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The Holocaust isn't your average comedy subject, but Ricky Gervais (creator of The Office, Extras, Derek and After Life) has a good go at it.
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  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot2 timer siden

    I'm against everyone being able to vote.

  • Andro _
    Andro _5 timer siden

    I miss blockbuster...

  • NOT 8 BIT
    NOT 8 BIT10 timer siden

    Let me guess, all of you heroes in the comments this the YT algorithm thinks Trump is Hitler?

  • Jung Future
    Jung Future17 timer siden

    What a boring lad

  • Jacob Staten
    Jacob Staten20 timer siden

    Given how much media and local governments put their thumbs on the scale this last election, Neitchze had a point.

  • Nigel Sheppard
    Nigel Sheppard21 time siden

    I went to watch Broke back Mountain with my ex wife. At the end of the film I said very loudly "You said this was a Cowboy movie. There were no gun fights? They were sheep not cows and what the hell was going on in that tent? It was like a holiday in West Wales in the 1970's. That was not a Western." The Social Worker types watching the Art Film all tutted their annoyance 😂😂😂

  • Taylor family
    Taylor familyDag siden

    the answer to your quest is anarchy

  • MonsterBros 1
    MonsterBros 1Dag siden

    The panic in his eyes when he realized what he said about the schindlers list ‘there was a shower scene!’

  • Dwarfedgiant


    18 timer siden

    lol that wasn't panic, that was acting.

    MARC CALAMDag siden

    He missed the 66 million christians killed in WWII

  • Dwarfedgiant


    18 timer siden

    There wasn't lol Who ever told you that was lying.

  • The Night Watcher
    The Night WatcherDag siden

    War is politics by other means. Politics is war by other means.

  • Stunt Panda
    Stunt PandaDag siden

    Don't forget Nietzsche had syphilis which rots the brain.

    DEGOLYER FILMS2 dager siden

    thumbnail- kill this liberal waste 👍🏼

  • Dean Doepke
    Dean Doepke2 dager siden

    AMAZED the Israelis havent made you take this down. Or YT. Since the Mossad own it imho

  • Ailan Krohn
    Ailan Krohn2 dager siden

    Interesting TED talk

  • William Dipoalo
    William Dipoalo3 dager siden

    Propaganda disguised as "comedy"

  • Brad Haines

    Brad Haines

    3 dager siden

    this isnt a late night talk show

  • Elaine Cochrane
    Elaine Cochrane3 dager siden

    It Def helps when you have a degree in philosophy 👌👌👌

  • Brad Haines

    Brad Haines

    3 dager siden

    til you gotta find a job eh

  • Jacob Markley
    Jacob Markley4 dager siden

    "Do we need them." Classic Karl Pilkington line.

  • Fernando Roque
    Fernando Roque4 dager siden

    "The difference between a welfare state and a totalitarian state is a matter of time." - Ayn Rand

  • Niles Butler
    Niles Butler4 dager siden

    Nitsche was already deeply disabled by syphilis when the NSDAP began its rise out of obscurity of Weimar miniscule parties. True, Hitler went to "him" - meaning the house where his sister took care of him - and got some photos, but Nitzsche had already stopped talking for years by then, and could not stand or eat on his own. Modern historians believe his sister, who seemingly had great sympathies for antisemite and antidemocrat ideology, even married Bernhard Förster, a raging antisemite, to found the heavily racist colony of nuevo germania in paraguay (which failed spectacularly because they refused to work with their native and hispanic neighbours) - used her enfeebled brother. Even going so far as to change his writings to be more in line with the nazi movement. And it worked out for her, after his death she was invited into the wagnerian clique in munich and was financed by the munich nazi upper crust for years.

  • EnriqueIglesiasBG
    EnriqueIglesiasBG5 dager siden

    Weird. How is he not cancelled yet by all the snow flakes

  • George Best
    George Best5 dager siden

    Hahahahaha Can you imagine how funny it would be if his wife and kids are starved tortured and then gassed to death at some camp in fuckin Poland of all places 🇵🇱😅🤭😂 Wish I could see his reaction 😂😅

  • Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis6 dager siden

    I enjoyed the comments of the virtue signaling outrage cringe brigade in the comment section about as much as I did the jokes....

  • Rest In Peace Kobe 24
    Rest In Peace Kobe 247 dager siden

    This guy is like a magician with his jokes hahahaha

  • Sebastián Anguiano
    Sebastián Anguiano7 dager siden

    the worst interpretation ive heard is people missinterpreting "love thy neighbor", thinking only allowing people you love as your neighbor....

  • Nicholas Union
    Nicholas Union8 dager siden

    I live in a city that was in lockdown for months. The ghettoisation of my city, I began to wonder when everyone would assume Jewish names and learning to speak Polish would be compulsory. Otherwise the city has two stadia close to the CBD, perfect opportunity to employ Pinochet method's of lockdown. Habla Espanyol ?

  • Oliver Holm
    Oliver Holm8 dager siden

    "The Holocaust isn't your average comedy subject" What are you talking about, it's the goat of dark humour

  • Jared Thomson
    Jared Thomson9 dager siden

    2m views and this old bit was uploaded a month ago. Ricky is really one of the best comedians alive.

  • Sar-El
    Sar-El9 dager siden

    Incredibly offensive.

  • Tammy Forbes
    Tammy Forbes10 dager siden

    I never thought I would like any other comedian like I do Dave Chapppel but Ricky is as funny if not funnier! There both genuinely historical.

  • alphatrion100
    alphatrion10011 dager siden

    Makes good points but its not funny

  • Patrick Collins

    Patrick Collins

    9 dager siden

    His stand up isn’t that great imo

  • Snowiest Manx3
    Snowiest Manx311 dager siden


  • Finger Food
    Finger Food11 dager siden

    All people sholdnt be able to vote. Only 50% of Americans pay federal income taxes. People who don't even pay taxes choosing how high taxes should😒

  • Darren Smith
    Darren Smith11 dager siden

    Politics is the simplest way to make life that much more complicated than it already is.

  • Riccardo Cacchioli
    Riccardo Cacchioli12 dager siden

    i only his ideas were as good as his commedy

  • Павел Ефимов
    Павел Ефимов12 dager siden

    I don’t know, personally I feel like this is way more offensive than funny.

  • Sovaxele Mizzrym
    Sovaxele Mizzrym12 dager siden


  • Jc Barton
    Jc Barton13 dager siden

    Ignoring the Marxist and evolutionary roots but ok. Still funny

  • TheJayQue
    TheJayQue13 dager siden

    We need more comedy like this

  • s3lfFish
    s3lfFish13 dager siden

    beware of what you call democracy as it is not democracy : democracy is when the poeple write and vote their own laws without any type of "middle man" or "representative" of "whatever"

  • Richard Lacker
    Richard Lacker13 dager siden

    why don't i find this the least bit amusing? must be me

  • M Roseman41
    M Roseman4114 dager siden

    I’m so offended!!! Ban popcorn!?!?! 🤬🤬

  • Michael Roy
    Michael Roy14 dager siden

    His smirk at 3:30 like "I dunno how I feel about this next one"

  • Mick Doherty
    Mick Doherty14 dager siden

    C'mon Ricky, you should know Nietzsche died the same year Hitler was born. And it wasn't that particular part of Nietzsche's writings that Hitler appropriated, it was the idea of the "Ubermensch" or superior man. And Nietzsche considered the Jews a superior race and absolutely hated German nationalism.

  • EviLLivE Clan
    EviLLivE Clan14 dager siden

    suh si ut ayyyy

  • Ben B
    Ben B14 dager siden

    I laughed and felt guilty about it

  • Sameer D
    Sameer D15 dager siden

    "there was a shower scene"

  • Roskellan
    Roskellan15 dager siden

    Democracy not perfect by a long way, but easily by a considerable margin the best system we have. Pretty obvious I would have thought, but given recent events.

  • West Aedan
    West Aedan15 dager siden

    You have to be very brave these days, but I don't think anything should be out of bounds when it comes to humour.

  • Goofin Hiemer
    Goofin Hiemer15 dager siden

    The "grazing at the theater" joke was stolen from Owen Benjamin. Its a great one.

  • Mistery Coop
    Mistery Coop15 dager siden

    Who knew Lindsey Graham was funny.

  • iamchillydogg
    iamchillydogg16 dager siden

    The best way to live properly in harmony is to enforce the Non Aggression Principle which states that initiating force is always immoral.

  • Philip Osborne

    Philip Osborne

    14 dager siden

    PS morals are subjective and since about 1500AD almost no one in any position of power has cared about morals. Most nations with morals got wiped out. As theologies that cared about social behaviour turned into soulless jugernaughts of human delusion and greed, sorry I mean "democracies".

  • Philip Osborne

    Philip Osborne

    14 dager siden

    How would you enforce that? Do you have a dictionary? Look up the word enforce... you are either sarcastic or unintentionally ironic.

  • Google Account
    Google Account16 dager siden

    Pervert fkr. Wouldn't be talking that shyt if he was in those camps.

  • A Barbarian Horde
    A Barbarian Horde17 dager siden

    You're still not allowed to criticize the Jews.

  • Tristan J. Cumpole
    Tristan J. Cumpole17 dager siden

    Hitler read books and wrote one. Trump can just about write his name and has difficulty reading. Thankfully.

  • David Adam
    David Adam17 dager siden

    comedy gold

  • Robert Pembroke
    Robert Pembroke17 dager siden

    We shouldn't expect others to be martyrs and imitatio Christi for us all. Even the New Testament tells us all that joke. So how can we expect a Statesman to behave that way? I'll be honest now. Whoever it is who did The President Joe Biden Joke at the acceptance speech is unlikely to be found vis a vis Hi my names Jenny.. and so on. I didn't do that joke, ok! I think it results from some sort of homogeneity in TV programming. Honestly, I think it can happen to anybody . It's a 'G' limbic affect hallucination involving Cyranno de Bergerac. There is actually a movie where that joke happens. He turns into her and she turns into he. One embodies or possesses the other. It's a hallucination within myth of Pathos. Impossible to get remove from consciousness. It's like Space Lab in the 1970's again. I recall watching it fall from the sky. Those brave souls waved out the window as it crashed into Planet Earth. If at all possible can NASA compensate a man whose cow died Western Australia when a Fender from Sky Lab hit it:) nolocal.info/have/video/gGp2gNWGzpyqnKo

  • Yanky Schlesinger
    Yanky Schlesinger17 dager siden

    Let’s see you making fun of slavery and then call yourself brave... everyone is making fun of Jews, anti Semitic bravery is not exactly new

  • Thad Ament
    Thad Ament17 dager siden

    Nietzsche died in 1900.

  • J.D. Gud0
    J.D. Gud017 dager siden

    What's funny about Ricky's depiction of Nietzche's reaction to Hitler is that it wasn't that far off from how he probably would have reacted. Nietzche tried his damndest to prevent his sister from inheriting the rights to his works, because she was incredibly antisemitic, and he was anti-antisemitism. Alas she inherited the works and wrote extensive antisemitic commentary, so...Hitler read what was written between the lines by Nietzche's sister. Lol

  • Sandra Gruber
    Sandra Gruber17 dager siden

    Ban popcorn from cinema? What are you, insane?

  • Peter Siperki
    Peter Siperki17 dager siden

    An international treasure

  • Converse Customs
    Converse Customs18 dager siden

    Fuckin brilliant and savage. Love it

  • TheOneAndOnlySame
    TheOneAndOnlySame18 dager siden

    6 millions, more like 200 000 amirite

  • xBlueWolf
    xBlueWolf18 dager siden

    The bit about Schindler's list is hilarious lol

  • Patrick Buglass
    Patrick Buglass18 dager siden

    scapegoating is always in fashion...Hitler's gone. So why are we on the cusp of NWO human oppression such as the world has never seen?

  • aerohard
    aerohard18 dager siden

    2 Kleenex comment: "That's about the limit of cringe for this audience." Shower scene comment: "Hold my beer."

  • 2JZ with a big single

    2JZ with a big single

    18 dager siden

    "hold my beer" commenters should go to the gas chambers

  • I'm Jamie
    I'm Jamie18 dager siden

    He is as funny as Amy Schumer...I never laugh at him, he's not funny to me.

  • Xyz Lmno

    Xyz Lmno

    17 dager siden

    Edgy opinion.

  • Alex V
    Alex V18 dager siden

    Why do we always talk about the Jews and forget everyone else?

  • Death Ifight

    Death Ifight

    17 dager siden


  • FishFire_2
    FishFire_219 dager siden


  • panzerabwerkanone
    panzerabwerkanone19 dager siden

    "Not all people are created equal" Brought to you by the British and other tyrants long before Hitler.

  • Bartek Tatara
    Bartek Tatara19 dager siden

    holly hell

  • codswallop321
    codswallop32119 dager siden

    Wasn't it Nietzsche's sister who misrepresented his views to the Nazi's?

  • one foot out the door
    one foot out the door19 dager siden

    Corona concentration camp

  • B wayne
    B wayne19 dager siden

    Sounds like the deep state

  • ryeman95
    ryeman9519 dager siden

    If it takes 1 hour to cook a batch of cookies and Cookiemonster has 15 ovens, working 24 hours a day, every day for 5 years, how long does it take Cookiemonster to make 6 million batches of cookies?

  • Emilo Eis

    Emilo Eis

    19 dager siden

    Youre stupid. If the oven runs for only 5 years he aint getting 6 mil

  • The Paradisians under the Tents of Shem
    The Paradisians under the Tents of Shem20 dager siden

    Speaking of which? Something's fishy brewing in US nolocal.info/have/video/g6Nsi7yC04uQtZ4

  • Will Parkes
    Will Parkes20 dager siden

    Two weeks at Franklin and Marshall College in 1973 gave me a crystal clear understanding of why someone would want to kill Jews.

  • DerBerglord
    DerBerglord20 dager siden

    Hitler didnt like us gypsies either, nor did his ball-fondler Stalin.....or his gf Mussolini....

  • Martino San Martin
    Martino San Martin20 dager siden

    The more delicate the subject the better the joke has to be

  • josef2012
    josef201220 dager siden

    "Leave it at six..." 🤣🤣🤣

  • nipi tiri
    nipi tiri20 dager siden

    Politology is the study of politicians and how they can be useful for humans.

  • nipi tiri

    nipi tiri

    18 dager siden

    @YamiOni Thats useful? No idea. nolocal.info/have/video/qoZsgbhwlYCxyIg Turn on the subs. Trust me its good.

  • YamiOni


    18 dager siden

    Have they found one yet?

  • Jan Klaasma
    Jan Klaasma20 dager siden

    Best TED talk ever

  • Dana Gray
    Dana Gray20 dager siden

    PC culture: "There are some things that are never funny!" Ricky: makes the audience laugh about a concentration camp execution method. "There was a shower scene!'

  • Andrew Kruse

    Andrew Kruse

    6 dager siden

    @szilamer1997 Helpful hint. If you every say the phrase "I'm not PC, but..." you're being PC.

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

    7 dager siden

    @uiop humor and comedy is a sign of inteligence.

  • uiop


    10 dager siden

    To tell you the truth,sometimes the very purpose of humor IS to handle grave or morbid situations ,making these horrible things paletable with comedy.Humor is just a simple coping mechanism that has actually helped us in humanities hardest times ,and seeing these PC fuckwads try to take away such an important part of us while not recognizing this, just shows how stupid and naive they are

  • szilamer1997


    10 dager siden

    @Manav Sridharan WTF? Where was the respect in that "joke?" I'm not that PC person, but that was not funny I think.

  • Manav Sridharan

    Manav Sridharan

    12 dager siden

    Also the truth is Gervais never trivializes things for humour, he always ensures to pay respect to the subject material while making jokes out of it. He walks that line so well.

  • Supp D
    Supp D21 dag siden

    Meanwhile: American christians claiming Jesus wants them to protect themselves with guns.

  • Eric F.
    Eric F.22 dager siden

    Mad Max isn't the future any more

  • Security Reception
    Security Reception22 dager siden

    Unqualified!. Ricky Gervais' worldview doesn't correspond to his views. In his,worldview there can be no actual good or bad, only blind indifference and human opinion. There can't be any absolute truth or knowledge either. Opinions can never be enforced on others. It is the epitome of ignorance and stupidity to even talk about such subjects as this (or indeed discuss anything at all) within the worldview held by this man.

  • Angry Yogbuscus

    Angry Yogbuscus

    21 dag siden

    funny joke

  • A O
    A O22 dager siden

    haha how the hell did he get away with that one

  • Michael
    Michael22 dager siden

    Isn’t it illegal to make jokes yet? I thought it was outlawed some 10 years ago?

  • elnubnub
    elnubnub22 dager siden

    He's talking about mein Kampf

  • 2st
    2st22 dager siden

    "to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

  • Backstage Bum
    Backstage Bum23 dager siden

    A part of me wants to see Schindler's List with a laugh track now. Maybe it'd be easier to get through.

  • Nigel Crouch
    Nigel Crouch23 dager siden

    The only one that thinks Ricky Gervais is funny is Ricky Gervais

  • MegaBoeboe


    18 dager siden

    That's still one more individual that finds you funny.

  • worldfamousGI
    worldfamousGI24 dager siden

    Western civilization since Roe V Wade: kill the babies

  • gururaven
    gururaven24 dager siden

    His delivery isn't the best, but his material... So good.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler24 dager siden

    Thank you

  • ArmouredKat
    ArmouredKat24 dager siden

    As funny as being kicked in the crotch. Repeatedly.

  • Let's Get This Over With
    Let's Get This Over With24 dager siden

    Looking through the comments, and to no one's surprised people are defending Nazis. Just in a very tongue in cheek way. Shame we couldn't have a similar leader today... Just with a focus on conspiracy theorist and supremacists. Imagine how much nicer the world would be.

  • Ocelot


    19 dager siden

    Michael I wish!

  • Michael


    22 dager siden

    The world is run by Nazi’s

  • Juppie902
    Juppie90224 dager siden

    This is actually old, like 2008 ish performance. It was remade in GTA IV.

  • sandmike988
    sandmike98824 dager siden

    Read mein kampf first. After that is not funny at all

  • Tommaso cognome
    Tommaso cognome24 dager siden

    "rubbish, I've used only 2"hahaha...OOHH