Rusty 1957 Chevy Project Car Revealed! Finnegan's Garage Ep.141


Way back in December I surprised David Newbern by gifting him a car he's always wanted-- a 1957 Chevy two-door. It's rough, but a good foundation for a race car build since we'd probably through away a lot of the heavy metal anyway. This video is all about the day I revealed the car to him.


  • agatenby41
    agatenby41Dag siden

    nothing like big chrome bumpers man!!!!

  • OnlyTheEd
    OnlyTheEd2 dager siden

    It's easier to get parts for a 1957 Chevy than it is for say.....a 1957 Ford, or a 1957 Dodge.........

  • Robert G
    Robert G4 dager siden

    Awesome thing to do Mike! Congrats David Newbern!

  • crazyjr
    crazyjr5 dager siden

    150 with the 55, possibly 56 side trim, those are pretty rare. not seen many like that

  • Sasquatch 2001
    Sasquatch 20015 dager siden

    you guys are clones! haha

  • Robert Harding
    Robert Harding5 dager siden

    The 57 black widow. 👍

  • Peter Robins
    Peter Robins5 dager siden

    Winning... "Newbern's Garage" Coming Soon

  • Keith Waggoner
    Keith Waggoner5 dager siden

    Real friends buy rolling pieces of debit for their friends! NICE!!!

  • Zach Loveless
    Zach Loveless5 dager siden

    Awesome to see Finnegan able to help a friend get a car. Even more awesome was Dave's response. The shock, and it looked like he was holding back tears. So rad.

  • TheJagjr4450
    TheJagjr44506 dager siden

    Alex Taylor on You tube - she and her dad built glass doors for the current 55 Chevy they are building.

  • grantva83
    grantva836 dager siden

    Awesome gesture man!

  • Gerri Kupicki
    Gerri Kupicki6 dager siden


  • Gerri Kupicki
    Gerri Kupicki6 dager siden


  • foglesong family
    foglesong family6 dager siden

    I love the '57 Chevy 150

  • George Bintner
    George Bintner7 dager siden

    The beard crew.

  • JustRevIt
    JustRevIt7 dager siden

    @ Finnegan. What is the brand and model sunglasses you wear? Thx. Sorry not car question. Don't think less of me. Lol

  • Eric Upchurch
    Eric Upchurch7 dager siden

    $18,000 1957 Chev. 👿❤️⌚

  • Schneider Classics
    Schneider Classics7 dager siden

    good on you buying your buddy a project car

  • Randall Watts
    Randall Watts8 dager siden

    just cant go wrong with a tri five chevy

  • shawn fortine
    shawn fortine8 dager siden

    seeing all these cars remind me of my moms 52 or or 54 pickup and if I had the money I would build and restore it for her if I could I know she loves it

    GFPOUTBDS629 dager siden

    I know someone with two glass loaded sedan nice doors in NY from a 56. I believe they have square trim holes across the center .I just bought a rustfree trunk from him. If interested I can get a phone number... GP

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller9 dager siden

    I've got rust free doors in colo

  • tedium37
    tedium379 dager siden

    That car needs all the love

  • Scott Bartlett
    Scott Bartlett9 dager siden

    I'm confused. Isn't that chrome on the quarters '55?

  • Josh Bryant
    Josh Bryant9 dager siden

    You guys look like a couple of undercover cops riding around

  • Mike Point
    Mike Point9 dager siden

    Make a black widow out of it .

  • Stephen Neil
    Stephen Neil10 dager siden


  • Hx1d3n
    Hx1d3n10 dager siden

    Keep us updated with the progress of the 57

  • blah
    blah11 dager siden

    The Blues Brothers

  • Like Hutsksb
    Like Hutsksb11 dager siden

    Come to Kentucky I know where a junk yard is of old cars not a lot of people knows bout

  • Ryan Beyea
    Ryan Beyea11 dager siden

    What's up

  • Ryan Beyea
    Ryan Beyea11 dager siden


    DONAVAN SEABOLT11 dager siden

    That would be cool as a gasser with the ramp trucks old big block

  • MJM’s Workshop
    MJM’s Workshop11 dager siden

    I’m digging the slot mags.

  • The G Automotive And More
    The G Automotive And More12 dager siden

    I had a 1957 Chevy. Bel Air post car. Never should have sold it.

  • tim priddy
    tim priddy12 dager siden

    Steel slots look wicked on her

  • Jamie Mullen
    Jamie Mullen12 dager siden

    Newbern is completely blown away. That's what friendship looks like.

  • Darren Childs
    Darren Childs12 dager siden

    Is this the 57 Newbern is replacing with the green one he just bought in last video

  • Martin Ochoa
    Martin Ochoa12 dager siden

    fin are you gone show us the resto in this channel??

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni12 dager siden

    In 1976 I bought my wife a 1 owner 1956 Belaire deluxe 4 door from some lot in Lompoc Ca. in perfect shape with less than 30k miles. We drove the hell outa it and one night driving thru Utah about 2 in the morning with a kid ,dog and all we owned, came up on someone hauling two 50's chevies. We pulled up beside and drove for a while and then accelerated into the night. Paid 750 bucks for it, drove it for a couple of years and sold it for 750 bucks to pay tuition. You could see the gas gauge drop like a rock on the interstate. no shit!

  • aaron young
    aaron young13 dager siden

    My dad had a old 57 chevy 2 door hardtop in highschool, he went in the navy and came back to it gone.. I wish I could have found one before he died in 2019.

  • Kavinsky Smith
    Kavinsky Smith13 dager siden

    It reminds me of an old line from the saints row games, its a shithole, but its a shithole WITH P-O-T-E-N-T-I-A-L

  • Tim Foster
    Tim Foster13 dager siden

    Your a good friend

  • edwin campbell
    edwin campbell13 dager siden

    throw, sorry but it made me chuckle Fin

  • edwin campbell
    edwin campbell13 dager siden

    LOL Thrrough away.....

  • Alf Gundersen
    Alf Gundersen13 dager siden


  • stude1953
    stude195314 dager siden

    Awesome!! I always wanted to hit on the lottery and do that for my brother. lol

  • Ion Racer
    Ion Racer14 dager siden

    Just go on market place, u'll find all u need all over the country. Thats how i found 70 torino gt parts

  • scott coover
    scott coover14 dager siden

    The 110 '57 Chevy is my dream car .....I grew up in my Dad's salvage yard and there was one there when I was a kid(in better shape then Newburns) and when I was at school one day it got crushed.....and I cried .....I actually think the front clip is still sitting back there...

  • Joe F.
    Joe F.15 dager siden

    Thought this was a VGG post at first glance...

  • Daniel Vrana
    Daniel Vrana15 dager siden

    That was do very cool of you. To do for your helper!!! Man I just respect you so much more and you were up there before from the boat to drags but this was so SOLIDLY GREAT!!!!

    JOFT FERNY15 dager siden

    mike Finnegan = true hero

  • Harold Strickland
    Harold Strickland16 dager siden

    Those are some good bones to build from.

  • Jubal Wright
    Jubal Wright16 dager siden


  • jamie muncy
    jamie muncy16 dager siden

    That was bad ass Finn💯💯

  • chris moss
    chris moss17 dager siden

    Wow that gonna be so sweet

  • Pontiac GrandPrix73
    Pontiac GrandPrix7317 dager siden

    That was a really cool thing you did for your friend, I’m sure your dad would be proud of you

  • Kellen Richard
    Kellen Richard17 dager siden

    Awesome thing to do for a good friend. Bad ass.

  • Doug Helmle
    Doug Helmle17 dager siden

    macon county line!

  • Doug Helmle
    Doug Helmle17 dager siden

    finnigan sounds like a used car salesman .!!!!!!that rust will buff right out!

  • The Sentinel
    The Sentinel17 dager siden

    you're a good man Finn.

  • Jimmy G
    Jimmy G18 dager siden

    I wish I had a friend like that...heck, I just wish I had a friend

  • Aaron Jensen
    Aaron Jensen18 dager siden

    I can't wait to see her finished someday.

  • Iron Horse Garage
    Iron Horse Garage18 dager siden

    Never ending, I think it's actually a disease!!

  • Randy Wilson
    Randy Wilson18 dager siden

    It needs one of everthing!

  • Chris Romero
    Chris Romero18 dager siden

    Hold on... I got something in both my eyes... 🥲 Finnegan is an amazing friend taking care of his friends. Really cool!

  • Edward Ervin
    Edward Ervin18 dager siden

    Very cool Finagin

  • Woody Holland
    Woody Holland19 dager siden

    Great story. And it is in my home town. You guys should have stopped by and had a cold one

  • Sheep Wolf
    Sheep Wolf19 dager siden

    Do you actually throw your stuff THROUGH the dumpters or are they invisible and your shit just goes through them anyway?

  • beldenjay paige
    beldenjay paige19 dager siden

    Hey Finnegan how you doing man... Question: why the name “Blasphemy” for your “55”, just asking, did watch from the start when it needed everything, but today last I seen it ran “8ts” awesome brah 🤙😎👍

  • Marshall Mills

    Marshall Mills

    17 dager siden

    It's spelt balsphemi. Due to the hemi

  • Lee Tester
    Lee Tester19 dager siden

    Love it.

  • Arc DesTriumph
    Arc DesTriumph19 dager siden


  • Jon-Paul Martens
    Jon-Paul Martens20 dager siden

    Best example of being an awesome human! Thanks for being one of the good ones Mike!

  • Huntimer Photography
    Huntimer Photography20 dager siden

    You are way toooooo nice, make me cry

  • Tommy Huffman
    Tommy Huffman20 dager siden

    I cannot WAIT to see the videos on this progress!

  • Aquaberry Backfist
    Aquaberry Backfist20 dager siden


  • clayton
    clayton20 dager siden

    Finnegan love the video's.. Been meaning to ask where in ga. do you live I'm in carrollton..Keep up great work...p.s. david is lucky to have a friend like you

  • Jakub Olaf Strumiłło
    Jakub Olaf Strumiłło20 dager siden

    Like father who just bought first project car for his teenage son xD

  • Alex Ibarra
    Alex Ibarra20 dager siden

    Like a kid in a Candy Store after he found out it was his

  • Czechbound
    Czechbound21 dag siden

    TOP TIP : if you shade your lense with your hand/ a card, you'll eliminate the sun cast on the video

  • Merritt S
    Merritt S21 dag siden

    The only man in ethe word that has more ramp trucks than regular trucks. Yet doesn't use them to go pick up cars 😂😂

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez21 dag siden

    I want a 72 chevelle, feel free and buy one for me, joking aside that was a great gesture. Great video.

  • Harold Woods
    Harold Woods21 dag siden

    is that a '64 Failane sitting next to the 57 Chevy?

  • Harold Woods

    Harold Woods

    21 dag siden

    it is, where is that car?

  • DCL 427LS7
    DCL 427LS721 dag siden

    Tres cool!

  • Wesley Hayley
    Wesley Hayley21 dag siden

    i know where there is a real nice 57. it belonged to a friend of mine who entered the air force because i had but was killed in Iran during that ill fated hostage rescue attempt in the late 70s. last time i saw it it was still sitting in front of his parents house covered from end to end with about 5 inches of tree leaves. R.I.P. David.

  • capt slick
    capt slick21 dag siden

    hey hows the rematch going with the hoonigin guy . from what i saw he blew up shook so hard his beard fell off and ill bet after watching you do a 8 second pass he also lost his balls . hahaa just funny to think

  • matthew turvey
    matthew turvey21 dag siden

    Quick question How can I watch roadkill in Australia after April???

  • ross lambda
    ross lambda21 dag siden

    shes a rough iron peach with potential

  • stumpy0227
    stumpy022721 dag siden

    Get freiburger to hook ya up, he has an entire car for parts, Just sayin. It's sittin out at Steve's farm,

  • Roger Talley
    Roger Talley21 dag siden

    Did he say I'm coming for ya Jeff Lutz?? LoL I love it!

  • shaggy2scooby4you
    shaggy2scooby4you21 dag siden

    what 😳 great guy it's got good bones congrats Newbern

  • Rick Sokol
    Rick Sokol21 dag siden

    Couldn’t help but getting the “Christine” feeling from that car and the owner. Damn shitters need to get off my property 😆

  • Nick Clifford
    Nick Clifford21 dag siden

    I need friends like you bro you're an awesome friend he is a good mechanic and he does deserve it keep good people in your life and good things will happen of course you do all of that anyway you're a badass dude man that was super cool I can't wait to meet you guys someday get your autographs your great people keep up the cool videos you guys are badass

  • Justin Blake
    Justin Blake21 dag siden


  • Wolf Kiff Workshop
    Wolf Kiff Workshop21 dag siden

    That look on Newburns face just shows how stoked he is 😃

  • Wolf Kiff Workshop
    Wolf Kiff Workshop21 dag siden

    I am so glad you are still here on youtube 😆. We are gutted ro hear that Motortrend are closing its doors to the uk 😭

  • fraidykat
    fraidykat21 dag siden

    It's a nice 57 Sedan delivery, what this means is you need 1956/1955 side trim, not 1957 RS10/Etc side trim. I bet those doors will clear right up with the sand blaster or better yet chemical dip. Lots of surface rust, but take that off and see what you have left... On the doors, even if the surfaces don't clean up, the cores could be sheathed.

  • Johnny Hawkins
    Johnny Hawkins21 dag siden

    Id give a hundred dollars for it no questions asked!

  • High Rev Studio
    High Rev Studio22 dager siden

    As someone who is building a 1970 Charger RT and have a 1967 D200 Sweptline, I approve of those project mopars he's got!