Rudy's Elite Strike Force Continues To Fail Spectacularly On Behalf Of Their Client, The President


As advisors press the president to prepare for the conclusion of his term, presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani looks like he's melting under the pressure of trying to overturn the election for his client.
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  • Jesse Ives
    Jesse Ives8 timer siden

    Hearing Evie's laugh in the background is the best part!

  • QuietMouse
    QuietMouse3 dager siden

    Being in the UK, I have been really late to see this, and I have only one thing to say; please make a playlist of all the “Road from the WH” segments!! It’s a real pity that Stephen isn’t on the TV over here

  • Clay leissner
    Clay leissner9 dager siden

    He needs to find better writers.

  • Chris Petersen
    Chris Petersen10 dager siden

    Maybe the Republican party, can find their next candidate on Singles Island or at another reality show.

  • Sheila Lopez
    Sheila Lopez12 dager siden

    What an embarrassment this administration has been and like the bunny, still going.

  • daddyrichten
    daddyrichten14 dager siden

    Colbert is the type of cowardly slime who gloats at the rest of us because the lizard people promised to kill him last.

  • M Masters
    M Masters15 dager siden

    Dominion voting machines LIVE HACKED during Georgia Senate hearing - .... ....... .

  • Rusty Tygart
    Rusty Tygart15 dager siden

    Lmao better get ready for 4 more years

  • Bulla Schonken
    Bulla Schonken16 dager siden

    Wait you are going to get a ride awakening. He didn't lose tell me 133m reg voters 74m for trump leaves you with 59m so how did sleepy Joe got 81m fraud

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen17 dager siden

    please tell me that cd is a real thing

  • plumb loko
    plumb loko26 dager siden

    Dump the biggest looser.

  • Michael Birkett
    Michael Birkett28 dager siden

    All I want for Christmas is a White House without a Trump ☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  • Remi Ramos
    Remi Ramos29 dager siden

    Jon is hilarious! 😂😂😂

  • EclecticWitch
    EclecticWitch29 dager siden


  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden

    Watch "Exclusive: Sidney Powell on 2020 Election / New Lawsuits Filed , Supreme Court SUPERB DETAIL! . . ..

  • Michelle Landreth
    Michelle LandrethMåned siden

    Can Evey host a show?

  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden

    Chuckles - These US Marines are not local and "The Fix" is not in. No More Rubber Bullets. Must Hear Local Corrupt District Attorneys don't mean Jack - Arrests Will Be On Federal Charges of Treason, Sedition / Human Trafficking / Child Ritual Sacrifice / Pedophilia. Bad Actors Face Execution under Military Law; or very Long Jail Terms. Some Plea Bargains may be negotiated if you Name Names in Voter Fraud AND Forfeit All Assets Worldwide. Lin Wood has made some Tweets that make me expect to see an Emergency Broadcast directly from President Trump - by Tuesday. WATCH Your Phones Closely... Jeffrey Prather has been dark for 48 hours - I think because he is well enough connected & needs to exercise Operational Security re: Knowledge of "California Clean Sweep". USPatriots BE SAFE... RESPECT our WarFighters Prepare, Pray & Stay Out Of The Way

  • Ann Naylor
    Ann NaylorMåned siden

    Hi Steve, leave the lady ALONE.. No Hanky Panky. Love 💞 to all of you 😽.xxxxxx

  • Dr Cowbell
    Dr CowbellMåned siden

    Pass the cranberry sauce, we’re having mashed potatoes! Thank you for loving me! Thank you for being there!

  • Dr Cowbell

    Dr Cowbell

    Måned siden

    Bob’s Burgers wrote all the best Thanksgiving carols

  • hotstreetcar
    hotstreetcarMåned siden

    This guy is like really trying his hardest to be funny and it's just not getting it done I don't even understand why he even has the show this is so boring who wants to talk about politics all the time

  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden The troops and armored vehicles being flown to Nellis AFB (outside of Las Vegas) are being used to set up Forward Operating Bases for Medical facilities, Armory for supply of arms and ammo, and Operations from which to deploy troops for cleaning up the Blantifa thugd expected to surface all along the West Coast. After December 18, Trump should be in a position to invoke the Insurrection Act and deploy the US Military to be able to usurp State Authority to stiff arm them legally, to keep them out. Mike Adams has said his sources have indicated that Kinetic action will not start until January. I believe travel to and from California, Oregon and Washington may be restricted by January - this won't be like the Summer where (mostly peaceful) Demonstrations - the ones where Soros, Zuckerberg and Leftist donor money was used to fly BlAntifa Thugs from City To City to lead the local looters and angry-for-pay walking targets making up Leftist Sheep. The airports and Highways will be locked down - so if you are in the hot zone, you have until January to bug out - or buy a bunch of food & lock yourself in the bathroom with you head up your butt. Free Will, of course. People Are Going To Die in This Mess - many of them Innocent, most of the sheep are just brainwashed young people who lost track of their family values. This Will All be with us for a while - unless the Biden Crime Family does the right thing for America and Capitulates and then disappears. In that event, the the Violence will be less, but the Mass Arrests Must Continue. The main reason I think these lawless / Paid Thugs will not be backed up by foreign War Fighters - because there are 120,000,000 Freedom-Loving US Patriots here in our homeland. We are patient, well-armed and trained - we will Stay Out of It and Let The US Military clean it up. However - if the forces of Satan Rise Up against our US Military; "We The People" - will have to back them up and shoot "Some People" before they (As Ilhan Omar would say) "Do Something" again. Prepare, Pray & Stay Out Of The Way #IamQ-USAPatriot . . . .

  • bobby bobberson
    bobby bobbersonMåned siden

    Rudy's My Cousin Vinny analogy was an embarrassing spectacle. His brain has turned to complete dog shit.

  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden

    Eye Opener on DNI Ratcliffe, CCP TREASON, SEDITION - National Security Ratcliffe's Letter is Due Dec 18th. If Traitors give up before that date, they May be able to negotiate a Plea Bargain. After Dec 18 - Rendition Flight to Gitmo. Hey Chuckles - you should practice grabbing your ankles. You might want to limber up with a little practice.

  • joseph roszell
    joseph roszellMåned siden

    Wait🤯I know you are literally a Tolkien expert and I recognized you in the hobbit does Gollum refer to himself as “precious”? I thought he only called the ring that or am I just missing the joke where Rudy just was confused 😐 I’m sorry but I wonder. Have you noticed autocorrect getting dumber I just had to teach it the word “expert”

  • Jack Scratch
    Jack ScratchMåned siden

    Ever since Trump lost Colbert is as giddy as a school girl.

  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden

    Arrests, Military Tribunals & Insurrection Act Deep State Being Flushed - Proof Dominion Servers Rigged. Military Option is at hand. RENDITION Flights & Confessions. States Evidence of Conspiracy to commit FRAUD - WarFighters deployed to collect LYING: Politicians, Big Tech Leadership & MSM Pundits. Please forward to everyone you know & ignore MSM headlines about defeats in State Courts. The Traitors are cornered and they know it. patriots changepoint is coming quickly Prep. PRAY & Stay Out Of The Way... #IamQ-USAPatriot P.S. Colbert - we are making up playing cards to hand out to the doorkickers & Bunker Busters. Stephen Colbert is the "Jack Of Spades"

  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden

    Arrests, Military Tribunals & Insurrection Act Deep State Being Flushed - Proof Dominion Servers Rigged. Military Option is at hand. RENDITION Flights & Confessions. States Evidence of Conspiracy to commit FRAUD - WarFighters deployed to collect LYING: Politicians, Big Tech Leadership & MSM Pundits. Please forward to everyone you know & ignore MSM headlines about defeats in State Courts. The Traitors are cornered and they know it. patriots changepoint is coming quickly Prep. PRAY & Stay Out Of The Way... #IamQ-USAPatriot P.S. Colbert - we are making up playing cards to hand out to the doorkickers & Bunker Busters. Stephen Colbert is the "Jack Of Spades"

  • John Bond
    John BondMåned siden

    Lets have a poll to see who you think will be the next Mrs. Trump! Jenna Ellis, or Kayleigh McEnany? That could be a toss up.... They're both willing to end their short careers by looking like lying, love sick freaks to make Trump happy; and both gullible enough, or stupid enough, to believe his B.S., and both are willing to be INTERNATIONAL IDIOTS in front of the cameras. I pick McEnany, because she's already married, and Trump would love to prove that he can get whoever he wants..... And since he just conned $200,000,000 out of the RUBES that sent him money for his court cases, [and to afford his "ELITE STRICK FORCE TEAM" OF CRACK LAWYERS.]... Trump will have plenty of extra cash to lure her away..... Her husband would probably contribute to the cause if Trump promised to pick her!!!

  • John Bond
    John BondMåned siden

    Love Rudy's photo.... And just in time to get my GRINCH X-Mas cards printed up.... The best thing about them is if you have extras, they make great Halloween decorations!!!

  • Joy Smith
    Joy SmithMåned siden

    H e probably has covid then when he was sweating so much

  • MPCLive56
    MPCLive56Måned siden

    LEYKIS 101 !!

  • Carol Cornell
    Carol CornellMåned siden

    This is soooo outrageous! ....Biden won fraud. ..Trump likes to play president

  • Leen-Hoo Choung
    Leen-Hoo ChoungMåned siden

    This is the only way that Rudy can keep milking the orange baby before the reality set in.

  • Eric Crone
    Eric CroneMåned siden

    Jon Batiste is a national... no World-wide... treasure.

  • steve marshall
    steve marshallMåned siden

    not sure why this guy feels he invented irony....unfunny

  • Victor Olsson
    Victor OlssonMåned siden

    President Donald J. Trump 💖Mayor Rudy Giuliani💖Jenna Ellis 💪Team Trump💖 True Heroes

  • Robert Humphries
    Robert HumphriesMåned siden

    You are so unamerican I'm sure China is paying you also you need to go over there and live you are a traitor and guilty of treason

  • Robert Humphries
    Robert HumphriesMåned siden

    This person and all his followers are what's wrong with America there is corruption there is fraud there is theft of votes from President Trump and you idiots keep falling for the left it's like sheep to the slaughter President Trump 2020 we Patriots will never concede

  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden

    Stephen Colbert - Game, Set, Match Enemy Combatants can loose all of their assets "worldwide" by 2018 Executive Order. That could include you, Chuckles. Just keep on with the misdirection. Prep. PRAY & Stay Out Of The Way... #IamQ-USPatriot

  • shawn paul
    shawn paulMåned siden

    I am looking forward to 4 years of impeachment. Let's start with voter fraud then move on to Hunters laptop.

  • Christine Feroli
    Christine FeroliMåned siden

    You ignorant jerk, wait and see the evil and corruption unfold. It’s all being exposed as well you should be. Our nation is in dire need of some honestly and not a stolen election,

  • javier munoz
    javier munozMåned siden

    "Have yourself another spoon of gravy... let your heart just die." That will live rent-free in my head for literally the rest of my life.

  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden

    Colbert - you are Sweating. YOU and your Network management have reason to pay attention. The Vote Certifications will be set aside when the Vote Fraud proof from the recovered Dominion Servers is presented (now discovered to be owned by Chinese CCP). Whistleblowers are now raising their IN ORDER TO TURN STATE'S EVIDENCE - to avoid Prosecution for TREASON. "Whiskey for our WarFighters & Treason for All Cheaters" #IamQ-USAPatriot

  • Angelo Malong
    Angelo MalongMåned siden

    0:50 it was said on public tv

  • J dug
    J dugMåned siden

    Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!

  • Carol Tacconi
    Carol TacconiMåned siden

    I love that his wife laughs at his jokes. It’s wonderful that she still thinks he is funny.

  • Albert&Kayla Cook
    Albert&Kayla CookMåned siden

  • Jon Joe
    Jon JoeMåned siden

    I feel like Stephen got way funnier when Evie unofficially joined the show.

  • Jason Olson

    Jason Olson

    Måned siden


  • mrzeegrr
    mrzeegrrMåned siden

    Hannukka. Steve, you nailed it!

  • Julie Phillips
    Julie PhillipsMåned siden

    It’s pretty adorable how his wife is sitting there just off camera laughing at all his jokes. The best kind of relationship🥺

  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden

    Colbert - invite any of our WarFighters to come on your show for a live debate and you will see how silly they are? These proud men sacrifice their entire lives to protect this nation and you should not insult them. DUMB

  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden

    "Whiskey for our WarFighters & Treason for All Cheaters" #IamQ-USAPatriot .

  • Dawne Milstead
    Dawne MilsteadMåned siden

    It’s pretty adorable how his wife is sitting there just off camera laughing at all his jokes. The best kind of relationship🥺

  • Neural Stimulus Recordings
    Neural Stimulus RecordingsMåned siden


  • Miranda
    MirandaMåned siden

    Being single during a pandemic is not the most fun. Stephen and Evie are inspiration for when dating is a viable option again. And a great reminder to never settle.

  • john smith
    john smithMåned siden

    dont bring up any real facts lets do the 3 things ,, laugh , oppose ,, accept you will accept

  • john smith
    john smithMåned siden

    how about all the voting anomolies ,, wonder if he was on the private plane to the island ,, conspiracy theories ,, awww the trademark discredit line .. colbert you a runner ,,

  • rationalguy
    rationalguyMåned siden

    By now Trumpy has paid 3 mil for a recount in Wisconsin just to find that Biden got even more votes. 😂😂😂

  • Marian Iurea
    Marian IureaMåned siden

    Here you go people. More to come. Check that link.

  • Christine Maher
    Christine MaherMåned siden

    This guy!!is a nobody! Trump Won ! STOLEN ELECTION .

  • George Alderson

    George Alderson

    Måned siden!

  • Mgtowpia
    MgtowpiaMåned siden

    I find this hilarious, MSM is only telling you what you want to hear, so when reality hits you in the face, you're going to wonder what the hell happened.

  • Gator Darling
    Gator DarlingMåned siden

    Just as corrupt as Biden is.

  • Estoy Hasta LaMadre
    Estoy Hasta LaMadreMåned siden

  • Schroeter Lablanc
    Schroeter LablancMåned siden

    His hair is like Georgia, it's in a Run-Off.

  • david clark
    david clarkMåned siden

    Sidney Powell mighrt have discovered that the Mars Rover Curiosity detected a crater on Mars filled with uncounted Trump ballots. Republicans want an investigation of how the ballots ended up in the crater. Giuliani is expected to use this as definitive proof of voter tampering. what is distrubing is the leftist media is not reporting this new revelation. Defintely a deep state plot to hide voter fraud. What is outrageous is I posted this on the many U-Tube shows pushing the conspiracy that Trump will be reelected and here are some of my surprised responses: 1. Mr. Clark I have doubts that what you posted is true. 2. Could you provide any resources to verify that. This tells me our country is in a world of s&%#

  • Leo Ramos
    Leo RamosMåned siden

    Rudy is one of the Best Get popcorn it's going to be Great Watch and Learn

  • Niamh Campbell
    Niamh CampbellMåned siden

    It’s pretty adorable how his wife is sitting there just off camera laughing at all his jokes. The best kind of relationship🥺

  • Jerry Bennetts
    Jerry BennettsMåned siden

    Mr. Colbert do you know or have you ever met a navy seal, comedy is fine, but your crossing a line, a line you should stay behind.

  • The Stammering Dunce

    The Stammering Dunce

    Måned siden

    @Jerry Bennetts Yes, I am sure soldiers are the ones who defend people from police brutality and corrupt justice systme, who fight for equal rights for women and minorities, who fight for freedom of speech. I am sure they never commit war crimes.

  • The Stammering Dunce

    The Stammering Dunce

    Måned siden

    @Jerry Bennetts This is a first time that I encounter someone who openly admits being a giant snowflake.

  • The Stammering Dunce

    The Stammering Dunce

    Måned siden

    @Jerry Bennetts Jokingly. Are you seriously really that offended? Are you really that giant if a snowflake?

  • George Alderson

    George Alderson

    Måned siden

    Doing a job that you volunteered and trained to do alongside several others is not heroic in my opinion

  • The Stammering Dunce

    The Stammering Dunce

    Måned siden

    @Jerry Bennetts I am not the bandwagon fallacy kind of guy. I don’t judge a belief’s validity based on how popular it is, but how well-reasoned it is.

  • Max Mac
    Max MacMåned siden

    Tax payers and private money paying for all those lawsuits. Not a word said about it.

  • minh tuan
    minh tuanMåned siden

    wow > ?

  • Rikki Furey
    Rikki FureyMåned siden

    Why do you call it a pardon it's not a pardon the Turkey never did anything wrong to need a pardon what you mean is the Turkey has got a reprieve not a pardon, now i know Americans are not very good at English but this takes the biscuit haha haha lol.

  • George Alderson

    George Alderson

    Måned siden

    I can never understand how people in UK are given a pardon when they have been jailed (or in the former years, executed) for crimes they did not comit!

  • A J Russo
    A J RussoMåned siden

    u r the funniest man alive

  • M Masters
    M MastersMåned siden

    CONFIRMED: Trump pardoned Flynn to put him back in play at the DoD with Chris Miller and Ezra Cohen-Watnick in preparation for mass ARRESTS of treasonous deep state actors Situation Update - Nov. 26th - Flynn in place, DoD aligned, rendition flights ACTIVE

  • Elliott Bradshaw
    Elliott BradshawMåned siden

    Holy shit... daytime tv is worse than I thought and so misleading. No wonder your ratings are plummeting.

  • Marais Perez
    Marais PerezMåned siden

    What about now, have you seen the news, you will have a funny show like this talking irresponsible about the President of the United State. Pennsylvania, Georgia are recounting votes. and after Trump's victory your next funny show will be about the losers. Then I am going to see your face

  • paulalan262626
    paulalan262626Måned siden

    U r killing me with laughter 😂😂😂

  • paulalan262626
    paulalan262626Måned siden

    Fanthom of the sex shop. Brilliant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Clinton Van Biljon
    Clinton Van BiljonMåned siden

    What has comedy come to? Is the election the only thing this show talks about. Nothing on this show is funny.

  • Teal Mullins
    Teal MullinsMåned siden

    cranberry sauce

  • Carol Mc Lain
    Carol Mc LainMåned siden

    Thank you for making me laugh!

    CBD ARIZONAMåned siden


  • Adam Soyer
    Adam SoyerMåned siden

    Bro you literally used to love this guy & now you suddenly turned on him. Joe Biden blatantly cheated that's why I switched to liking Trump you make stuff up about him & do all this crap which is the reason most people like me switched. I can't believe people actually don't think Joe Biden cheated. I've heard people who love Joe Biden admit that he seems suspicious.

  • Chico Pico
    Chico PicoMåned siden

    My Cousin Vinny, really

  • wheresmyhose
    wheresmyhoseMåned siden

    I love the way his wife laughs at his jokes. Lucky man. He is funny but after so many years of being married you think his wife wouldn't really find him so funny. She truly loves him.

  • Le Quoc Hoan
    Le Quoc HoanMåned siden

    His hair is like Georgia, it's in a Run-Off.

  • T.S Wallgren
    T.S WallgrenMåned siden

    Colbert was brilliantly ridiculed by Jimmy Dore few weeks ago.

  • NPRGAdmin 2015
    NPRGAdmin 2015Måned siden

    Whose boat is this boat?🤣

  • Braden Scott
    Braden ScottMåned siden

    Evie being there is precious. They need to give her a job :)

  • Edward Myers
    Edward MyersMåned siden

    Elite strike force team= more contributions to trumps defence fund 60% of which goes into a slush fund he can do what he wants with knowing how he fails to pay bills it all goes into his pocket.

  • Dodgy Grizzly
    Dodgy GrizzlyMåned siden

    Laughed myself right into a subscription

  • thedirty530
    thedirty530Måned siden

    I'd buy that Thanksgiving carol album in a heartbeat...Jon Batiste is a Legend! Cranberry Sauce...Cranberry Sauce...Cranberry Sauce.. Lmao

  • thedirty530
    thedirty530Måned siden

    No one can Nerd like Stephen can! It really has substance..Lol Thank the Gods for this man!

  • harmmany214
    harmmany214Måned siden

    Gore didn't "lose" well into mid December back in 2000...there is a lot of comedy to be seen, its unfortunate that the establishment won and now most people are pro some establishment and can't see that both the candidates were racist sex offenders, but hey here we are ignoring history and taking the low ground.

  • Viewsfromthesix


    Måned siden

    harmmany214 also even though they’re both pieces of shit Biden actually still somewhat cares about the U.S. even if it’s for only a specific group of people which is messed up to think about as I come from an immigrant family but honestly there isn’t a thing Biden can do that trump hasn’t already done, he rode off the economy that Obama built up after the crash and the proof of that is when a pandemic hit trump essentially started self destructing

  • harmmany214


    Måned siden

    @Viewsfromthesix Honestly I am not sure if you are talking about Biden or Trump. I voted Biden because I like his environmental policies more than Trump, but Biden is a complete racist misogynistic sexual assaulting swamp creature. I just find it shocking that most people who vote for him seem to want to ignore that he is actually everything Trump gets accused of being.

  • Viewsfromthesix


    Måned siden

    People aren’t ignoring just think of it this way, would you wanna stay with a toxic person you’ve been with for 4 years that keeps constantly abusing their power or your other ex’s buddy who used to be a big piece of shit but changed his ways but he still can’t be trusted?

  • Peg La France
    Peg La FranceMåned siden


  • Eric Hagen
    Eric HagenMåned siden

    even after all this time im still stumped how anyone can like matter the political beliefs, he is a horrible person.

  • Ronald Deese
    Ronald DeeseMåned siden

    I live in Hawaii and I can confirm that’s what I mean when I say Aloha.

  • Daniel Ignatov
    Daniel IgnatovMåned siden

    I can’t wait to see him in a suit again

  • Tracy LF
    Tracy LFMåned siden

    Humour is sorely needed right now, and I appreciate Colbert, but I am TERRIFIED. Our world has had terrible "leaders" before, but not like this. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DEAD! One person dies EVERY MINUTE. And there are STILL human beings caught up in some sort of mass-hysteria-mass-suicide-denial-pact in which THEY not only die, they want EVERYONE ELSE TO DIE, TOO! At this rate, by Jan. 2021, the USA will be digging and filling MASS GRAVES/CREMATING---> 24/7. I'm thankful to live in WA, AU. Our premier closed our state borders when things started going pear-shaped. We recently opened (for now), but I know he'll slam the door again if needed.

  • Jessie Hogue
    Jessie HogueMåned siden

    Oh, hey. That latest U.S Covid color map is looking more and more like Plague Inc... with the colors going closer and closer to black.

  • Matthew Sloan
    Matthew SloanMåned siden

    This pandemic and social isolation has not been easy for us with addictions.... having said that I sure would love what ever “idgaf drug” Rudy and trump are on... I mean, they might melt and get cofefe-19, but at the end of the day they are old I’m healthy-even if I don’t have direct access to cofefe testing and treatment