Ricky Gervais Live - HUMANITY - clip 2


Ricky Gervais Live - HUMANITY - A Netflix Comedy Special
Only on Netflix - 13 March 2018


  • Alex Howard
    Alex Howard3 måneder siden

    Nailed the Ridgebacks!

  • stephen tarr
    stephen tarr6 måneder siden

    the poodles was funny as fuck

  • Maurizia Burlando
    Maurizia Burlando10 måneder siden

    grande Ricky!!

  • famigliao
    famigliaoÅr siden

    Not funny at all

  • Musa Melody
    Musa MelodyÅr siden

    Pittys are the best

  • jammadamma
    jammadammaÅr siden


  • Diane Lynn
    Diane LynnÅr siden

    Aw cut the clip 5 seconds short.

  • Ali S.
    Ali S.2 år siden

    For all you fans - check out Ricky Gervais in the 80's! New Wave - Seona Dancing nolocal.info/have/video/rZeuYap802mdy2c

  • Paul Gee
    Paul Gee2 år siden

    Mandela Effect!!! I just watched this special again, and the Rhodesian Ridgeback joke, and the whole premise, is NOW COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from WHAT IT USED TO BE. It USED TO BE God telling the Rhodesian Ridgeback what it was going to be doing and assigning each dog their duties. (not some guy in a white coat, or humans breeding the breeds over time, which is the "NEW" premise) Unless he used the same joke some other time, but I wouldn't think he would do that. The one I remember is God designing the dog, giving it huge muscles, and a ridge of fur down the back, and the dog is happy with all its attributes, until he tells the dog that he will be fighting lions.

  • Mads Andersen
    Mads Andersen2 år siden

    Methods of procreation - Eddie Izzard - nolocal.info/have/video/oYmOnsuRkoSou2c (from 2:11) Same joke

  • aaradhna uppal
    aaradhna uppal2 år siden

    My life has changed. Ever since I saw “humanity” on Netflix. I’ve been in splits. And shock. But mostly splits. The guy is a WIT LEGEND. Yes Ricky Gervais [in DIDN’T spell that Rikki (I’m not a mongoose then)] is a living WIT legend. He’s basically spoiled all other humor for me. So after watching HUMANITY on #netflix I had to switch to NOlocal to watch more and more of him. What a man. He did say, that he loves doing and wants more of?! Tours yea? He wants to go live. And he’s proven that he’s rust proof. Oh I would love to see him LIVE on his next tour. Only, I don’t think I have the money. And I’m sure the Hampstead darling wouldn’t sponsor me. I’m no dog. Well I can be a bitch at times. There IS HOPE. And knowing me, I wouldn’t stop at just watching him on stage!!! I would like to go BACKSTAGE and.... well.... not know what to say. But since, by some miracle I HAVE landed at his LIVE SHOW, I mean I’ve come SO FAR.... ALL THE WAY FROM INDIA. Ask Carl, will ya!?! Wouldn’t it just be appropriate to be called for a DINNER after. For starters, I don’t have any FOOD ALLERGIES and I LOVE Ferro Rocher. And I’m surely better than HITLER and NOT DEAD 💀. I mean, I don’t have a LOT of money to buy him extravagant gifts, but I can surely buy him a six pack FOSTERS. Well, that should keep him going at the next SIX shows on the tour. So now, Ricky Gervais has sponsored me to go all the way to the UK AND invited me backstage AND taken me home to an extravagant dinner he’s cooked (sans Hitler, allergy girl and Jesus), the only thing that remains is going to his bedroom. Heyyyyy. Noooooo. He’s with JANE, I KNOW. I just want to go and smell the golden globe next to his bed just for the shit of it. WIN. LOSE. DRAW. I said it. I love you @rickygervais

  • Gov Shill
    Gov Shill2 år siden

    My Ridgebacks mostly hunt their food dish or sleep. :-)

  • GanjaManSE16
    GanjaManSE162 år siden

    Why can't the rottweilers hunt the lions? Na sorry mate they're shaking babies 😂😂😂 he's so SAVAGE

  • Sami Ridge
    Sami Ridge2 år siden

    "Why can't the rottweilers hunt lions?!" "They're shaking babies."

  • STOP
    STOP2 år siden

    0:36 me irl

  • redrumax
    redrumax2 år siden

    Am trying and trying and never found Gervais funny. I must be broken.

  • Christian Cristof

    Christian Cristof

    År siden

    Bro, humour is the most subjective thing ever. Don't worry, go on.

  • C S
    C S2 år siden

    Clearly 15 individuals among us are cat people.

  • M_Christine
    M_Christine2 år siden

    Hilarious I have a toy poodle and a ridgeback

  • Missy Baltimore
    Missy Baltimore2 år siden


  • Rudy Farr-Leander
    Rudy Farr-Leander2 år siden

    Robots are the future!! nolocal.info/have/video/pWarmZmgnIxqrZ4

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker2 år siden

    give me your podcasts, ricky.

  • StormWolf01
    StormWolf012 år siden

    I really want to see this show.

  • Monti Lee
    Monti Lee2 år siden

    awesome show - as always

  • Liam Mccormack
    Liam Mccormack2 år siden

    Watched it twice this week. Hilarious!!!!!

  • Buffer Zone
    Buffer Zone2 år siden

    I saw the entire show. Loved it like all of Ricky's material. But I fell sick to my stomach at the Chinese Festival where dogs are skinned alive. Please tell me that was a bad joke. I love my dogs. How can they not love dogs? That ruined the whole show for me.

  • WollongongWacko


    2 år siden

    All we can do is kidnap people from that region of china, and torture them in cages. Then when people get upset, we'll just say "its our culture" and "they taste great". Maybe then we can strike a deal with the dog munchers.

  • Liam Mccormack

    Liam Mccormack

    2 år siden

    Ignorance is bliss

  • Buffer Zone

    Buffer Zone

    2 år siden

    I wish I didnt know. Ill never be the same.

  • Miss Juli

    Miss Juli

    2 år siden

    Buffer Zone unfortunately it wasn’t a joke. I’m glad Ricky is raising awareness

  • DoctorMeatDic
    DoctorMeatDic2 år siden

    It's the same old shit again from ten years ago. He puts zero effort into his work nowadays. The talent was always with Steve Merchant.

  • Annabel Lee
    Annabel Lee2 år siden

    I love it 😂

  • Mr Google
    Mr Google2 år siden

    Labs catch live ducks not dead ones

  • scott davies

    scott davies

    År siden

    Err nope.... They retrieve dead duck's after they have been shot

  • S JC
    S JC2 år siden

    This bloke is so funny , he's like the bloke next door absolutely no stuck up noses from him

  • Václav Korčák
    Václav Korčák2 år siden

    Thanks, Ricky. This is your best stand-up yet.

  • Carl-Fredrik L
    Carl-Fredrik L2 år siden

    the show was decent. Some new stuff, some old stuff, some old stuff with a twist, and newer bits he already burnt on radioshows like Jim&Sam.....

  • Jordan
    Jordan2 år siden

    If you watch Ricky in interviews, you'll see like... 20 minutes or more that you've heard already, many times. Besides that, I got plenty of laughs from the show.

  • freeman
    freeman2 år siden

    huge fan, cant wait. always loved the ricky gervais show.

  • freeman


    2 år siden

    for those who think so, i do to. bring back karl pilkington.

  • Whats Up Brews?
    Whats Up Brews?2 år siden


  • kwijung
    kwijung2 år siden

    Get Steve Merchant back please X_X

  • Drew Waylon
    Drew Waylon2 år siden

    ....What? 😂

  • brucekentallen
    brucekentallen2 år siden


  • Cooper
    Cooper2 år siden

    Cant wair

  • Kailash
    Kailash2 år siden

    hoping for some new stuff

  • Dan Green
    Dan Green2 år siden


  • Charles Bosher

    Charles Bosher

    2 år siden

    Skull fell out

  • WollongongWacko


    2 år siden

    Dan Green WHEELIE BIN

  • miki mik
    miki mik2 år siden

    When does it come out on dvd ?

  • Robert Conners
    Robert Conners2 år siden

    Theres a dead baby joke literally like 10 seconds later!



    6 måneder siden

    Fucking dead already, you call that a baby?

  • Jimmy C

    Jimmy C

    År siden

    I was in tears on the floor when I saw that part. Jane, it's dead. What a waste.

  • Joel Haapio
    Joel Haapio2 år siden

    Bring back Karl.

  • leopald thomas
    leopald thomas2 år siden

    I want to see another Gervais movie with Karl in it

  • S JN

    S JN

    2 år siden

    Elijah Hall Cemetery Junction briefly. He was also in the Invention of Lying but his scene was cut

  • leopald thomas

    leopald thomas

    2 år siden

    I don't know but I want to see one

  • Elijah Hall

    Elijah Hall

    2 år siden

    PJ 2001 Which Ricky film has Karl bin in?

  • Ricky Lee Barnett Jr.
    Ricky Lee Barnett Jr.2 år siden

    super excited for tomorrow!

  • Malte Zieseniß
    Malte Zieseniß2 år siden

    Not great stuff.

  • ISetYourFaceOnFire


    2 år siden

    contrarian alert.

  • Malte Zieseniß

    Malte Zieseniß

    2 år siden

    The Milk Cult of Sisyphus But I am forever thankful that he gave Karl Pilkington to the world.

  • Malte Zieseniß

    Malte Zieseniß

    2 år siden

    The Milk Cult of Sisyphus You're right. Unfortunately, The Office is still his best work. He didn't progress.

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    2 år siden

    I agree, I didn't even smile, and I was just cracking up listening to Bill Burr. Gervais has lost it I think. He is still funny, but just not relevant anymore.

  • Tinseltopia


    2 år siden

    It's essentially free if you already had Netflix and you don't have to watch it. What did you hope to achieve by posting this?

  • Paulo D'Andréa
    Paulo D'Andréa2 år siden

    The videos are weirdly dark... I suspect is because it was mastered in HDR.

  • dfcvda


    2 år siden

    its just not many lights on but I would know that, I`m a scientist...im not.

  • DrScoob


    2 år siden

    Paulo D'Andréa maybe it was just dark

  • WollongongWacko
    WollongongWacko2 år siden

    Oh wow, he does the animal impersonation gag, brilliant.

  • WollongongWacko


    2 år siden

    The Binding of Ender, I, did, misspell brilliantly, but, I, fucking, nailed, brilliant,

  • nahimgood
    nahimgood2 år siden


  • Jake Roosenbloom
    Jake Roosenbloom2 år siden

    The audience laughter is so obnoxiously annoying, please edit the sound Netflix

  • 1 Bad Jesus

    1 Bad Jesus

    2 år siden

    Cliff Hanley..uhmm no he's 100% Atheist Old & New Books (along w/schizophrenic god) notwithstanding. link below is BEST Ricky chat on very subject. m.nolocal.info/have/video/o5h9dqmDvpJ-m6Y

  • Jake Roosenbloom

    Jake Roosenbloom

    2 år siden

    styzor I don't mind the laughter, just the way it echoes in this particular show is annoying

  • RageMageD
    RageMageD2 år siden

    Looking forward to this coming out

  • Simon Simon
    Simon Simon2 år siden

    Can't wait :) thx Ricky

  • The Hopper Family Vlog!
    The Hopper Family Vlog!2 år siden


  • Boesner
    Boesner2 år siden