Scary Candy | Stump Sohla


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Starring: Sohla El-Waylly
Director: Brad Cash
Camera: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Editor: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Producers: Andrew Rea, Sawyer Jacobs, Kevin Grosch, Jessica Opon, and Emilija Saxe
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  • Sdx
    SdxDag siden

    I love their combination so much! This is one of those things i never get bored while watching!!

  • Fwibos
    FwibosDag siden

    Sohla sucks, Babby sucks. What she said about Brad and Chris is very bitter grapes.

  • Jenna Ballinger
    Jenna BallingerDag siden

    OK so when you redo the board, one needs to be ASMR foods.

  • Yui Yumekawa
    Yui Yumekawa2 dager siden

    In this episode, we watch Sohla get revenge on Andrew for all his pestering.

  • Isabelle A.
    Isabelle A.3 dager siden

    She has jaiden animations vibes

  • Daniel Duffee
    Daniel Duffee3 dager siden


  • Joseph Madder
    Joseph Madder3 dager siden

    "Watch your back" *throws fake cockroach* "aaaaaaaa...AH!"

  • Cheese Destroyer
    Cheese Destroyer3 dager siden

    Crickets are a very popular snack where I'm from.

  • Tian Rui Thiang
    Tian Rui Thiang3 dager siden

    Coriander? Meh.

  • Emily Elder
    Emily Elder4 dager siden

    Where can I find a Babish

  • Local And Online Precious Metals
    Local And Online Precious Metals4 dager siden

    23:48 when Sohla/Babish laughed 😂🤣👍

  • bianca bianca
    bianca bianca4 dager siden

    the insects covered in chocolate could be good stand-ins for raisinets

  • Erica G.
    Erica G.5 dager siden

    I've had cheddar flavored dried crickets, and BBQ mealworms. Was surpricingly good XD

  • Kiara Reyes Gamas
    Kiara Reyes Gamas5 dager siden

    Cannot stop laughing at the babish voiceover

  • Ezekiel Mulder
    Ezekiel Mulder6 dager siden

    Fried maggots are actually really good. They taste like popcorn.

  • Dizzie Lazickas
    Dizzie Lazickas6 dager siden

    I love this woman

  • BLUU Mana
    BLUU Mana6 dager siden

    For some reason I though the Title said “Rat Killer Kit Kat”

  • Nina Nooneknows
    Nina Nooneknows6 dager siden

    The editing was great here! The sub-titles for the title cards however went by really fast (like "couldn't read it" fast). But great job with the atmosphere.

  • Protronica
    Protronica7 dager siden

    Why is she an orange peel

  • Forrest Gabriel Cruz
    Forrest Gabriel Cruz7 dager siden

    "I wanna make my own M&M" Claire: did someone called me?

  • SomeGuy
    SomeGuy7 dager siden

    I come to watch you and not that Bon Appetit reject, Sohla. She's poison. Won't be watching anything she's in.

  • C GrayGirl
    C GrayGirl7 dager siden

    Sohla is having a Claire moment with this recreation of commercial candy lol

  • Ashley Elizabeth
    Ashley Elizabeth7 dager siden

    "You know what really scares me... Climate Change" me too Sohla, me too

  • The King of Antarctica
    The King of Antarctica8 dager siden

    Easy hack: Put razors in the candy to make them even scarier.

  • Tevin C
    Tevin C8 dager siden

    She's like a joyful mash of Dora the explora and Velma 😂

  • James Breh
    James Breh8 dager siden

    Nice Job. You guys have great chemistry together. Thank you Sohla!

  • Bluestoneklutz
    Bluestoneklutz8 dager siden

    The way bradcash edits the video reminds me a lot of Unus Annus 😭

  • cutei zombi
    cutei zombi8 dager siden

    A granola bar that is evil LOL

  • Jan Jan
    Jan Jan8 dager siden

    SohlASMR lol

  • Rex Tassy
    Rex Tassy8 dager siden

    Most kids: "ew!!! Granola bars for Halloween?!" Me: "finally! My favorite treat!"

  • Asha Greyeyes
    Asha Greyeyes9 dager siden

    Dat tea voice over!

  • G Smith
    G Smith9 dager siden

    Freeze dried Thanksgiving... Okay 🤔 Christmas on-a-stick?

  • Ash Night
    Ash Night9 dager siden

    Wauw, those apples look like the poison apples from Snow White

  • Rey Rex
    Rey Rex9 dager siden

    Almost exclusively watches scary movies? Bruh if Sohla don’t get cast for the next live action Velma I’ll do almost nothing besides thing “what a waste she’d probably kill that role” Ya know, only if she wanted to, who knows maybe the gang will need to temper chocolate for a trap

  • TheBakedDonut20
    TheBakedDonut209 dager siden

    Who the hell is this lady, & why the hell am i now hearing of her?

  • Jay Rathbun
    Jay Rathbun9 dager siden

    Get Sohla a new scale, holy toledo!

  • DaniProGamer
    DaniProGamer10 dager siden

    Episode 1057 Dora scared her grandma now her grandma's heart doesn't bump

  • aratosm
    aratosm10 dager siden

    I miss the test kitchen.

  • Maverick Smith
    Maverick Smith10 dager siden

    I was promised a link to fake cockroaches. What a lie

  • Lizard_Wizard
    Lizard_Wizard10 dager siden

    This is so wholesome and hilarious, I genuinely laughed out loud so many times omg. All of the random spooky noises and zoom ins did scare me a bit too lol

  • Jenn W
    Jenn W10 dager siden

    That cocktail had an ungodly amount of whiskey...

  • Plagued
    Plagued10 dager siden

    cilantro isn't that bad tastes like irish spring ngl

  • Morgan Boutwell
    Morgan Boutwell10 dager siden

    What a great episode! The editing game is strong!

  • Matt Senju
    Matt Senju10 dager siden

    She kinda looks like the daughter from bob’s the video:)

  • Nolan Murphy
    Nolan Murphy11 dager siden

    "Going right for the almond joy" As Sohla stares at the camera in fear

  • maan bantiles
    maan bantiles11 dager siden

    I love Sohla's laugh!

  • Bryan Murray
    Bryan Murray11 dager siden

    She should have jsut recreated the almond joys with cilantro mixed into the coconut mixture.

  • Bryan Murray
    Bryan Murray11 dager siden

    This gives me some Gourmet Makes Vibes. But I feel like Claire would hate to have to do this, more than Babish does eating it.

  • Daniela
    Daniela11 dager siden

    sohla adding the burbon just made me think of the two shots of vodka meme 🤣

  • 500 Niles
    500 Niles11 dager siden

    35:05 now that made me jump--Girl sounds like she was right behind me with my spatial audio headphones

  • Alex Kim
    Alex Kim11 dager siden

    Is it just me or Sohla is tad bit off?

  • Sunil Singh
    Sunil Singh12 dager siden

    this is kinda like gourmet makes but except sohlae doesn't need help

  • blahblahblah9267
    blahblahblah926712 dager siden

    This is worse than every single one of Brad's episodes.

  • Oobleck
    Oobleck12 dager siden

    I love stump sohla I also wanna see sohla make normal foodssss teach me all your secrets sohlaaaaa (including veggie/pescatarian stuff pleeeeaaaseeeee)!

  • Chrx Unleashed
    Chrx Unleashed12 dager siden

    To bad she looks like a foot

  • littlesabe
    littlesabe12 dager siden

    I sure hope you're paying Kendall for being on camera.

  • MopRocks
    MopRocks12 dager siden

    “You know what really scares me, though- is climate change.”

  • squirtiusmaximus
    squirtiusmaximus12 dager siden

    I laughed SO hard when Sohla said "How's my talking" and producer replied "Good lots of energy" and she muttered "not in my heart"!! bahaha 🤣

  • Uhhh
    Uhhh12 dager siden

    Sohla has such great energy!

  • Fonti Kar
    Fonti Kar12 dager siden

    How they bite into that kitkat....SAVAGES!

  • Jessica D'Aulerio
    Jessica D'Aulerio12 dager siden

    august uncommon teas has a loose leaf lapsang blend with morello cherries called Outlaw, and it's fantastic. i feel like it would work well in that drink.

  • Siena Lei
    Siena Lei12 dager siden

    Solha and June from Delish have similar evil genius energy

  • VirtualKidAvenue
    VirtualKidAvenue13 dager siden

    A shot... of bourbon *dumps the whole thing and half if another*

  • Steve 'Archnin' Wagstaff
    Steve 'Archnin' Wagstaff13 dager siden

    As a non-American I have to question the use of corn syrup - I'd be making all of that without it as none of it needs it. Otherwise this was fantastic to watch and I'm happy to see Sohla having so much fun!

  • Ninon Morel-Almonte
    Ninon Morel-Almonte13 dager siden

    more sohla asmr please!

  • Just'n Briseno
    Just'n Briseno13 dager siden

    You should have just made everything completely normal and then told him something was wrong with them. It would drive him mad

  • G Sol
    G Sol13 dager siden

    Sohla is the delightful, emo version of Dora I need in my life

  • Shreya Rao
    Shreya Rao13 dager siden

    “He’s gonna hate that. Great!”

  • Dohyden2
    Dohyden213 dager siden

    Babish is gonna have nightmares about the salantro kitkat

  • Ijeme Imolorhe
    Ijeme Imolorhe13 dager siden

    Mia Travis. She's like a grown up Mia Travis with a hair cut.

  • Victoria Gonzales
    Victoria Gonzales13 dager siden

    We need Sohla's fave horror movies themed meals xD love her!!!

  • chelz
    chelz13 dager siden

    not me scrolling to find the shady comments about chocolate tempering lolol we stan sohla forever

  • bridget baumgarten
    bridget baumgarten13 dager siden

    I am offended. I LOVE RAISINS

  • Neil The Hermit
    Neil The Hermit13 dager siden

    Seriously so happy to see Sohla being allowed to shine! - Kudos to Babish for getting such talent on this show,and equal kudos to the production team whose recording and editting is spot on.

  • FramesPerSecond
    FramesPerSecond14 dager siden

    She gave away what they were too quickly

  • FramesPerSecond
    FramesPerSecond14 dager siden

    Yeah...Sohla isn’t good at asmr...

  • Beatrice Otter
    Beatrice Otter14 dager siden

    I am curious as to where one purchases edible insects. But I suppose you can order anything online ...

  • Nick W
    Nick W14 dager siden


  • Richard Sussan
    Richard Sussan15 dager siden

    I like how she says "spooky, scary... (**pauses for a couple seconds**) oh so we have a skeleton"

  • Jeroen Claes
    Jeroen Claes15 dager siden

    Does anyone know what food coloring she's using?

  • Emi Cv
    Emi Cv15 dager siden

    Hi, new sub. Love your content!

  • Wickedly Read
    Wickedly Read15 dager siden

    I never watched Sohla before, but I've heard such good things. Now I know why people love her, holy smokes! "You know what really scares me? Climate change." Wow, hahaha. This was a great video.

  • Antonio Girifalco
    Antonio Girifalco15 dager siden

    If I look at it I die. Sohla is so cute. Big win for Babby getting her on board.

  • Roy D
    Roy D15 dager siden

    Her laugh is so weird and fake and irritating

  • Reuben Simon
    Reuben Simon16 dager siden

    So much promise, so little reward.

  • Whodo Voodoo
    Whodo Voodoo16 dager siden

    Sohla is like a long lost member of the Addams family.

  • Stacie DaPonte
    Stacie DaPonte16 dager siden

    Crickets are underrated and really delicious in caramel corn

  • zhanlida b6000
    zhanlida b600016 dager siden

    That caramel apple looked so good!!!

  • Mister Roboto999
    Mister Roboto99916 dager siden

    Ah yes, featuring Sohla "Not an Alcoholic" El-Waylly

  • Sheri Barnett
    Sheri Barnett16 dager siden

    “Yeahhh. Tuck ‘im in. Go to bed.”

  • Julia Olive
    Julia Olive17 dager siden

    sohla is a gift.

  • Rob Tyman
    Rob Tyman17 dager siden

    In the UK Cilantro is called 'Coriander'. Most Brits won't have a clue what you're talking about if you mention the word 'Cilantro'.

  • Mineacc00
    Mineacc0017 dager siden

    wheres boots and diego?

  • Maize Wallin
    Maize Wallin17 dager siden

    Sohla truly CAN make maggot filling "delightful"

  • MrKirby365
    MrKirby36517 dager siden

    So I totally jumped when they made the horror movie noises when sola dropped her apple i felt so silly congratulations jump scare activated

  • Dakota Redd
    Dakota Redd17 dager siden

    Give eating bugs a chance guys! They’re actually pretty good when prepared correctly. Sour cream and onion crickets are Delicious

  • Der Shrimpi
    Der Shrimpi17 dager siden

    At first I was like "A new show on the channel where someone else cooks something? Meh." but I really came to appreciate Sohla and all her creativity, talent, and skill. She's an awesome addition to this channel!

  • DelusionalDreamers
    DelusionalDreamers17 dager siden

    Sohla, I too want something to bleed

  • Furlough 2020
    Furlough 202018 dager siden

    Sohlas execution looks amateurish

  • A Blind M0use
    A Blind M0use18 dager siden

    23:48 made me crack up 😂