SML Movie: The Pink Couch!


Junior got a new pink couch!


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    I'm sorry if this video felt like filler near the end, I had to get a video out before I went on vacation and this was filmed at the last minute. I hope you enjoyed it as I still try to make every video as best as I can. We film two videos a week every week and it is very stressful to make all the fans happy. We never take time off from filming, even during a hurricane last year we kept filming to give you guys content. We have been demonetized on two previous channels so we aren't able to cuss and make as many inappropriate jokes as we use to, but we still continue to try to make videos as entertaining as we can. I am going to try to use more fan ideas and use more characters this year. Thank you all for continuing to watch and support are channel over the years.

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    Yessir last comment love yall sbl

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    was about to say

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    I can’t read

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    @Adea •7 Years Ago• hi

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    It’s ok Logan,you are my guy

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    My favorite color is green

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    Is the doctor trying to lie

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    huh dye ok

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    Doritos and mac and cheese

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    This doctor is so stupid he can't even speak english properly "this couch needs to be died" lol who was his english teacher

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    does bowser even care about junior cuz bowser even said he was a mistake

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    sml question: 7

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    Blue red and black!thinks for asking UwU

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    Charleyyys back boooiiiiiis

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    the whole video was filmed on the couch lol

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    this comment is dedicated to junior and joseph: dye means to change color

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    Oh I know what the doctor was saying he was trying to spell dye DYe

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    I was laughing when he said we're ending this

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    Use paint to turn it red

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    my firot corlr is bule

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    i dont get the jokes but its funny

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    noone finna taik abt how lovveles voice turned demonic :O

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    logan u make a mess cleen that if not im going too call 911 if u doing that big mess

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    Junior is your mac & cheese is

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    Video suggestion : mcdonald's So basically it supposed to be like McDonald's had closed down forever but it was just closed and Jr and his friends thought it was closed down forever

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    LIME green like salad that junior and vowser was eating

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    Junior is so dumb I'm anrgy for no reason

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    my favourite colours is pink and purple and blue and white!.

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    hi SML

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    Favorite color is red

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    My favorite colors are Blue Orange and Green

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    You could of said spray paint

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    The doctor is so funny

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    k l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll l l ll ll l ll l l l l l ll l ll l ll l ll l l ll l l l l

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    RED! it's even in my name Gaered! (Gae-RED)

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    i like blue

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    Dye is something you change things into different colors with

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    imy fav coler is pink puerple blue and white and red and yellow

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    Most of the video is them arguing about dye

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    hi sml

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    bowser junior spilled mac and cheese and shapooing the things

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    I love how Lovelle voices bowser, and he acts for charlie, so he kinda watches himself

  • Julieann
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    Junior. JOSEPH I HATE YOU I'M NEVER BEING FRIENDS WITH YOU EVER AGAIN 1 episode later Juinor. So Joseph what do you wanna do today

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    Stop saning bad wrolds

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    To all the people who says his videos are dumb

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    My favorite color is blue

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    family guy

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    Bowser, junior and Brooklyn Guy all annoyed me so much

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    Dark blue

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    This Video Has "everycharacterthatareinthisvideoareidiots virus"

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    Green and orange

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    Should of been cody not brooklyn guy makes more sense

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    @Kaydn Roper it's a month old

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    @Michael Nicely that was made 50 seconds after you made a comment

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    @Kaydn Roper what are you talking about

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    This was made 50 seconds ago

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    Iggy koopa: what the heck just happened to the couch at 4:45

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    I am a big Fan you guys should make new videos every day me and my sister watch your videos all the time my favorite NOlocal video was Junior has a pink Babe

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    This was made 5 minutes ago

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    My favorite color is black

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    My favorite color is green

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    Dye means to change a color on an object

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    Mine is black

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    Doctor he has idioted Titus

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    My favourite colour is Red for sure-

  • Venters TikTok Compilation
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    "Is this a pool stick or am I happy to see u"

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    Junior: I don’t even know how to spell die right Me: he means get paint and paint the couch are you are you stupid

  • T Coghlan

    T Coghlan

    2 dager siden

    Junior: he doesn’t even know how to spell die right Me: leaving to get paint and paint the couch are you stupid

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    Pink is my collor

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    ._. Oh my god This is intense ._. -_-

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    What a ucking mess

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    Actual title: Junior being an idiot for 9 minutes

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    The doctor is stupid just say dye means change the color of something that you want and can do it with your hair

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    cantspell3wordatitis ):

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    Dye it is starting to sound like diet

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    Should of said Retardtitis instead of idiotititis

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    I love it

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    So is nobody gonna talk about how Browser said "I want the couch bright red" and thats exactly what he got?

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    Bright not light

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    No it is pinkish white

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    answer my favorite color is red and blue and yellow and pink and green and orange

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    The couch is white

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    I did u name the chef chef pee pee idc if u name him that your choice

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    blueis my vav color

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    King county has the best opportunity in life in this city of great heights in this city where it will help to keep a close place in the area and be able to get a better job and

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    0:49 0:54 chef peepee spits doritos

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    Even if Brooklyn Guy spelt "cat" with a k instead of a c, it would still be grammatically correct (but in danish). In Denmark, cat is spelt "kat"

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    Favorite color is green

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  • Aaron Cockerill
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    Chef pee pee always shouts at junior

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    Hint: If you make a mess, don't clean up with bleach!

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    Dye tie hahaha I get it

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    dude this is like 90% filler

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    Are the worst why do y’all just do this it’s the letter to die like tie-dye the couch weird now you’re completely dumb

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    Di-et blue

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    Charley reminds me of Fun house Bray Wyatt