Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius - Pilot Episode with Sam Roberts and Mike Birbiglia

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This is the non-broadcast pilot for Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM which commences late October on Sirius XM
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius: Ricky with comedian chums and eminent guests discussing the big issues. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and often taboo-crunching chat about ethics, science and art; interspersed with utter bollocks and the greatest songs of all time.


  • Gav Lomenos Vilos
    Gav Lomenos Vilos23 dager siden

    3 years since this got posted and I'm all for the ultimate reunion of the greatest trio in radio and I've mentioned it time after time after time literally begging and pleading for Ricky Karl and Steve to give us what we all so crave but seriously for Ricky to be on the radio without Karl and Steve he's bound to get an earfull of die hard fans who can't accept the sheer audacity of Ricky being on the air waves without the KP & SM 😳😳😳 COME ON RICKY WE CAN'T LISTEN TO YOU WITHOUT THE BOYS ESPECIALLY ON A PODCAST FOR GOODNESS SAKE IT'S JUST BLOODY CRUEL

  • voshi
    voshi2 måneder siden


  • Dean Avery
    Dean Avery5 måneder siden

    This is brilliant. Why have I never known about this before

  • Florin Natu
    Florin Natu10 måneder siden

    but why fear a"guy chopping balls" when in fact women do this every day with bf and hubbies?!?

  • 6 guns
    6 gunsÅr siden

    This show needs; 1) a goggle-eyed freak, and 2) a bald, manc, twat.

  • Michele Dobb
    Michele DobbÅr siden

    OMG! If you want to hear Stephen, Karl and Ricky, listen to the shows they’ve done. I love them. Easy.

  • Michele Dobb
    Michele DobbÅr siden

    Wow! I’ve listened to a few before this and the old xFM stuff so many times. Love Ricky Gervais!!!

  • BLAUcopter
    BLAUcopterÅr siden

    Cornelius has a pile of severed balls in his basement for sure.

  • fur king el
    fur king elÅr siden

    no karl? no thanks

  • Mick B
    Mick BÅr siden

    meh, not the same without steve an karl

  • Wolshanze1944
    Wolshanze1944År siden

    But can you say “Piss Flaps”

  • Joe Blows
    Joe BlowsÅr siden

    I take it now Karl's a millionaire he didn't want to come back...and he's home doing some grouting?

  • Tony England
    Tony England2 år siden

    Ricky. Please read this. Will you STOP SALUTING when you go on chat-shows or other programmes, it's so fucking CAMP, man.

  • Lidser G-B
    Lidser G-B2 år siden

    Sorry nope..not interested..thumbs down. He never changes & for an atheist..never evolves. Bollocks talk was alright 18 years ago but change the record Gervais. That worked with Pilk & Merch but not now as a mid 50's dude. Come on. You're a 1 trick pony Gervais. This Robert's fella doesn't set you up like Merchant. He made you look good.

  • Doctor Sk3t
    Doctor Sk3t2 år siden

    Only just found this series, good on Ricky the legend

  • Mariana Fostyk
    Mariana Fostyk2 år siden

    ‘To decapitate’ means to cut off the head. How can balls be decapitated?

  • Ser Bronn Of Highgarden
    Ser Bronn Of Highgarden2 år siden

    Hate how he never includes steve merchant, he just says hes the creator of the office, when steve co wrote it

  • Dushyant Bangal
    Dushyant Bangal2 år siden

    Ricky "My voice isn't turning people into serial killers" Gervais

  • Petter Eliseussen
    Petter Eliseussen2 år siden

    I am glad i discovered your NOlocal channel. I am a big fan of most of the things you have done like: Everything with Karl, The movie "The Invention Of The First Lie" and maybe most of all your talk show. But this is the first time i seen the Sirius episodes and as i see how many episodes it is, i now look forward to many hours of laugh. I also love that you give a lot of atheists a lot of new and good arguments to use when they talk with crazy people. ;) (PS. in your shows about the bible and Noah, you should know that it is worst then you think. Noah did not only have one pair of each animals in the Ark, he had 7 PAIR of each animal... It was only the animal that God had created and then hated that he only had 1 pair of(the so-called unclean animals)(i am a Norwegian, so it might not be "unclean" animals in the English bible) Keep up the good work, we hope to see a lot of new things from you in the future! :)

  • Daniel Scales
    Daniel Scales2 år siden

    best theme for a pilot: D E C A P I T A T E D T E S T I C L E S

  • Kevin Flemming
    Kevin Flemming2 år siden

    Christ. So many people whinging about the old XFM shows. They're done. Years ago now. Get over it.

  • Kevin Flemming
    Kevin Flemming2 år siden

    Five minutes in, already onto bollocks lol.

    MORGAN WILLIAM comedy2 år siden

    Office job is normal? Come work in an Aussie factory Ricky an get comedy for years

  • Charles Waite
    Charles Waite2 år siden

    Bringing Merchant and Pilkington back would ruin it, always leave them wanting more!

  • Fionn MacNamara
    Fionn MacNamara3 år siden

    Wanted to like it but...no. Way too try hard and, dare I say it, American. Shame

  • dpcon1994
    dpcon19943 år siden

    Should we see a return from Monkey News then? Also I missed the Rockbuster clues, could you leave them in the description?

  • xDootify
    xDootify3 år siden

    Karl said that he doesn't want to do radio anymore. To quote him, "I can't be bothered."

  • MegaJaysSlots UK
    MegaJaysSlots UK3 år siden

    Extremely funny and nice to hear some different voices. Everyone saying that this needs Karl And Steve Back to be funny, need to re evaluate their ability to find something humorous. These are the people that want the show ‘Friends’ back too. Just the same people over and over. Yawn 😂 I don’t think Ricky has ever done anything I didn’t laugh at at some point. Can’t fault his work. There are plenty of funny people out there but not many that are as intelligent and have such a diverse and vast range of ability. Hats off. I’m now hooked 😂 Any fan of Gervais will enjoy this. Well..... any that have half a brain.

  • Miss F
    Miss F3 år siden

    Enjoyed it. Keep it going please. I love Ricky's thoughts on everything!!🌬⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Shmeks
    Shmeks3 år siden

    timestamp to fast forward past Mike Birbiglia anybody?

  • Nonofya Bidnez
    Nonofya Bidnez3 år siden

    I'm glad Karl isn't on this. He is so overplayed and wasn't all that interesting to begin with.

  • Maria Silva
    Maria Silva3 år siden

    Omg this podcast is going to be awesome!

  • Private Joker
    Private Joker3 år siden

    Good work Ricky, you’re maybe the only hope humanity has in waking up to the facts of life. Make religion illegal ✌🏾

  • maia cookie Harlow unicorn
    maia cookie Harlow unicorn3 år siden

    dbowie@live.ie. ..

  • Barak Naranjo
    Barak Naranjo3 år siden

    Im in, just keep on doing it.

  • J w
    J w3 år siden

    These need to be on the podcasts so I can listen whilst doing other tasks on my phone

  • Neal Raper
    Neal Raper3 år siden

    Anymore being released?

  • Miki H.
    Miki H.3 år siden

    XFM > XM

  • Graeme Hamilton
    Graeme Hamilton3 år siden

    You probably know me as the creator of some things, like my shows the office, extras... Sorry you were a co-creator along with Steve Merchant. You can't just erase your history and someones involvement.

  • pumpuppthevolume
    pumpuppthevolume3 år siden

    the firs 10 min is exactly what I expected xD loool jk

  • xxnonstopdancingxx
    xxnonstopdancingxx3 år siden

    Ancient Egyptians would prescribe a punishment of being wanked to death.

  • supertotoro
    supertotoro3 år siden

    This is just too good

  • Amazing Atheist
    Amazing Atheist3 år siden

    So Ricky saying he did not know balls smell and that people powder their balls, repeating the same skit, must be hard for Sam to pretend that Ricky is funny when he repeats the same tired comedy routines over and over again.

  • Anais Bentley
    Anais Bentley3 år siden

    I enjoyed this, though

  • Anais Bentley
    Anais Bentley3 år siden

    I forgot I had an xfm Karl/Stephen/Ricky compilation playing in another tab and got really shook, thinking Karl was in this

  • clive ramsbotty
    clive ramsbotty3 år siden

    rick you appear to have replaced the two great men steve and karl with some other useless twats from america that ought to have been euthanised immediately after birth

  • deadlegs187
    deadlegs1873 år siden

    Hope this is its own thing and not more Karl stuff. Ricky is a great host

  • neil p
    neil p3 år siden

    Please please get Steve and Karl back with you Ricky thousands of us want you all back.

  • Oh No M
    Oh No M3 år siden

    Need more, loved it!

  • cleft turnip
    cleft turnip3 år siden

    Ffs mike

  • bacon cucumber
    bacon cucumber3 år siden


  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle3 år siden

    Sometimes Americans use bollix as a verb for messing something up.

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle3 år siden

    I had suspected for some time that Ricky, in short interviews on American talk shows and longer interviews elsewhere, had started to omit Steve from his career résumé. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for two reasons: 1) I like Ricky and have done for years. I didn't want the suspicion to be proven correct and 2) how could someone reasonably go from "collaboration with Steve Merchant on The Office and Extras, among other things" to "ME ME ME ME" and think nobody will notice? My suspicions were confirmed when Ricky appeared at The Oxford Union a few months ago. He started in on the whole "I made this" and "I did that", consistent with his new stance, wanking on about being an auteur. Then someone asked him a compound question, explicitly asking about re-uniting with Steve and Ricky ignored that part of the question. Now he's on Sirius XM, again going over his career beginnings and surprise surprise, no Steve again. It's really fucking selfish and wrong. His omitting Steve from XFM is fine, up to a point, because he did famously hired Steve because his CV was top of the pile. But after they were booted and made that aborted talk/chat show with Jimmy Carr, it was _Steve_ who went to the BBC for a production course and ended up working on the World Service. If not for Steve, there would have been no Seedy Boss and there would have been no Office. So Ricky can engage in as much career revisionism as he likes, the record shows him as a liar. And those who wish to correct the record will do so. I think it's a cuntish thing he's done.

  • Archie Pancakes
    Archie Pancakes3 år siden

    Fuck Sirius. Do a podcast

  • Morgan Yu
    Morgan Yu3 år siden

    "Really great newspaper. The Guardian." - Ricky Gervais It's the shittest rag available.

  • mixterz
    mixterz3 år siden

    Meh not the same. turned it off. Ricky needs to realize it wasn't him we like it was the trio . it worked. not him and Mort Goldman.

  • Super Hans ✅
    Super Hans ✅3 år siden

    I feel like Steve and Karl never fully appreciated what Ricky did for them, Steve would probably be doing local radio in Bristol earning less than Karl. Karl would obviously never be the millionaire he is today. Rick recently said the most important quality of friendship is loyalty, which to me seems like a thinly veiled jab at at least one of them. Rick is probably a total pain in the arse to work with, but they both made millions off the back of him, don't forget that Brent was originally Ricky's character based on an office he used to work at. We all know Karl has a problem with loyalty which was revealed in the XFM days where he said he hadn't spoke to his siblings in 15 years, and never really cared for friendship. It's such a shame that they both seem to have betrayed Rick enough that they can no longer work together or even talk about each other.

  • LyingSecret
    LyingSecret3 år siden

    That guy who phoned in was far funnier than I assumed he would be, excellent :D

  • SuperstarPecanbar
    SuperstarPecanbar3 år siden

    Merchant is lost to twitter psychology. Ricky went the other way.

  • Jas Jassy
    Jas Jassy3 år siden

    Not funny at all, you need the old gang back, good old steve merchant and the orange lol

  • Delatone
    Delatone3 år siden

    Do it

  • Bushy B
    Bushy B3 år siden

    Bring back KARL !!!!

  • Times&Spaces
    Times&Spaces3 år siden

    XFM and that...

  • Central Marg
    Central Marg3 år siden

    Cornelius is the new karl.

  • Sega Kid
    Sega Kid3 år siden

    It’s simply not as funny or interesting as with Steve and Karl

  • balist0
    balist03 år siden

    You're an idiot, play a record.

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good
    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good3 år siden

    To make this better you need to drop these three and just hire Karl on his own to ramble for an hour. Gervais is well outdated these days.

  • Lynxchillin93
    Lynxchillin933 år siden

    People are saying bring back Karl as if it's Ricky's decision. Karl most probably doesn't want to do any of the stuff Gervais has asked him to do.

  • jason f
    jason f3 år siden

    Ricky lying about Trump and trying to make a serious point about his own lie.

  • bringmemybow
    bringmemybow3 år siden

    Needs Steve Merchant. Bring back Smerch and Karl.

  • Jack Beiro
    Jack Beiro3 år siden

    Great podcast! Thanks Ricky

  • Dan Of The Day :
    Dan Of The Day :3 år siden

    This is so fucking funny

  • Love Animals-01
    Love Animals-013 år siden

    When's the next one? And where is Steve.

  • Richard Bray
    Richard Bray3 år siden

    This is great mate !!!!!!! Severed testicles and powdered balls amazing topics and helpful tips ball shaving and ball razors, great guests and interviews , also serious and important issues too , this is new and fresh we NEED MORE !love everything you do mate well done Ricky

  • sublime90
    sublime903 år siden

    I love it. But even if for only 1 episode please get karl and Steve in.

  • rockthekat box
    rockthekat box3 år siden

    The format is brilliant. Real conversations, science, swearing and music. FANTASTIC!

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer3 år siden

    Whoever that nasally, cackling "co-host" is in this show should be shot. He contributed nothing except obnoxious animal noises, filler words "yeah, uhh.. like like" and clearly has no sense of self-awareness or world view. "Yeah.. yeah.. I-I-I..Americans aren't good with using WORDS... the way Brits are.. like we we like bollocks, it means testicles but it means-you say bollocks.. in a.. TON of different contests." Wow.. way to prove your non-point with your inane babbling.

  • iSuRRendeReDuK
    iSuRRendeReDuK3 år siden

    Not the same sounds very bland and forced without the gang just no connection here ah well ill pass and go back to listening to the XFM series

  • Bill Billinton
    Bill Billinton3 år siden

    Must have Karl.

  • Ned
    Ned3 år siden

    yes but needs Karl and Steve but this guy seems good "even if he is American "

  • Jack Roberts
    Jack Roberts3 år siden

    I'd like to hear the old gang together as much as the next person, but much like The Office, it would be wrong to revisit it now. I'm just glad to be hearing Ricky on the radio (internet) waves again.

  • Derpyderp
    Derpyderp3 år siden

    I like how the skull has Ricky's teeth. Anyone else notice that?

  • Phil0s0raptor
    Phil0s0raptor3 år siden

    the more important question is how does one decapitate testicles

  • Brian Vinciguerra
    Brian Vinciguerra3 år siden

    I've been listening to past FXM and podcasts shows lately to fill the void. A new prod cast would be amazing.

  • henrythelegend14
    henrythelegend143 år siden

    Loved it!

  • darren wainwright
    darren wainwright3 år siden

    Seeing as you like the long form conversation format, can we expect to see you on Rogan's podcast when you're in LA?

  • David W
    David W3 år siden

    I still listen to the XFM recordings almost daily

  • goauld88
    goauld883 år siden

    hope this becomes a show

  • shanustheanus
    shanustheanus3 år siden

    I'm just gonna take this opportunity to say this was great. Everyone who is barking to bring Steve and Karl back are just morons who can't appreciate new things. I loved the old xfm shows, but let's get some new different dynamics going. You're nailing it Rick and I appreciate your efforts

  • Lewis Fico
    Lewis Fico3 år siden

    not a fan of this american bloke

  • Croccy C
    Croccy C3 år siden


  • Jas Jassy
    Jas Jassy3 år siden

    This is rubbish, not even funny in the slightest , need merchant and the orange, without them Gervais just not for radio/ podcasts

  • Jonny Powell
    Jonny Powell3 år siden

    The serious bits were boring, don't talk seriously about how jokes are good at making real points, it's nonsense, JOKE about how jokes are good at making real points

  • Elliot Baker
    Elliot Baker3 år siden

    At least get Merchant back pleaseeeeeeeee

  • Love Animals-9
    Love Animals-93 år siden

    IF he brought Karl and did the same old XFM material, he'd probably be arrested in "free land" America.

  • 33hegemon
    33hegemon3 år siden

    "decapitated testicles"? Wut? Anyway, I enjoyed listening to this, especially the discussion around the role of fiction and how we can relate to it as viewers, readers or listeners. People need to stop whining about the absence of Steve and the K Man. This podcast is obviously NOT trying to emulate the old XFm shows. Things change, people move on.

  • Whats Up Brews?
    Whats Up Brews?3 år siden

    I was gonna say get Merchant and Pilkington back but this is Gold.. in its own rights. May be a it’s a little more intelligent than the “Ricky Gervais Show” and hence boring for some people may be. I for one, am waiting for this to kick off officially. Kudos to Ricky! Thanks for this :)

  • LoveAnimals-12
    LoveAnimals-123 år siden

    Without Stephen Merchant, this dies soon. American morons suck. Ricky Gervais has been calling this Mike Birbiglia, a dumb moron who makes awful films, "Woody Allenesque" without knowing what it means. Woody Allen is a living genius. Morons like that don't deserve to be called that.

  • ChronicBeatzUK
    ChronicBeatzUK3 år siden

    I couldn't get in to this.. harsh reality is it just isn't the same without karl & merchant. Disappointing.

  • Tom Blakemore
    Tom Blakemore3 år siden

    Everyone commenting about Karl and Steve rather than listening and realising this is actually a really good podcast. Looking forward to them :)