Ricky Gervais Performs as David Brent: "Slough" - Jim Norton & Sam Roberts


Jim Norton & Sam Roberts host a SiriusXM Town Hall with Ricky Gervais. They convince Ricky to perform a track as David Brent. He chooses the song "Slough" from 'Life on the Road.'
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  • Marty R
    Marty RDag siden

    The fact that he turns down the request to play the crippled song shows his genius. He's not trying to get some low-brow cheap laughs from a song like that in this moment. Slough is way better anyway.

  • trynottolaugh
    trynottolaugh3 dager siden

    He fused Flashdance with MC Hammer shit .

  • LondonSpade
    LondonSpade3 dager siden

    Maybe everything Ricky has done with his career has been to make him an accepted singer / songwriter.

  • Betty Swollox
    Betty Swollox14 dager siden

    Multi talented man

  • lee batt
    lee batt17 dager siden

    Nobody knows slough? Excuse me but it was mentioned prominently in the Jams Eton Rifles.

  • Vito Corleone
    Vito CorleoneMåned siden

    he's one of the new wave god in the Philippines back in the 80's

  • Egbert Randolf Lacle
    Egbert Randolf LacleMåned siden

    Sad true is that even though he's just doing it for fun or to make fun, he still sounds better than many other singers with autotune

  • Paul L
    Paul LMåned siden

    That was bloody good. Love the song. Great performance.

  • Andrew Wray
    Andrew WrayMåned siden

    How anyone from anywhere other than the UK can get about 90% of the references in this song is beyond me.

  • lee batt
    lee battMåned siden

    If Oasis had released this song it would have hit number one.

  • DOD Music
    DOD Music2 måneder siden

    In the '80s he had a very low-pitched modulated voice ala Depeche Mode. Seona Dancing was a huge band.

  • Paul Winstanley Outdoors
    Paul Winstanley Outdoors2 måneder siden

    brilliant , i need to learn how to play this!!!

  • zachi70
    zachi702 måneder siden

    He was an aspiring 80s singer with Seona Dancing,. Comedy act or not this guy takes music and singing seriously. Much respect!

    POPPY MOON2 måneder siden

    So soulful I almost fell in love with Slough for a second there.

  • 90g fratè
    90g fratè2 måneder siden

    Ricky is too cool for them

  • Robert Hooles
    Robert Hooles2 måneder siden

    One of my all time favourite songs. It makes my wife and I laugh every time, more so now that we live in Windsor.

  • Mylene C
    Mylene C2 måneder siden

    Extremely talented bloke...just love this dude🙏🏼 God Bless you, Mr Gervais, even if you’re agnostic or atheist, you should thank God for your amazing talent! Funny, yet inspiring

  • MrAbZ
    MrAbZ3 måneder siden

    I'm from Slough, and this is hilarious . Cracked up when he said bath road on the A4. And absolutely accurate. But a great place to work?? Hmm not sure about that one .

  • slimo slimsonowski
    slimo slimsonowski3 måneder siden

    amazing :p Greetings from ... Slough :)

  • Stef Capel
    Stef Capel3 måneder siden

    "This is embarrising, isn't it?" doesn't even dare to look at people but sings fucking amazing

  • jrb1802uk
    jrb1802uk3 måneder siden

    David Brent putting Slough on the map to the rest of the world.

  • Teufel Hunden
    Teufel Hunden3 måneder siden

    I passed by Slough when I traveled to Windsor for work.

  • DC V
    DC V3 måneder siden

    Seona Dancing the name of his band … More to Lose famous song here in the Philippines late 80’s

  • Bob Mob
    Bob Mob3 måneder siden

    Love how he picked the only David Brent song that the Americans wouldn’t get or find funny

  • John Lejano
    John Lejano3 måneder siden

    Find time to check out More to lose by Seona Dancing. Thats Ricky Gervais and Bill Macrae band in The 80’s. Cheers! You Really have a awesome voice.

  • 3070Gordo
    3070Gordo3 måneder siden

    He's actually really good. :)

  • joan rick
    joan rick3 måneder siden

    Better than expected! Maybe he should not give it up yet!

  • Victory Mansions
    Victory Mansions3 måneder siden

    Ricky is the kind of musician who is really embarrassed at first, but as soon as he gets into his jam, everyone else fades away and he's lost in the tune.

  • Michael Francis
    Michael Francis4 måneder siden

    Interviewers are so irritating

  • championchap
    championchap4 måneder siden

    The joke isn't that nobody knows Slough.

  • Oneman Oneman
    Oneman Oneman4 måneder siden

    Fuckinhell get on with it ffs

  • justmadeit2-my channel
    justmadeit2-my channel4 måneder siden

    He's got a good voice and nice guitar playing.

  • C Smith
    C Smith4 måneder siden

    There's some Beautiful Day vibes with this and Ricky did say he got back into U2 around that time. Not that I'm knocking it.

  • First Last
    First Last4 måneder siden

    He means it though. It's true. That's why it works. Well done, son. I'm from Phoenix, AZ which is equally non-descript and made fun of by all, but it means everything to me.

  • K O
    K O4 måneder siden

    This is good Ricky.

  • Samuel Noble
    Samuel Noble5 måneder siden

    Ricky seems to be on this show every day

  • Michelle McDonald
    Michelle McDonald5 måneder siden

    see them laughing as he was caught in the web?

  • Michelle McDonald
    Michelle McDonald5 måneder siden

    hook line sinker.

  • Live A Little Louder Music
    Live A Little Louder Music5 måneder siden

    Commenting from Hillingdon 🙌🏼

  • MrDoodlewatson
    MrDoodlewatson6 måneder siden

    Oh Slough. How would road wars ever be able to film enough footage to make a program without....Slough

  • Lucas Devine
    Lucas Devine6 måneder siden

    My mans actually good!

  • Timmifer Scottnaud
    Timmifer Scottnaud6 måneder siden

    he is David bowie..... conspiratate it up.... dates... follow the money.... or time....

  • R Y
    R Y6 måneder siden

    Ricky is A very good singer.

  • TrainScotland
    TrainScotland6 måneder siden

    Love how Garfunkel was laughing the whole time

  • M BP
    M BP7 måneder siden

    I'm in love

  • Matt C
    Matt C7 måneder siden

    Funny how almost all of the references in this song would not be understood by those outside the UK

  • war66 mattam
    war66 mattam7 måneder siden

    That’s why compared to him james corden is dog shit

  • Ewan W

    Ewan W

    6 måneder siden

    ricky gervais is great, james cordon is great. you need to watch gavin and stacey mate!

  • war66 mattam

    war66 mattam

    6 måneder siden

    Ewan Welsh yes,

  • Ewan W

    Ewan W

    6 måneder siden

    war66 mattam are u american yes or no

  • Richard Morgan
    Richard Morgan7 måneder siden

    No bad at all

  • harryc2692
    harryc26927 måneder siden

    All of these lyrics are factually correct, so...

  • Ross Gemmell
    Ross Gemmell7 måneder siden

    Great song, great album 👏🏻😎 love RG

  • Brandon Hardesty
    Brandon Hardesty8 måneder siden

    Racial, so...

  • 阿茹
    阿茹8 måneder siden

    Oh my he’s pretty good

  • ConstantK
    ConstantK8 måneder siden

    A local town nobody knows lol

  • Glistening Kabana
    Glistening Kabana8 måneder siden

    Great song and performance!!

  • Brittany M
    Brittany M9 måneder siden

    What a talented man

  • DragonFeathers
    DragonFeathers9 måneder siden

    Nice voice eh?

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters9 måneder siden

    Love the faux sincerity in his voice lol

  • Jim Page
    Jim Page9 måneder siden

    im not sure the American audience will get this song. Anyone wanna put me right?

  • henry Posadas
    henry Posadas9 måneder siden

    Some don't know he used to be in a band: nolocal.info/have/video/qZWTaJyuqWmdmYg

  • Marco Baez
    Marco Baez9 måneder siden

    He should start recording and make an album!

  • michaelasinger


    3 måneder siden

    He has. Type “life on the road” in iTunes

  • Ruby-mae
    Ruby-mae9 måneder siden


  • TehDrummaBoi
    TehDrummaBoi9 måneder siden

    "racial... so..."

  • Ross Fenwick
    Ross Fenwick9 måneder siden

    Having to explain the jokes to the American audience at the end 😬

  • Stefan Söder
    Stefan Söder9 måneder siden

    What a great cover of David Brent's great song.

  • LEGION 4wermany
    LEGION 4wermany9 måneder siden

    He sounds just like David Brent...

  • Dan G
    Dan G9 måneder siden

    Only just stumbled on the great song writing of mr. Gervais guys got skills!

  • Iforgetmygoogle Account
    Iforgetmygoogle Account9 måneder siden

    wish they weren't laughing throughout the song, it was actually beautiful and moving

  • bluegtturbo
    bluegtturbo9 måneder siden

    For those who don't know Slough , let me enlighten you. Slough sounds just like it is - I wouldn't take a shit there, let alone live there...

  • martin
    martin9 måneder siden

    Lool ricky is a crown jewel

  • Jak Merriman
    Jak Merriman9 måneder siden

    he has a genuinely impressive, Bowie-esque, control over those deliberate voice breaks.

  • Zach776


    6 måneder siden

    myknittingblog listen to the actual song, the breaks are on purpose

  • myknittingblog


    6 måneder siden

    No he doesn't, but I love his voice. The breaks are not deliberate.

  • Siddharth Bhavsar
    Siddharth Bhavsar9 måneder siden

    he sings in the same voice he speaks, thats the sign of great self-confidence

  • Create
    Create9 måneder siden

    His explanation was wasted on the presenters, they didn’t get it.

  • Quince Durden
    Quince Durden10 måneder siden

    If comedy doesn't work out he definitely has something to fall back on.

  • Tim Mobley
    Tim Mobley10 måneder siden

    Always the A$$ kisser. Haha

  • John Hanna
    John Hanna10 måneder siden


  • Ron Frey
    Ron Frey10 måneder siden

    Amin G to D emin to g to d c walk down to G then d... YEA

  • neil brown
    neil brown10 måneder siden

    Had. My motorcycle delivered from Slough Honestly Today

  • realcygnus
    realcygnus10 måneder siden

    He's NOT bad at all, but don't quit your day gig.

  • soap on a rope
    soap on a rope10 måneder siden

    He should make an album with Adam Sandler I'd throw my money at that 😂

  • Reed Brett
    Reed Brett10 måneder siden

    Sounds a bit like Damon Albarn, very pleasantly surprised.

  • Martingoldfire
    Martingoldfire10 måneder siden

    He sings and plays guitar too? Damn, now I want to jam with him, after a joint of course :-D

  • James Lake
    James Lake10 måneder siden

    Never knew he could sing this well

  • James Lake
    James Lake10 måneder siden

    Never knew he could sing this well

  • fluffyfuzzbox
    fluffyfuzzbox10 måneder siden

    sam hair

  • Steve Hill
    Steve Hill10 måneder siden

    Sung well

  • Skip
    Skip10 måneder siden

    Gervais is a LEGEND.

  • CBDM777
    CBDM77710 måneder siden

    Wow, legit singer

  • Chisel Teeth
    Chisel Teeth10 måneder siden

    I thought he was gonna play down in a hole for a minute there

  • carmen
    carmen10 måneder siden

    Seona Dancing reunion

  • inspectrgajit
    inspectrgajit10 måneder siden

    Felt that Guys! Bravo Ricky

  • Sam Ordna
    Sam Ordna10 måneder siden

    Who's the smiling garfunkel luklike Who clearly has a problem with genuinity

  • Tom Allan
    Tom Allan10 måneder siden

    I live in slough.. and everything hes saying is true

  • Spartanm333
    Spartanm33310 måneder siden

    For those who don't know Ricky began his career as a.... pop singer. True. And yes he can sing, play and wrote songs.

  • Si Fi
    Si Fi10 måneder siden

    I was waiting or the Slough why didn't they burn it down.. I wish they had.

  • Depth Perspective
    Depth Perspective10 måneder siden

    Love how the guy to his right says, “Anybody listening is gonna be like, ive heard this ricky gervais guy is supposed to be funny, but this song is terrible.” Then Ricky looks at him and quickly holds back his offence to that statement. & then plays a really nice version of the tune. Like “hows that then” 🖕😂

  • Remy Garrison
    Remy Garrison10 måneder siden

    Dude can play and sing, nice voice!

  • Steve La Croix
    Steve La Croix10 måneder siden

    Ricky will be a legend to me forever , great work at the Golden Globe awards! 👍

  • Matt landro
    Matt landro10 måneder siden

    Could be the accent, but that sounded like a cross between Lennon, and Bowie.

  • Kenny Karlsson
    Kenny Karlsson10 måneder siden

    Not bad, not bad at all.

  • Michael John Foster
    Michael John Foster10 måneder siden

    Never heard of this song, great song and great singing Ricky loved it.