Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums List Is Rough


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  • Keith McGrath
    Keith McGrath13 minutter siden

    where is blank flag damaged?

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown39 minutter siden

    Not a single Gorillaz album is on this list. Instantly lost all credibility.

  • tazmon122
    tazmon12243 minutter siden

    i kno i'm the weirdo here, but honestly i'd pick Graduation > 808's anyday. being "dated" doesn't make it "bad"...and being "influential" doesn't make it "good". for instance: bands like The Stooges and The Ramones have some of the most dated music in rock n roll, and it all sucks. but we love those records anyway, and they're still massively influential. because being dated, and being good doesn't matter. Graduation is underrated af. it's the progression from Late Registration, and i think a damn fine way to put a cap on the traditionalism and academia side of hip hop before ye transitioned into his own experimentation. it's his version of a senior thesis. 808's is the first gallery show out of skool where shit is hitting walls 5min before opening. it's sloppy and rough, and stressful but it got done and people loved it, and a few pieces sold, and it was enough to reinforce that this career can keep going forward. none of it is BAD, just momentary. kinda pales in comparison, and is a "meh" middle grey on timeline between mastubartory shitshow and magnum opus.

  • Martijn Warmerdam
    Martijn Warmerdam12 timer siden

    No aphex......not a good list then. Druqs is in my top 5 of all time.

  • Martijn Warmerdam

    Martijn Warmerdam

    12 timer siden

    Then again he would tell Rolling stone to fuck off and remove him from the list anyway.

  • Maekar I Targaryen
    Maekar I Targaryen13 timer siden


  • Ayush A.S
    Ayush A.S17 timer siden

    They choose fine line over "Purpose" lmao let me laugh

  • Lucas Dowdy
    Lucas Dowdy22 timer siden

    At least they put Aquemini in top 50

  • ThatOneKid
    ThatOneKidDag siden

    Replace the hotel California album with the eagles compilation

  • xnikhilenyth •
    xnikhilenyth •Dag siden

    no anthony I can't cuddle with you every night my mum will find out

  • PetroVIC
    PetroVICDag siden

    No king crimson in this list? What a sick joke

  • unimaginative_ID
    unimaginative_IDDag siden

    I was shocked that Bob Marley's "Legend" was #48 on the list. Literally just a greatest hits album that completely ignores everything The Wailers did before "Catch a Fire".

  • Heikai
    HeikaiDag siden

    No Aphex Twin?! Holy shit! What a shitty list!

  • aR0ttenBANANA
    aR0ttenBANANADag siden

    3 minutes in and u can tell the list wont go down well...

  • theseinstrumentals
    theseinstrumentalsDag siden

    They could say 500 best popular albums in America but since it's rolling stone, it's essentially implied. The inclusion of compilations while honoring albums is beyond idiotic in my book. No one will ever be pleased with anyone's list; we all have our favorites. Don't know why they bothered with this list but maybe they sold a couple more copies of RS lol

  • ProDudeFilms
    ProDudeFilmsDag siden

    I'm surprised "Toxicity" inst anywhere to be found on the list

  • Okami Sumo
    Okami Sumo2 dager siden

    I hat the new list sgt pepper at 24 made me so fucking mad

  • Aaron Price
    Aaron Price2 dager siden

    I disagree on Graduation. Great album back to front some of the beats and samples on there are so good. 808s is great in concept but songs like The Glory, Everything I Am, I Wonder and Good Morning are better than most songs on 808s.

  • Elia Battaglin
    Elia Battaglin2 dager siden

    4:58 yeah and also better than DOWNWARD SPIRAL.

  • Juhwan Park
    Juhwan Park2 dager siden

    I want fantano's top 500 albums

  • Animal Fort
    Animal Fort2 dager siden

    Papa was a rolling rolling stone....ooooOooooooo...,

  • Hunter Thompson
    Hunter Thompson2 dager siden

    Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Rihanna over The Who, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Deep Purple, what a stupid list. #Shame.

  • Doug The Moleman
    Doug The Moleman2 dager siden

    Atlantis Morissette

  • Ja
    Ja2 dager siden

    Apparently Drake is better than Frank Ocean.

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin2 dager siden

    The fact Kanye West has like 3 of these listings. And his first one is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Girl that album ain’t even good.

  • Jonka Brioska
    Jonka Brioska2 dager siden

    Kanye West over Iggy pop it's a fucking insult to anybody who has ears

  • Teshawn Johnson
    Teshawn Johnson2 dager siden


  • fizzle bomber
    fizzle bomber2 dager siden

    who the hell is an eric church? guy looks and probably sounds like an awful jagoff

  • fizzle bomber
    fizzle bomber2 dager siden

    the took off MGMT to make room for that harry guy or whoever he is

  • fizzle bomber
    fizzle bomber2 dager siden

    this dweeb stil at it, get lost buddy

  • Mothafuckin Foofighter
    Mothafuckin Foofighter2 dager siden

    I'm surprised you didn't talk about 50 Cent's GRODT being on here, let alone it being at 280

  • Jasper Paolo
    Jasper Paolo2 dager siden

    3:11 Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine deserves its placement. This album is so good lyrically and sonically. The reason it is overlooked is because it’s not as intense as her other records

  • Matías Bosch
    Matías Bosch2 dager siden

    Break´em off.

  • nathan papp
    nathan papp2 dager siden

    That Bad Bunny album is 6 spots ahead of Pretty Hate Machine.

  • Zara Taylor
    Zara Taylor2 dager siden

    What did you think of tori Amos Little Earthquakes Remastered

  • benmakesmovies
    benmakesmovies2 dager siden

    I don’t even object to a Taylor Swift album being on there but Red is so much worse than Folklore it’s unreal

  • Tales From The Trip
    Tales From The Trip3 dager siden

    I start to like you and your videos and then you say something stupid like "Led Zeppelin II is overrated". I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but Led Zeppelin II is their biggest masterpiece, it is rated so highly for a reason.

  • Lunatic4Bizcas
    Lunatic4Bizcas3 dager siden

    Rolling Stone Magazine is full of shite and has been for a long while now (at least 20 or more years).

  • Eva Palma
    Eva Palma3 dager siden

    This list is ass because Angelic 2 The Core isn't at #1

  • PPYT100
    PPYT1003 dager siden

    TPAB should be ranked slightly higher but that's just me personally

  • PPYT100
    PPYT1003 dager siden

    GKMC criminally underrated, falls below Take Care you kidding me?

  • Nube Rencorosa
    Nube Rencorosa3 dager siden

    flipante que en el top no esté Amaral (realmente indignante) hamood

  • hippiecheezburger
    hippiecheezburger3 dager siden

    What’s going on is only number one because the times we are living in and the relevance of the record it’s always had in history but honestly the Beatles still seem to have biggest influence in popular music. Their studio efforts are untouchable for times they were living in

  • Sebastian Galeano
    Sebastian Galeano3 dager siden

    You are the man, Fantano. I've been dissapointed with this RS 500 list since the 2003 edition, I think they miss the mark in so many levels...

  • Talel Amri
    Talel Amri3 dager siden

    Did you know beyoncé's lemonade is #32 on this list? Well deserved queen check out that masterpiece

  • James Guillory, Humanslayer
    James Guillory, Humanslayer3 dager siden

    No albums by Swans, Ween, Coil, Igorrr, The Residents, Stereolab, Boredoms, and many more. Rolling Stone have never been right about anything. In fact, extremely few music critics have been right about anything.

  • Jonas C
    Jonas C3 dager siden

    no aphex twin, no king crimson? im out.

  • HeyChungus
    HeyChungus3 dager siden

    S P O R T S

  • macaroni italic
    macaroni italic3 dager siden

    I think it's a little difficult with compilations. If the comp in question was kind an event in and of itself when it dropped (my memory of the time is that Madonna's "Immaculate Collection" definitely falls into this category), then I don't mind it being on a list like this. If it's just some completely generic, anonymous "best of" crap that the average individual can't remember ever having existed, then that's stupid and it should be left off. But I mean, yeah, just looking at the numbers online, this Madonna comp sold like 30 million copies worldwide, and is her top selling release. One could well make the case that it's her most iconic release.

  • Martin Farnworth
    Martin Farnworth3 dager siden

    these lists became boring years ago and make my eyes roll. my gripe is that these lists exist and can't even be bothered reading it. Who cares where the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Floyd etc are placed on them? There don't need any more plaudits. Also increasingly irrelevant, i'd argue as the increasing and sheer weight of music it's difficult to compile them in a meaningful order not helped by comparing an album 30/40/50 years older than a more recent one that hasn't had the chance to grow into become revered as these things can take time.

  • Caleb Tainter
    Caleb Tainter3 dager siden

    This guy wreaks of corduroy and bad breath

  • Flamer Lamer
    Flamer Lamer3 dager siden

    Talking about bands with stereo in their name, there isn't a single stereo lab album in that list. Instead we have a harry styles album. Are you fucking kidding me

  • Sclonder
    Sclonder3 dager siden

    The fact that album.wav is on there instead of album2.wav is honestly such a travesty

  • Giorgio Lucarini
    Giorgio Lucarini3 dager siden

    I’ll have an awful lot of things to say about this list, but I’ll just say that there is no Trout Mask Replica and that’s a shame

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan3 dager siden

    They got rid of 154 albums from the 2012 edition to make room for people like Kanye who has the third most albums on the list. I don’t get it.

  • June Nelson
    June Nelson3 dager siden

    thank you...compilations should have there own list

  • orlock20
    orlock203 dager siden

    My thoughts: #402 is an African album. There is a lot of jazz albums on the list. Did they put every Kanye West album on this list? I believe I just own three albums from this list. These writers don't seem to listen to modern blues, EDM, metal or disco.

  • Martijn de Graaf
    Martijn de Graaf3 dager siden

    Rolling Stone is getting demented.

  • XanderTheOk
    XanderTheOk3 dager siden

    Can't belive ELO isn't on a single one of Rolling Stones top 500 albums lists

  • Mat
    Mat3 dager siden

    Lol this is what happens when you try to pander to a new generation. Nothing wrong with new music, but it needs years to settle into classic status. Most will not be remembered. It's staying power that should be the deciding factor on a 500 greatest album list of all time, so all records from the past 10-15 years are excluded by default. Maybe they will make it later, but give it time to see.

  • Joe Lucas
    Joe Lucas3 dager siden

    Clearly payola has taken another form....... Drake on a 500 greatest albums list. Can probably name 500 better rappers than dude.

  • Jim Been
    Jim Been3 dager siden

    The fact that rodeo isn’t in here shows how underrated the album still is to this day

  • Tunes I Dig
    Tunes I Dig3 dager siden

    Joshua Tree should be in top 50. It's the blueprint to indie rock as we know it today. Also, every band copies 'something' from that record at some point.

  • honey! the kids are vampires
    honey! the kids are vampires3 dager siden

    ngl if this was my list i would've put Palaye Royale's The Bastards on there but since it's literally from this year I can see why it didn't make it

  • honey! the kids are vampires
    honey! the kids are vampires3 dager siden

    I'm going to read the list now and if The Black Parade isn't on there but Harry Styles is- I will literally screech edit: it's #361 but why tf is eminem higher than them bruh edit again: ok but like just realized there's no placebo even though those first two albums were literally amazing bruh-

  • Liam Bloomer
    Liam Bloomer4 dager siden

    was teenage dream on the list???

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith4 dager siden

    Disappointed you didn't do the robot voice the whole video.

  • [The] Purpl3 Pproject Official
    [The] Purpl3 Pproject Official4 dager siden

    Bruh How is RINGO not in the top 10

  • [The] Purpl3 Pproject Official

    [The] Purpl3 Pproject Official

    4 dager siden

    And wasn’t Pets Get It On a Marvin Gaye album not The Rolling Stones

  • Winston Leg-Thigh
    Winston Leg-Thigh4 dager siden

    It seems like the editors of the list just picked an artist at random and chose the first album that came to mind. It doesn’t bother me at all that the list is mostly western music. Rolling Stone is a historically rock publication so it’s cool. I just think people get hung up on the name of the list when it really doesn’t matter. If XXL did a list of the “Greatest Albums of All Time” and put all rap, I don’t think anyone would care. Rolling Stone just gave into the pressure it got when it released the 2003 list.

  • Jermy Hopkisn
    Jermy Hopkisn4 dager siden

    So, is it that they have to cater to this demographic of younger people who don't care about anything other than current pop culture to stay afloat with clicks?

  • Sean Schaefer
    Sean Schaefer4 dager siden

    There were a couple improvements they made but most of their updated list just seems like they're pandering to modern audiences and also why are there greatest hits collections

  • Cheeki Breeki
    Cheeki Breeki4 dager siden

    this list is a joke.

  • Jazz59107
    Jazz591074 dager siden

    Graduation is dated???????????? You're telling me that you think Graduation sounds like a dated record? What?

  • Random Person
    Random Person4 dager siden

    *The Biggest Problem I have with the List-* *"WHERE IS THE EMINEM SHOW?*

  • Piotr Romański
    Piotr Romański4 dager siden

    Why isn't Die Lit on there

  • Welson Oliveira
    Welson Oliveira4 dager siden

    I get your point about Fiona, but compared to "Red" by Taylor Swift in #99, Extraordinary Machine should not be the one to be pointed out. I mean, Taylor sold over 7 milion with this record and does anybody (not a fan and not a country listener) remember a song from it? does anybody listen to it? does any artist really (and I mean REALLY) go to this record to be inspired? lol that's when I understanding why "folklore" is the most overrated album of the year. ugh.

  • Welson Oliveira
    Welson Oliveira4 dager siden

    it's a list with good albums but in really weirds places - and Harry, Lana and Billie here just proves it's a popularity contest.

  • sowmya s.devan
    sowmya s.devan4 dager siden

    Rolling Stone is racist. Thriller deserves to be #1

  • Cameron Dodge
    Cameron Dodge4 dager siden

    Even better, when you go album by album and read each little description given it gets pretty clear that the lower the number the more they don't know what the album even is.

  • David Luis
    David Luis4 dager siden

    I don't know what to feel about the Immaculate Collection in here. Of course is a compilation of greateast hits, but there's some things to be considered here 1. Madonna re-recorded/made a new mix for almost all of the songs on this compilation (excluding Lucky Star), so it's not just a lot of songs from other albuns put together on one place, it's almost a new body of work 2. This album contains Justify My Love, that started a gigantic debate over women sexuality on music, got her video banned from MTV and made it the most sold video single in history (also the first) 3. Is, to this day, the most sold compilation album from a female artist. So, I do think there's some logic on putting this one on the list

  • Jaxzan Proditor
    Jaxzan Proditor4 dager siden

    I think some of the weirdness, especially towards the bottom, comes from the voting method (which I’m not a huge fan of). If like 5 rank Harry Styles highly enough he’ll make it onto the list. It also creates some awkward incentives in terms of voting.

  • Moony Moon
    Moony Moon5 dager siden

    i will say tho, putting "Songs in the Key of Life" in the Top 10 is fuckin' right, that's one of the greatest albums ever recorded

  • Ray Gaer
    Ray Gaer5 dager siden

    Not a valid list without Skinny Puppy, Kate Bush, or Alien Sex Fiend, come on Rolling Stone.

  • eatattheafter
    eatattheafter5 dager siden

    Criticizes the list for not including enough South American and African music and only focusing on Anglocentric music. .. Melon, take a look in the mirror. How much time do you spend on your channel on this type of music?

  • Brett Manie
    Brett Manie5 dager siden

    A list of the top 500 albums that doesn't have Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness on it cannot be taken seriously.

  • Sean Ramsdell
    Sean Ramsdell5 dager siden

    What are your thoughts on the National Recording Registry?

  • Mohamed Haji
    Mohamed Haji5 dager siden

    Rolling stones jojo pt5 if you know you know

  • Leo K2K
    Leo K2K5 dager siden

    This list is not a credible list of the best music.

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson5 dager siden

    The lack of metal and prog albums makes this list invalid. Also love how the comments here say how King Crimson should be on the list: BECAUSE THEY SHOULD

  • kurtswech
    kurtswech5 dager siden

    They didn't put Animals by Pink Floyd anywhere on the list.

  • chuck wagon
    chuck wagon5 dager siden

    808s was trash melon!

  • Arturo Verdin
    Arturo Verdin5 dager siden

    Let's make our own list then.

  • Camron Fritts
    Camron Fritts5 dager siden

    I'm just mostly amused that Kanye West's highest ranking album is MBDTF at around 14. 6/10

  • The Hidden Hand
    The Hidden Hand5 dager siden

    Any Tool on there?

  • Cubehead666


    5 dager siden

    Not a single Tool album!

  • Jacob Lasswell
    Jacob Lasswell5 dager siden

    How is LZ II overrated? Eat my bungus song-boy

  • Jesse Burgener
    Jesse Burgener5 dager siden

    I was shocked to see Billie Eilish's When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? on the list. It's a fine album, but way too recent to be considered amongst the 500 greatest.

  • BigBoss Hayabusa
    BigBoss Hayabusa5 dager siden

    Not enough metal 0/10

  • xwhite2020
    xwhite20205 dager siden

    Anthony "butt hurt more jazz" Fantano.

  • Concept_nothing 818
    Concept_nothing 8185 dager siden

    I was getting ready to hear him shit on MBDTF for being in the 14th spot

  • calinfus80s
    calinfus80s5 dager siden

    Ok, you just started with Harry Styles and i already new that list is BULLSHIT!!!!! Won't base my music criteria on that bullshit list...i suspect the woke agenda has to do with it.

  • T.R. Foussard
    T.R. Foussard5 dager siden

    Anthony, u can’t expect Forced Witness to make #1