SMG4: The Melony Felony


Someone messes with Melony 🍉
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Credit to Wolfychu for Voicing Melony!
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  • CarreonXO_XO
    CarreonXO_XOMinutt siden

    What happened to axol pin

  • Brian mcdonnell
    Brian mcdonnell32 minutter siden

    Spicy 👌

  • Archer Dayao
    Archer Dayao3 timer siden

    What happened melody have a boyfriend and melon boyfriend and guy he is a mascot and mel do you have a boyfriend and more just fruit ml at a mass attempt but i think but i think i have think have a boyfriend and create a video about it smg4

  • Woaky
    Woaky4 timer siden

    What a simp

  • Your Mom - Mann Co. Australium Enthusiast
    Your Mom - Mann Co. Australium Enthusiast8 timer siden

    I feel like Melony's vocal sounds in this episode is very very similar to Korone's...

  • Sansiko _Chan
    Sansiko _Chan9 timer siden

    Melanie more like "Melony" Martinez

  • Donovan Weight
    Donovan Weight10 timer siden

    bro axol do be a bit of a sore loser sometimes tho. He ended his own anime because he wanted Melony's attention.

  • that one weird guy
    that one weird guy10 timer siden

    Make melony a very chat avatar

  • Oliver Souza
    Oliver Souza10 timer siden


  • Jack Huth
    Jack Huth10 timer siden

    Yes the true ending

  • The Plushimator
    The Plushimator11 timer siden

    You'd think she'd want to date the person who made her favorite anime- dammit now I'm shipping them FUUUUUUU-!

  • pacoluigi
    pacoluigi15 timer siden


  • Jordy Perez
    Jordy Perez16 timer siden

    Pause at 3:16

  • TMX1138
    TMX113817 timer siden

    2:24 and 2:28 Melony pouting like a 5 year old!

  • thatcholokid546
    thatcholokid54619 timer siden

    Ayeee gta sa car

  • Francis Martinez
    Francis MartinezDag siden

    This video is kinda racist... Cuz bob almost said the N word

  • Nickolas Wash94
    Nickolas Wash94Dag siden

    I didn't know Wolfychu play as Melony😊

  • scp - 6869
    scp - 6869Dag siden

    I only watched it bc it has melons and i got a crybaby b*tch instead

  • Mojolaoluwa Soleye Victor
    Mojolaoluwa Soleye VictorDag siden

    Axel: about to shot bob Then sees melony killed a gangster

  • One With The Console
    One With The ConsoleDag siden

    2:36 No one: Boys during puberty:

  • todela hasu ninje
    todela hasu ninjeDag siden

    Hope she didnt Sap a dispenser

  • Lord Zamasu Vegeta Black Fusion
    Lord Zamasu Vegeta Black FusionDag siden

    4:48 Time to erase my video history.

  • DaWeird LickingMan
    DaWeird LickingManDag siden

    I wanna have number six with Melony. She's hot and I'm actually lonely.

  • Justagamer1018
    Justagamer1018Dag siden

    I thought Axol was about to pull a yandere for a second.

  • Mr. Tea
    Mr. TeaDag siden

    Now comes the Mellony arc

  • Mr. Tea

    Mr. Tea

    Dag siden

    I just realized it’s spelled melony

  • pootis man
    pootis manDag siden

    7:00 a true revolution of our time

  • ĘrG!mø
    ĘrG!møDag siden

    Water lizard horny for fruit 🍉. What can I say more other than that ?

  • Lagst _
    Lagst _Dag siden

    what is the song that Bob listened

  • charlie the gamer711
    charlie the gamer711Dag siden

    mario: melony:*slices him inhalf sephy style

  • 95 GoldenFNAFredbear
    95 GoldenFNAFredbearDag siden

    Bro. You just posted cringe.

  • Geeky Gamer
    Geeky Gamer2 dager siden

    Oh no I've committed a melony!

  • Krystian Gorzkowski
    Krystian Gorzkowski2 dager siden

    CO KURWA?!?!?

  • Louis Phạm
    Louis Phạm2 dager siden

    watermelon - sun: WTF AXOL ,THIS IS MY MOVIE !? Apple - chan : ha?

  • XShinzelX
    XShinzelX2 dager siden

    I recently came back to the smg4 community and wtf is a Melonie

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett2 dager siden

    I'm scare that such thing like a so called food turn into... That, be so dangerous

  • Landon Buttrum
    Landon Buttrum2 dager siden

    Am I the only one who noticed Bob almost used the “N” word 7:15

  • Alex Central
    Alex Central2 dager siden

    The video proves that Melony is a definite Hufflepuff.

  • Wrath Slayer
    Wrath Slayer2 dager siden

    Is garbage aka bob even allowed to say n****?

  • Matthew Dinnall
    Matthew Dinnall2 dager siden

    Axol be simpin

  • Red Spy
    Red Spy2 dager siden

    "Don't make me commit a melony."

  • Hampter
    Hampter2 dager siden

    Me long just inuyashid those gangster goombas..

  • Bacon[]canon447 Harbin
    Bacon[]canon447 Harbin2 dager siden

    Epic :>

  • Kamren Mosley
    Kamren Mosley2 dager siden

    The watermelon in the freak

  • Pyro Remix
    Pyro Remix2 dager siden

    Do a collab with Sr Pelo, it’s gonna be fire.

  • josephtrooper
    josephtrooper2 dager siden

    las damas siempre rechazan por groseras pero tenemos que rechazar nuestros corazones porque nos abandono y esas tengan mala suerte y nos pidan disculpas pero ya es tarde nos rechazamos nuestros corazones

  • Brandon Reid
    Brandon Reid3 dager siden

    It’s time to commit a mean t w e e t

  • [ R E D A C T E D ]
    [ R E D A C T E D ]3 dager siden

    Guess you could call it a "Melony" Get it? It's a play on words.

  • Julien Ollig
    Julien Ollig3 dager siden

    Can you make in Mario was in Little nightmares pls

  • Nicolas Gonzalez
    Nicolas Gonzalez3 dager siden

    Melony its just another character that no one asked to 😞, and dont be mean with this because u love this channel but i think that when i see characters like the human inkling or melony its just boring xd

  • anti-furry gun
    anti-furry gun3 dager siden

    2:39 *someone make a greenscreen out of this*

  • Demonic Gacha
    Demonic Gacha3 dager siden


  • Demonic Gacha
    Demonic Gacha3 dager siden


  • Isaac Alvarez perez
    Isaac Alvarez perez3 dager siden

    4:27 bob dance for 10 hours Plssss

  • Ghufran Dukhan
    Ghufran Dukhan3 dager siden

    Why do I feel like this happend a year ago?

  • Christine Killer car
    Christine Killer car3 dager siden

    9:59 all i do is sleep cuz im a lazy ass

  • Dorothy Davis
    Dorothy Davis3 dager siden

    Omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hahahah

  • vegito_blue
    vegito_blue3 dager siden

    Am I the only one that heard boku no pico or what

  • Komonota
    Komonota3 dager siden


  • Izzat Iskandar
    Izzat Iskandar3 dager siden

    Seeing this episode like watching a sad anime seen uhuk

  • NoahG777 8
    NoahG777 83 dager siden

    Ludwig being at the bar is hilarious

  • Joel Reyes
    Joel Reyes3 dager siden


  • Miguel Fraga the play
    Miguel Fraga the play3 dager siden

    Toce Toceeeeeeeeeee

  • Captain LastrEo
    Captain LastrEo3 dager siden

    Taking advice from Bob is generally a bad idea.

  • Recked Gaming
    Recked Gaming3 dager siden

    Silence wretch meme plays

  • TheConquest14
    TheConquest143 dager siden

    5:34 SMG4 finally ran out of ideas and started LoL references, it's time for SMG vs Noxian Empire Arc

  • Miguel Fraga the play
    Miguel Fraga the play3 dager siden


  • AntiAtomic
    AntiAtomic3 dager siden

    This video was just one big McDonald’s ad

  • Pooplolaka
    Pooplolaka3 dager siden

    melony is dummy thicc

  • Ben Holmes
    Ben Holmes3 dager siden


  • Miguel Fraga the play
    Miguel Fraga the play4 dager siden


  • Miguel Fraga the play
    Miguel Fraga the play4 dager siden


  • Miguel Fraga the play
    Miguel Fraga the play4 dager siden


  • Miguel Fraga the play
    Miguel Fraga the play4 dager siden


  • Miguel Fraga the play
    Miguel Fraga the play4 dager siden


  • Miguel Fraga the play
    Miguel Fraga the play4 dager siden

    Super Mario pingas

  • Miguel Fraga the play
    Miguel Fraga the play4 dager siden


  • mootje da gamer
    mootje da gamer4 dager siden

    melo felon

  • Nick Harris
    Nick Harris4 dager siden

    What music is 9:38 ?

  • charlie the gamer711
    charlie the gamer7114 dager siden

    axol killing a melon infront of his soon to be date "just killed a man, feelin good"

  • Marco Murillo
    Marco Murillo4 dager siden

    Axol with the GTA San Andreas low rider 8:21

  • Wolfvorine76
    Wolfvorine764 dager siden

    I laughed so hard all of the contents of my nose were airborne

  • Jayden Gunby
    Jayden Gunby4 dager siden


  • adminuser 1112
    adminuser 11124 dager siden

    so now we know...axol is a SIMP

  • DeepFriedFrog
    DeepFriedFrog4 dager siden

    2:39 "Excuse me, Mario's got to piss spahgetti out my p*nis" literally my favorite part in this entire video

  • nataiha brown
    nataiha brown4 dager siden

    can you make a stupid mario bros in angry birds

  • Owen Hahn
    Owen Hahn4 dager siden

    Hey SMG4 when are you going to murder on season 3

  • Marco !
    Marco !4 dager siden


  • ꧁ᴇᴍɪʟɪᴀ_ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ꧂
    ꧁ᴇᴍɪʟɪᴀ_ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ꧂4 dager siden

    I was not expecting that lol 7:29

  • kracc bacc 2
    kracc bacc 24 dager siden


  • Jeremiah Kos
    Jeremiah Kos4 dager siden

    You pissed of the Melon girl. BE GONE MELON KILLER🤬

  • Atem
    Atem4 dager siden

    7:14 what was that 💀

  • Atem
    Atem4 dager siden

    4:24 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Colton Peters
    Colton Peters4 dager siden

    Y O U R E A L L D E A D .

  • Lirwag
    Lirwag4 dager siden


  • Fabian Rosa
    Fabian Rosa4 dager siden

    Why Do I Have A Feeling that There's Going To Be Alot Of Axol x Melony Fan Arts On Deviantart?

  • Mr. spynapple
    Mr. spynapple5 dager siden

    I forget her name though its funny when she eats the chocolate like a vacuum cleaner here the time 1:07

  • Bobby L.

    Bobby L.

    3 dager siden


  • Drentz weeb gamezzz
    Drentz weeb gamezzz5 dager siden


  • Drentz weeb gamezzz

    Drentz weeb gamezzz

    5 dager siden


  • Drentz weeb gamezzz

    Drentz weeb gamezzz

    5 dager siden


  • Drentz weeb gamezzz

    Drentz weeb gamezzz

    5 dager siden


  • Drentz weeb gamezzz

    Drentz weeb gamezzz

    5 dager siden


  • Mystery Superhero
    Mystery Superhero5 dager siden

    Melony comunicating to a melon is one of the best things i've seen

  • Muhamad Rama Gustiawan
    Muhamad Rama Gustiawan5 dager siden

    4:22 i need that song

  • Boxer the Box
    Boxer the Box5 dager siden

    Bob nearly said the N word meaning that he has an N word pass