SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet Dinosaur!


Jeffy gets a pet dinosaur!


  • superbowserlogan
    superbowserlogan2 måneder siden

    Go watch the behind the scenes:

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  • Talon Archer

    Talon Archer

    Måned siden

    How about no

  • Silvia Garcia

    Silvia Garcia

    Måned siden

    Can I keep the dinosaur 🥺

  • Yahya Ossoble
    Yahya Ossoble13 timer siden

    mario is a boomer baldi

  • Emir Hadžić
    Emir Hadžić13 timer siden

    No u are velecopter Raptor named Blue

  • NoahMSavige
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  • Thy Meng
    Thy Meng16 timer siden

    gabby very very happy that i was just told you were there and he was in a meeting at one time ago lol 😂 was a good 😌 i was a good man 👨 was a little man 👨 i and his friends and his family friends i was a good man 👨 was just told you that you had to do a lot and i and i was doing that and you have no idea what he did for you lol 😂 up uuu lol i lol lol oh yeah i is

  • Gg Gamer
    Gg Gamer18 timer siden

    The dinosaur is cute af 😍😍🥰🥰

  • wegelfortes Gorero
    wegelfortes Gorero21 time siden

    I hate mario

  • Mona Cruz
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  • Logan _Tube101
    Logan _Tube101Dag siden

    i dont think ive ever laughed so hard XD

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  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco GonzalezDag siden

    I like Jeff’s but not mairo

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  • Crystal Proper
    Crystal ProperDag siden

    T. Rex🦖

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    😐...........................................................................................................................................................................................................😂 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    ZhsjsZgebsjz h izbhwj d njelswywowkzzhmzhbzMgz fg a8wg2ow5dm bzmsbz Dmdkdmdxxdxh de w lo bdmdkxnfkxyxwl1hw h 2 lo 72 j emdjxbmx mhd6 y no me that is a ver que onda con los de la de is y no me acuerdo como es el I jemwkszhnastekws que 🤔 en 3nznzsjzvmzzgsjz5zbsu@^#^×^@-:#

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    You sex did not have to go back and get a new job so I’m not playing it ok I just want you I know I love playing this game but I’m playing with my friends and playing with my family and playing game with playing game I love it so much but it ok I am ok playing it with my iPod but it is so fun playing with playing playing it with my friends and friends with my playing game I am so glad it is ok I am so glad it was so glad it worked so well well it ok but I am playing with playing friends and friends with my playing friends playing game playing friends with playing game I am playing with my playing game I am so addicted to playing with playing it with my friends playing it I am playing it with my friends and playing it with my friends playing it and I am so glad it was ok I am playing it with my friends and friends with my playing game playing it with my friends

  • SimonSlims1
    SimonSlims1Dag siden

    Ken in the background

  • Maria Romo
    Maria Romo2 dager siden

    Hahaha your grandma called

    REN TAI2 dager siden


  • Camari Frelix
    Camari Frelix2 dager siden

    A cat

  • project zorgo
    project zorgo2 dager siden

    Rosalina is a buch

  • project zorgo
    project zorgo2 dager siden

    Rosalina is a body

  • Stephanie Hannon
    Stephanie Hannon2 dager siden

    Lol 2:46

  • Rhys Goes Boom
    Rhys Goes Boom2 dager siden

    Fuck Mario

  • Juan Carreon
    Juan Carreon3 dager siden

    When Jackie cuh threw the book at Jr i lauged so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Casey Cousins
    Casey Cousins3 dager siden

    Mario wants no animals in his house Mario when jeffy gets a pet:JEFFY CANT KEEP IT Me: he said the dinosaur would take disgusting poop so he made mario

  • Erick Gamrz
    Erick Gamrz3 dager siden

    I started dying when jeffy named the dinosaur

  • Santiago Mendez
    Santiago Mendez3 dager siden

    Junior would cry really bad if he would smash his phonehewodcry

  • natalie frizzell
    natalie frizzell3 dager siden

    I'm so scared

  • Matthew R
    Matthew R3 dager siden

    I love Jeff he’s cool

  • BluePuppyStudios
    BluePuppyStudios3 dager siden

    why is Mario so mean? And cowardly?

  • Ian’s civil defense sirens 23
    Ian’s civil defense sirens 233 dager siden

    I have a video idea how about A video about Mario‘s past and how he became so mean to Jeffy

  • Roman Alfaro
    Roman Alfaro3 dager siden

    I what a dinosaur As a pet also

  • Ibuki シsimp
    Ibuki シsimp3 dager siden


  • Baconz 101
    Baconz 1013 dager siden

    My fav dino is the stegosarex? Teraducktal? I don't know my dinosaurs

  • Ayaz Orman
    Ayaz Orman3 dager siden

    Ggg g hftvvgtyd. Te Ik

  • noodle guy
    noodle guy3 dager siden

    bruh i like that he says he only deals with krokodilles and not dinosours and a krokodille is a dinosours

  • Usapyon Bunny
    Usapyon Bunny4 dager siden

    The first super bowser Logan episode that swore

  • Julyan Herrera gaming Jeffy
    Julyan Herrera gaming Jeffy4 dager siden

    I don’t think this video has adds

  • Julyan Herrera gaming Jeffy

    Julyan Herrera gaming Jeffy

    3 dager siden

    I wonder what cuss word they said

  • Usapyon Bunny

    Usapyon Bunny

    4 dager siden

    Because it had a swear word

  • Robo kitty
    Robo kitty4 dager siden

    *sings* jeffy's pet dinosaur his mother was a wh----

  • Luca Da octopus
    Luca Da octopus4 dager siden

    Aaaaah Godzilla 😂

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  • gamer kale
    gamer kale4 dager siden

    I have that dinsaw mask

  • Kenny Gaming
    Kenny Gaming4 dager siden

    When junior did the RWARS and The second one I was dying I rewatched that like 10 times

  • Random Kid With Hat
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  • Chef Fremendo’s Cooking
    Chef Fremendo’s Cooking5 dager siden

    Isn’t junior a dinosaur because he is a reptile and they’re big?🤔

  • King_X Gaming

    King_X Gaming

    3 dager siden

    i think

  • Navoda Jayawardena
    Navoda Jayawardena5 dager siden

    The dinosaur is so cute

  • bill Airbus
    bill Airbus5 dager siden

    It would be a spinosaur

  • Chris James
    Chris James5 dager siden

    And black Yoshi is a fucking turtle

  • Chris James
    Chris James5 dager siden

    I have a lime Dino and it’s name is bugar

  • Chris James
    Chris James5 dager siden

    You copied me

  • Desmond Him
    Desmond Him5 dager siden

    why did he just yeet that

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez5 dager siden

    In 2021 there will be an explosion in nabraska

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez5 dager siden

    Ngl there should be a video of jeffy Mario and Rosalina getting beat up

  • Jack Milicevic
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  • Chance Moua
    Chance Moua5 dager siden

    I like how Jeffy already broke the egg 2:54

  • Bad Bruce
    Bad Bruce5 dager siden

    I am going to call a dinosaur olagiste

  • Oorraannggee mmaann
    Oorraannggee mmaann5 dager siden

    4 f yeah’s in a row

  • Sara Perry
    Sara Perry5 dager siden

    A wolf

  • Chad Rudesil
    Chad Rudesil5 dager siden

    I get it his name is Charlie because Charlie is one of the velociraptors in Jurassic world

  • bobafy
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  • Allan Dawson
    Allan Dawson5 dager siden

    Welcome to Jurassic World.

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    Loll Lol

  • glorag5


    5 dager siden


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    Rick Leong Leong6 dager siden

    Bro i almost cry lol

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    Tinky winky the wolf UnU6 dager siden

    fake video and fail video...

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  • It's girl Kali Kali kali
    It's girl Kali Kali kali6 dager siden


  • It's girl Kali Kali kali
    It's girl Kali Kali kali6 dager siden


  • It's girl Kali Kali kali
    It's girl Kali Kali kali6 dager siden


  • It's girl Kali Kali kali
    It's girl Kali Kali kali6 dager siden


  • It's girl Kali Kali kali
    It's girl Kali Kali kali6 dager siden


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  • DizziesWithBrazzies
    DizziesWithBrazzies6 dager siden

    Booger should appear in more videos as a side character

  • Donovan Hillard
    Donovan Hillard6 dager siden

    Wooo calm down dere Bessay

  • Koopalings And Friends
    Koopalings And Friends6 dager siden

    Your videos are so good

  • Koopalings And Friends

    Koopalings And Friends

    6 dager siden

    I'm the creator of plush Hunter

  • Laneric Gray
    Laneric Gray6 dager siden

    When JR scream like a like a dinosaur the teacher say Head shot bitch

  • Victoria the green cheek conure
    Victoria the green cheek conure6 dager siden

    I want to see more booger

  • Alex Amination
    Alex Amination6 dager siden

    0:30. HOLY SHITTTTTR 😂

  • Mani Lee
    Mani Lee6 dager siden


  • That Is An Amazing Thing
    That Is An Amazing Thing6 dager siden


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    Kyson Leonard7 dager siden

    Hi jeffy

  • letitia bradin
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  • AH - 03CE 894829 Artesian Drive PS
    AH - 03CE 894829 Artesian Drive PS7 dager siden

    Mommy and daddy

  • Shyla Thomas
    Shyla Thomas7 dager siden

    *moans* UHH JEFFY DADDY 🥴🥴🥴

  • Heidi Cortes
    Heidi Cortes7 dager siden

    Did she says you're a horrible father mairo

  • Peter Bradburn
    Peter Bradburn7 dager siden

    I would keep Jeffy as a pet

  • Mabel Bucog
    Mabel Bucog7 dager siden

    If i had a bunny i woud f my mom and dad just like jeffy does

  • Leonidas Nintendo plays
    Leonidas Nintendo plays7 dager siden

    at 2:53 the dinosaur already hatch you will see boogers

  • 悲しい人生
    悲しい人生7 dager siden

    In a 2005 interview, Miyamoto stated that Mario's physical age was about 24-25 years old. Yeah no he is not a boomer

  • Chee Man

    Chee Man

    4 dager siden

    @gamer g0d that’s only 40

  • gamer g0d

    gamer g0d

    5 dager siden

    Which was 16 years ago

  • Horrorwarfare 15
    Horrorwarfare 157 dager siden

    I just seen some of theses and man their shit

  • Horrorwarfare 15

    Horrorwarfare 15

    6 dager siden

    It’s the kind of shit you imagine that they crap out of their ass on this platform is that awful

  • X2DriPpyG
    X2DriPpyG7 dager siden

    When you stub your toe 0:33

  • Asfahan Ahmed
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  • Index 68
    Index 688 dager siden

    What’s up ima big fan

  • Gon Freecs
    Gon Freecs8 dager siden

    Imagine getting sniped by a book

  • Melissa Aden
    Melissa Aden8 dager siden

    Bring buger back plz 😢 🙏 😫 Logan

  • Jim Freemqn
    Jim Freemqn8 dager siden

    0:36 BAP!!!

  • King k rool 76
    King k rool 768 dager siden

    Shit up stupid Mario!