The Sidemen race to eat a food for every letter of the Alphabet. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • Conasia Wilson
    Conasia WilsonTime siden

    Apple Banana Chocolate Donut Egg-nog Fries 🍟 chips whatever Grapes Honey Icecream Jello Kiwi Lemon Muffin Nuggets Oreo Pretzel Quesadilla Rice Salad Taco Upside down cake slice? Vanilla pudding Watermelon 🍉 X..... Somethin in a store idk Yams Zucchini?

  • Brandon beck
    Brandon beck2 timer siden

    ok... just scrolled thru the first few comments. does no one else have a hard time wrapping their head around the way harry holds his glass?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Harambe _
    Harambe _3 timer siden

    Am I the only one that gets very anxious when they go near people without a mask?

  • cici shields
    cici shields4 timer siden

    the discount code was rasin!!

  • The Fish Slayer
    The Fish Slayer5 timer siden

    This could be a diet

  • Victor Garcia
    Victor Garcia8 timer siden

    Idk why but its so WEIRD to see them eat and I just dont enjoy it. But then again here I am watching it. it just feels strange, Am I the only one?

  • ur ska
    ur ska10 timer siden

    damn behz was not a vibe in this video

  • ivxy
    ivxy11 timer siden

    Its called a hamburger because it was made in hamburg i think

  • Danilo Gasovic
    Danilo Gasovic12 timer siden


  • Gamer Cows
    Gamer Cows12 timer siden

    The sideman: Goes to different stores/shops for A-Z food challenge me being from New York : Go to a A-Z deli, idiots

  • Yummy Tummy
    Yummy Tummy12 timer siden

    I really think josh has adhd I swear me and him get in the same way

  • Belatz Irujo
    Belatz Irujo13 timer siden

    Respect to tobi for wearing a mask 🔥👌🏽✊

  • HappyPenguins01
    HappyPenguins0114 timer siden

    I just realised I have the same shoes as JJ

  • Walter Clements
    Walter Clements14 timer siden

    They didn’t eat a whole jar of jam. They didn’t eat a whole pizza

  • Chocofresh
    Chocofresh15 timer siden

    Jesus Christ Josh is actually funny

  • oak tree
    oak tree15 timer siden

    why are they not wearing masks

  • Aryan Vij
    Aryan Vij16 timer siden


  • Rhyseeeboy 24
    Rhyseeeboy 2418 timer siden

    Pigeons the British bird of prey

    CONTROLLA PLAYA18 timer siden


  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen18 timer siden

    Vikkstar:”fries” Me: there is literally a McDonald’s behind u Vikkstar.” Let go down to wasabi”

  • Dylan Mann
    Dylan Mann19 timer siden

    For k ketchup

  • kamalakumar nadarajah
    kamalakumar nadarajah19 timer siden

    Is it me or this channel is a eating channel now

  • Aysha Begum
    Aysha Begum21 time siden

    The way Vik, Ethan and Josh couldn't hack the kale but Simon and that were grabbing seconds LOL

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young21 time siden

    5:57 why did josh eat the seeds then

  • Luuq
    Luuq22 timer siden

    15:02 KSI: DONUTS

  • AJ Shift
    AJ Shift22 timer siden


  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom23 timer siden

    No one is mentioning Ethan....mad respect for that guy lmao, like he’s equipped for this challenge.

  • king bling
    king blingDag siden

    Vik chats too much sh*t

  • Haziq Hanuar
    Haziq HanuarDag siden

    how about doing a food challenge next in asia??

  • Noah
    NoahDag siden

    30:04 rip Avicii :(

  • Mikaele Rosecrans
    Mikaele RosecransDag siden

    I don’t blame jj for sleeping mid day

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    23 timer siden

    Y’all make the longest videos

  • Mikaele Rosecrans
    Mikaele RosecransDag siden

    Bro who’s swag is better? Jj’s or tobi’s

  • Mikaele Rosecrans
    Mikaele RosecransDag siden

    Anybody just skipping vikk’s group?

  • Mikaele Rosecrans
    Mikaele RosecransDag siden

    Simon and jj has the best friendship in the world

  • Mikaele Rosecrans
    Mikaele RosecransDag siden

    The fact none of them have a car 🤣😱👀💀

  • The Saunders Show
    The Saunders ShowDag siden

    How is there no que at the London eye

  • Lena Boo
    Lena BooDag siden

    Man's holding a glass like a Lego character

  • Zonxa
    ZonxaDag siden

    English muffin for e

  • Johan Perez
    Johan PerezDag siden

    Anyone else hear ninjas laugh @50:56?

  • Joshua Donaldson
    Joshua DonaldsonDag siden

    31:15 josh

  • ah. playz
    ah. playzDag siden

    Jj got revenge at 40:37

  • Saucy Hamz
    Saucy HamzDag siden


  • CFRGruby
    CFRGrubyDag siden

    All: What can we eat for 'K' Simon: quinoa 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 👁👄👁

  • Sione Vuki
    Sione VukiDag siden

    Is it more or did vikk , Ethan , and Josh do h before g it doesn’t matter but it was confusing me😂

  • Carlos Fernandez
    Carlos FernandezDag siden

    Y’all make the longest videos

  • Tayyab Paracha
    Tayyab ParachaDag siden

    55:26 😂😂

  • Mostakim Kabir
    Mostakim KabirDag siden

    Me wondering how they gonna eat something that starts with X

  • Tayyab Paracha
    Tayyab ParachaDag siden

    Rabbit 😂😂

  • Mickey the Traumatised Mouse
    Mickey the Traumatised MouseDag siden

    Sustainable Sundays

  • Nathan Guslawski
    Nathan GuslawskiDag siden

    Why is did they only put 24 letters not 26

  • Justin Bueno
    Justin BuenoDag siden

    note to vik:should have done team beard instead to piss off jj

  • Verge gaming
    Verge gamingDag siden

    Anyone know where I get the jumper josh is wearing?

  • iAmMuennisah
    iAmMuennisahDag siden

    2:47 Simit sarayı niye Londra’nın ortasında var lan? ----- There is a Simit Sarayı in The Central Of The london ? What The Hell (It is a Turkish cafe)

  • Armaan Brar
    Armaan BrarDag siden

    Father Josh paying for all the food like a real father

  • Big Happy
    Big HappyDag siden

    Who’s that camera girl?

  • Varun Vats
    Varun VatsDag siden

    Ethan hasn't changed since 2016

  • Harry Colbert
    Harry ColbertDag siden

    33:44the fact that Harry was able to instantly answer (even tho he was wrong) with such confidence

  • Harry Colbert
    Harry ColbertDag siden

    I mean they could've had one bowl of alphabetty spaghetti and win instantly

  • Axel Jennerhav
    Axel JennerhavDag siden

    who else got this 10 years later?

  • Szymon Luuk
    Szymon LuukDag siden

    Im glad that harry doesnt put on that stupid mask.

  • Jandy de Jesús
    Jandy de JesúsDag siden

    Vik's team didn't eat something with the letter G 👀 so that means Chess Team really wins?

  • ??
    ??Dag siden

    *Save The pennies*

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce MissDag siden

    They're called hamburgers because they originated from Hamburg, Germany same with frankfurters, except they came from Frankfurt, Germany.

  • John Davis
    John Davis2 dager siden

    Vik should’ve said “We’re team Beard”

  • Falcon Wynntaylor
    Falcon Wynntaylor2 dager siden

    Jelly for J why JAM

  • Falcon Wynntaylor
    Falcon Wynntaylor2 dager siden

    How is salmon not fish according to cal

  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    Dag siden

    11:37 MAKE ME LAUGH 😂

  • Melwin Månsson Ronnelin
    Melwin Månsson Ronnelin2 dager siden

    Parents: my sons idols are so inspirational Sons idols: 37:13

  • Saharadesert Gaming
    Saharadesert Gaming2 dager siden

    Let’s be honest every team with JJ in there going to loose

  • Arrun Johal
    Arrun Johal2 dager siden

    Vik: We’ve made it north of the river. They’re actually south of the river 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • OMG itz SEYN977
    OMG itz SEYN9772 dager siden

    Normal people: pass me the blunt Sidemen:pass me the jam

  • Devin Stey
    Devin Stey2 dager siden

    I’ll eat a$$ for A

  • Devin Stey
    Devin Stey2 dager siden

    I’m just in bed at 4:49 in the morning hungry

  • Onno van Griethuijsen
    Onno van Griethuijsen2 dager siden

    32:01 One of Harry's best lines yet

  • Onno van Griethuijsen

    Onno van Griethuijsen

    2 dager siden


  • AA2BUNNY !
    AA2BUNNY !2 dager siden

    Why was Ethan soo moody? He was soo rude!!

  • _ilias.t
    _ilias.t2 dager siden

    “We had rabbits” 🤣

  • Rahat Ahmed
    Rahat Ahmed2 dager siden

    Ethan the fuckin I mean fuckin yooo fuckin oh Yh just wanted to say fuckin

  • D Mo
    D Mo2 dager siden

    13:15 Tobi and JJ lookin like they bout to do a heist

    RANDOM SHII2 dager siden

    These guys are the only people’s vids I don’t skip forward too fire

  • micheal kinamishim
    micheal kinamishim2 dager siden

    As soon as they mentioned cannibis lolly pops they got way more excited and happier for the rest of the video so they were definitely stoned

  • PVFC
    PVFC2 dager siden

    the rabbit moment is iconic 🤣

  • It Is Me Star
    It Is Me Star2 dager siden

    11:37 MAKE ME LAUGH 😂

  • Tom Cruse
    Tom Cruse2 dager siden


  • Shady T
    Shady T2 dager siden

    13:08 I can’t stop laughing at how close the camera man got to Josh’s face 😂😂😂

  • MB
    MB2 dager siden

    JJ needs that autotune

  • Rad Shadow
    Rad Shadow2 dager siden

    Ethan should be a Henry 8 look alike 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ben Jefferson
    Ben Jefferson2 dager siden

    My sister thought Josh was Drake

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez2 dager siden

    Im honestly dying of laughter , when he said “ Rabbit “ I couldn’t handle it , I legit laugh for like a straight 10 mins

  • Bob84
    Bob842 dager siden

    more eating!

  • xd Lils
    xd Lils2 dager siden

    I just wanna know why $20,000 is in the title.

  • DylPolikyu EX
    DylPolikyu EX2 dager siden

    They picked the ice instead of THE "I"CECREAM IN FRONT OF THEM

  • ZI-Gaming
    ZI-Gaming2 dager siden

    The way Harry holds his glass 😂😂‼️

  • Simphiwe Gabu
    Simphiwe Gabu2 dager siden

    Me:mom can we get marshmallows Mom: no, we have that at home *the marshmallows at home*(41:46)

  • Zero
    Zero2 dager siden

    Ksimon is real in this video

  • Call of duty beast 838
    Call of duty beast 8382 dager siden

    Image if the sidemen were in top boy

  • Holly Stark
    Holly Stark2 dager siden

    What is Ethan obsession with saying the f word?? He says it in every sentence

  • Mãřïä
    Mãřïä2 dager siden

    Why did they not get jaffe cakes?

  • Simphiwe Gabu
    Simphiwe Gabu2 dager siden

    Best duo:JJ and Simon...this is the best friendship

  • Yewtreecot69
    Yewtreecot692 dager siden

    Ethan littered his McDonald’s

  • Bob Clarkson
    Bob Clarkson2 dager siden

    Did any1 else see how they made a mistake by saying 2/24 instead of 26 then corrected it. Like if u noticed

  • Oscar Wotsits
    Oscar Wotsits2 dager siden

    Apple: is literally the only food with a Viking: they copied us

  • christen dsouza

    christen dsouza

    Dag siden

    @Violet’s Cockchi lol

  • Violet’s Cockchi

    Violet’s Cockchi

    Dag siden

    anchovies, asparagus, artichokes, apricots, argula, alfredo, antelope..

  • Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday

    Dag siden


  • Amin Hamaty

    Amin Hamaty

    Dag siden