Rio Ferdinand; Live Match Reaction | Liverpool vs Man United


Stephen is joined by none other than Rio Ferdinand for a post match reaction of Liverpool vs Manchester United, which ended in a goalless draw.
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  • Dabo
    Dabo17 dager siden


  • Pablo Murf
    Pablo Murf24 dager siden

    Well in rio lad, everything you say turns to shite 🤣 fair play

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty28 dager siden

    if rio painted his lips black that beard would double up as a mask...only messin,goodmen

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa NiMåned siden

    if rio painted his lips black that beard would double up as a mask...only messin,goodmen

  • TheGreenguy85
    TheGreenguy85Måned siden

    Hope is higher than Mane's hairline! GGMU! and props for bringing a legend!

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guytMåned siden

    Luke Shaw was good today. Respect to him. Rio spot on, neither team really went for it. And United, give Rio a defensive coaching job. He’d certainly make his mark.

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboiMåned siden

    Shaw has been very good this season he looks confident again and his defending has improved massively

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    28 dager siden

    I have to say, this was a really good one!

  • Aminoor Rashid YY yp
    Aminoor Rashid YY ypMåned siden

    Stephen Howson. Please stop this Luke Shaw Agenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiueMåned siden

    games, but the Lindelof-Maguire partnership is what’s got us top. Respect, man, respect.

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    Måned siden

    would be a fun video!!

  • joseph masenda
    joseph masendaMåned siden

    Somebody is saying this. People will always say things. If it carries on like this to the end of the Las kick film the ladt day of the season...

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    Måned siden

    if rio painted his lips black that beard would double up as a mask...only messin,goodmen

  • Subodh Nimkar
    Subodh NimkarMåned siden

    Goodness - You got Rio for post match analysis... Kudos guys !

  • Rock girl
    Rock girlMåned siden

    Good performance at the toughest place to go in the league, well done, bravo.🌱🍀🌳 growing.

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    Måned siden

    Yes we can win the league but unfortunately City are looking unstoppable once again. I think our challenge is to finish second and above Liverpool. 🤞🤞🤞

  • K Val
    K ValMåned siden

    Of all people they got howson to interview this legend? Smh

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    Måned siden

    Love your video

  • Damian Farrell
    Damian FarrellMåned siden

    Interesting they don't mention the Rashford Fu*k up as a chance, because if he had passed to cavani that was a goal. Rashford gets a pass because he's English for sure and all the work he does off the pitch. Very poor today and no one mentions it. I like Rashford but he's not free from criticism

  • aidan norton
    aidan nortonMåned siden

    rio wanted to use swear words to much is funny 😂

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Måned siden

    podcast etc

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnonMåned siden

    If we beat Fulham then that's a really good point. The city and Leicester draws look ok because of what we did next.

  • Pure Lokiii
    Pure LokiiiMåned siden

    Howson sort your tech out

  • V u k
    V u kMåned siden

    Merci Rio legend,incroyable c'etait plaisir de voir Rio encore fois.

  • E Rashio
    E RashioMåned siden

    Everyone saying Lindelof played well he doesn't want to lose his place but the competition with Bailly can only be good for the team with other games ie europe/f.a cup etc you need more players you cannot play with just 11 really gutted for Pogba not scoring wounded!

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    Måned siden

    now, we don't need a forward - we've got Martial, Rashford, Cavani, and Mason all being very goal focused and just needing to find their form from last year again, and we've g

  • John Q
    John QMåned siden

    Everyone complaining about Bruno's attitude when being subbed. He stayed on the pitch because a player was down injured and maybe the manager would have changed his mind. His reaction after being subbed off is nothing short of someone passionate and wants to be involved in every minute of every game. I don't see Messi, CR7, Mane, Salah, De Bryne, Aguero getting stick when they react like that, and the majority of the fans criticizing are actually United fans which is crazy.

  • Jon Doyle
    Jon DoyleMåned siden

    Come on you Reds !

  • Chris Blair
    Chris BlairMåned siden

    I would highly recomend the LFC video called US and THEM, as a life long MUFC supporter. I only respect admire and fear one other club and that is LFC, the only fixture I loook for.. GGMU YNWA. Respect

  • Aviral Singh
    Aviral SinghMåned siden

    i think this is such a tight season where the team that would be most consistent will be winning the league...

  • CheekySport
    CheekySportMåned siden

    Big Show as per usual!!!

  • -TruthSeekerUK-
    -TruthSeekerUK-Måned siden


  • -TruthSeekerUK-
    -TruthSeekerUK-Måned siden

    Yes we can win the league but unfortunately City are looking unstoppable once again. I think our challenge is to finish second and above Liverpool. 🤞🤞🤞

  • -TruthSeekerUK-
    -TruthSeekerUK-Måned siden

    Yes we can win the league but unfortunately City are looking unstoppable once again. I think our challenge is to finish second and above Liverpool. 🤞🤞🤞

  • Adnan Majeed
    Adnan MajeedMåned siden

    United Stand is like rag top tabloids compared to this, real fans show follow this channel, not the cringefest that is United Stand.

  • Abhishek Savant
    Abhishek SavantMåned siden

    If City win their match in hand, they go 1 point clear. Normally when City go top, they stay there until the end.

  • Zahir Abbas Mogul
    Zahir Abbas MogulMåned siden

    Great show guy thanks for howson to bringing rio and adam for bringing rory to the channel the revamp has taken the channel to the new heights with programs like tier one podcast etc

  • Jez Cole
    Jez ColeMåned siden

    Great work getting the legend on. Rio - you *were* there on the open top bus in 2011, Champions no.19! :-D

  • Connor Mcleod
    Connor McleodMåned siden

    Penchester utd overrated

  • Nick 87
    Nick 87Måned siden

    Gomez is crap

  • Eskinder Woubishet
    Eskinder WoubishetMåned siden

    You can dream but, we you wake up is different

  • Edward Bamber
    Edward BamberMåned siden

    To be honest yesterday's game just highlighted a few things we need to be at the top again: 1. Ole clearly doesn't rate Bailly that much given he's a risk every time he plays, but the fans don't rate Lindelof given they wanted an injury prone/red card prone player ahead of him. We need a strong pacey CB who can stay fit as often as Maguire to partner him. 2. Playing against Thiago just showed the one thing we're missing the most in midfield (and don't tell me Pogba can do this because he clearly can't) we need a holding midfielder who can control the tempo of the game and play long passes from deep - not overplay and invite pressure on themselves just keep it simple and keep it ticking - like what Carrick and Scholes used to do 3. We need a creative attacking midfielder to rotate with Bruno when he isn't playing well, or play alongside Bruno when we need more creativity in midfield. I think we're hoping Diallo and Pellistri can do this but I personally need to see them do it before I write this point off. Contrary to what everyone's saying right now, we don't need a forward - we've got Martial, Rashford, Cavani, and Mason all being very goal focused and just needing to find their form from last year again, and we've got Hugill in the U23s doing very well right now who will eventually fit the Haland archetype that everyone's raving about VDB won't be the same as Bruno, and he won't control the tempo - he and Pogba are pretty much the same kind of player who sort of fit both into 2 and 3 but not completely in either one. Still useful but not entirely what we need

  • Vaibhav RK
    Vaibhav RKMåned siden


  • everyday is the same
    everyday is the sameMåned siden

    Wow housing almost put a bit of respect on shows name shame it took Rio Ferdinand presents to do it

  • onotu aliyu ohindase
    onotu aliyu ohindaseMåned siden

    Cavani should have started. Could have scored earlier or won us a penalty. A point is very fair.

  • Fruit Moon Monkey
    Fruit Moon MonkeyMåned siden

    Sent shivers up the spine when he talked about loving the club

  • fmjohnnotv
    fmjohnnotvMåned siden

    Shaw was class we are top of the league say we are top of the league

  • Cult of Melkor
    Cult of MelkorMåned siden

    How do people think Eric Bailly has the fitness to play every game? He needs to be managed carefully or he will just get injured again

  • The Bizness
    The BiznessMåned siden

    Bruno overhyped. When people were on his nuts I weren’t too impressed by his overall game. At best he’s a peri peri version of Lampard. He can’t control games all he can do is shoot. Flat track bully and now I understand why no big side touched him. Get Donny in there ASAP and let’s start controlling games and creating more chances. Bruno NEEDS to be dropped along with Rashford because at the minute he’s being found out by the rest of the teams in the prem and he looks worse and worse each game.

  • Pete Green

    Pete Green

    Måned siden

    What is a peri peri Lampard lol? Lampard was incredible by any standards. How many other midfielders are the record goal scorer for a top side? Personally I have never got the praise Modric gets. He certainly had never really been the world's best footballer. Lamps, Xavi, Scholes, Iniesta, Seedorf, Gerrard +++... were far superior.

  • juicebox Leal
    juicebox LealMåned siden

    If Cavani is fit, he needs to start every game. I’m sorry but hes better than both Martial and Rash

  • deliveryboy555
    deliveryboy555Måned siden

    Bang on job everyone at the Paddock is doing. Quality journalism and a decent bunch of lads. Up the fu**in' Paddock

  • Sims DaDon
    Sims DaDonMåned siden

    I’m so annoyed with everyone saying that was a good result. It’s no we’re going to be second to city soon. We should have won

  • Rizzy


    Måned siden

    We can’t win every single game it’s impossible. Look at the positives ffs

  • curlers87
    curlers87Måned siden

    We only played well when Pogba moved into the middle, We have to find someone for that role asap, also a top quality cdm in this window. IF we get those we can have a real shout at this title

  • jersey lim
    jersey limMåned siden

    It seems on paper . League table . Man City potentially and likely is 1 point above United at the top

  • TheFacelessGamer
    TheFacelessGamerMåned siden

    Argubly after Fernandes Shaw has been one of our most consistent performers. The hate he gets is ridiculous. Is Ben Chilwell really better than a fully fit Luke Shaw on form? No chance

  • Alan Koh

    Alan Koh

    Måned siden

    Ste Howard hates Shaw for reason that only know to himself. May be he wants to be consistent on the players he condemned - perpetually condemned.

  • carter v.
    carter v.Måned siden

    Rio on their fan cam. AMAZING.... first time to see this on the fan channel. keep up the good work

  • Blud Moon
    Blud MoonMåned siden

    Big up Rio

  • Another sucker
    Another suckerMåned siden

    slobbery lips.. hes thick.

  • Clarky
    ClarkyMåned siden

    Yoooo get Rio on the coaching staff immediately 😂🙌🏻

  • Luke Devine
    Luke DevineMåned siden

    Shaw has been very good this season he looks confident again and his defending has improved massively

  • Reza Razak
    Reza RazakMåned siden

    Class content guys. Rio legend for his love to United!

  • Sir Alex Ferguson
    Sir Alex FergusonMåned siden

    That game was full of bad decisions from both teams. Poor decisions made in the final third by both teams.

  • Michael O'halloran
    Michael O'halloranMåned siden

    Point we take it. Take 3 off Fulhamm.

  • Riad Mohamudally
    Riad MohamudallyMåned siden

    Fergie time is back. Ole will proved it

  • Dublin Ireland Dublin Ireland
    Dublin Ireland Dublin IrelandMåned siden

    All we were short to today is Jesse lingard 😂😂😂😂

  • Sim Simmer

    Sim Simmer

    Måned siden

    He would've won it for us in the final minutes

  • naiyomotion
    naiyomotionMåned siden

    Really enjoying the way Rio is embracing social media the way he is. It requires a certain humility to step outside the 'legitimacy' of official channels and start to build something of your own, but in the long run, I think he's building a human connection with an audience that you just don't get from the more traditional outlets. Not against traditional media - the eco system is big enough for everyone, but what Rio is doing builds relevance and credit in the bank that he then takes with him into whatever else he does. In any case - good content from both Steve and Rio + solid performance from united. 'We go again!'

  • Bharath R
    Bharath RMåned siden

    We will win the league if Ole shuffles. Bruno is tired and Rashford is a greedy, lazy git

  • Shay Dillane
    Shay DillaneMåned siden

    If dialllo comes in and does well that could be the beginning of the end for Dan James

  • Jack Reaper
    Jack ReaperMåned siden

    Love how Rios getting involved. Chaps won it all, has the mansion, the hot wife, beautiful family yet still humble enough to recognize that bandy mic. What a man.

  • Robert Lawler
    Robert LawlerMåned siden

    And you lot are smoking some of Rios boss green tripping Wright off your bollocks plus a little help from the ref that gives you so many penalties he blows the whistle when mane clean on goal I think Liverpool will go out and sign a defensive unit and just roll are sleeves up and piss on the lot of ya

  • Ah Rin
    Ah RinMåned siden

    Cavani should have started and we could have got a win

  • Scottie Doesntknow
    Scottie DoesntknowMåned siden

    Smalltown USA...GGMU!

  • General Anal
    General AnalMåned siden


  • General Anal

    General Anal

    Måned siden

    @FiLTHYRiCH you seriously think united have a chance to win the league😂😂😂



    Måned siden

    You're one sad little boy

  • charlie mamo
    charlie mamoMåned siden

    Lindelof play very good today

  • Danny Hustle
    Danny HustleMåned siden

    Not long manchester city will win the league easy answer. If ole keep playing coward football pouting Fred and mctominay on the pitch nothing will happen. You look at manchester city squad and bench world class. John stones turn into cannavaro. United will go down easily

  • alma sólido
    alma sólidoMåned siden

    Man U can win the league considering Man City and Liverpool stay off pace and drop many more points. I think it's as simple as that

  • Abhishek Savant

    Abhishek Savant

    Måned siden

    City have not even conceded a goal for a long time let alone drop any points. It's their to lose.

  • sandip patel
    sandip patelMåned siden

    Not sure what game these guys where watching but the attacking football from us was shit. Go look at the shots on target comparison

  • Mash Latif
    Mash LatifMåned siden

    Rashford was being greedy his not a finisher his just one off martial sleeps through games

  • Mick Thomas
    Mick ThomasMåned siden

    Not yet Rio , 2 or 3 players short.

  • adress
    adressMåned siden

    2 lindelöf haters talking good about lindelöf, pretty much shows how much full of rubbish they where before...

  • sandip patel
    sandip patelMåned siden

    Glazers and Ed need to back ole 100% in the transfer market

  • Rose Marie Finnoen
    Rose Marie FinnoenMåned siden

    To the fans. Stay behind the team . This is not the time to go on some players

  • Jamie Ralph
    Jamie RalphMåned siden

    Wow, reading through the comments on here is depressing. You’d think we just got hammered and are mid table judging by some of the things people are saying.

  • Jamie Ralph

    Jamie Ralph

    Måned siden

    @Octave Rukundo exactly. This is the best I’ve felt about the team in years. We’re in a good position to actually challenge for the title not just finish 2nd and 19 points behind!

  • Octave Rukundo

    Octave Rukundo

    Måned siden

    @Jamie Ralph Don`t bother with the negative comments! We have drastically improved, we are going in the right direction, the best since Fergie years, Ole knows what he is doing, this man bleeds United, we have to trust him and yes we are in the title race, let us enjoy this ride! GGMU

  • Jamie Ralph

    Jamie Ralph

    Måned siden

    @Octave Rukundo yeah I get it was disappointing. We could’ve and should’ve beaten them. Some of the comments I’ve read are slagging off the manager and players as usual, negative comments like we won’t finish top etc. We’re top in January and are in a title chase for the first time in years after holding our own against the champions.

  • Octave Rukundo

    Octave Rukundo

    Måned siden

    It is because two points lost can be the difference between winning the league and finishing second. Manchester City is on an impressive run of games now and that is why we can not afford to lose any more points. And the fact that we had the biggest opportunity to score with that Pogba`s chance is what is even more disappointing. But we move, let`s focus on Fulham and win the game!

  • Mainz
    MainzMåned siden

    Rio is my favorit player of all time. Fuck i miss him

  • Mainz


    Måned siden

    Sim Simmer thank you so much I appreciate that man 🙏

  • Sim Simmer

    Sim Simmer

    Måned siden

    Your music is dope bro 🔥🔥🔥

  • Farhad Sayf
    Farhad SayfMåned siden

    i dont like Shaw either but he had a good game

  • Andy robb
    Andy robbMåned siden

    United struggle against the lower position teams so anything is possible it's a funny season.

  • Tim W
    Tim WMåned siden

    Rio the legend 🙌🙌🙌

  • Tartan Tam
    Tartan TamMåned siden

    If we had a top striker we would have won today may win the league then. We are not going to win anything depending on a deplorable Rashford and Martial

  • dv
    dvMåned siden

    The agenta howson has with Shaw is disgusting and unfair.He is holdind a social media channel and influencing people. Not right. Man up

  • dv


    Måned siden

    @Savage frenzy xj no exactly the opposite I think.

  • Savage frenzy xj

    Savage frenzy xj

    Måned siden

    You don't need to listen

  • Azhar Asim
    Azhar AsimMåned siden

    I m delighted to see Rio and listen his thoughts what a lovely player he was my all time favorite defender

  • Ragnar 05
    Ragnar 05Måned siden

    After today's performance we can forget about the title .

  • Thomas Wogan
    Thomas WoganMåned siden

    The paddock is making waves 👏👏

  • Island Guy
    Island GuyMåned siden

    That pogba chance tho .

  • James Stapleton
    James StapletonMåned siden

    Credit to Howson and the job he does on this channel. Rio wouldn’t come on and be interviewed by any mug. Fair play, good work 👍👍👍

  • James Stapleton

    James Stapleton

    Måned siden

    @james barry you been talking to Rio? 🤣

  • Haunted Radio

    Haunted Radio

    Måned siden

    @D Purcell that’s the problem with you kids grow up and stop calling other people out pointlessly and live your own life

  • james barry

    james barry

    Måned siden

    @G Jones a troll móre like

  • G Jones

    G Jones

    Måned siden

    Howson’s a damn mogul

  • D Purcell

    D Purcell

    Måned siden

    Surely wouldn’t talk to a certain “Nottingham forest fan” what a squeaky bitch that kid is

  • Old School Gamer
    Old School GamerMåned siden

    This could be a blessing people; When two teams have played each other back to back in the league and a cup competition ; no team has ever won both legs and personally I would rather drop points in the league (which can be pulled back), if we can win the FA Cup game, which is a knockout game. Come on guys let’s look at this positively GGMU.

  • Tres Kaz

    Tres Kaz

    Måned siden

    @Old School Gamer we have a bigger to cope with both competitions. Our so called b team should be able to do well in Europa.

  • Old School Gamer

    Old School Gamer

    Måned siden

    @Tres Kaz No I’d happily forget about the Europa League, but it is not the United way too throw away the FA Cup

  • Tres Kaz

    Tres Kaz

    Måned siden

    Win FA cup game then lose in semi final. Forget about it and focus on the league and rest players

  • Fez Hun
    Fez HunMåned siden

    I think we dropped 2 points here. Bruno and Rashford were a proper sick note today, Martial was off the pace, and Donny would probably could offer a little more forward passing than McTominay. Anyway we are top of the league, and we all including me would take a draw before the game. GGMU!!

  • Sim Simmer

    Sim Simmer

    Måned siden

    Yeah but Donny can't break down play and hassle players like McTom. That's why he starts over Donny everytime

  • They Left Me Unsupervised
    They Left Me UnsupervisedMåned siden

    De Gea walking off the pitch with his arm around one of the scousers. Not on, my son. That's not on. That's not the right mentality. You should be walking off the pitch giving the keano death stare, if not swinging for them. It's not on. It shows he doesn't understand the club, and what this match really means.

  • Ryan Rogan

    Ryan Rogan

    Måned siden

    Those days are gone unfortunately As the league becomes more global with more foreign players ... The less will be carried on from each generation and thus the watered down shite we say today Imagine what it’ll be like in another ten years time Prob won’t be rivals

  • David Dunne
    David DunneMåned siden

    7th i reckon.

  • Tim UTD
    Tim UTDMåned siden

    loving it!!!

  • leon huggins
    leon hugginsMåned siden

    Absolute bang average performance.....WE CAN WIN THE LEAGUE?????

  • The Life of Callum
    The Life of CallumMåned siden

    I would love to see Martial in a 4-4-2 as a supporting striker cause he loves those cheeky 1 touch passes or letting it run through his legs to the next man, he's physical and loves dribbling at the defence but he always ends up in non-scoring positions and even when he has a chance he misses the shot terribly. When we play him as a 9 he goes missing completely. I would like to see Greenwood starting and simply playing more. He's young, quick, unpredictable and he bleeds United.

  • Jack Johnstone Orr
    Jack Johnstone OrrMåned siden

    Shaw was mint today

  • B.Alexander Johnstone
    B.Alexander JohnstoneMåned siden

    Rio installs his own mics? Reading the instructions? Fair play.

  • cyberman
    cybermanMåned siden

    Love to see Rio in the videos!!!

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy JamesMåned siden

    Ole still picked wrong team end off

  • Kasper Rau Andersen
    Kasper Rau AndersenMåned siden

    Imagine thinking Telles is better than Shaw

  • MrShmeeman
    MrShmeemanMåned siden

    Gotta love Rio taking the time and showing the paddock the respect it deserves! The content just keeps getting better and better lads 👍