Episode 14 - Ricky chats to Sean McLoughlin and James Acaster
The fourteenth episode of Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Ben Hunter
    Ben Hunter7 måneder siden

    Keep coming back to this for the fat bullshitter stories haha

  • Ben Hunter

    Ben Hunter

    7 måneder siden

    "What you think he's hard?"

  • *
    *9 måneder siden

    Aliens in Men in Black...Steve

  • Glenn Braiden
    Glenn Braiden11 måneder siden

    James Acaster........genuinely funny man! Well played Sir!

  • Harvey Money
    Harvey MoneyÅr siden

    Boy back in my secondary school Matt blanley every called him bullshit blanley after years of not seeing him I saw him at work he told everyone else he worked with his name was jay blanley hahah wtf I never called him jay he still answered to Matt lol

  • lkripppler
    lkrippplerÅr siden

    Acaster had a go at Gervais the other month when I saw him do standup ...was funny and that but bit of a kick in the goolies after Ricky chucked him on here

  • lkripppler


    Måned siden

    @Trip Two have you seen the bit? Or just speculating based on my comment alone?

  • Trip Two

    Trip Two

    Måned siden

    Maybe just a joke....

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder WomanÅr siden

    I really liked this one, it was really calming to listen to. Everyone had a story and took it in turns to let others speak. Sean and James seem genuine nice guys and great young talent. Also, Ricky going on about how old he is all the time - I always see him as a young at heart guy , who can get on with the younglings without coming across as an older person trying to be cool. Age is just a number and there’s loads of men Ricky’s age who are old for their age, but Ricky isn’t one of them. :)

  • drumboarder1
    drumboarder1År siden

    Gervais and James is a moist combo

  • Ashley Hyatt
    Ashley HyattÅr siden

    James Acaster is always a great guest!

  • Sarah C
    Sarah CÅr siden

    Rock Busters: He's got loads of kids but doesn't like women. P.D.

  • O.W. Lichtenberg

    O.W. Lichtenberg

    År siden

    Bits and Bobs Product Reviews puff daddy, classic

  • Ryan Fletcher
    Ryan Fletcher2 år siden

    James Acaster is very entertaining. This episode and the Simon Amstell one are by far the best IMO!

  • Edmund Robinson
    Edmund Robinson2 år siden

    Ricky gervais plagiarised the: “don’t mug me I’ll get an erection”. From Stephen Fry. Still a great line

  • sjam


    9 måneder siden

    I think everyone has thought of it.

  • Edward Yeo
    Edward Yeo2 år siden

    This makes me so excited to see james next month!!

  • Big Celt
    Big Celt2 år siden


  • will primrose
    will primrose2 år siden

    Christ De Burg!

  • B A
    B A2 år siden

    How come Ricky tried to wrap it up and then they keep going for another 20 minutes anyway. Did he want a sandwich or something

  • Thomas Mohan
    Thomas Mohan2 år siden

    WE’LL drink a drink a drink to Lilly the pink the pink the pink

  • J I
    J I2 år siden

    We've gotta join Bupa

  • .
    .2 år siden

    Again. Great Podcast R.G!🙌👍😂

  • Steve Plant
    Steve Plant2 år siden

    Viv Richards is the cricketer!

  • A Mac
    A Mac2 år siden

    The way Gervais talks about the origin of the office and its core characters you would think Merchant was just there to type whatever ricky dictated. "I based Gareth on him" ect. Did Ricky and Steve have a falling out? They have not worked together for a long time, and never mention each other when they have interviews.

  • David


    2 år siden

    A Mac Steve does mention Ricky, but I think that Ricky's promoters have forbidden interviewers to ask him questions about Steve and Karl. That comment about Gareth was also just an off-hand comment and maybe Ricky did come up with the idea for Gareth. I'm sure Steve came up with other characters. It's impossible for two people to come up with a character; one person will also come up with an idea first and then it will be developed by the both of them.

  • MrJonnyrebel86
    MrJonnyrebel863 år siden

    This was a great episode. Some amazing stories, more of the same please!

  • PompeySomerstown
    PompeySomerstown3 år siden

    Haven't been much of a fan of these but this one was funny as fuck!

  • Winnet
    Winnet3 år siden

    James should be a guest on every episode. Either that or Ricky should just do a podcast with him.

  • etocadet
    etocadet3 år siden

    Ricky, bring on a guest who isn’t Tongue deep in your arse. At least Merchant could fight back. These guys are like two abused dogs rolling on their bellies.

  • Muck'N'BrassTV


    2 år siden

    What are you on about. Go watch the first episode James is in thet dissagree often.

  • David


    2 år siden

    etocadet What are you talking about? Steve was Ricky's whipping boy for 10 years. These guys are just talking about incidents they got involved with.

  • Paolo H
    Paolo H3 år siden

    Languages: English - quite good.

  • BigladHD
    BigladHD3 år siden

    Her man's, her mits

  • fred led
    fred led3 år siden

    @_Four_Horsemen is selling those on Twitter lol

  • fred led
    fred led3 år siden

    Such a pity Sirius XM is supporting the likes of Steve Bannon (Seth Rogen refused to appear there) and such a pity the great Ricky Gervais would rather block people who speak out against it than give a reason why he is not leaving the show in protest. Could it be money? Entire career making fun of people and now he's playing the liberal and helping Bannon. When will we find out he doesn't like animals. "Oh I can't have a dog cause I'm always away" yeah right... And... aren't you tired of hearing the same things?

  • fred led

    fred led

    2 år siden

    David you can't be for real lol

  • David


    2 år siden

    I have no idea what you're talking about. Would you care to elaborate? Who's Steve Bannon, what even is Sirius XM, when and how did Ricky censor people, and what show would you like him to leave?

  • fred led

    fred led

    2 år siden

    Agreed. It's just human social construct

  • Marcus Cross

    Marcus Cross

    2 år siden

    It's just human nature. We all have our flaws. And to anyone who thinks they don't have as bad flaws as other people, that's your biggest flaw.

  • fred led

    fred led

    2 år siden

    Nowadays, celebrities followers aren't much better than religious nutters. They follow blindly and get very upset when told the truth

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole3 år siden

    Ricky's found himself a couple of Karl's 😁

  • Goochbot
    Goochbot3 år siden

    Franz Food-In-Hand

  • Jason Hickey
    Jason Hickey3 år siden

    Let me pitch an idea for a comedy sketch. Synopsis: In another dimension in the vastness of the Universe a butch lesbian conspiracy theorist 'Alexis Jones' battles lizard people, aliens, secret societies and basically battles against everyone on the planet with her sidekick President Donna Trump (first female president, and a total man hater and abuser). INT. In a studio, Alexis Jones frantically talks to a camera. Alexis I'm telling you people, we are coming close to the end of times, when our lord and saviour Jacinta will return once more to take us up to hell and send all the bad people down to heaven! Alexis pauses and gets control of her breathing. Jaw open, she stares at camera. Gasps in some air and carries on with her rant. Alexis I'm not kidding you, this is a mega evil government conspiracy! They're turning gay people straight, and straight people gay! They are turning frogs into transvestites! Alexis picks up bottle of water. Gulps a few throats of it. She stares at camera. Pours water over her head. Water drops onto her t-shirt. Like a possessed woman she jumps onto her feet and shakes her tits. She screams. Alexis Wet t-shirt competition! Yaay! She sits down, staring at camera with intense eyes. Alexis I'm sorry viewers. But this just boils my cockles! Alexis tidies up some papers on her desk. She fixes her hair. Takes a calm breath. She speaks softly. Alexis Well I have a special treat for the viewers tonight. I'm going to call our president. I have her on speed dial. She's number 1. Alexis smiles. She dials 1 on speed dial. Phone rings. EXT. Day President Donna Trump is on the green of the 13th hole of her Mar'golarge'O Golf Course. Her phone rings to the tune 'Crazy'. She bobbs head to the rhythm for a couple of seconds. Then puts it on silent, and puts phone in her front pocket. INT. In the studio Alexis looks at camera as dial tone goes onto voicemail. Voicemail (Donna Trump) This is The President, I can't take your call right now as I am probably too busy saving the world or something! I'm a very busy President. Beep. Alexis hangs up without leaving a voicemail. She smiles at camera. Alexis I'll try calling one more time. EXT. Donna Trump is on the green a few feet away from the hole. She slowly pulls back the putter. Her phone vibrates close to her groin. Surprise sensation. She sighs and swings the club, sending the ball toward and over the hole. She looks at her caddy. Donna Isn't that the most phenomenonal miss you've ever seen? The caddy puts his hands in his pockets, looks up at the sky, kicks a blade of grass and pulls a funny awkward face. Donna answers her phone. Donna I can't talk right now. I'm busy doing presidential stuff! INT. In the studio Alexis is all excited hearing Donna's voice. Alexis What are you doing? Are you in the Hexagon plotting and planning how we can beat these global lizards and vampires? Phone speaker (Donna's voice) Yes something like that! Alexis is grinning from ear to ear. Alexis Okay Madam President, I better let you get back to making Amiracle great again! Alexis smiles at camera. Then talks into phone. Alexis Do you know Madam President, somewhere in an alter universal dimension, both me and you could be men! Fade out.

  • Form and Function
    Form and Function3 år siden

    Think Ricky's right when he says it should be him Sean and James every time.

  • 1,746,475
    1,746,4753 år siden

    Damn I didn't realise how few views these get!

  • music is good
    music is good3 år siden

    Classic Acaster.

  • Sonny Day
    Sonny Day3 år siden

    Eyes that pop out their head......Steve

  • Nathan S C
    Nathan S C3 år siden

    Got to the end of the podcast and wished it carried on for another few hours, ignore the miserable dickheads, you 3 are great

  • Every Tube
    Every Tube3 år siden

    james is like a perfect cross between Karl and Steve

  • Scott Whittaker
    Scott Whittaker3 år siden

    I'd prefer if Ricky had a greater variety of guests like the scientists and philosophers he started the show with.

  • Ryan G.

    Ryan G.

    År siden

    I know what you mean.

  • Reiss Cumberbatch
    Reiss Cumberbatch3 år siden

    Lol it's true bring back karl it's been years lol get the band back together even if for a one off lol

  • jill Canning
    jill Canning3 år siden

    Haircut 100! Playing next

  • xxnonstopdancingxx
    xxnonstopdancingxx3 år siden

    Viv Anderson!! 😂😂 near enough..

  • xxnonstopdancingxx
    xxnonstopdancingxx3 år siden

    My name was Alice Tare and I'm a 16 year old girl... If you're going to tell the story..

  • Ak13
    Ak133 år siden

    Let's watch Wendy's little programme then!!!! Sick ov ah

  • Louise Redknap

    Louise Redknap

    2 år siden

    localhero that’s made me relive the joy 😆😆😆

  • The United Katedom
    The United Katedom3 år siden

    Get a lobe of thi$

  • The United Katedom
    The United Katedom3 år siden

    Alien give$ man a beard

  • Bemantix
    Bemantix3 år siden

    I've never seen an old man havin a Twix.

  • Terry Woodward
    Terry Woodward3 år siden

    Why do Sean and James look like they’ve been taking hostage in the photo?

  • j may
    j may3 år siden

    can I make a suggestion?! James Acaster - KIck Ass 3!!

  • Terry Woodward
    Terry Woodward3 år siden

    She went to the jewellers to buy him a clock, but when she got back...... What was he sucking?

  • Abe Wilson

    Abe Wilson

    7 måneder siden

    A choc ice

  • Dead Man Talking
    Dead Man Talking3 år siden

    Now this was a genuinely funny one!

  • EdinburghRetroPC
    EdinburghRetroPC3 år siden

    Would love this to be a podcast

  • experiment54
    experiment543 år siden

    Talking of music. I get into very little these days. Must be getting old haha But saying that Justin Timberlakes new album Man Of The Woods is pretty fucking cool!

  • experiment54
    experiment543 år siden

    Sounds like those men were messing with you Ricky. Like when they say goto the store for a glass hammer, a long weight, a bubble for a spirit level. Its those sort of things. They are messing with young men (bad choice of words)

  • experiment54
    experiment543 år siden

    Reminds me of something I learnt early on in life as a very young teenager. Never be a hero, never stick up for someone getting bullied in a group you dont know cause as soon as you do they will all turn on you as they are a group and they will not accept anyone butting in, and the person being bullied will especially turn on you. Dont be a do-gooder. Found out the hard way.

  • Lewis Fico
    Lewis Fico3 år siden

    but ricky if you knew you were going to die in your sleep you'd be worrying about dying every time you go to sleep.

  • experiment54


    3 år siden

    painless and peacefully is the point. catch up ;-)

  • Lewis Fico
    Lewis Fico3 år siden

    Classic Alistair

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee3 år siden

    No idea who these guest's are

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    2 år siden

    You have no idea about apostrophes either.

  • This Music Is Not For You

    This Music Is Not For You

    2 år siden

    Steve lee ....Sean is an ex heroine addict who now does stand up comedy and owns his own farm where he makes money from growing crops of pumpkins and cucumbers....and James is a stand up comedian and his uncle is the multimillionaire business man Richard Branson. Branson hates him though and won’t give him any money. His mother is a famous British actress who is on a show called last of the summer wine. Her character is called Nora Batty. The show is no longer made but did run for many years.

  • Doctor Snow

    Doctor Snow

    2 år siden

    Nice try James

  • David


    2 år siden

    Stephen Lee - Bule British James Acaster is one of the best comedians of all time.

  • The Gaming Toy Boy

    The Gaming Toy Boy

    3 år siden

    You don't know who James Acaster is? You obviously don't watch many British comedy stand up or panel shows!

  • Gareth M
    Gareth M3 år siden

    I like the free and easy vibe. It's his show he can do what he likes. But the same guests so often? After only 14 episodes?

  • Nathan S C

    Nathan S C

    3 år siden

    Gareth M Found this episode even more enjoyable than the others, no need to get acquainted, straight into the stories

  • mikewozere
    mikewozere3 år siden

    I can't say bien - can't say bien ... Kasabian, so they got that one.

  • Anthony Jones

    Anthony Jones

    2 år siden

    Kneeling in a puddle in Texas.

  • Dylan Lewia

    Dylan Lewia

    3 år siden

    Yolk? Oh.. oh no - yoko ono

  • Jono Stewart
    Jono Stewart3 år siden

    Potassium Vision!

  • Paragraphs
    Paragraphs3 år siden

    where karl?

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack3 år siden

    Congress tart

  • sobchak1
    sobchak13 år siden

    Thumbelina, Thumbelina tiny little thing...

  • Eddyn6


    2 år siden

    Coz when your heart is full of love, you're six feet tall

  • Jamie Irwin

    Jamie Irwin

    2 år siden

    Thumbelina what's the difference if you're very small?

  • Shuba shuba Vibes

    Shuba shuba Vibes

    3 år siden

    Thumbelina dance, Thumbelina sing

  • cabaretampere
    cabaretampere3 år siden

    I want to see the picture of the naked guy pissing with the big penis

  • Eric Sweeney
    Eric Sweeney3 år siden

    For any fans of the xfm episodes & are currently incapable of sitting through deadly sirius, here are a few episodes (there are hundreds of episodes) of a very funny podcast I found recently. It has given me a break from constantly looping ricky gervais show & it's funny as fuck so give it a listen. nolocal.info/have/video/aouHea-S1nBow3w earwolf.com/episode/no-holds-barred-live/ nolocal.info/have/video/nYuBldt-0Kmlr5A nolocal.info/have/video/f6yHmNKvtZ1vzIg

  • Sanguinary Guard Lynchy
    Sanguinary Guard Lynchy3 år siden

    This is pure shit compared to the classic podcasts. In what way are either of these two guys meant to be on the same level as Karl and Steve???

  • Leslie
    Leslie3 år siden

    Brilliant! Thank you!

  • Dave C
    Dave C3 år siden

    Even though these don't compare to the podcasts or xfm (nothing will ever stand up to them tbh), I still find these really enjoyable!

  • Alex McC
    Alex McC3 år siden

    Always great listening thanks

  • ASMRYouReady
    ASMRYouReady3 år siden

    On the section where it asked about languages I speak, I put "English quite good"

  • Aiden Kelly
    Aiden Kelly3 år siden

    Please do an episode with Steve and Karl

  • I Snafu

    I Snafu

    2 år siden

    Even just one episode would be fucking amazing.

  • Mr


    3 år siden

    Aiden Kelly It’s not happening. He’s said as much on camera. It isn’t going to happen. I don’t think they’re friends anymore.

  • yer maw
    yer maw3 år siden

    Who are these cunts. Get norton on.

  • Robert Spratt
    Robert Spratt3 år siden

    Yay! James Acaster again. I love him.

  • Trisador9
    Trisador93 år siden

    This one was quite good, but my favourite was the episode with Karl.

  • fezikwa


    2 år siden

    Don't toy with people!

  • Kool Keith

    Kool Keith

    3 år siden

    Great banter!!

  • Quincy Kouame

    Quincy Kouame

    3 år siden

    Trisador9 such a troll XD

  • Louis Hessey-Antell
    Louis Hessey-Antell3 år siden


  • Jim Johns
    Jim Johns3 år siden

    Talking about comedy (Ricky)

  • CollectioNeo
    CollectioNeo3 år siden

    Fuck me Ricky get some good guests on and get some different guests on, you're supposed to have a lot of celeb type friends, get Seinfeld and Letterman on or something...

  • chris chris
    chris chris3 år siden


  • Sam Wh

    Sam Wh

    7 måneder siden

    Why do u have that flag as your profile picture?

  • Tropical District
    Tropical District3 år siden

    RICKY!!!!!! ive listened to every xfm over an over and over and over, all the podcasts over and over.. this ricky is just boring man. i know its cliche but leave these dorks alone. go n get lanky steve n karl.. talk about set topics.. you know its a winner!!!

  • Purple Aki

    Purple Aki

    2 år siden

    karl has retired in 2016 from tv because he is set for life now so we aint going to get any more idiot abroad but i really hope he comes back in radio with rick and steve

  • David


    2 år siden

    shellamie hunter The first 20 minutes is a recollection of the funniest story I've ever heard. How can you say that's boring?

  • The Gaming Toy Boy

    The Gaming Toy Boy

    3 år siden

    If you laugh at someone, that doesn't make them funny! Karl needs a "Ricky" to set him up for the fall!

  • Nathan S C

    Nathan S C

    3 år siden

    Or you could just go listen to the old podcasts and move on

  • Manuel Almhoff

    Manuel Almhoff

    3 år siden

    karl should make his own radio show. he is the funny one

  • HKAR
    HKAR3 år siden

    If the flat's a mess, it's a mess twice!

  • Purple Aki

    Purple Aki

    2 år siden

    he wallpaper over it now

  • dogs aren't dangerous

    dogs aren't dangerous

    3 år siden

    Johnny Rio so they can get a good view of it, and that.

  • Vanessa P.
    Vanessa P.3 år siden

    So apparently NOlocal Canada blocks Deadly Serious videos UNLESS listening live!!! 🙌

  • Connor Ellis Music
    Connor Ellis Music3 år siden

    There's another Sean McLoughlin, Jacksepticeye.

  • Shuba shuba Vibes

    Shuba shuba Vibes

    3 år siden

    The best Sean McLoughlin

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC3 år siden

    Sweet, James Acaster again. Gonna be a good episod!

  • Liam Oliver
    Liam Oliver3 år siden

    Ricky, get Elon Musk on!

  • Purple Aki

    Purple Aki

    2 år siden

    lol that would be funny maybe a space based episode where ricky can show his true scientific knowledge

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC3 år siden


  • Tr4wnet
    Tr4wnet3 år siden

    Here before the "Wheres Karl" comments

  • Paolo H

    Paolo H

    3 år siden

    Karl is a brilliant manufactured character masquerading as a real person; after all...Ricky does have previous for this sort of thing!

  • falco81dist


    3 år siden

    wheres steve

  • Num47


    3 år siden

    You kinda just made one...