Clark
    Patrick Clark3 år siden

    Simon Amstell is such a good interviewer. He should have his own talk show on NOlocal

  • CollectioNeo
    CollectioNeo3 år siden

    I honestly didn't think Simon would even like Ricky, quite surprised.

  • C S
    C S3 år siden

    yay! Simon Amstell

  • Jacks Parrow
    Jacks Parrow3 år siden

    cmon ricky stop being such salty sandra and bring on karl/steve ITS NOT ASKING FOR MUCH IS IT, IM NOT ASKING FOR A FUCKING XBOX

  • blizzard veritas

    blizzard veritas

    3 år siden

    Jacks Parrow yet that is far more likely

  • Mister HappySquid
    Mister HappySquid3 år siden

    Ha! Sitting at Haywards Heath station when Sean says God shouldn't allow such a place to exist! :D He's right though this is a miserable way to spend half an hour...

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson3 år siden

    Best one so far. Simon is great.

  • Louis Hessey-Antell
    Louis Hessey-Antell3 år siden

    Seventeenth century?

  • Jamie Irwin

    Jamie Irwin

    3 år siden


  • Gareth Williams
    Gareth Williams3 år siden

    I really hope that this one has Ricky constantly talking over everyone else about how great his stand-up is because that's what I loved about the other eight.

  • Ryan G.

    Ryan G.

    År siden

    What else would it be about?

  • Siân Ishmael

    Siân Ishmael

    År siden

    He really wants to be a great stand up but he just hasn't got it.

  • Bradley Bell

    Bradley Bell

    2 år siden

    If you don't like them why watch 9?

  • Alex McC

    Alex McC

    2 år siden

    Don't listen then

  • Gareth Williams

    Gareth Williams

    3 år siden

    The other guests actually wanted Ricky to talk about himself!

  • Jack
    Jack3 år siden

    British Jesse Eisenberg

  • HKAR
    HKAR3 år siden

    Vegan meat shaming..... and click off!

  • ikham shamble

    ikham shamble

    2 år siden

    yeh im really disappointed dat Ricky`s vegan now:(

  • Kizza X

    Kizza X

    3 år siden

    Euro Douche poor ickle snowflake ah diddums

  • music is good

    music is good

    3 år siden

    I love lentils.

  • carlos bones

    carlos bones

    3 år siden

    Euro Douche yeah they're the sensitive ones. not the person who turned a video off because you don't like hearing someone say they don't think you should eat meat

  • mary hadfad

    mary hadfad

    3 år siden

    Someone's got a bee in their bonnet.

  • Anton
    Anton3 år siden

    i need therapy after listening to this , bring back karl

  • trickymasterkiller
    trickymasterkiller3 år siden

    YES!!!! just finished all 8! so happy for number 9!!

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says3 år siden

    How many awards? 😁 🏆