Slough (studio demo)

Film og animasjon

David Brent's heartfelt love-letter to his native Slough.
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  • JD Worx
    JD WorxMåned siden

    No idea why YT pushed me this today BUT lets face it: there is a little bit of Slough in all of our hearts.

  • Gareth Powell
    Gareth Powell2 måneder siden

    It’s 2020. Every day is Covid and depressing. Only one man can pull us out of this slump...David Brent everyday!

  • A King
    A King3 måneder siden

    Just the word Slough is unpleasant to the ear.

  • Mork_of_Ork2001
    Mork_of_Ork20014 måneder siden

    This is the best version of this song.

  • Mork_of_Ork2001
    Mork_of_Ork20018 måneder siden

    This demo is better than the official version on the Life On The Road soundtrack imho.

  • MC
    MCÅr siden

    Now I wanna visit Slough!!

  • 3[L]
    3[L]År siden

    I used to go to school in Slough. I'm getting stupidly nostalgic for Slough because of this song now.

  • MC
    MCÅr siden

    I like this video more than the official one

  • Robert k
    Robert kÅr siden

    I feel like I want to move there now . The joy of it

  • Olivia
    Olivia2 år siden

    A JAM

  • Natashahoneypot
    Natashahoneypot3 år siden

    I love this song amd this version is so nice.

  • Natashahoneypot
    Natashahoneypot3 år siden

    38 people from swindon

  • Khan Might Say
    Khan Might Say3 år siden

    I can't tell you how much I love this melody. Just gorgeous

  • E D123
    E D1233 år siden

    i love slough

  • Leighanne Redman
    Leighanne Redman3 år siden

    I miss the old Slough.

  • Louis Frain
    Louis Frain4 år siden

    Love how Gervais always mentions Reading in his work. Also this is great

  • Karen James
    Karen James4 år siden

    That roundabout isn't there now

  • socpa
    socpa4 år siden

    I'm sure Slough railway station used to have a stuffed dog on it in a glass case.. we're talking years ago, perhaps late 80's.. that is the epitome of the place to me.. macabre with a hint of moth-eaten homeliness.

  • Jack D
    Jack D4 år siden

    This song is genius and I don't know why.

  • BeethovenCzernyLeshchetizkyNikolaev Liberman Me

    BeethovenCzernyLeshchetizkyNikolaev Liberman Me

    5 måneder siden

    that doesn't scan. try: Is this song 'genius', as indeed am I?'

  • stevie steve
    stevie steve4 år siden

    best song ever

  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins4 år siden

    Anyone else who thinks is better than the album version

  • ZorbaTheDutch
    ZorbaTheDutch4 år siden

    It's good to see George Michael exploring new musical directions.

  • Fonzleberry


    4 år siden

    Not anymore. :'(

  • Hamonoie Vaskes
    Hamonoie Vaskes4 år siden

    I stopped in Slough one night a few years ago, I haven't visited since

  • MrSunrecords1956
    MrSunrecords19564 år siden

    This is great- very Brit-pop strings ballad in the Oasis Wonderwall tradition- I love it when he gets disgruntled at people and says see for yourself 'what you waiting for ? We are on the bath road that's the A4' ! David don't worry for where most of your fans come from; 'all roads lead to Slough'.

  • Binaya Rai
    Binaya Rai4 år siden

    All Slough needs is a music centre now !!! Where people who have passion for music can go and excell in their talents!

  • jason owen
    jason owen4 år siden

    If you dont like Ricky Gervais then you dont like life.

  • Andy Slade
    Andy Slade4 år siden

    Love the shout out to his home town Reading. Mine too!

  • Maria Wodniok
    Maria Wodniok4 år siden

    it sounds like one of the U2 songs :D

  • Maria Wodniok

    Maria Wodniok

    4 år siden

    @Matthew Carroll Chill out, I love U2 :) but in some parts of this song Gervais sounds like Bono :)

  • Matt Carroll Music

    Matt Carroll Music

    4 år siden


  • SH1TV
    SH1TV4 år siden

    I almost feel a sense of pride for living next to Slough. Then I go into town and remember why I shouldn't feel a sense of anything.

  • Terry the Madlad

    Terry the Madlad

    4 år siden

    SH1TV well you should feel polluted

  • Jon Lebono
    Jon Lebono4 år siden

    This song is to Slough what Penny Lane is to Liverpool

  • Zak Farley
    Zak Farley4 år siden


  • frstvan
    frstvan4 år siden

    amazing. love it.

  • whelkshuffler
    whelkshuffler4 år siden


  • Waqas Farooq
    Waqas Farooq4 år siden

    Slough my kind ov town

  • RachelAJ
    RachelAJ5 år siden

    yes my yute !!!!!

  • 1bgrant
    1bgrant5 år siden

    The guitar solo sounds very Pink Floyd.

  • Sebastian's Channel
    Sebastian's Channel5 år siden

    Mark Turpin...

  • Lewis Joseph Cranston
    Lewis Joseph Cranston5 år siden

    Inspired by the River by Bruce Springsteen, I think/

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter5 år siden

    The chorus is actually beautiful music. I'm so confused. I'm meant to laugh but its too good. More please.

  • Andy Withers
    Andy Withers5 år siden

    Happy to hear an ode to my place of work, but no lyrical references to Maidenhead (my home town), Cookham, Stoke Poges, Datchet?...tut tut. Can't have such a vibrant and hard-working Slough without those commuters from neighbouring locations.

  • Skumwoy


    4 år siden

    I make my sandwiches using Hovis.

  • wexham08


    4 år siden

    They mentioned Taplow, literally less than a mile from me.

  • Chris Croft

    Chris Croft

    4 år siden

    what rhymes with Stoke Poges?

  • Renmiri
    Renmiri5 år siden

    It does feel like some of David's songs

  • Jason Bias
    Jason Bias5 år siden

    "equidistant 'tween..." Best line in rock.

  • Big Pretty

    Big Pretty

    4 år siden

    in other words it's the same distance between london & reading

  • Screech891
    Screech8915 år siden

    this song is actually so good

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe5 år siden

    Brent is to Slough what Ali G is to Staines

  • alba corvus

    alba corvus

    4 år siden

    its true when ever i see the Slough signs ..

  • Shawn Goodling
    Shawn Goodling5 år siden

    This song is haunting and beautiful.

  • Chels Gash
    Chels Gash5 år siden

    makes me smile :)

  • Adam M
    Adam M5 år siden

    Went to a strip club in Slough called flags, what a shit hole

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones5 år siden

    Looking forward to Basingstoke

  • Keith Beasley
    Keith Beasley5 år siden

    I hear a bit of Steve Harley in the phrasing of the chorus.

  • OfficialBitsTV
    OfficialBitsTV5 år siden

    You know I've got a didcot, yateley, yeah... Winersh

  • kittylilly
    kittylilly5 år siden


  • George Helios
    George Helios5 år siden

    That was genuienly good. I can enjoy listening to it non-ironically.

  • Abdulla AlQaseer
    Abdulla AlQaseer5 år siden

    Nice tune

  • Ian kirkpatrick
    Ian kirkpatrick5 år siden

    Aminuk23 well fuck off then.!

  • GozzleTheDestroyer
    GozzleTheDestroyer5 år siden

    Almost brought a tear to my eye! HA, thumbs up if you're from slough too! Glad Ricky gives Slough a good name :)

  • usmaan ali
    usmaan ali5 år siden

    I'm from slough lololololo no lie

  • Berserk Broadcasting
    Berserk Broadcasting5 år siden


  • Philip Rotas
    Philip Rotas6 år siden


  • Carole Parks
    Carole Parks6 år siden

    Love this song, I have just visited my hometown of Taplow and then found this on facebook - COOL!!!!!

  • Bob Mob
    Bob Mob6 år siden

    He's rock n roll through and through

  • Owen Evans
    Owen Evans6 år siden

    Is it just me or does Gervais look rather like Bono with those glasses?

  • Owen Evans

    Owen Evans

    5 år siden

    Agreed, not surprising when you consider that Gervais is a big David Bowie fan!

  • sasaom jerokwi

    sasaom jerokwi

    5 år siden

    @Owen Evans Bono and Bowie, oh yes!

  • shades wii
    shades wii6 år siden

    So touching

  • Robert Bellamy
    Robert Bellamy6 år siden

    hey guys, check out a version I made on my channel

  • kingjimos
    kingjimos6 år siden

    easily the best song on youtube about the beautiful town of slough

  • Toni
    Toni6 år siden

    if you unfortunate enough then Slough is the way to go, it's truely a big shithole and no matter how many other fucking building they make it's still a shithole, UK on it' own is really shit and Slough comes across one of the top rated shitholes across UK, if you are fortunate enough and have the cash ready i would pack the bag and move to some hot countries with more relaxed people where you can have a business + a life and the gov don't take 40% you hard earned money away, in UK you can do the same thing but you not gonno make a life here end of, a wise man said there is no such thing as life and never be. it's all about business and money,if you think life is work hard and be stressed from 9-5 and go to sleep cuz u tired and do the same thing for rest of your life then UK way to go.

  • E D123

    E D123

    3 år siden

    it's not that bad brixton is worse

  • Bing
    Bing6 år siden

    It's actually funny cos my dad's card got chewd at the ATM in the station lol

  • lukemartiny96
    lukemartiny966 år siden

    Slough isn't the greatest place to live but I've lived here my whole life and I love it

  • cian loughnane
    cian loughnane6 år siden

    this is better than most u2 singles of the last 15 years! It reminds me of "Beautiful Day" in parts a song I hate and IMO the beginning of u2's worst period but this I actually like!

  • aluminumdx
    aluminumdx6 år siden

    This song is actually ridiculously catchy

  • Big Blocka
    Big Blocka6 år siden

    "You've got Hillingdon the other way.."

  • boyblue80
    boyblue806 år siden

    It started off funny, but now midway I am loving it. Especially with the 80s rock ballad break.

  • commentguy721
    commentguy7216 år siden

    Not to be a dick, but Ricky Gervais is not exactly a handsome looking fellow.

  • guruji75
    guruji756 år siden

    Im a big fan of Toro Y Moi version...

  • Bob Margolese
    Bob Margolese6 år siden

    I appreciate the contribution to my education on the geography of the U.K. I'm certain that this knowledge will greatly assist me in the future, as will the advanced rhyming expertise acquired through the study of the lyrical content of the piece. Thank you.

  • alternatereality85
    alternatereality856 år siden

    A masterpiece and quite possibly the only song ever written that features the word 'equidistant'.

  • pikapanda64
    pikapanda646 år siden

    seriously look like Bono xD

  • lionelfan1994
    lionelfan19946 år siden

    How does this have only 38,942 views?

  • Alex Sanders
    Alex Sanders6 år siden

  • ShoeLube
    ShoeLube6 år siden

    Has Ricky intentionally made himself look like Ringo Starr in the video?

  • Pilkie101
    Pilkie1016 år siden

    I have some good memories from Slough believe it or not.

  • Don Kiddick

    Don Kiddick

    6 år siden

    When you were driving out of it???

  • GTAPlatinum
    GTAPlatinum6 år siden

    The trading estate is dead, just the Power Station and one part of Mars® left and maybe a few other businesses but yeah its not like it used to be. And for the rest of the Slough well at times you would think your in Asia or Eastern Europe. Shame really cuz it's nothing to do with race, it's just the one's that are illegal that make it a shit hole.

  • Ben Mayhew
    Ben Mayhew6 år siden

    Great Gervais does it again..

  • DeanoPiano
    DeanoPiano6 år siden

    I will be downloading this of you sound cloud tomorrow, you should do this with all of your written tunes, for a bit of criticism I thought a David Gilmour style guitar solo in this would have been great, anyways love I it :)

  • 7890cv
    7890cv6 år siden

    clearly shouldnt be let anywhere near a mic, unless its karaoke at a pub, for the laughs.

  • lessevdoolbretsim
    lessevdoolbretsim6 år siden

    I'd love to see Karl singin' about Salford.

  • Alan Kelleher
    Alan Kelleher6 år siden

    Sounds like an early Suede demo

  • Alan Kelleher
    Alan Kelleher6 år siden

    Sounds like an early Suede demo

    2 COOL 4 ANYTHING6 år siden

    might sound better with a funky groove

  • Chris Farrell
    Chris Farrell6 år siden

    is it wrong but I kinda love this song....

  • Allan T
    Allan T6 år siden

    Brought a tear to my anus, simply beautiful ;(

  • Bob Gorilla
    Bob Gorilla6 år siden

    That was brilliant,Ricky.Glad your still keeping Brent alive mate!

  • It's Just Me
    It's Just Me6 år siden

    bitter heart or more to lose?

  • SloMoe Official
    SloMoe Official6 år siden

    Toro y Moi did a great cover of this

  • mymentor
    mymentor6 år siden

    It is a good song, but it lacks the rawness that Mammogram invariably brought to 4GC records. With any luck the Parole Board will have the sense to release him early.

  • Rob James
    Rob James6 år siden

    I grew up here. Gervais could have definitely been a rock star

  • Rob James

    Rob James

    5 år siden

    @Sandy Hendry hahaha no way?! Is this true?!

  • Sandy Hendry

    Sandy Hendry

    5 år siden

    +Rob James He was a rock star... in the Philippines one of his songs made it big. His band was called Seona Dancing

  • Rapath


    6 år siden

    what do u mean could have

  • Bill Sharpe
    Bill Sharpe6 år siden


  • montenegrineagle930
    montenegrineagle9306 år siden

    You sir, are a legend! :)

  • ChinchillaInTheHeat
    ChinchillaInTheHeat6 år siden

    i like your little beard. i think you should wear tighter trousers.

  • K Russell
    K Russell6 år siden

    The weird thing is Gervais' joke songs are better than most artists serious ones.

  • K Russell
    K Russell6 år siden