SCP-343 "God" (SCP Animation)

Film og animasjon

TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation SAFE class object, SCP-343 Animation.
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SCP 343, also known as "God", is a male, seemingly race-less, humanoid in appearance with apparent omnipotence.
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  • Haneen Aljaroo
    Haneen Aljaroo58 minutter siden

    Rubber:ITS GOD Me:liar God: HAMBURGER Me:WHAT THE FU-

  • Lauren Jimenez
    Lauren JimenezTime siden

    SCP-343 : * likes talking * Me : * introvert * RIP

  • ZᴇɴAʀᴛsシ
    ZᴇɴAʀᴛsシ8 timer siden

    Jesus Christ

    JOHN XYRIEL BUENO8 timer siden

    God is in the heaven not a scp!

  • Kyle Romero

    Kyle Romero

    Time siden

    It's just a fan world made by people

  • Iswary Therupathy
    Iswary Therupathy9 timer siden

    Scp 343 kill????

  • Mohd Ghani Musa
    Mohd Ghani Musa9 timer siden

    God cannot be seen

  • I Circumcised Monkeys After Following Children
    I Circumcised Monkeys After Following Children15 timer siden

    Atheist: "God doesn't exist" God: Yo i heard you like a cheese burger with strips of bacon

  • Legend Treecko
    Legend Treecko17 timer siden

    I am thinking about some stories arent ended.

  • gary meyer
    gary meyer18 timer siden

    hey rubber i love your videos! keep up the good work! :D

  • Miguel Trinidad Garcia
    Miguel Trinidad Garcia19 timer siden

    Why would they contain god.?

  • Kyle Romero

    Kyle Romero

    Time siden


  • Swordanimates
    Swordanimates21 time siden

    Not real god

  • Kyle Romero

    Kyle Romero

    Time siden

    he is God but from a world made from other people

  • Ares
    Ares21 time siden

    It looks like slender man:/

  • T P
    T PDag siden

    Epic termination I must say

  • •VixenVanHellsington •
    •VixenVanHellsington •Dag siden

    Him: god Me: Hindu Him: creator of the universe Me: B R A H M A *praying intensifies*

  • •VixenVanHellsington •

    •VixenVanHellsington •

    11 timer siden

    @mestre da diversão oh, i didnt know that! Im not a drinker lol but for Hindus , Brahma is our god of creation

  • mestre da diversão

    mestre da diversão

    12 timer siden

    brahma is a beer company here in Brazil lol

  • Toatepi Nau
    Toatepi NauDag siden


  • Black Lighting
    Black LightingDag siden

    god is not scp.....

  • Kyle Romero

    Kyle Romero

    Time siden

    it's a different world made by people

  • Exhilirous
    ExhilirousDag siden

    Imagine being god and just H A M B O R G E R

  • BlehIsKenneth
    BlehIsKennethDag siden

    other scps: *hot or scary* this video: G O D

  • Mr Capone
    Mr CaponeDag siden

    Right when I saw the thumbnail and title my fingers said *”I am speed”*

  • Brenton Gamerboy
    Brenton GamerboyDag siden

    Are you sure this is god? Or eleven?

  • Kyle Romero

    Kyle Romero

    Time siden

    then how did he go through a wall

  • Hanuman Ji
    Hanuman JiDag siden


  • Brick Craft
    Brick CraftDag siden

    "piss" bruh he said a bad word Ooooh

  • Christian Cordero
    Christian CorderoDag siden

    Staff- Who are you? SCP-343- I'm God Staff- What can you do? SCP-343- Watch and learn Staff- A hamburger? SC-343- Yup Staff- Thats it? SCP-343- Mhm Staff- But your God, you can literally do anything SCP-343- Thats true Staff- SO EVEN THOUGH YOUR GOD, THE ONLY THAT CAME IN MIND WAS A BURGER!?!?! SCP-343- Hit it right on the spot Staff- I give up

  • Rim 159
    Rim 159Dag siden

    So what does this video proof, 343 is just a powerful reality bender, close to a god but not exactly.

  • Kyle Romero

    Kyle Romero

    Time siden

    idk he maybe god is or god

  • Tennin
    TenninDag siden

    0:17 : ALARM. A LOLICON. CALL 911 NOW.

  • Jacob Fernandez
    Jacob FernandezDag siden

    god is not a scp दुमस्स

  • Jervis Angelo Pitao
    Jervis Angelo Pitao2 dager siden

    If he really was what he says he was then why is he white?!

    NICK PLAYZ2 dager siden

    So s.c.p mean secure contain and protect but GOD does all of that to u sooooooooo Heres another GOD:comes to earth Scp foundation:time has come we must contain God even tho hes stronger than us and has abilities we don't have D:

  • Yuurou幽狼
    Yuurou幽狼2 dager siden

    This has more creepypasta vibes than SCP since it lacks the apathetic nature/limitation of info due to second hand source of an incident report.

  • Johnbrix Sauli
    Johnbrix Sauli2 dager siden

    New god

  • Cheche Bernardo
    Cheche Bernardo2 dager siden

    SCP-343 Be like: Eyo want a *Hamburger*

  • ummm
    ummm2 dager siden

    "You have been contained. Give up hope." Seems like an awfully relevant message these days, huh?

  • Adrian Ritesh Abraham
    Adrian Ritesh Abraham2 dager siden

    wait don quixote is the a one piece reference

  • Rebeen Beski
    Rebeen Beski2 dager siden

    He doesn’t wanna be seen

  • Rebeen Beski
    Rebeen Beski2 dager siden

    God is real but invisible

  • dwyne apiit
    dwyne apiit2 dager siden

    the rubber

  • Victor Caguing
    Victor Caguing2 dager siden

    Clef:im a human The small girl:peasant u cant defeat me- Clef: knocks out the small girl- God:thats impossible

  • Markus Studios
    Markus Studios2 dager siden

    So what happened?

  • Markus Studios
    Markus Studios2 dager siden

    So what happened?

  • Vicente Torda
    Vicente Torda2 dager siden

    God is are savior and jesus is are healer

  • Reyna Ortiz Rodriguez
    Reyna Ortiz Rodriguez2 dager siden

    Me: But are you REALLY God? Him: **Produces a hamburger out of nowhere** Here bro Me: I'm sorry for ever doubting you

  • Alexander Pham
    Alexander Pham2 dager siden

    New scp: Dr. clef. Iq: 123 Beaten: DIS LITTLE GURL. Scp.... *2129*

  • AffableAussie
    AffableAussie2 dager siden

    God: am God Foundation: prove it God: Bunger

  • Kamden Strang
    Kamden Strang2 dager siden

    he's classed as "safe" until they realize he can end the world

  • Phantasm Blast

    Phantasm Blast

    2 dager siden

    No, he'll still be safe due to his predictibility and ease of containment. Safe, euclid and keter don't gauge how dangerous they are, only how hard the containment is most times.

  • charnett harris
    charnett harris2 dager siden

    That doctor is mean he just knoked out a child he could have left her since its a different world



  • Marija Valent
    Marija Valent2 dager siden


  • Regular
    Regular3 dager siden

    Why was Clef arrested tho?

  • Yzhyzq Ynl
    Yzhyzq Ynl3 dager siden

    Me: ah shi5 my eraser has finished u won’t mind if I use u to rub? ;-;

  • Sofia Guzman
    Sofia Guzman3 dager siden

    Can you do is Eyes Jack 😍

    NCR VETERAN RANGER3 dager siden

    Im religious and in the bible he looks like the god we all know

    ABHINAYAN BAJJURI3 dager siden

    I love it this is soo nice then other scps . This old man created universe and look old that means he is really who created this universe I wish I could talk to him one day

  • The Quirks
    The Quirks3 dager siden

    GOC used a few terms including God to refer to reality benders or type greens. once he said God, scp be like REALLY??!! but clef knew exactly what he was.

  • Tiktok Gacha
    Tiktok Gacha3 dager siden

    God gets more respect

  • Marisela Zavala
    Marisela Zavala3 dager siden

    God backwards * D O G"

  • los bolsillos de ajay
    los bolsillos de ajay3 dager siden

    spanish version

  • Bradley Tubby
    Bradley Tubby3 dager siden

    Wow he really did make the universe but the only part that made me believe it was the HAMBORGER

  • Reee Lord
    Reee Lord3 dager siden

    It was ''Clefer'' of him to get SCP 098 to get her into another dimension

  • King Theo Pascua
    King Theo Pascua3 dager siden

    Jesus was not the original god nani

  • fortnite the Dream
    fortnite the Dream3 dager siden

    :girl I HATE BURGER :god WHAT DIE "SHOT 10000000000000 burger" :girl NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY WEAKNESS

    GARLIC GAMEZ3 dager siden

    just a minute if the scp is a god then why should someone give stuff to him

  • TheGuardedGuy
    TheGuardedGuy3 dager siden

    Scp-343 is basically a life hacker/exploiter

  • Lizard Of Chaos
    Lizard Of Chaos3 dager siden

    Plot twist. His nose was bleeding because he saw a part of the girl he was not supposed to see

  • Jon Grudnik
    Jon Grudnik4 dager siden

    Im 12 and i learn fisics and he could teach me 🤗

  • Feckless OwO
    Feckless OwO4 dager siden

    Boger is life, boger is all.

  • Ryan Wikarsa
    Ryan Wikarsa4 dager siden

    "SCP 343 is nicknamed God" Me: I didn't know that O_?

  • Amber Nickolson
    Amber Nickolson4 dager siden

    Awwwww why does god have to be one he so nice

  • Sawyer Fulcher
    Sawyer Fulcher4 dager siden


  • Samuel The Prophet
    Samuel The Prophet4 dager siden

    SCP-343 resides in a 6.1 m by 6.1 m (20 ft by 20 ft) room at Minimal Security Site 17. It should be brought any items it requests and visited by at least one staff member each day. Attempts to add further safety precautions or required clearances are unnecessary/impossible due to the nature of SCP-343 (see description). Description: SCP-343 is a male, seemingly race-less, humanoid in appearance with apparent omnipotence. SCP-343 was discovered walking the streets of Prague and detained after a staff member witnessed him disappear from the streets and reappear on a rooftop. SCP-343 is detained willingly in his chamber, as containment has proved impossible (see notes). Addendum #343-1: "SCP-343, colloquially nicknamed 'God' by the staff here, looks like an older man, although his features are different to each observer. In my first talk with him, he claimed outright to be the creator of the universe. When I asked him to prove this, he laughed, walked through the wall of the chamber, and returned seconds later with a hamburger in his hand. When I returned for a second visit, the previously bare cell had been furnished in up-scale, Old English style, complete with a roaring fireplace, and seemed many times larger than it did from the exterior. SCP-343 greatly enjoys speaking with people, and seems to have a knowledge of all topics. Visiting with SCP-343 has become a daily event for many of the staff here, and all employees report feeling generally happier after each visit. Attempts to bar staff below Level 3 clearance have proven unsuccessful, as guards assigned to watch the room quit their posts, saying 'You know He likes company' or shrugging when questioned. Since SCP-343 has thus far been harmless, all staff have been allowed access, and somehow they all have time to meet with him for as long as they need. For now, I leave this report open as further questioning of SCP-343 is ongoing." - Dr. Beck -[WARNING SL-4 or higher needed for further access]- Addendum #343-2: In regards to document 343-1a, there are no relevant records available or seemingly in existence and, similarly, all records of Dr. ████████████ ███████████ ever working with SCP-343 or Dr. Beck are missing and presumed non-existent. All staff questioned about the document convey ignorance of Document #343-1a and claim not to have met Dr. ████████████ ███████████. In a related matter, Senior officer Dr. Beck has requested a higher staff rotation "…to increase morale in worse-off sections." This is a very odd request and was the subject of further investigation. Other localized anomalies such as better health, greater job satisfaction, and lower fatalities in this section have led to the request being granted. This subject is now closed on orders of O5-█. Addendum #343-3: Data recovered on ██/██/████ from routine check of Dr. ████████████ ███████████'s network drive:

  • Samuel The Prophet
    Samuel The Prophet4 dager siden

    There's Only 1 God That Not God God Made His Self Some How

  • Luvy Siazon
    Luvy Siazon4 dager siden

    I love your vids

  • Kyle Pollydore
    Kyle Pollydore4 dager siden

    wait im sorry did they contain god him self

  • phoenix gamer
    phoenix gamer4 dager siden


  • Noor Rajput
    Noor Rajput4 dager siden

    Where can I find him sry I need help with my life

  • Noor Rajput

    Noor Rajput

    3 dager siden

    K which camber



    4 dager siden

    at the S.C.P. Foundation

    N0SC0PE GAMING4 dager siden

    *Insert burber joke here*

  • Hilman Hadi
    Hilman Hadi4 dager siden

    Why was dr clef capture

  • Soumeur Mourad
    Soumeur Mourad4 dager siden


  • เรื่องของดี้
    เรื่องของดี้4 dager siden

    H A M B U R G E R

  • Bacon Beanie Fish
    Bacon Beanie Fish4 dager siden

    wow 😳

  • 2326 115
    2326 1154 dager siden

    The God Its Euclid

  • baicardz123 Fun for quarantine
    baicardz123 Fun for quarantine5 dager siden


  • Victor Caguing
    Victor Caguing5 dager siden

    Clef is op

  • Victor Caguing
    Victor Caguing5 dager siden

    Clef is op

  • Victor Caguing
    Victor Caguing5 dager siden

    God: blees from a gurl Clef :didnt get hurt The gurl:passes out from a human God:nani

  • Victor Caguing
    Victor Caguing5 dager siden

    Clef is a zillion iq he can defeat scp alone

  • ussr
    ussr5 dager siden

    good i wanna see safe class scp

  • Chelle Loria
    Chelle Loria5 dager siden

    9:11 welcome to Brazil

  • KingRailZ
    KingRailZ5 dager siden

    What if he’s just a person from the 4th dimension 😳

  • GeneralPes
    GeneralPes5 dager siden

    "he picked up the purple revolver" Man that's a M9 Beretta

  • • zarah •
    • zarah •5 dager siden

    this guy is chill I wanna meet him

  • Just Some Random Girl
    Just Some Random Girl5 dager siden

    Is it weird that SCP-343 reminds me of my own father?

  • Khoi Vu
    Khoi Vu5 dager siden

    what happend next

  • Just Some Random Girl
    Just Some Random Girl5 dager siden

    "Sorry love, different world, different rules." Me: Said the personnel to the reality bending SCP. Damn.

  • Tn. Hizkia
    Tn. Hizkia5 dager siden

    Bang Rubber, Kamu Bisa Buat Video 343 Mengentrol 4217 ?

  • Liza Canete
    Liza Canete5 dager siden

    Good vs evil

  • Sibling 4 channel
    Sibling 4 channel5 dager siden


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    JB Turla5 dager siden

    B o r g a r

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    ArchiverX YT5 dager siden

    Alternative title: man kills little girl

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    z3r05 dager siden


  • Miguel Norat
    Miguel Norat5 dager siden

    the rubber:he took a risk and looked backwards watching the floors buckle into water and piss