Scottish Girl Ruins Anime


Drumsy makes Scottish girl Illy live in an anime.
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  • 아너드Arnerd
    아너드Arnerd25 minutter siden

    the most hilarious part LMAO 8:20

  • nubs
    nubs36 minutter siden

    Why has illy got jiggle physics?????😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mays World
    Mays World7 timer siden

    AnD sHoVe It Up YoUr FaWkInG aRse

  • Just moon -w-
    Just moon -w-12 timer siden

    I watched attack on Titan bc of this vid

  • Darrell Maxwell
    Darrell Maxwell13 timer siden

    i like how the naruto VR gang is in it that's just cool

  • Dogeofwar41
    Dogeofwar4114 timer siden

    (When he go to mha) me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I14 timer siden

    Naruto always has the upper hand

  • Stacy Zavisch
    Stacy Zavisch17 timer siden

    This video has taught me that naruto is a pervert.

  • Liam Cobill
    Liam Cobill17 timer siden

    Where the fu*k is dragon ball z

  • Mini lagg
    Mini lagg20 timer siden

    69k likes, noice.

  • Voidifi
    Voidifi21 time siden

    I’m 😂 crying lol

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy23 timer siden

    ..I sound Scottish I just realized.

    CAIDEN HOSTOSDag siden

    "it doesn't madder what your quirk is it doesnt even matter if you have a quirk it matters on the inside" "i have menangitis" deku-2021

  • Smurf Stanford
    Smurf StanfordDag siden

    I want more aot

  • Winter Steve
    Winter SteveDag siden

    It’s kinda awkward when Japanese speaks to American,but worse with Scottish.

  • Splixzard
    SplixzardDag siden

    Drumsy: *looks closer to Illy's shirt* Me: I-I don't consent to this-

  • { Baby Angel } Afton
    { Baby Angel } AftonDag siden


  • Moses Lausa
    Moses LausaDag siden

    69k likes my dude

  • rodrigo martins
    rodrigo martinsDag siden

    Anime is temporary but DOOM is ETERNAL

  • Christopher Harris
    Christopher HarrisDag siden

    He just burned him in vr

  • Your Waifu is Shit
    Your Waifu is ShitDag siden

    "Hoe Kage"

  • Gamecrasher
    GamecrasherDag siden

    Zeke: If you look down here, you can see why they call me the beast titan. Me: The fbi would like to know your location

  • yourpurplesista aftons,fnaf
    yourpurplesista aftons,fnafDag siden

    My friends trying to hype me up to take a score in basket ball: me : 6:19

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku MidoriyaDag siden

    Hey it’s me!

  • whiterabbit75
    whiterabbit75Dag siden

    Illy: I don't know what my quirk is. [sweater puppy bouncing intensifies]

  • Zay
    ZayDag siden

    Why Naruto sound like Pinocchio from shrek?

  • Sebastian Smith
    Sebastian SmithDag siden

    Hey I’m Scottish and I can say that she absolutely represents how most Scottish people act which is swearing a lot and insulting people

  • Aaron Vasquez
    Aaron VasquezDag siden

    sup to malachichi and vezypoo

  • i use this account to
    i use this account toDag siden

    I like attack on titan more.

  • Midway Llama
    Midway LlamaDag siden

    Can you wear it at a funeral? Well I’m going to a funeral tomorrow so I should wear it

  • Clueless bacon
    Clueless baconDag siden


  • Clueless bacon
    Clueless baconDag siden


  • Clueless bacon
    Clueless baconDag siden


  • leilany Munoz
    leilany MunozDag siden


  • Maddison Perkins
    Maddison PerkinsDag siden

    Euro-Peein' My mom heard the joke and she died of laughter

  • Ziiquan Mcleod
    Ziiquan McleodDag siden

    she has a nice voice

  • boardante
    boardanteDag siden

    illy got a new avatar 😳😳

  • Laurynn Green
    Laurynn GreenDag siden

    "my doctor says my quirk is that my bones don't work that good :{"

  • Oliver Ybanez
    Oliver YbanezDag siden

    When you guys go to aot I laugh at BBQ

  • Tracey Cronin
    Tracey Cronin2 dager siden

    Naruto ruins anime

  • xin sun
    xin sun2 dager siden

    All the mha ppl i know Bakugou Deku/midoriya Jiro Mina Mineta Kirishima Todorki Mr. Aiswa

  • Ice Skulls
    Ice Skulls2 dager siden

    that naruto made me cry

  • The Bois
    The Bois2 dager siden

    4:53 most funniest moment to me

  • The Bois
    The Bois2 dager siden

    1:06 sasukes reaction

  • Melanie Van der Beek
    Melanie Van der Beek2 dager siden

    *Euro-peeing XD*

  • Drew Benn
    Drew Benn2 dager siden

    Ah yes the best Scottish anime I've seen by far

  • Roblox king 101 Aziz
    Roblox king 101 Aziz2 dager siden

    Drumsy more like funsy

  • Pure bloodmoon
    Pure bloodmoon2 dager siden

    when you laugh so loud you wake your fucking dad up

  • Cj P
    Cj P2 dager siden

    The naruto sounds like Pinocchio from shrek

  • Daveon Rimmer
    Daveon Rimmer2 dager siden

    i think i found my new motto thanks mom

  • Soupy_53 Gaming
    Soupy_53 Gaming2 dager siden

    Naruto killed me with his voice

  • Sleepy Soul
    Sleepy Soul2 dager siden

    Am I the only one thinking that the paper people are the voice actors of Spoodly Poofs

  • CastleBloxFilms
    CastleBloxFilms2 dager siden

    “You smell like blueberries” I L o v e B l u e b e r r i e s

  • Eunice amber alexis Arciaga
    Eunice amber alexis Arciaga2 dager siden

    The last one they just want some barbeques 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • preston affleck
    preston affleck2 dager siden

    ok the attack on titan part of the video just got me laughing

  • njokuman
    njokuman2 dager siden

    Naruto sounds like a muppet marge simpson.

  • { Jaelynn Lãche Gacha }
    { Jaelynn Lãche Gacha }2 dager siden

    I watched ur tiktoks and somehow ur on my page on yt

  • Goku Alzeabaq
    Goku Alzeabaq2 dager siden

    I love anime

  • Blue Topaz
    Blue Topaz2 dager siden

    No JoJO

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith2 dager siden


  • robert franklin
    robert franklin2 dager siden

    Btw if you get suspended from school you stll go there you just cant be at the school for s bit

  • Lorenzo Gutierrez
    Lorenzo Gutierrez2 dager siden


  • yourpurplesista aftons,fnaf
    yourpurplesista aftons,fnaf3 dager siden

    NOO DEKU😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

  • Hannah Dela Cruz
    Hannah Dela Cruz3 dager siden

    Even attack on titan is there! Wow

  • Hannah Dela Cruz
    Hannah Dela Cruz3 dager siden

    Theres also a naruto youtouber there

  • Hannah Dela Cruz
    Hannah Dela Cruz3 dager siden

    Why is there naruto characters there

  • katsuki Bakugou
    katsuki Bakugou3 dager siden

    "if you american when you go into the bathroom and american when you come out what are you when your in the bathroom...Eoura-peean"big titty scottish girl

  • Kaylle Salvado
    Kaylle Salvado3 dager siden

    i nearly puked (not from the video but randomly and it was hella acidic)

  • x-tra mayo
    x-tra mayo3 dager siden

    0:50 it’s true tho

  • Don't Lick
    Don't Lick3 dager siden

    I wanna meet Illi she seems funny

  • 002 QUEEN
    002 QUEEN3 dager siden

    I follow u in tik tok

  • exiled dragon
    exiled dragon3 dager siden

    right lad illy be your mscot here and for S cotland FREEEEEDOOOOOOOM

  • Baku Kiri
    Baku Kiri3 dager siden

    I knew there was malachichi in here

  • Eren Jeager
    Eren Jeager3 dager siden

    Naruto to hinata: move ya ass Lol

  • Millatime716
    Millatime7163 dager siden

    Where did todoroki come from

  • Johnoi K. Green
    Johnoi K. Green3 dager siden

    Ima go euarapeeing

  • Tiahny The Panda
    Tiahny The Panda3 dager siden

    this gives me life

  • mehmed ismailov
    mehmed ismailov3 dager siden

    I like Naruto.

  • ItzCherryy
    ItzCherryy3 dager siden

    why does illy have jigley b**bs

  • pander pan
    pander pan3 dager siden

    what is wrong with deku

  • a wolf with internet access
    a wolf with internet access4 dager siden

    when he said: "yawl having a barbaque?" i felt that 😫😔

  • Solar Hub
    Solar Hub4 dager siden

    i love mha

  • Armin was toasted. roasted.
    Armin was toasted. roasted.4 dager siden


  • Armin was toasted. roasted.

    Armin was toasted. roasted.

    4 dager siden


  • Armin was toasted. roasted.

    Armin was toasted. roasted.

    4 dager siden


  • Fluffywall
    Fluffywall4 dager siden

    “She’s Scottish, she’s a girl, she’ll even eat a squirrel.” Drumsy 2021-

  • Dr. Barry Mushrooms
    Dr. Barry Mushrooms4 dager siden

    Bruhhh, the spoilers, I cant watch you channel anymore cause it's now based around naruto 😭😭

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki4 dager siden

    I never knew u were in the vezypoo channel

  • Zelene Wong An An
    Zelene Wong An An4 dager siden

    I like that the language that's on the board is Chinese but there studying japanese

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki4 dager siden

    never knew naruto was in it.

  • Ralph Garcia
    Ralph Garcia4 dager siden

    does the other guy channels

  • Laila Cardenas
    Laila Cardenas4 dager siden

    I love how y’all made my hero academia in the video, I just love when my hero academia is in some videos your videos make my day

  • Maci Tobar
    Maci Tobar4 dager siden

    When he said welcome to mha I freaked out bc most ppl I know don’t watch mha so it’s shocking to see it on yt

    LBOUNCER4 dager siden

    That is exactly how to attack on Titan should have been

    LBOUNCER4 dager siden

    Yay attack on Titan

  • StiCkY X BuTtOn
    StiCkY X BuTtOn4 dager siden

    Naruto: "...If you're gonna call me a " hoe", you better add "-kage" to it..." 😂💀

  • Aiko Green
    Aiko Green4 dager siden

    Zaddy levii

  • Sho
    Sho4 dager siden

    xD I have no words to say except for these words 8m saying right now xD

  • brody Carter
    brody Carter4 dager siden

    if you look down there you can see why they call me the beast titan :|

  • night exploreler
    night exploreler4 dager siden

  • common sense
    common sense4 dager siden

    Meningitis kid: his quirk is that his bones are broken Illy: her quirk is she's the only Scottish person in the episode

  • qwerty games
    qwerty games4 dager siden