RZR on Reaper Wheels digs up Frozen Lake

We spent weeks making these and it cost me a whole RZR 😂 But worth it because I was really curious what would happen. #RZREAPER


  • Tucker Stafford
    Tucker Stafford16 dager siden

    I was in the middle of changing my brakes and as soon as I got the pads off Minnesota DNR showed up and said my truck was unsafe without working brakes. Took 6 weeks to get it out of the impound lot.



    Dag siden

    @Filthy Kallahan hahahaha right..... hows about i just go visit norway, or finland, or christ russia at this point. America in general has made life fairly inequitable for everyone in living there or visiting. Unless your rich. Im ok with not being harassed by a toxic police culture. And that exists in every state. You can keep your shit country with your shit people. Name one thing America does better except having a the bigger bully of a military? And even that is waning in the face of new tech. From an outside perspective looking in. Your country is shit.

  • Filthy Kallahan

    Filthy Kallahan

    Dag siden

    @Jake Esayian Why not, instead of releasing a never ending feast upon the deer BY FUCKING BLOOD THIRSTY WOLVES, they just, you know, allow the people, who could use the food, to kill MORE deer per season. Or maybe make hunting season longer. Nah, fuck it, time to bring in Siberian Tigers to control the wolf population

  • Filthy Kallahan

    Filthy Kallahan

    Dag siden

    @I AM ALPHARIUS That doesn't represent ALL of America. Every State is literally its own little Country, with it's own laws. Some are amazing and free, others are Mini-Dictatorships. Just research and visit the good ones

  • Zebulous


    2 dager siden

    Haha. Sure. Sounds like a shakedown, son!

  • MJB


    3 dager siden

    @Anti Social Justice Warrior You're talking about 90%+ of the planet.

  • 512kjt
    512kjt39 minutter siden

    Dafuq... this dude has 4x the chompers as Annoying Orange.

  • Ice Man
    Ice ManTime siden

    I believe Utah is the place where u come on vacation leave on probation. U Turn Around Here

  • cute_baconhairboiee
    cute_baconhairboieeTime siden

    2:20 how it feels to chew five gum

  • Tim In San Diego
    Tim In San Diego4 timer siden

    THAT is one unique idea!

  • Steve Bly
    Steve Bly5 timer siden

    Mad Max

  • Amani Denholm
    Amani Denholm5 timer siden

    What dumbf$%#s!

  • ShitRocker
    ShitRocker6 timer siden

    This man needs an intervention

  • Robert Dicka
    Robert Dicka6 timer siden

    And this stupid shit is supposed to be entertaining

  • Joe Martin
    Joe Martin9 timer siden

    You should take this to a BLM riot!

  • ProjectDad
    ProjectDad9 timer siden

    Why am I watching this.

  • Edward Price
    Edward Price10 timer siden

    Please tell me this will be in the final season of The Walking Dead ?

  • Armando Vela
    Armando Vela10 timer siden

    The king of youtube fosho 👑

  • George Connell
    George Connell10 timer siden

    If its jackass your going for job well done

  • little philo
    little philo11 timer siden

    Classic idiot with money that has no idea what he is doing! Lets just put solid steel on ice roads. Deep snow would been better. I have a love hate relation trolling just because its so frustrating to see stupidity at its finestt

  • Łukasz M
    Łukasz M14 timer siden


  • Micah Whitmire
    Micah Whitmire14 timer siden

    You better thank the Lord God Almighty that you did not fall threw the ice!!

  • Dara Omer

    Dara Omer

    14 timer siden

    Within the first two minutes he almost killed himself about 14 times

  • R. B. Rozier
    R. B. Rozier15 timer siden

    Minnsota Statute 169.13 RECKLESS OR CARELESS DRIVING. A DNR officer may have enforced the law, but he didn't write it, nor did the DNR. An MSP trooper or county sheriff's deputy or local cop could have, and may have, issued the same citation.

  • ลิขิต อนุสนธิ์
    ลิขิต อนุสนธิ์20 timer siden


  • Jake
    Jake20 timer siden

    Holly Fuck, Dope AF Bruh. Hahaha so savage. Yo can I roll? Shot Gun.....

  • Neat t
    Neat t21 time siden

    Love your videos man 😁👍 this was entertaining as fuck lol

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore22 timer siden


  • Miguel Monteiro
    Miguel Monteiro22 timer siden

    Imagine being rolled over by that.. it would make you a nice Bolognese 😅👌🏻

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller22 timer siden

    Idiots, Join the U.S. Military, they will help you idiots do something constructive with your excess energy.

  • Patron Of Saints
    Patron Of Saints23 timer siden

    These guys seem like fun

  • Titletown Clowns
    Titletown Clowns23 timer siden

    8:10 I don't think I laughed so hard!!! Parts exploding off the machine, the look on your face was priceless!! Keep thrashin' brother.

  • Trapper 747
    Trapper 747Dag siden

    But he does awesome contant

  • Trapper 747
    Trapper 747Dag siden

    Can we just talk about him almost hitting those wheels

  • max branton
    max brantonDag siden

    you should get a golf cart

  • Don oh
    Don ohDag siden

    I'm pretty sure this guy is going to die making a video. I don't want it to happen, I'm just pretty damn positive that it will.

  • John Wange
    John WangeDag siden

    What are you talking about "careless operation." You wouldnt be there if you didnt care...

  • Jim Jakosh
    Jim JakoshDag siden

    Lucky one of these spears did not break off and hist the driver!!They are not worth the effort to make!

  • Mhauser94
    Mhauser94Dag siden

    That noise is something else!

  • BeserkerKnight
    BeserkerKnightDag siden

    zombie apocalypse car check /

  • ScyllaOnTracks
    ScyllaOnTracksDag siden

    I like how the just destroyes his whole porperty on accident lol

  • Ricardo Villada
    Ricardo VilladaDag siden

    Fools with money spending obscene amounts

  • Nicola MacKay
    Nicola MacKayDag siden

    can you make a video aboput your new truck

  • Abdulrahman Albuhayri
    Abdulrahman AlbuhayriDag siden

    Now that's Merica everyone in the world respect

  • Your Motherslame
    Your MotherslameDag siden

    bro youre crazy, i wouldnt get within a mile of that thing

  • Chase Bailiff
    Chase BailiffDag siden

    I hope I’m not the only one that started to sweat at the beginning of the video.

  • Warren Cross
    Warren CrossDag siden

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  • apiece ofdirt
    apiece ofdirtDag siden


  • DeContractor
    DeContractorDag siden

    This guy does such stupidly outrageous stunts that I thought it was just by sheer luck that he succesfully pulled them off. Now I'm convinced he's a pure genius and I'm the ignorant one.

  • Jan Bodak
    Jan BodakDag siden

    Super wow.

  • Brayley Blades
    Brayley BladesDag siden


  • Dead trim
    Dead trimDag siden

    Bro imagine the shit n scratchy’s he had from all the fiberglass!

  • filthyni gger
    filthyni ggerDag siden

    Filthy pigs

  • Rodney Hoadley
    Rodney Hoadley2 dager siden

    I don't feel safe standing on two foot thick ice with a crack in it but it's cool laying underneath this broken trampoline with 2-foot spikes ready to penetrate my skull great video

  • Stephen
    Stephen2 dager siden

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  • kingdom music
    kingdom music2 dager siden

    It will happen without any warning , not one , in an instant , catching people off guard just like God always does, ie the flood , sodom and gomorrah ~ a rude awakening . No one knows the exact day or hour the rapture will happen is a certainty and The rapture will happen without a doubt, but there will be a revival NOW in the USA and worldwide FIRST which is what this is leading to now, many many souls turning to Christ Jesus for sure . THEN the rapture will happen after this when the last soul is brought in to Christ Jesus' protection . we are in the last days for sure( and yes a few years converts to hours and goes by quickly , and the rapture is highly likely to happen ANYTIME within the next several years OR MAYBE EVEN LESS , 3-5 years Max OR LESS If that , but no more , due to the time table has run out for Gods plan on gentile christians according to > all time lines then< shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

  • The KC Yard
    The KC Yard2 dager siden

    Guy was wasted the whole last part of the video

  • Simply Beautiful Landscaping services
    Simply Beautiful Landscaping services2 dager siden

    Lol it looks sick with new wheels

  • Simply Beautiful Landscaping services
    Simply Beautiful Landscaping services2 dager siden

    Lol i was like hopefully there was 1 in the nest just for extra fun

  • Survivor central
    Survivor central2 dager siden

    As a middle class civilian I hate how you destroy stuff

  • Mathew
    Mathew2 dager siden

    "Come on vacation: Leave on probation." Hahaha

  • Jocelyn Newman
    Jocelyn Newman2 dager siden

    Yall are psychos like you ripped through the ceiling bro!!

  • fuck you
    fuck you2 dager siden

    Man he could have died GD

  • Bobby Tucker
    Bobby Tucker2 dager siden

    That's strange, no slipping and sliding? Why is that? lol.

  • callmenort nortin
    callmenort nortin2 dager siden

    What a total asshole! and self taught at that!

  • Aklijaman Jainag
    Aklijaman Jainag2 dager siden

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  • David R
    David R2 dager siden


  • Dragon800
    Dragon8002 dager siden

    come on WD i thought you'd have brought extra tie rods arent you used to those breaking lol

  • Арслан Ахтямов
    Арслан Ахтямов2 dager siden

    Жаль что я тебя не понимаю:(((((

  • Robert Brooks
    Robert Brooks2 dager siden

    two things...This kid has to have more money than brains and the silly, childish attempt at humor is very annoying

  • yawdi zzarr
    yawdi zzarr2 dager siden

    Too much money n free time on his hands smh

  • George The critic
    George The critic2 dager siden


  • Hilt
    Hilt2 dager siden

    Вот это реально шипованные колёса!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max Schmerz
    Max Schmerz2 dager siden

    If Kids with too much Money get bored....

  • kyl76
    kyl762 dager siden

    Mad Max

  • JENS Liermann
    JENS Liermann2 dager siden

    learning by pain- generation. lot of money and no brain

    CTRL SHIFT N2 dager siden

    That's why the non-linear Finite Element analyses are required during the design stage.

  • Bongdan
    Bongdan2 dager siden

    is he still alive ?

  • bussy willO
    bussy willO2 dager siden

    Bruh i was just scrolling through and found this 😂 youre like an American version of Maxmoefoe

  • phil mortlock
    phil mortlock3 dager siden

    Please get a telegram account Cody my brother. I am getting a sticker for my ute and a long sleeve shirt for me but social security only buys me so much free shit every fortnight. Its so funny I own my house and don't work so I have plenty of cash for Whistlin Diesel Merchandise, I shall have it all mwahaha thanks Australian government you noodles.

  • Laggy2000
    Laggy20003 dager siden

    Sooo what were those little girl screams what the heck

  • J G
    J G3 dager siden

    Can you do some mountain climbing on some really steep inclines with some of these spiked wheels on a decently powered vehicle in the future? Then a tug of war with Monster Max against one of these in the snow somewhere where you won't get harassed at least for a video?

  • Gjdjd Gzhdj
    Gjdjd Gzhdj3 dager siden

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  • PavePusher
    PavePusher3 dager siden

    In the dictionary, under the word 'fucktarded'.....

  • Pink Lion
    Pink Lion3 dager siden

    HeavyDSpark better

  • idk
    idk3 dager siden

    I am only one minute into the video and I can affirm that you are insane... ly entertaining!

  • The lego factory
    The lego factory3 dager siden

    Minnesota dnr a bunch of dick bags, growing up with them and living on a lake they bunch of assholes

  • ND Outdoor Prepper Leather
    ND Outdoor Prepper Leather3 dager siden

    I cannot believe that is good on wheel bearings either. OK now that I watched the vid, ya gotta take that out this summer and hit the swamps with it. Either amazing or total failure. LOL

  • Jonas Aurelius
    Jonas Aurelius3 dager siden

    in an ideal world you wouldn't get fined or penalized for stuff like this, however the reason they do is because most people, like you. are immensely stupid and uncaring about anything that doesn't directly impact them in the moment basically we all have less fun because you're an idiot, this is just scaled up to a societal level

  • Romyn Gudmundson III
    Romyn Gudmundson III3 dager siden

    What area of Minnesota do that be in, I live damn near on the Canadian border and they don’t care at all

  • Gunnyputin
    Gunnyputin3 dager siden

    Next time with giant urchin

  • plbalint
    plbalint3 dager siden

    Best zombie apocalypse vehicle

  • Ян Гайсенок
    Ян Гайсенок3 dager siden


  • that_frog_gamer
    that_frog_gamer3 dager siden

    I live in minnesota and I've never heard something so stupid as getting a fine on the ice I literally saw people drag racing the other day like wth

  • robert knight
    robert knight3 dager siden

    hate the punk enforcers of satan's tyrannies

  • Proud Titanic Denier
    Proud Titanic Denier3 dager siden

    i want to see a motorcycle with these

  • Aaron Gentry
    Aaron Gentry3 dager siden

    Wow that is one of the dumbest things I've seen youtubers do for content. And I watched that guy get his jaw broke for pranks.

  • Zx Clips
    Zx Clips3 dager siden

    In the first five seconds of the video when I saw him fall threw the attic I new there was gonna be good content

  • Stephen Smalldridge
    Stephen Smalldridge4 dager siden

    Just a dumb ass with to much money to tare up good equipment Not impressed

  • Mike Pelletier
    Mike Pelletier4 dager siden

    I didn’t feel comfortable when Cody was under the trampoline with those reaper wheels

  • sickembrace
    sickembrace4 dager siden


  • Brad Riley
    Brad Riley4 dager siden

    This thing puts the saying "you don't need to fix it till it starts sounding like two cats fucking in a dumpster" to shame. This sounds like all the cats in the world (all breeds, not just housecats) went to the empire state building and started an orgy of pain and suffering, then took the offspring of millions and millions of cats... and shoved it in a blender on high. Turn off the audio and this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

  • Dillon Bayouth
    Dillon Bayouth4 dager siden

    i lost half of my brain cells watching this

  • Dragon800
    Dragon8004 dager siden

    if you took two spikes and welded them together so its like a boxed in spike that would hold up a lot better I bet. if you get what I mean kinda like making a square with two pieces of angle iron.

  • Naui Diver
    Naui Diver4 dager siden

    Weigh that bic down bring a scuba tank and regulator and go through a pond or lake

  • Brian Spangle
    Brian Spangle4 dager siden

    When he buys insurance do you think they immediately get a supervisor?