"Slough" by David Brent - Official Video

Film og animasjon

David Brent: Life on the Road is coming to UK & Ireland cinemas on Friday, August 19, 2016!


  • Adam Lennon
    Adam Lennon16 dager siden

    I grew up in Slough from 1961 and left the area in 92. It was a shithole then . I have gone back on many occasions for family commitments and it has got progressively worse Betjeman was right. Anglo Saxon description for Slough...Bog( shithole) is right.

  • Imrano Static
    Imrano Static26 dager siden

    The lyrics are obviously a parody on purpose, but the music itself is actually amazing, abit like David Bowie, no surprise why Bowie himself wanted to work with Ricky on Extras

  • Ben Matheson
    Ben Matheson5 måneder siden

    makes me want to visit Slough, thats a massive Tesco

  • Barney Trouble
    Barney Trouble5 måneder siden

    This has to be the coolest fucking thing if your from Slough😂

    MOHANAD ALHAMWIEH6 måneder siden


  • Sean Spenser
    Sean Spenser7 måneder siden

    I hope David Brent saw the effort this Ricky Gervais guy went through to make a music video for him

  • Alfie Buxton
    Alfie Buxton7 måneder siden

    You can tell Ricky loves a bit of Bowie haha

  • Stu D
    Stu D8 måneder siden

    And people say he's just a big pair of tits.

  • taylor kauppila
    taylor kauppila9 måneder siden

    Can see my house at 0:22

  • Julia Eckhard
    Julia Eckhard10 måneder siden

    Summat ha ha love it🤟🤟🤟🍷🍷🍷🐾🌈🌻💙

  • Scipionyx sam
    Scipionyx sam11 måneder siden

    Ending in a town like Slough would honestly kill me.

  • nico cacci
    nico cacci11 måneder siden

    Bowie would have loved to sing this...

  • londo0
    londo0År siden

    In 2016 I moved to Slough because of this song. Now I'm working in paper business.

  • Rob D2
    Rob D2År siden

    Except the opening shots are Maidenhead.....same idea, just not quite so dreary

  • Al
    AlÅr siden

    Ohhhh sloughhhhhh come on u rebels

  • Drew McKenzie
    Drew McKenzieÅr siden

    you could actually make like proper music like your stuff is actually good

  • Doug Harvey
    Doug Harvey2 år siden

    Wont be a hit. Good, didn’t want it to be. next...

  • Doug Harvey
    Doug Harvey2 år siden

    He’s a chilled out entertainer

  • MMG - Moon Man Guitar
    MMG - Moon Man Guitar2 år siden

    I want to visit slough now. ❤️

  • Damien Cavanagh
    Damien Cavanagh2 år siden

    As a Slough man (postcode, I actually live in Windsor, let me make that clear :--) The Queen is in the same boat) I love this song and the updated video so much (nice to see The Curve. Actually the juxtaposition of that ultra modernity with the adjacent beautiful old church is something only Slough can achieve... I'm puffing up now) I've even performed the song at Slough's best jam session, in the Herschel Arms. But is it cheeky to have beautiful aerial shots of Maidenhead? Nah... that's also a Slough postcode :-) Great stuff David.

  • brenutube08
    brenutube082 år siden

    Very nice tribute song about Slough, where I went to school for a few years in the early 60s. (St. Joseph's Sec. Mod.) Happy memories. A touch of Al Stewart in there. Great.

  • jamuite
    jamuite2 år siden

    Every thing in this song is accurate apart from that line because it has nothing to do with slough

  • tony best
    tony best2 år siden

    Musically it has a touch of the Verve in there

  • aintgonnahappen
    aintgonnahappen2 år siden

    Foregone Conclusion- LOL. That name just kills me for some reason.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones3 år siden

    When working out the details for the American Office, Gervais asked the American writers what the US version of Slough is. As we all know they chose Scranton PA

  • Nicolette Alate
    Nicolette Alate3 år siden

    Slough is one of my favorite words

  • ink
    ink3 år siden

    That's Maidenhead and Taplow at the beginning The bridges are Maidenhead's bridges (The bottom one is the Brunel one for reference) On the left: The blue river cafe On the right: VW dealership The third shot is also I'm sad good song though

  • Jan Sloane
    Jan Sloane3 år siden

    Love it, and there are some other good songs on the album! You might like my own original song, DOWNTOWN ;-)

  • Nicolette Alate
    Nicolette Alate3 år siden

    Slough is my favorite word, he took it

  • Nicolette Alate
    Nicolette Alate3 år siden

    David Brent took my word, I love Slough

  • Yuvi Raj
    Yuvi Raj3 år siden

    I live in slough

  • Degialon
    Degialon3 år siden

    Well, I am not very much enthusiastic about Slough, but it is my home now. And I feel here like home, yes.

  • Rosanne Hernandez
    Rosanne Hernandez3 år siden

    The Slough song can be sexy! On Paddington station take a train to Slough, let's go!

  • Marie Griffiths
    Marie Griffiths3 år siden

    www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-41351549 Slough named as the 'best place' to work and live

  • WorldNews92
    WorldNews923 år siden

    00:51 I'm definitely from Slough, because I recognise the woman selling the Big Issue.

  • Philip Howell
    Philip Howell3 år siden

    What's the vibe....

  • Cameron Holt
    Cameron Holt3 år siden

    Is that Gareth keenan on base

  • Dylan Jalif
    Dylan Jalif3 år siden

    woiiiiiiii we made it fellow lads from slough

  • pavlovsunhappydog
    pavlovsunhappydog3 år siden

    Out-fucking-standing......you gotta love it!

  • Smithos
    Smithos3 år siden

    It's criminal this doesn't have more views

  • Flynn Edwards
    Flynn Edwards3 år siden

    0:33 dose the van say imate

  • Brian Hyland
    Brian Hyland3 år siden

    I just like the song. pisstake or not lol

  • SpeedbirdConcorde
    SpeedbirdConcorde3 år siden

    It's aTesco Extra On Wellington Street ! You Mo Fo's.

  • Liliputian07
    Liliputian074 år siden

    I can't believe Toro y Moi covered this Or maybe I can Regardless, their version is better

  • Kishan Patel
    Kishan Patel4 år siden

    should have got Karl to be your PA

  • Chris A.
    Chris A.4 år siden

    Love Ricky, Love Brent, LOVE the movie. However, does anyone really think he sat down and wrote this song with a prepared comedy lyric? Remember, he's always been a pop star at heart. No doubt he's written many songs over the years. He probably picked the best of those songs for this vehicle and simply changed the lyrics to suit David Brent's character. Essentially 'Slough' probably started life many moons ago, as a love song of a much more heartfelt kind.

  • Linda Hepner
    Linda Hepner4 år siden

    I prefer 'Allentown'.

  • girl gamer
    girl gamer4 år siden

    very good i like your song

  • Oliver Emmett
    Oliver Emmett4 år siden

    Im gonna learn this and go busking in Slough

  • Hope Abounds
    Hope Abounds4 år siden

    Have you seen the John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 (Parody Version) ? It promotes the killing of wildlife. The advert has foxes and a badger jumping on a trampoline but PR Agency jerk James Herring @itsjamesherring has put up his parody version and changed it to call them vermin and suggests you buy pest control products to kill them. He says 'In our version we have aimed to raise awareness of the mild annoyance of urban wildlife - as experienced by middle class city dwellers. For many it’s a problem.'. Please feel free to let him know what you think about his promotion of killing wildlife.

  • Hope Abounds

    Hope Abounds

    4 år siden

    Comments have now been disabled on the video. Please feel free to dislike it and report it for promoting and encouraging the killing of wildllife and the resulting indiscriminate killing of domestic animals. Current stats are 632 likes vs 230 dislikes.

  • Satan's Bollocks
    Satan's Bollocks4 år siden

    Such a pity that the famous trio, Ricky, Steve and Karl, has sort of ended now. I'd love to see them working together again.

  • adelaide5007
    adelaide50074 år siden

    Having lived in Slough for over 20 years but now a proud resident of New Zealand, I'm going to watch this video any time I may feel home sick and remind myself why I left.

  • DefMettle
    DefMettle4 år siden

    when the first line is "more convenient than a tesco express" you know your listening to genius

  • Isabella-so
    Isabella-so4 år siden

    If you're Phoenician, you would correctly pronounce this, 'Slew', or "Sloff", but you already know that.

  • itsame32
    itsame324 år siden

    Ricky is fucking finished

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy4 år siden

    MITIE van at the start...fuck MITIE, shower of miserable, horrible poxes.

  • karda009
    karda0094 år siden

    As much as I dislike the idea of a David Brent movie, I dig the new Foregone Conclusion songs.

  • R3G3N3S1S
    R3G3N3S1S4 år siden

    If Slough has a Tesco Express, I'm packing my bags now. Dreamtown, here I come!

  • gerry welch
    gerry welch4 år siden

    i lived close to slough for many years the only excuse for visiting was because there was a great joke shop there called coopers and i remember the guy there looked a bit like the late Tommy cooper

  • Aestrial


    År siden

    It was owned by his brother I recall

  • wntds
    wntds4 år siden

    I loved the movie. and I love slough

  • Gruxxan
    Gruxxan4 år siden

    I just saw the movie. not really 'funny', more cringey, awkward and sad. it was ok though, kind of what i expected.

  • OhFishyFish
    OhFishyFish4 år siden

    It just struck me that Brent is like Slough. Slough is like Brent. Neither particularly good or bad at anything. Wanted to be liked but lacking likable qualities, trying hard but going nowhere, always between bigger things but never being a part of them. Brent wrote a much, much deeper song than we all expected.

  • Andrei Simionescu
    Andrei Simionescu4 år siden

    I enjoy this. Ricky has good taste!

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones4 år siden

    Chris Rea has requested this be played at his funeral ; )

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones4 år siden

    Nice to see Ricky still hangin on, loving the ironic struggling hasbeen comedian still tryin to get back what he had for 10minutes, takin bets for next celeb suicide, hope you dont mind Ricky but gotta put food on the table ok

  • GTAPlatinum
    GTAPlatinum4 år siden

    Who wants some Mars Bars 😂 mmmmmm!!

  • Old Ironballs
    Old Ironballs4 år siden

    That looks gay.

  • CapHowdy
    CapHowdy4 år siden

    29 people who dislike this are obviously from Reading.

  • keith hakansson T
    keith hakansson T4 år siden

    I love it , very English. The strings at the start put me in mind of Elgar. I think the track as real depth and purpose

  • Thedaything
    Thedaything4 år siden

    My flat's in this video. Nice shot nof The Curve too

  • Thedaything
    Thedaything4 år siden

    He seems to hit the same junction from two different directions with just one cut away. And that sat nav's not accurate.

  • Pagan Pilgrim
    Pagan Pilgrim4 år siden

    28 people need to go to Slough

  • Shadow Ninja
    Shadow Ninja4 år siden

    Very Bowie-esque! Lol

  • Patrick Gurr
    Patrick Gurr4 år siden

    Love the movie billboard in there at 1:58!

  • tom c
    tom c4 år siden

    It takes a certain level of genius to write such a great song about a town that is so fucking boring.

  • Sudakshina Bhattacharjee
    Sudakshina Bhattacharjee4 år siden

    Love it! For the humour and sentiment of this Gervais creation!

  • David Whitfield
    David Whitfield4 år siden

    "The station's just got a new floor."

  • qwe rty
    qwe rty4 år siden

    my fave one

  • Stephen slick
    Stephen slick4 år siden

    Bowie's voice would fit this song perfectly

  • classicdinner
    classicdinner4 år siden

    i thought ricky couldnt drive?

  • Private Citizen
    Private Citizen4 år siden

    I was lucky enough to go on holiday to Slough once. But that was when I was a kid and we had lots of money. Now we just have to make do with shitty little places like Ibiza.

  • Doug Harvey

    Doug Harvey

    2 år siden

    That really is sad that you think Ibiza is nice, if you are some kind of mental im sorry about this comment.

  • dave music
    dave music4 år siden

    Love it, it's actually a great song, a modern anthem to Slough.

  • ZorbaTheDutch
    ZorbaTheDutch4 år siden

    And people say he's just a big pair of tits...

  • Mike H
    Mike H4 år siden

    sounds like Bowie

  • godzeno
    godzeno4 år siden

    I'm such a big fan of Ricky Gervais that I really want to see his disaster piece ! Missing Merchant!

  • godzeno


    4 år siden

    Ricky was a member of a pop band of two back in the 80's and they had a No 1 song in the Philippines!

  • xSkitZx
    xSkitZx4 år siden

    To be fair that is huge for a Tesco express...

  • DS292
    DS2924 år siden

    This is like a Suede b-side combined with Neil Young's 'Alabama'

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy4 år siden

    Hope Texas are watching this with a smile on their faces.

  • duffymoony
    duffymoony4 år siden

    I put the roof cladding and fascia on that front part of Slough station back in 1984, with my old man now passed away. We sub contracted from E.H Smith roofing in B'ham. Fk me.

  • D-777
    D-7774 år siden

    Could easily be a Suede song.

  • Springloaded
    Springloaded4 år siden

    I bloody love you Ricky!!!

  • Rob James
    Rob James4 år siden

    surprised there isn't a bit like: "You know you're reached slough when you hit junction 6 and it smells like shiiiiiii-iii-iiiit"

  • Doug Harvey

    Doug Harvey

    2 år siden

    I think your find that J 7 Cippenham...

  • WKaliberr
    WKaliberr4 år siden

    Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough! It isn't fit for humans now, There isn't grass to graze a cow. Swarm over, Death!

  • P Hampton
    P Hampton4 år siden

    The clue is in the name of the place.

  • HelterSkelter
    HelterSkelter4 år siden

    this guy has so many talents. gervais your the man

  • soopasock
    soopasock4 år siden

    suede ,bowie combo.......cool song

  • The Hoax Hotel
    The Hoax Hotel4 år siden

    Oi, Brent! Is all you care about chasing the Yankee dollar?

  • Gill


    26 dager siden


  • flouncymom
    flouncymom4 år siden

    Awesome...now I completely get why they made Scranton, PA the Slough of the American version! It's very similar, just based on what I gleaned from the video. I'm a transplant from Philadelphia, the London....or perhaps Reading in this scenario. But I see the reasoning. Loved the British Office!

  • tonydeltablues
    tonydeltablues4 år siden

    David's voice too low in the mix

  • Michael Izzard
    Michael Izzard4 år siden

    I don't agree with that, in the workplace