Riley's SICK Minimalist Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

Vitenskap og teknologi

Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this series!
Riley recently renovated his minimalist apartment, but didn't quite get to upgrade his tech setup before the arrival of his BEAUTIFUL baby boy. Now, he's got $5,000 from Intel to spend on a tech upgrade - so how does a minimalist spend it?
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • Konstantin Bode
    Konstantin Bode50 minutter siden

    Riley is love! 🧡🧡🧡

  • Ass Ketchum
    Ass Ketchum2 timer siden

    Riley looks like Aaron Rodgers

  • Muhammad Hanif - Secondary
    Muhammad Hanif - Secondary8 timer siden

    more riley on rocket league plss

  • Plexdet
    Plexdet9 timer siden

    i forgot who the sponsor was and i was like why did he get an intel cpu?

  • Lochana Thambeliyagoda
    Lochana Thambeliyagoda12 timer siden

    Watch his kid draw over everything lmao

  • Tony Redmond
    Tony Redmond15 timer siden

    Riley seriously reminds me of Norm Macdonald, both voice and comedic timing wise.

  • Cristian Negut Nicusor
    Cristian Negut Nicusor16 timer siden

    18:44 it’s actually Romanian flag in the car ? 🇷🇴

  • drunk tooth. fgfg
    drunk tooth. fgfgDag siden

    Imagine if someone got a ryzen in this series

  • Gamedin77 E
    Gamedin77 EDag siden

    I like it, good work =)

  • adm dubya
    adm dubyaDag siden

    That keyboard setup will be far less genius and ideal in about a year when baby can move freely.

  • Clown World
    Clown WorldDag siden

    Live, laugh, keys

  • Pendolium Films
    Pendolium FilmsDag siden

    "oo so many SSD's" *proceeds to bangs on them rapidly* lol dead

  • Joseph Vizinat
    Joseph Vizinat2 dager siden

    No clutter can't do this

  • Nihal Rahman
    Nihal Rahman2 dager siden

    this 5000 tech upgrade should be a challenge. see what tech people would buy with the 5k - would they go budget or would they slurge?

  • Joseph Grimaldi
    Joseph Grimaldi2 dager siden

    This home doesn't look homey at all lol looks like my dentist office

  • Sand Son

    Sand Son

    10 timer siden

    shit gives me a headache

  • Pandalife Gaming
    Pandalife Gaming2 dager siden

    I love Riley. I'm so glad LTT picked you up from NCIX.

  • Anthony Ly
    Anthony Ly3 dager siden

    The mature book alternatively realise because snowboarding totally lie regarding a glib ash. well-off, brawny raft

  • Mask Media
    Mask Media3 dager siden

    I had a budget of 300 to set up a working station for my 7 year old daughter's school...hitting 2nd hand stores and yard sales.. Thanx for rubbing it in on how 5000 free dollars made a guys day so much happy.

  • Stevie1da
    Stevie1da3 dager siden

    Those are the exact folding brackets I bought to mount my piano on the wall

  • Shannon Field
    Shannon Field3 dager siden

    this guys obsession with white is...

  • Physicorum _
    Physicorum _3 dager siden

    linus: we could move the very small amount of decoration. riley: NOOOOOOOO

  • Tcg Investment
    Tcg Investment3 dager siden

    Linus say in are Rog Rick reboot every gamer should put in there graphics card but your co workers never mind I’m am not even going to ask

  • WyomingBoy27
    WyomingBoy273 dager siden

    I would do anything to work for Linus even if I was just a janitor

  • Nuthenks
    Nuthenks3 dager siden

    "Minimalist" still has more money in the monitor than my entire room

  • A Z
    A Z3 dager siden

    What does Dennis think about this?

  • Steven McCaffrey
    Steven McCaffrey3 dager siden

    If you can strap the piano to the top draw and open it like an old iron board cabinet. That would be sick af

  • Adventure Time: BMO
    Adventure Time: BMO3 dager siden

    Matt D'avella is cringing.

  • Gigabitz
    Gigabitz4 dager siden

    I really want to know the rest of that closet story

  • Conor Murphy
    Conor Murphy4 dager siden

    I don’t like the chair but everything else is very good

  • Mark Riley
    Mark Riley4 dager siden

    Why does it look like Linus has Tarzan sitting on his face.

  • Tobias Nielsen
    Tobias Nielsen4 dager siden

    “I was going to let the plastic sit for the future generations”

  • 123 321
    123 3214 dager siden

    Imagine if any of them went with an amd cpu

  • elevated COW
    elevated COW4 dager siden

    How do you have an RTX 2080ti with a core i5

  • elevated COW
    elevated COW4 dager siden

    Did he say tinkling the ivories I think its “tickling the ivories”

  • Some random guy on the internet
    Some random guy on the internet4 dager siden

    that is the most corporate looking house i've ever seen

  • Kevin Farabaraharabara
    Kevin Farabaraharabara5 dager siden

    "Tinkling the ivories" - Riley

  • Comment as
    Comment as5 dager siden

    Riley sounds like that guy who sell fake doors from Rick & Morty.

  • Anthony Ly
    Anthony Ly5 dager siden

    The aloof income hemodynamically match because dogsled eventually slip with a imminent drop. diligent, deafening system

  • Nicole O'Connor
    Nicole O'Connor5 dager siden

    I can hear Lucille Bluth screaming at 17:00

  • --
    --6 dager siden

    What’s wrong with this Riley guy? Doesn’t seem that smart, but he talks like he thinks he’s funny.

  • Makluna
    Makluna6 dager siden

    Pay F for respects for the cameraman’s foot getting dust all over it from the filter

  • killershark90
    killershark906 dager siden

    "well I guess we could move the decorations" "NOOOOOO!!!!!" lmao

  • SnakePlizkin
    SnakePlizkin6 dager siden

    I was expecting for the door mat to say "Central pahk".

  • Spookyhoobster
    Spookyhoobster7 dager siden

    How does Riley not suffer from snow blindness with those walls?

  • Laurenlittl3
    Laurenlittl37 dager siden


  • Kyle Henline
    Kyle Henline7 dager siden

    I love that linus tech tips is powered by high functioning autistics

  • Jay
    Jay7 dager siden

    this guy is such a d bag

  • MuRkanism_
    MuRkanism_7 dager siden

    I fucking love Riley lol

  • bred boi
    bred boi7 dager siden

    19:19 they sound like two dads watching football

  • Stan Vans
    Stan Vans7 dager siden

    Riley's nihilistic attitude.... reminds me of my father.

  • Dank The Plank A
    Dank The Plank A7 dager siden

    Dennis - Minimalist Riley - Actually minimalist

  • X3 Dominator
    X3 Dominator7 dager siden

    Thrilled there are no comments about the mask being off. Seriously though, better Internet is in order for sure.

  • ethan aubert
    ethan aubert7 dager siden

    this video series makes me feel broke

  • C B
    C B8 dager siden

    This dude is the vegan stereotype of interior design.

  • Grunchlik
    Grunchlik8 dager siden

    Maaaaannn! What kind of a minimalist are you? You should have gone with a KF model of that CPU, no video card, get it? ...more minimalistic! Shame on you for calling yourself a minimalist! What kind of a minimalist does that? Shame, Shame, Shame!!! hehe What kind of a minimalist lives with a spare on chip video card while ordering a GTX??? Shame!!! Shame!!! Shame!!!

  • ZefiqSlays
    ZefiqSlays8 dager siden

    Riley: *_"Minimalist"_* Dennis: *_"Live, Laugh, Liao"_*

  • Matt
    Matt8 dager siden

    i swear riley is related to norm macdonald

  • Zureyzzz
    Zureyzzz8 dager siden

    I could just watch

  • YouTubeZEPHER
    YouTubeZEPHER8 dager siden


  • shafty shades
    shafty shades8 dager siden

    9:33 that is the best sound thats happend XD

  • oOrolyOo
    oOrolyOo8 dager siden

    Where is the mic for the voice acting job?

  • kaleid1990
    kaleid19909 dager siden

    What's with the Romanian flag in Rocket League in Linus videos?

  • fister123
    fister1239 dager siden

    This setup is actually fking cool, imma copy lot of this inda future. Gotta skip the placement of the gaming corner, i get claustrophobic from dat. But the lounge/living room stuff 5/5!

  • Glenn FOREST
    Glenn FOREST9 dager siden


  • Bluper
    Bluper9 dager siden

    Dennis: is very good at being minimalist: at spending few money.

  • Landan OConnor
    Landan OConnor9 dager siden

    Riley happy makes everyone happy

  • F Low
    F Low9 dager siden

    1:42 "tinkling the ivories" sooo ur pissing on it?

  • Willian Ryuji Kaway
    Willian Ryuji Kaway9 dager siden

    my back hurts just imagine Riley using this char

  • Willian Ryuji Kaway
    Willian Ryuji Kaway9 dager siden

    watching this make my life goals be working at linus media group

  • Bestmates - BM
    Bestmates - BM9 dager siden

    The best part about Linus media group is that they’re all friends allowing for a smoother workflow and and more productivity. Also we get to watch videos like this almost daily 🎉👍

  • McReinsen
    McReinsen10 dager siden

    thumbs up for larry the lobster. my daughter has one, too ;-)

  • JustAdistracti0n
    JustAdistracti0n10 dager siden


  • ne nei
    ne nei10 dager siden

    I want to be a minimalist it probably feels good where it’s clean

  • Martin Laufs
    Martin Laufs10 dager siden

    This Room looks suuuuper sick tho

  • Dave Gray
    Dave Gray10 dager siden

    Ok, now I understand minimalism! AWESOME setup!

  • CrashCarson14
    CrashCarson1410 dager siden

    Lost me at Sonos

  • Alex Duffield
    Alex Duffield10 dager siden

    is it worrying anyone why he plays video games like that

  • Zachary
    Zachary11 dager siden

    Riley's minimalist piano uses 6 AA batteries! lmfao

  • Wave
    Wave11 dager siden

    He reminds me of norm Macdonald

  • SumWelshLadInLondon
    SumWelshLadInLondon11 dager siden

    its the same case ive got, its actually really nice, decent cooling too

  • Edson Martins
    Edson Martins11 dager siden

    Minimalist BS, Riley's is so poor. Kkkk

  • Matt Roberson
    Matt Roberson11 dager siden

    Never take a minimalistic approach to cooling!! 😂

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams11 dager siden

    linus banging the drives around in that case is gonna get him broken at the knees.

  • bread
    bread11 dager siden

    i want a house like this

  • Trent Baker
    Trent Baker12 dager siden

    Kinda plain ngl

  • Kane
    Kane12 dager siden

    No offense, But you're going to cook the baby with the wifi, blue tooth, and 5G. Kids have very thin craniums and they are much more susceptible to magnetic field, (micro-wave radiation, than adults. At least try the Erchonia R2 on your cell phone. I bought an RF (radio frequency) meter and measured a 66% reduction with proper placement on my cell phone.

  • Elite Klavin
    Elite Klavin13 dager siden

    petition to give riley starlink

  • Elite Klavin
    Elite Klavin13 dager siden

    that rtx 2080 is as big as the 3080

  • Rohan Pol
    Rohan Pol13 dager siden

    13:21 I die laughing everytime😂

  • TechShock
    TechShock13 dager siden


  • itsgenaro9090
    itsgenaro909013 dager siden


  • lucas rem
    lucas rem13 dager siden

    Good job linus!

  • ThatboyAnshie
    ThatboyAnshie13 dager siden

    3:08 ah fuck bois Riley predicted corona

  • Miles Gerschefske
    Miles Gerschefske13 dager siden

    I love how he describes living minimalistic not as though it's his choice but as if it was his wife's choice.

  • Yugo The eliotrope
    Yugo The eliotrope13 dager siden

    Riley looks soooo darn HAPPY☺️☺️☺️

  • The Unthinkable Jack
    The Unthinkable Jack13 dager siden

    Lemme work for you i need a new setup man

  • Patience __
    Patience __13 dager siden

    16:38 my smartphone : and I took that personally *sets itself to 144p*

  • Manav Jobalia
    Manav Jobalia13 dager siden

    13:35 I could see real sadness in his eyes.

  • Natoriously Sweet
    Natoriously Sweet14 dager siden

    Riley gives me rich Jesse Pinkman vibes

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones14 dager siden

    I love how I can tell if an LTT video was made pre or post-covid by if Linus has a beard or not