Episode 10 - Ricky chats with Alex Edelman and James Acaster
The tenth episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Raik Strunz
    Raik Strunz2 måneder siden

    What the fuck is wrong with you people...

  • Raik Strunz
    Raik Strunz2 måneder siden

    Wow, that was hilarious, omg, what a story... brilliantly told. Stay away from fucking lorries.

  • lisa simpson
    lisa simpson4 måneder siden

    alex: "music is something that comedy can never get to" alex, bro... have you heard of bo burnham?

  • Hadvarr
    Hadvarr8 måneder siden

    THESE COMMENT SECTION ARE FULL OF KARL AND STEAVE COMMENTS ITS SOOOOO ANNOYING LIKE STOP just because ricky is doing a podcast it doesn't mean karl and steave have to be on their flip me

    MATHS MATHSÅr siden

    fuck i love that story about the camp fire gig

  • K C
    K CÅr siden

    Enjoying these ....but no one mention the Elephant in the room

  • K C
    K CÅr siden

    For someone who hates annoying noises I hate when he does that noise between thinking

  • Abe Wilson

    Abe Wilson

    År siden

    What noise?

  • K C
    K CÅr siden

    Just bypass The Libertines??

  • Edmund Robinson
    Edmund Robinson2 år siden

    Please do an episode with Karl and Steve

  • Mikkel Nielsen
    Mikkel Nielsen2 år siden

    they sound like cowards...

  • Ser Bronn Of Highgarden
    Ser Bronn Of Highgarden2 år siden

    James acaster is a great giy but the american was shit, the episode and all in all is not verry interesting, in camparisin to steve and karl

  • silvanika
    silvanika2 år siden

    To pick up on something you said about not being able to do comedy after an accident, in Romania there is a guy who is part of a comedy show who killed 3 people with his car, did no time, and he's currently back on business on TV. Romanians are very forgetful people...

  • Joseph Michaelides
    Joseph Michaelides2 år siden

    I used to see Joel dommet almost every week at top secret comedy club in London, I saw him about 6 years ago at his very early stages... Didn’t like him at first, The more I saw him the more I loved his material! (I always went to new materials night) Brilliant set!

  • oliver daniels
    oliver daniels2 år siden

    i sware every episode he gets his guests to admit to shitting themselves. this whole podcast is just a ruse to get as many comedians has he can to talk about times they actually shit in their pants.

  • Eimear O'Connor
    Eimear O'Connor2 år siden

    Hahah i love that hes just nicked the whole playlist from Xfm!

  • YouveBeenGreeked
    YouveBeenGreeked2 år siden

    This is probably the funniest of the Deadly Sirius podcasts and I did enjoy it, but it doesn't even come close to even the worst podcast with the Bald-headed Mank Twat.

  • Craig Pilkington
    Craig Pilkington2 år siden

    Love this show! Love James - one of my absolute fave comedians!!

  • Gillon200
    Gillon2002 år siden

    He went to a record quick after James mentioned wanking comedians haha

  • Gillon200
    Gillon2002 år siden

    90% bellend

  • Nathan Apted
    Nathan Apted2 år siden

    Comedians master-bating in front of people haha

  • Oscar
    Oscar2 år siden

    What are Karl and Steve up to these days?? Would love to hear one more podcast for old times sake

  • David
    David2 år siden

    "I had an idea for a sitcom," that was actually Steve's idea.

  • MrTriplet
    MrTriplet2 år siden

    For me good stand up is a comedy performance, like Stewart Lee or bill hicks, it's not the same as making your mates laugh in the pub. I'd probably just go to the pub with my mates if it was.

  • davomyarse
    davomyarse3 år siden

    Garlic Bread?

  • Abe Wilson

    Abe Wilson

    År siden

    Unless youre referencing Karls scrooge thing

  • Abe Wilson

    Abe Wilson

    År siden

    Wrong comedian

  • Gronk Games
    Gronk Games3 år siden

    James is always a great addition to anything. Alex Edelman,? never heard of him, don't particularly like him and that's mostly due to the way he says "like" every 5 seconds, it was beyond annoying by the end of this episode.

  • Jimmy Sandwiches
    Jimmy Sandwiches3 år siden

    30,000 views is dire for a self proclaimed genius

  • fred led
    fred led3 år siden

    Such a pity Sirius XM is supporting the likes of Steve Bannon (Seth Rogen refused to appear there) and such a pity the great Ricky Gervais would rather block people who speak out against it than give a reason why he is not leaving the show in protest. Could it be money? Entire career making fun of people and now he's playing the liberal and helping Bannon. When will we find out he doesn't like animals. "Oh I can't have a dog cause I'm always away" yeah right... And... aren't you tired of hearing the same things?

  • fred led

    fred led

    3 år siden

    lol ditto

  • Sean Doughton

    Sean Doughton

    3 år siden

    Get a life

  • Num47
    Num473 år siden

    That dude wanking on stage?, I knew Jim Norton had been to the UK before...

  • Jamie Munford
    Jamie Munford3 år siden

    De Trout Spinnas

  • FazeSouthLDN
    FazeSouthLDN3 år siden

    Great episode... James is hella funny!

  • AJ
    AJ3 år siden

    Fucking hell Ricky likes to talk, especially about the same shit

  • Connor White
    Connor White3 år siden

    Bring back Merchant and Karl these podcasts are boring as fuck

  • Christian Debney
    Christian Debney3 år siden

    FOR THOSE THAT DON'T GET IT... this is basically Ricky doing what Seinfeld did in the USA with his comedians and coffee show. But Ricky's doing it with UK artists. its an analogy of comedy and stand up.

  • Robert Moreno
    Robert Moreno3 år siden

    It's getting really dull listening to the exact same anecdotes, the exact same statements and the exact same topic every time. I loved the Simon episode for being different, it had an interesting direction. I feel like Ricky should get people in to focus on certain topics, so like with Dawkins and Cox the topic was science. Get a historian in and talk about history, get a political comedian and talk about politics. I loved when Doc Brown was talking about rap and a different side of conversation. Because seriously the exact same points are being made, with no variety, almost delivered the same. Also Ricky uses the phrase 'of course' a lot and it makes me feel like an idiot if I didn't quite grasp the line of argument. These episodes tend to feel like Ricky's having a chat with 2 people who haven't seen the episodes so he wants to catch them up with the same info we all know by this point, and then make a show FOR comedians. I remember watching Ricky, Rock, Louis and Jerry go on about stand up and it was funny but it was an hour and limited to just a one off with 4 interesting opinions, if that became a weakly show I'd go insane!

  • Anais Bentley
    Anais Bentley3 år siden

    James Acaster was brilliant- so funny! I actually really enjoyed this podcast

  • Jason Paul
    Jason Paul3 år siden

    Rick never told his story at 53:48

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson3 år siden

    The two funniest lines came at the end. 'The only thing we should be plugging is our arseholes' haha. This was actually a really good episode.

  • stephen humphries
    stephen humphries3 år siden

    I just want to see people asking for Karl in the comments, that's the only reason I look on this channel.... I'm such a sad little petty man.... I just really, really hope this channel fails miserably (meaning the sirius radio thing).... because Karl and Steve aren't on it..... I know how ridiculous and childish that is but I genuinely hope this fails, like to the point where sirius prematurely end the show.... Probably in some silly hope that Karl and Steve will come on the show...... Come on everybody join me - in hoping -- really really hoping that this radio show fails so miserably that its failure actually becomes unprecedented.

  • jootai
    jootai3 år siden

    i am amused that this shite doesn't get 100k views. Sirius Xm will be pissed off

  • Cult of Melkor
    Cult of Melkor3 år siden

    'That was in the days when comedians wanking in front of people isn't is as big as it is now ' ooooooo shiiiittt xD

  • Private Joker
    Private Joker3 år siden

    Talking about comedy, comedy a bit of comedy some comedians and then a bit more comedy. Fuck me did he forgot the other subjects. It’s EGOMANIA 2018 Me me me

  • Galveenus
    Galveenus3 år siden

    Can't be doing with this

  • Mark Caldwell
    Mark Caldwell3 år siden

    He just had to get an American in the studio too.

  • doogledogable
    doogledogable3 år siden

    I’m a big fan of Ricky’s work, but these are becoming more and more difficult to listen to. It’s like Ricky and his comedy pals patting each other on the back about how funny they are. Better if they actually made a podcast that contained a bit of comedy, rather than just talk about how good they are.

  • Wayne Motty
    Wayne Motty3 år siden

    I can't understand all the criticism. There were some funny moments, here.

  • Ni B
    Ni B3 år siden

    Ricky's taste in music is decent but I swear he only plays the same 30ish songs over and over and over.

  • Danny 314
    Danny 3143 år siden

    this podcast started off brilliantly with some great guests then quickly the good guests disappear and left with nobodies. No wonder everyone stopped watching them.

  • Jorge Clay
    Jorge Clay3 år siden

    Why isn't this on iTunes Rick?

  • christian debney
    christian debney3 år siden

    Gervais and a big bag of coke. I wonder if he'd talk about himself?...

  • Gregor Carlin
    Gregor Carlin3 år siden

    Ricky being very self-indulgent in this conversation - interrupting the other two lads to talk about him-self every 2 minutes

  • Matt C

    Matt C

    2 år siden

    Gregor Carlin Yeah it's painful. I love xfm and the podcasts but I rarely can get to the end of any of these, as I get so pissed off with him taking over, when his guests are mid point

  • Gregor Carlin

    Gregor Carlin

    2 år siden

    I disagree, XFM was primarily Karl telling stories and anecdotes

  • David


    2 år siden

    Gregor Carlin He's always been like that. He was like that in the XFM shows

  • Connor Baskerville
    Connor Baskerville3 år siden

    Yo James is such a funny comedian he is so jokes 😂😂😂😂

  • hedgehog1965uk
    hedgehog1965uk3 år siden

    Ribo should definitely go on tour and call his show "90% Bell-end".

  • Jack Williamson

    Jack Williamson

    År siden

    hedgehog1965uk and his sidekick 10% tennants super

  • Ash Allen
    Ash Allen3 år siden

    These shows have been hilarious, David Baddiel's story about his daughter was complete genius - yet we're at Episode 10 and still people who don't like it are listening and whining to get Steve and Karl back, stop listening it's not for you, do something else.. you massive dullards.

  • Jeremy Govender
    Jeremy Govender3 år siden

    Love the worst gig stories! Tho its about fucking time we got a lil manc twat update!! How about a show with karl pilkinton for us xfm fans?

  • Björn Lundin
    Björn Lundin3 år siden

    Groundhog day...

  • Yazzy O'Brien
    Yazzy O'Brien3 år siden

    His guests get shitier every time

  • papalaz4444244
    papalaz44442443 år siden

    Get Aunty Nora on.

  • hedgehog1965uk


    3 år siden

    Split tennis ball :)

  • Stridey Gaming Jesters
    Stridey Gaming Jesters3 år siden

    Really enjoyed the series so far. This one has made me laugh out more than the others.. love it. Keep em coming Ricky. Enjoy you having specialists on outside of comedy..but your getting some cracking stories out of the comedians, which shall be retold around the pubs of the UK..Brilliant

  • That Creepypasta Guy
    That Creepypasta Guy3 år siden

    Now the bid lin, the lid bin, the bin lid

  • This Music Is Not For You

    This Music Is Not For You

    2 år siden


  • Eimear O'Connor

    Eimear O'Connor

    2 år siden

    HAAHHAH fucking hilarious

  • Eimear O'Connor

    Eimear O'Connor

    2 år siden

    HAHAHHAAH classic Karls brain.

  • Antisocial Butterfly

    Antisocial Butterfly

    2 år siden

    A man moth??

  • Harvey Hughes

    Harvey Hughes

    3 år siden

    where did the flys come from then?

  • Dave C
    Dave C3 år siden

    These are getting better XD

  • D F
    D F3 år siden

    Up up up! Biga baga dooo! Up up up!

  • fred led
    fred led3 år siden

    Such a pity Sirius XM is supporting the likes of Steve Bannon (Seth Rogen refused to appear there) and such a pity the great Ricky Gervais would rather block people who speak out against it than give a reason why he is not leaving the show in protest. Could it be money? Entire career making fun of people and now he's playing the liberal and helping Bannon. When will we find out he doesn't like animals. "Oh I can't have a dog cause I'm always away" yeah right...

  • aaaassseeeffggdff
    aaaassseeeffggdff3 år siden

    Every one is stuck in the past. stop going on about karl, these podcast arn't necessarily supposed to be comedy it's more of a medium for ricky gervais to voice his thoughts. if you're not interested in ricky gervais' thoughts and opinions then your in the wrong place. At this current time the main thing going on in ricky's life is being a comedian therefore he's going to be discussing comedy as a profession. This isn't a platform for ricky to be a comedian or to expose karls naiveness it's exactly what it says on the tin, a radio show

  • Knoband Bollox
    Knoband Bollox3 år siden

    hearing there is a light as an intro to gervais I totally expect him to be playing the little recorder and electric bongos karl got for his birthday! great days!

  • B0W13
    B0W133 år siden

    Up to me shoulder in..........Glunge

  • Enzo
    Enzo3 år siden

    Such a waste of a radio show. Talk about somethingbother than comedy. Most people following Ricky know the comedy bit. Lets hear your views on history. More intimate stories about Bowie. Maybe a few current events or even a chat with jane and all her friends Even dragging on the bald manc git on for a couple of minutes would produce something worthile to listen to

  • Enzo
    Enzo3 år siden

    Just started the video, i hope its not about fuvking comedy again. We've talked about fucking comedy 9 cunting episodes in a row now

  • Benjamin James
    Benjamin James3 år siden

    I do love how these comments are quotes from Xfm shows from nearly 20 years ago 😂

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    År siden

    It's annoying, same people doing it on every fucking video!

  • xxnonstopdancingxx


    3 år siden

    Ben Williams been there done that

  • Benjamin James
    Benjamin James3 år siden

    How about guests such as MPs or doctors, scientists or really interesting with Ricky, vicars? Or bald Manc twats?

  • THUG performance review
    THUG performance review3 år siden

    Still my favourite listen. Especially of a boring day winding down after Christmas.

  • Gg Man
    Gg Man3 år siden

    Any idea why there has been absolutely zero mention of merchant and karly pilkboids? Must have been a fallout. Not one single mention of the guy who Co wrote the office at all. Strange.

  • xxnonstopdancingxx


    3 år siden

    Ooh don't you know...

  • pen12345


    3 år siden

    He and merchant had a fall out because of Ricky doing the music on the road thing and Karl gas moved to the countryside

  • Hennessy
    Hennessy3 år siden


  • KygoDragon4


    År siden

    You're in the wrong place. This is RICKY GERVAIS DEADLY SIRIUS, not xfm, not Derek, not The Ricky Gervais show & certainly not an idiot abroad. Stop moaning in the wrong place

  • DDTPhoenix 12
    DDTPhoenix 123 år siden

    He should interview Jane

  • Mr


    3 år siden

    DDTPhoenix 12 she’s always busy with her friends.

  • Joe McGrath
    Joe McGrath3 år siden

    Who else expected Ricky to play the flute after the first song?

  • Ben Hunter

    Ben Hunter

    3 dager siden


  • Alexander Wale

    Alexander Wale

    4 måneder siden


  • This Music Is Not For You

    This Music Is Not For You

    2 år siden

    It was s Swanee whistle, not a flute.

  • Dead Man Talking

    Dead Man Talking

    3 år siden

    Ah, crud. Wrote the same comment before seeing yours. Also, that does feature on two old XFM episodes, as Karl put it on one of the 'Best Of' episodes, too. So old fans will really have it seared into their minds.

  • Cult of Melkor

    Cult of Melkor

    3 år siden

    Haha yes!!! To Morrissey ' sorry do you mind if i just join in'

  • tanguru
    tanguru3 år siden

    I think like Alex is not gonna be like invited back to this show like anytime soon.

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought3 år siden

    Bring back Karl!!!!

  • hulkbanner1
    hulkbanner13 år siden

    These are getting Boring now Gervai, same week after week!

  • pen12345
    pen123453 år siden

    Pretty sure Gervais is losing his memory

  • Solo Faces

    Solo Faces

    År siden

    pen12345 a bottle of wine every night will do that

  • Pluggit1953
    Pluggit19533 år siden

    I love Ricky, but I'm getting bored of hearing him go on about his tour and the craft of stand up. Get Steve and Karl back for some real laughs.

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    3 år siden

    It's like hearing Ronnie Wood talk about the techniques of Fine Art.

  • Every Tube
    Every Tube3 år siden

    but the radio authority will be happy with me stuffing burgers in my mouth!

  • PlumbobMillionaire
    PlumbobMillionaire3 år siden

    These comments are cancer. I love this podcast!

  • TheBuddhaFinger


    3 år siden

    I've been enjoying it too, hope that's not the end of it

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    3 år siden

    It just goes to show, different people like different things.

  • Dave C

    Dave C

    3 år siden

    I agree. I think they're getting better now it's a little less serious. The last two have been awesome XD

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    3 år siden

    Me too! Why are people still listening if they are not enjoying it?!

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones3 år siden

    I really dont get the dislikes dont fucking watch it if you dislike it

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    3 år siden

    I agree!

  • Charlotte B
    Charlotte B3 år siden

    How is Jonathan Ross.....alright?

  • CANNIBoy
    CANNIBoy3 år siden

    Trust me, after 10k of drinks have been bought at the bar, taking off staff wages and stock replenishment, the venue barely makes £500, which is taxable at 40%. No money in the drinks game anymore I’m afraid. Ticket sales and arts-funding are what keep Britain’s theatres going. Sad but true.

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    År siden

    Is this exclusive to theatres? I used to work in nightclubs and strip clubs (behind the bar) and we used to make loads. My friend was the manager and owner of one of them and he would tell me how much the club had made that night and how much they paid for bottles and barrels etc and it was A LOT!

  • Robert Spratt
    Robert Spratt3 år siden

    I thought that was hilarious. I love James Acaster so much. He's become one of my favourite comedians so it was fantastic to hear him on here.

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus3 år siden

    Sorry Rick not the same without that bald manc twat Karl and the gangly goggle-eyed freak Smerch.

  • Tanta
    Tanta3 år siden

    ....and we’re back to boringly dissecting comedy with dull hacks for the 10th time. Those two minutes of interesting material Simon Amstell managed to extract are gone with the wind.

  • Tanta


    5 måneder siden

    Skann Sorry I triggered you lil bro. Maybe you should try to get Steven Merchant on with Uncle Rick. That way something funny might actually get produced.

  • Skann


    5 måneder siden

    "dull hacks" you fucking idiot

  • Edmund Robinson

    Edmund Robinson

    2 år siden

    Tanta why are you listening if you don’t like it? 😂

  • LC6C
    LC6C3 år siden

    Eyes bulging with imagined riches

  • Undergroundman


    3 år siden

    he he he who who who ha ha ha

  • experiment54
    experiment543 år siden

    Is that cover photo Ricky receiving a prostate exam? or is it the cough test? Answers on a postcard.

  • Num47


    3 år siden

    It looks like a poloroid Dahmer took before he drugged his victims.

  • experiment54
    experiment543 år siden

    Its that time again. Time to wash my balls. Once a week. Whether they need it or not. Float time.

  • Sam Wooto
    Sam Wooto3 år siden

    These are shit and boring, all Ricky speaks about now are his ideas about his own comedy and comedy in general, there’s never any actual comedy!

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack3 år siden

    This is deadly shit Rick, you would have been better doing something with Steve and Karl again ,

  • Dprkr1
    Dprkr13 år siden

    Noone cares about the world of stand up, we go for a show, It's a bit of entertainment for a couple hours. This podcast is the equivalent of 2 deep sea divers discussing how they move during dives, completely unappealing to anyone not involved in the job.

  • Luke Jackdaw

    Luke Jackdaw

    3 år siden

    Agree entirely Marcus. There appears to be many unhappy comments. If only they had not been forced to listen to all ten episodes. :-)

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    3 år siden

    @Dprkr1 You have every right to voice your opinion, but I equally have the right to disagree with you if I want to. And when I was explaining what they were talking about I was replying to another person's comment which seems to have disappeared now. Sorry for the confusion there, perhaps I should have written the name of the person I was replying to. One thing I do agree with you a bit on is that Ricky does keep going over the same things to some extent. Occasionally I do find that slightly irritating, but I know he's doing that because he's interested in the topic and wants to have the same conversation with different people to get their takes on it all. On the whole I am really enjoying these podcasts, though. Some episodes have been better than others, though, but that's to be expected anyway. I'm not sure we have enough information to know what most listeners think about this podcast. This video has 8,600 views but only 86 comments. People are usually more likely to voice their opinion if they have a complaint. If they like something they are listening to, they might just enjoy and then go on to listen to the next thing on their MP3 player or whatever. And what about all the live listeners on XM itself? Do we have any data on what ratio of those listeners are happy or unhappy with the podcast? And I'm still baffled as to why you were still listening after 10 episodes? The internet is crammed full of things to entertain us, so there's absolutely no need to continue with something if it doesn't float your boat. Vote with your feet. Walk away. If the listening figures on XM fall below their expectations, maybe they won't give him another series. If they are, maybe they will. Either way, Ricky won't care because he's rich and he does whatever he wants. But of course, you are free to continue listening to something that irritates you and voicing your dissatisfaction in the comments. Nobody's going to stop you doing that. It's just worth being aware that your comments probably aren't going to make any difference to the content of future episodes, that's all.

  • Dprkr1


    3 år siden

    I mean this is literally the same conversation each week with different guests, even someone with an interest must grow tired of it.

  • Dprkr1


    3 år siden

    Don't explain to me what they speak about, I obviously have heard it, I completely grasp every topic they cover, I'm providing feedback on it. Secondly you may be a small percentage but the majority of us are unhappy with the direction the podcast has taken, the entire point is to provide feedback as an audience, and alot of people agree. The comments clearly show other people aren't excited for the way it is going too. Someone with an interest into the subject such as yourself may be enjoy it, however this podcast was never titled as such, it wasn't supposed to be what it has become, which warrants complains.

  • THUG performance review

    THUG performance review

    3 år siden

    Dprkr1 who is this noone you speak of and why do they like stand up?

  • Taiesha
    Taiesha3 år siden

    The funniest bit of this is where Ricky thinks his tickets are going for £50

  • Luke Jackdaw

    Luke Jackdaw

    3 år siden

    I paid £29 for mine in the summer. Purchased within seconds of them going on sale. The most reasonable price I've paid for an arena tour; music or comedy included.

  • Jaap Van der Horst

    Jaap Van der Horst

    3 år siden

    That is about what I paid for it...(next year), so maybe you you buy them at wrong location?

  • Sam Wooto

    Sam Wooto

    3 år siden

    Ah, I just looked at prices and they're going for way over £100 some of em, mental

  • Taiesha


    3 år siden

    Sam Wooto ticket sites can be a bitch so I paid more for mine. Then switched venue and got cheaper ones.

  • Sam Wooto

    Sam Wooto

    3 år siden

    Taiesha do you think they’re going for more or less

  • Tiddly Middly
    Tiddly Middly3 år siden

    where's Karl?

  • Gethin Hughes
    Gethin Hughes3 år siden

    Ricky is massive egomaniac and narcissist. Still like him though!

  • Tom Boore
    Tom Boore3 år siden

    Ricky "live your life like an open wound" Gervais

  • Liam Oliver

    Liam Oliver

    3 år siden

    What do you guys mean?

  • Shaun Cowell

    Shaun Cowell

    3 år siden

    Mike Oxlong fuck me, i know right?! I've watched so many interviews of him promoting Life on the Road and he litetally said that in every single interview. Think he knows?

  • HKAR
    HKAR3 år siden

    Yep... about 27 minutes in. "I had already done The Office....".

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    År siden

    your point being? james mentions the office way before.

  • Anton
    Anton3 år siden

    who the chuff

  • jordan stevenson
    jordan stevenson3 år siden

    I'm a big fan of Gervais but almost every episode is the same thing over and over and guests who are vaguely familiar.