Episode 13 - Ricky chats with Ben Bailey Smith and Roisin Conaty
The thirteentn episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Marv
    Marv7 måneder siden

    Get Joe Rogan on

  • Stefan Kelly
    Stefan KellyÅr siden

    He's told that CID story about 100 times now lol

  • Ashleigh Thomas
    Ashleigh ThomasÅr siden

    fyi: You can cure Lyme disease with antibiotics.

  • Jack Curley
    Jack CurleyÅr siden

    Love these two in it roisin is a funny bastard !

  • Gary Dennis
    Gary Dennis2 år siden

    Ricky talks about Comedy like he fuckin invented it. Never let's the guests talk. Me me fuckin me

  • J I
    J I2 år siden

    Theres a wasp and a cricket avin' a wrestle

  • tom newland
    tom newland2 år siden

    Same guests, same conversations. All of Ricky’s comedy is lifted from xfm days, even his stand up and films

  • fred led
    fred led2 år siden

    Such a pity Sirius XM is supporting the likes of Steve Bannon (Seth Rogen refused to appear there) and such a pity the great Ricky Gervais would rather block people who speak out against it than give a reason why he is not leaving the show in protest. Could it be money? Entire career making fun of people and now he's playing the liberal and helping Bannon. When will we find out he doesn't like animals. "Oh I can't have a dog cause I'm always away" yeah right... And... aren't you tired of hearing the same things?

  • Craig Warner
    Craig Warner2 år siden

    One of the better episodes. If not the best

  • finkdifferently
    finkdifferently2 år siden

    Thought I'd be completely loyal to this and just listen, however insufferable it got. Ricky's earnt that. But saw the guests (whom I don't mind in and of themselves), and Jesus, like bloody groundhog day. Ok, I listen to the podcasts with Pilk and Merch day after day, year after year, they warrant it, but these have been oh so disappointing. No longer will I listen expecting it to all of a sudden get good. (From Wendy Robinson)

  • JammanTV
    JammanTV2 år siden

    Was getting bored of these but improved this week when they were talking about normal subjects, getting back onto comedy it got very much the same old stuff as the other 12 episodes. I really like Ben and Roisin but Ricky needs to get more variety in his guests.

  • koko san
    koko san2 år siden

    The flu thing was after the First World War - don't want to be pedantic but there you are.

  • xxnonstopdancingxx
    xxnonstopdancingxx2 år siden

    So the story is; Liam is round Noel’s house and there’s a bottle of champagne in the fridge with a fork in it. Liam says “what the fuck’s that all about?” Noel replies “it keeps it fresh.” A couple of weeks later Noel goes round to Liam’s and is making a cup of tea, he opens the fridge and there’s a pint of milk in there with a fork in it.

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought2 år siden

    I can imagine Ricky may mention that his first flat his bed was next to the fridge, and he peed in the sink, and his partner said "at least take out the dishes"; Also mentioning that people live their lives like an open wound, and that the A list celebrities are not exactly wounded soldiers. Have I missed anything?

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought2 år siden

    Bring back Karl!!! And talk about his predictions for the Black mirror episodes

  • James .Weaver
    James .Weaver2 år siden

    Don’t see what everyone is moaning about

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack2 år siden

    Congress tart

  • Marcus Cross
    Marcus Cross2 år siden

    Roisin seems to have a total inability to speak in whole sentences. In fact, she seems to rapidly speak the first 2 or 3 words of many different sentences in quick succession with "y'know like" added here and there. I find it quite difficult to follow what she's saying. Kind of like: "When I first started, I've got this friend, my face, y'know like, because comedy is, y'know, I just think like, you see, the thing is, when I first started comedy, y'know like, I actually quite like my face, but, my first comedy gig was, I just ate some twixes, and, y'know like, because stand up comedy is, y'know like, you see, what I like is, y'know, hey Ricky, what was your first, hey, the thing is, y'know like..."

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good
    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good2 år siden

    Get Jonathan Ross on, or have you burnt your bridges with him too?

  • Gavin House
    Gavin House3 år siden

    I was a massive Ricky Gervais fan but I've not listened to many of these as there's a lot more interesting podcasts out there and his guests aren't the best.

  • Alan Dodd
    Alan Dodd3 år siden

    Getting so bored of the same people.....get someone on....laziness

  • philip northfield
    philip northfield3 år siden

    I don't know if Ricky ever reads the comments on his videos I guess unlike us he has more interesting things to do (like anything at all basically)) buthave to recommend the comments on the making of equality street it's amazing it's literally like a nation of David Brents are living to comment on NOlocal videos got to be a skit in there somewhere.....

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor3 år siden

    Big up Ifor Evans hall!!!

  • Pilkboys
    Pilkboys3 år siden

    Good episode!

  • Purple Aki

    Purple Aki

    2 år siden

    oi oi pilkboys my fave RSK compilation guy

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson3 år siden

    Christ I wish he'd shake this up a bit. Very anodyne

  • Louis Hessey-Antell
    Louis Hessey-Antell3 år siden

    More-of-it-is-sea, More-is-Sea...Morrissey.

  • Paul Stephenson

    Paul Stephenson

    2 år siden

    Louis Hessey-Antell de-trout spinner

  • Louis Hessey-Antell

    Louis Hessey-Antell

    2 år siden

    Play a record.

  • Darren Hopkins

    Darren Hopkins

    2 år siden

    Wet knee Huston

  • Sean Lewis
    Sean Lewis3 år siden

    Really enjoyed this one, gervais let them speak and tell their own anecdotes!

  • That Creepypasta Guy
    That Creepypasta Guy3 år siden

    have you ever seen an old worm?

  • Clem Teetonball

    Clem Teetonball

    10 måneder siden

    @Purple Aki Have you ever seen an old man eating a ... sorry too obvious ... a Polynesian traffic warden ?

  • Purple Aki

    Purple Aki

    2 år siden

    have you ever seen a black ghost?

  • aaaassseeeffggdff
    aaaassseeeffggdff3 år siden

    There's Alot of critisism's on these podcasts. no ones forcing you to listen to them

  • jjsteer91


    År siden

    Ricky's guitar lessons analogy comes to mind

  • sobchak1
    sobchak13 år siden

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars... BAR BAR BAR!

  • Francesco Brosolo
    Francesco Brosolo3 år siden

    What a beautiful laugh

  • Liam Carr
    Liam Carr3 år siden

    I still like these podcasts and am gunna keep listening but when its the same people saying the exact same things week after week it's difficult to convince myself im not wasting my time. I'd love for it to get back to it's original brief and tackle a different serious subject every week with people who are well educated on them.

  • music is good
    music is good3 år siden

    This is a good one.

  • thebeatwontstop
    thebeatwontstop3 år siden

    Ben and Roisin best guests love them both 😊

  • Nathan S C
    Nathan S C3 år siden

    Love it, Karl is separate so why comment quotes? Good podcast

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack3 år siden

    Deadly shit Rick ,

  • Benjamin James
    Benjamin James3 år siden

    People complain that every show is the same.. how about these comments?? The same Karl joke and "where's Steve?" question every week!

  • Andy Godfrey

    Andy Godfrey

    9 måneder siden

    It's tinging it's way up the tube!

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    2 år siden

    You never see an old person eating a twix.

  • d c
    d c3 år siden

    She's proper funny!!!

  • Liam Lefr
    Liam Lefr3 år siden

    Judging by the comments on every one of these I feel like I’m the only person who enjoys them, at the end of the day it’s free and (I personally think) enjoyable, you moan about him having the same guests often but you ask for Steve and Karl every week, which by the way is never going to happen so stop asking lmao as if Ricky even reads these comments

  • Hadvarr


    7 måneder siden

    Exactly mate

  • Purple Aki

    Purple Aki

    2 år siden

    there growing on me but half the guests ive never heard of he needs more well known commedians on the bill baily one was halarious

  • Dean T

    Dean T

    2 år siden

    Liam Lefr spot on mate.

  • hfanti
    hfanti3 år siden

    You misspelled 13th. And please change the thing on this podcast that doesn't let me download it as a sound file. I'm not gonna sit in front of the computer and watch this.

  • hfanti


    3 år siden

    Yes, I'd do the same, but the way I usually get audio from youtube is blocked from this video.

  • hedgehog1965uk


    3 år siden

    I download the audio only for this every week, import it to iTunes and then sync it to my iPod. It's a real fiddle, but worth it. It would be a lot easier if Ricky would add this to his podcast feed, like he did with the pilot episode.

  • Trisador9
    Trisador93 år siden

    Yeh its funny and all but when is the episode with Karl coming?

  • Liam T
    Liam T3 år siden

    no kp again!? play a record.

  • ArK
    ArK3 år siden

    Should get david baddiel on every week. Hes the only one who actually lets his guard down and is genuinely funny on these.

  • Spankabuttux


    2 år siden

    Yep, born Jewish and makes a career of mentioning it; he's racially Jewish, he gave his son a Jewish name, he mentions that he's Jewish all the time and you think it's me focusing on it? The religion is a separate issue as well you know, you anti-non-semite twat. Explain why he is famous. Go on, list the great things he is famous for...

  • Spankabuttux


    3 år siden

    Let me take a wild stab in the dark and say you are Jewish. He's a self-obsessed twat with nothing to say apart from boring crap about his Jewishness. You may find it endlessly fascinating, I don't. We're human, free Palestine.

  • fluffyfuzzbox
    fluffyfuzzbox3 år siden

    i've got one too

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee3 år siden

    The reason these podcasts are so boring is nobody tuned in to listen to Ricky we all listened for Karl and Ricky was a big part of that but not the star of the show. Without karl its just pointless.

  • Purple Aki

    Purple Aki

    2 år siden

    xfm were the best with RSK fact but these are still a good substitute there not all good but the is a few goldies

  • JammanTV


    2 år siden

    I tune in specifically for Ricky, I have no interest in Karl

  • koko san

    koko san

    2 år siden

    speak for yourself - what you said is demonstrably untrue.

  • DDTPhoenix 12
    DDTPhoenix 123 år siden

    Neymar needs to pass more

  • ajarofbees
    ajarofbees3 år siden

    Roisin is annoying as fuck! Finish a fucking sentence.

  • FletchRexxx1
    FletchRexxx13 år siden

    Gold has never went down ever

  • Skush
    Skush3 år siden

    *_"Ow can ya freeze time?!"_*

  • Matthew Heath
    Matthew Heath3 år siden

    Love how the people complaining about the SAME guests are the SAME people EVERY episode with the SAME comment, still listening though aren't you? Shut up and enjoy. There's 18 billion podcasts out there. If you don't want to listen to comedians talk about comedy than fuck off

  • experiment54
    experiment543 år siden

    U2 didnt give away that album. *Tim Cook bought it for Apple customers* Dont believe the hype, u2 aint that kind ;)

  • experiment54
    experiment543 år siden

    You can set up your credit/debit card for when you are going to be abroad so it doesn't get cancelled. Just go online or in your phone app and tick the box that says "I will be in this country from to dates..."

  • BraniusBalki
    BraniusBalki3 år siden

    Yeah that is a fuck off sorta situation. I am not going to let your dogs eat someone.... Though they have bad owners, you are the owners.

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC3 år siden

    Love Roisin

  • DavisSimMusic
    DavisSimMusic3 år siden

    If you could get Warwick Davis on, that would be great!

  • Purple Aki

    Purple Aki

    2 år siden

    he gets offended to easily and he aint a comedian he is a ewok it would just be a few starwars jokes with a autobiography of his life he was good on idiot abroad because karl and warwick are chalk and cheese

  • JammanTV


    2 år siden

    Would be an awesome guest.

  • Pluggit1953
    Pluggit19533 år siden

    What's art about that?

  • Gareth M
    Gareth M3 år siden

    Almost halfway through, and enjoying this one. Maybe it's because they're talking about accessible subjects that aren't the minutiae of stand up.

  • mikewozere
    mikewozere3 år siden

    Quite like listening to Ben and Roisin. If Ricky could get a wider scope of guests and shut up more it could be a good show. He's like a senile old man repeating the same stuff over and over.

  • d c

    d c

    3 år siden

    mikewozere She's proper funny and thank goodness doesn't let him just interrupted and roll over her like most other guests. At one point Gervais is basically yelling in order to try and take over. What an ego...

  • j may
    j may3 år siden

    I think the Deadly Sirius series has been fantastic! The one with James Acaster had me in stitches! If I were to criticise though, I would definitely say not to keep repeating the same guests and also possibly set up a webcam for the chats.I wish you guys had done that for the XFM shows over the years with Karl & Steve.

  • Magic Pumpkin
    Magic Pumpkin3 år siden

    Some good stories there

  • John Drain
    John Drain3 år siden

    "I could eat a knob at night"

  • George Clark
    George Clark3 år siden

    This isn’t a bad podcast, not at all. But it’s just unnecessary, it’s unneeded- you’ve done podcasts Ricky, good ones! Now do something else pleaser because there’s nothing new here

  • dickweeeeeeeeeed
    dickweeeeeeeeeed3 år siden

    Agreed with the moaners about the guests..come gerv you can do better ; )

  • Houddini Houddini
    Houddini Houddini3 år siden

    Where's Karl and Steve

  • Alex Baxter
    Alex Baxter3 år siden

    Cmon change it up a bit

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole3 år siden

    Isn't this a re-up?

  • Black Hole

    Black Hole

    3 år siden

    Nathan S C Calm the fuck down ... I realised afterwards and forget to delete the comment.

  • Nathan S C

    Nathan S C

    3 år siden

    The Unknown Genius No if you listen to the fucking thing

  • Bazzmania
    Bazzmania3 år siden

    Steve and Karl please ..

  • Orator
    Orator3 år siden

    We want Karl and Steve. Sorry.

  • Craig Perry

    Craig Perry

    2 år siden

    You want Karl and Steve

  • Mattoafc 789

    Mattoafc 789

    3 år siden

    joe Gatrill So was XFM

  • joe Gatrill

    joe Gatrill

    3 år siden

    We all need to move on. Even if they were all friends it might not work anymore. Just enjoy xfm and the podcasts for what they were. Plus this is FREE!

  • Nathan S C

    Nathan S C

    3 år siden

    Orator So do I but it’s not gonna happens so get over it.

  • Tremuoso
    Tremuoso3 år siden

    Ricky Gervais is pollitically correct and boring. I'm unsubsubcribing, lost all your flair and entertainment value at this point.

  • Tremuoso


    3 år siden

    In what way isn't he?

  • Mattoafc 789

    Mattoafc 789

    3 år siden

    Tremuoso Ricky Gervais is politically correct? Fuck me you don't have a clue

  • minners71


    3 år siden

    News just in Tremuoso has unsubbed.

  • dead pool

    dead pool

    3 år siden

    Tremuoso I'm sure he will be gutted!!

  • Si Wakeman
    Si Wakeman3 år siden

    Same guests,same ego stroking intro mentioning his own material.......I hope this podcast is not the same conversation.......I love Ricky but man you need pilko and merch

  • JammanTV


    2 år siden

    Whilst the abuse was uncalled for he does have a point. You cant complain about lack of variety in one breath then ask for lack of variety in the other. You are right though about variety Ricky needs different people to talk to in order to get the conversations fresh.

  • Paolo H

    Paolo H

    3 år siden

    D-MMA ...there's no element of doubt in your case, though! Si Wakeman - You pretty much got 'em all there! :D

  • experiment54


    3 år siden

    move on already

  • Matthew Heath

    Matthew Heath

    3 år siden

    Si Wakeman And the same exact comment every week

  • Si Wakeman

    Si Wakeman

    3 år siden

    D-MMA personal insults and calling people retards on NOlocal is weak. Yep because at least with Karl and Steve they have different conversations, different topics, and they challenge Ricky Let me guess, Ricky mentions university and speaking like the queen, mom was a housewife dad was a labourer, people living life like a open wound, target of the joke and the subject of a joke, people’s opinions and facts, pissing in a sink. Going to Paris,not seen parts of reading yet blah blah All the same anecdotes and stories which....I’ve heard years ago. Fact is the podcasts with Karl and Steve was the only time you could guarantee new material from Ricky. Which is a shame I think he is funny. But its about as original as chat show hosts pulling out the picture of Ricky in Seona dancing and his failed pop career. For which we get the script of every one thinks I’m embarrassed by that I’m embarrassed by this I then discovered cheese blah blah.

  • BraniusBalki
    BraniusBalki3 år siden


  • HKAR
    HKAR3 år siden

    Have I told you about the immune system?

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    2 år siden

    Funniest podcast moment ever. When Steve can't even get the words out!

  • dazzy jazzy

    dazzy jazzy

    2 år siden

    I think we'll blend all our food

  • Purple Aki

    Purple Aki

    2 år siden


  • Louis Hessey-Antell

    Louis Hessey-Antell

    3 år siden

    Could the world fall?

  • Patrick Clark
    Patrick Clark3 år siden

    Same guests every week. Ridiculous. No-one respects him anymore.

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    2 år siden

    AnonEyeMouse, I definitely agree with you about religion.

  • AnonEyeMouse


    2 år siden

    Patrick Clark He's always looked down on the religious. With good reason. Or, more accurately, the religion itself. Religion is one of the only things where you can have the most stupid and illogical position, with no evidence, with massive inconsistencies and if someone points out that you are talking crap... They get vilified, not you. I worked with a Jehovah's Witness who BRAGGED about the fact that her child has a condition which may require blood transfusions and that she had the faith to deny her child that treatment even if it cost him his life. She was EAGRE to be put in that position to show her devotion. I reported her to social services. I freely admitted to it when social services investigated her. I nearly lost my job for religious intolerance. The only reason I didn't was because I knew my rights and had a decent lawyer. Frame that situation in any other context than religion and there isn't even a question that I did the right thing. A parent denying treatment to a child that would save their lives to satisfy their need to be seen as unwavering on a political point or ethical one... But religion gets a pass, and that is worthy of derision. That is just one, clear example, there are many others that have less obvious or less harmful effects. From creationists trying to degrade education standards because science proves their book is wrong to those who claim climate change is a hoax by the devil because God said he wouldn't send another flood (and who cares? it's the rapture any day now). It's also a personal bugbear that religions, collectively, hold some of the dumbest, dangerous and evil practices as holy, yet proclaim themselves the pinnacle of wisdom and enlightenment. All the while hiding behind religious reverence, so they don't have to justify or answer for their bullshit.

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    2 år siden

    Jedi E.T, that's a good point actually. Notice how Steve and Karl don't have anything to do with him anymore. They have got to the point now where they don't need him. Steve and Karl both have their own things going on that are going just fine. And I don't believe the line that Steve says that they just got on different tracks. No, if people genuinely want to spend time together or work together they will find a way to make it happen. These guys are rich. They don't have to be busy doing anything. They are busy because they want to be busy, and they are doing things separately because they want to be separate. Steve and Karl could get straight onto the next episode of this show if they all wanted to do it. They would make time for it. Let's face it, as funny as Ricky's shows are, he's probably a very annoying person to work with. Steve worked with him on XFM because he needed a job. They wrote the Office together, it became successful, so they carried on writing together to get more success. Then came a point where they realised they could succeed separately so that's what they did.

  • Jedi E.T

    Jedi E.T

    2 år siden

    You miss the point. Ricky isn't the one networking. The others are. Ricky has always had an ego and all the years of sycophants and interviewers sucking up to him hasn't improved that. Anyone worth having around is sick of him, the career climbers are all he has these days.

  • Jacob Anderson

    Jacob Anderson

    2 år siden

    Jedi E.T have you thought that maybe he doesn't need to network anymore since he netted £60 million this year. Maybe he just hangs around with people that he likes and isn't beholden to anyone?