Smosh Tries Speed Stacking

In this highly anticipated final Smosh League challenge, our teams will face off in the ultimate cup stacking competition! We’re celebrating 15 years of Smosh all November long! Thanks for being our favorite pizza place!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Ian Hecox: ianhecox
Courtney Miller: co_mill
Damien Haas: damienhaas
Keith Leak: keithleakjr
Olivia Sui: oliviasui
Noah Grossman: noahgrossman214
Jacklyn Uweh: jacklyn_uweh
Sarah Whittle: rudeunicorns
Executive Producer: Sarah Whittle
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Director: Sarah Whittle
Editor: Rock Coleman
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art: Cassie Vance
Art: Yasmeen Mughal
DP: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Cam Op / G&E: Jacqi Jones
DIT: Matt Duran
Sound Op: Greg Jones
Cam Op / G&E: Dustin Bloodgood
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  • Shane Letts
    Shane Letts7 dager siden

    I've had a huge crush on Damien since he started... like, certified snack. And though I don't quite agree with his current hair can't help but love how kind, genuine, funny and delightfully quirky he is!

  • Zac Peterson
    Zac Peterson9 dager siden

    Sarahs reaction to the measuring tape was my favorite

  • Nathan Merritt
    Nathan Merritt10 dager siden

    I love you guys I want to watch all of your videos

  • froggy chill
    froggy chill16 dager siden

    This is bringing me back to elementary school.

  • Johanna Mattson
    Johanna MattsonMåned siden

    ok anybody else do the math for team only stans tower. If not, it would take 231 cups to complete the tower

  • Johanna Mattson
    Johanna MattsonMåned siden

    0:49 did anybody else see what kheith was doing

  • Aljaž Jesen
    Aljaž JesenMåned siden

    Where is Noah

  • griffer 671
    griffer 671Måned siden

    I noticed how Olivia’s pants have not changed with the four Smosh league videos

  • Storm Boy
    Storm BoyMåned siden

    Congratulations, team OnlyStans. My favorite competition was the cup stacking competition. P.S. hopefully, y’all do this again. It was fun to watch.

  • Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely2 måneder siden


  • Hans Alib
    Hans Alib2 måneder siden

    They should have separated Damien and Jackie also Keith and Olivia for a fair fight for reasons I will leave up to you guys. :)

  • Niseandryt
    Niseandryt2 måneder siden

    Courtney just randomly twerking at the end lol

  • YayMKayay
    YayMKayay2 måneder siden

    Loved the mini series

  • Smosh is poggers
    Smosh is poggers2 måneder siden

    Happy early birthday Damien!!❤️🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • TimMarsTheTeen
    TimMarsTheTeen2 måneder siden

    I'd wanna see a Smosh league for winter time, and def some more summer games

  • Caity Rubinsky
    Caity Rubinsky2 måneder siden

    Id love to see Smosh and Mythical come together for a summer games. Smosh vs Mythical.

  • Brandon Grissett
    Brandon Grissett2 måneder siden

    Yo when did Damien gain 30 pounds

  • Sofia Garcia Reyes
    Sofia Garcia Reyes2 måneder siden

    I was team ASS from the beging

  • Angel nt
    Angel nt2 måneder siden

    I love these videos xD but I still hope they do winter games this year

  • Reed Heard
    Reed Heard2 måneder siden

    Go onlystans goooooo!!

  • smile30981
    smile309812 måneder siden

    Love the smosh league challenges - do more!

  • pumpernickel
    pumpernickel2 måneder siden

    ok but where did sarah get that sweater??? i need it for purposes

  • KaleidoscopeKai
    KaleidoscopeKai2 måneder siden

    i see u blue hoohoo beanie

  • Jumar Yu
    Jumar Yu2 måneder siden

    "I'll be watching you" killed me

    EMOJI2 måneder siden

    yo girth gang someone here? webble wobble?

  • Lauren Gimblett
    Lauren Gimblett2 måneder siden

    Love the video, I just hope all the cups were either recycled properly or washed and used ♻️

  • Rick Gabriél in RickGabéSound
    Rick Gabriél in RickGabéSound2 måneder siden

    I loved Smosh League! Smosh Leagues should keep happening, all leading up to the next SUMMER GAMES!

  • Edward Taylor
    Edward Taylor2 måneder siden

    olivias shoes doe

  • hollirichards
    hollirichards2 måneder siden

    I wanted team ASS to win but they just didn't have a great strategy

  • Fuzz cookie
    Fuzz cookie2 måneder siden

    Idk about the rest but im digging ian as this host/commentator, same energy as in 'you posted that'

    HECIX GAMING yt2 måneder siden

    do we invaded dameins house pls

  • Jackson Rump
    Jackson Rump2 måneder siden

    Loved the Smosh league! I miss Shane though 😭

  • jordan walker
    jordan walker2 måneder siden

    love how at the end it looks like olivia is quietly picking up the cups

  • Dennis Caleb McCoy
    Dennis Caleb McCoy2 måneder siden

    Which ones smoosh?

  • Bruce Cooley
    Bruce Cooley2 måneder siden

    The way you know this wasn't meant to be a replacement of Summer/Winter Games this year is there was no appearance from Joe Bereta in these videos.

  • Aidan Joste
    Aidan Joste2 måneder siden

    smosh league should have had 5 episodes imo, or just an odd number in general

  • El Joelo
    El Joelo2 måneder siden

    Smosh league has been one of the best leagues of the pandemic.

  • sachee
    sachee2 måneder siden

    Man Smosh isn't what it used to be.

  • Merkdud


    2 måneder siden


  • WorkingGarlic
    WorkingGarlic2 måneder siden

    The good kind of cupping

  • Chris1sBest
    Chris1sBest2 måneder siden

    ya'll getting more and more desperate and pathetic with each passing week....

  • Ariba B
    Ariba B2 måneder siden

    I lost my "girth" when Miller got rough with em cups

  • The Rickster
    The Rickster2 måneder siden

    Congratulations Only Stans!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Tushar Kotabagi
    Tushar Kotabagi2 måneder siden

    What just happened in the last two minutes 👁👄👁

  • Jolene Mathews
    Jolene Mathews2 måneder siden

    What a waste of plastic, these cups already cause enough environmental damage. They should've at least used paper cups

  • AIR 666
    AIR 6662 måneder siden

    Damien really let himself go

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth2 måneder siden

    Why is olivia that kid that tied their jersey to them in gym class instead of putting it on?

  • FishWithLegs
    FishWithLegs2 måneder siden

    The amount of plastic used in this...

  • Yasemin Rogers
    Yasemin Rogers2 måneder siden

    Why did I really want only stans to smash through the pyramid after they won, before the medals? That would have been so pleasing

  • Adam max
    Adam max2 måneder siden

    Smosh league merch

  • A Random Ambipom
    A Random Ambipom2 måneder siden

    this isnt speed stacking lol

  • Audrey Elise
    Audrey Elise2 måneder siden

    Everyone talks about Olivia’s tracksuit but nobody talks about Damien’s one pair of jeans

  • cat potato
    cat potato2 måneder siden

    ayyy yoyoyoyoyoyooyoyoyyooy hey hey hey

  • Sir Strawberry
    Sir Strawberry2 måneder siden

    The good kind of cupping

  • Drift Knight
    Drift Knight2 måneder siden

    Ok but like why didn’t anyone just stack all the cups one by one?

  • Shannyn Cowart
    Shannyn Cowart2 måneder siden

    Oooh someone forgot to add videos at the end

  • It'sAdam
    It'sAdam2 måneder siden

    We need a try not to laugh tournament.

  • Allison Jennings
    Allison Jennings2 måneder siden

    I have the same hair style as damien

  • Teen random gamer
    Teen random gamer2 måneder siden


  • Sara
    Sara2 måneder siden

    Really really bothered me that team ASS didn’t have blue cups, honestly offensive if you ask me

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia2 måneder siden

    For a hot second there I was hella sure that Keith was gonna do something baaad to that tower LOL

  • Brianna S
    Brianna S2 måneder siden

    I’m sorry but team only stans was stacked (pun intended).

  • Kronical Crysis
    Kronical Crysis2 måneder siden

    Behind every stairs an assistant lol

  • Julia Schwarz
    Julia Schwarz2 måneder siden

    did anyone notice that little grunt at 1:23 ? 😂 who may that be 😂😂

  • RobinFlysHigh
    RobinFlysHigh2 måneder siden

    Yes do more, but don't out Damien and Noah on the same team. It's a little unfair lol

  • Christopher Scotts
    Christopher Scotts2 måneder siden

    Only Stans could go against a Shayne/Tommy/Kimmy Ot Shayne/Tomny/Kimmy could go against Ian/Sarah/Spencer (or maybe Iffy since he is appearing in a lot of videos), and the winner goes against OnlyStans

  • Kaotek Kowbell
    Kaotek Kowbell2 måneder siden

    My ex: 6:52

  • Sharon MM
    Sharon MM2 måneder siden

    I loved Smosh League!

  • YourLocalShaman
    YourLocalShaman2 måneder siden

    Today we learned that size does matter

  • Blythe McKenna
    Blythe McKenna2 måneder siden

    I swear they have killed Shayne

  • Louisa Wang
    Louisa Wang2 måneder siden

    The good kind of cupping Memento Mori

  • WorkingGarlic


    2 måneder siden

    I knew I would find one of us here. Memento mori

  • cmdrmeldoc59
    cmdrmeldoc592 måneder siden

    Can I just say? Someone definitely has been playing the OSRS Trailblazer League a lot the past few weeks, cause the Smosh League logo is the exact same concept as the TrailBlazer one, with the multi-colour banner.

  • cmdrmeldoc59
    cmdrmeldoc592 måneder siden

    Why is the finale in a series and why have I not heard of any of the previous episodes? Is the clickbait so strong on the videos that idk what they’re about, so I won’t click? :o

  • saxdczxc3
    saxdczxc32 måneder siden

    applejuice pong?

  • Ghost.Kid6
    Ghost.Kid62 måneder siden

    Subtitles: Shane Tom

  • Xavier Rentas
    Xavier Rentas2 måneder siden

    Smosh league hella fire

  • Melina Zakeri
    Melina Zakeri2 måneder siden

    This video is bad for the ecosystem 😂

  • CelticShadow
    CelticShadow2 måneder siden

    i always feel so bad for the sound people working on videos like these.

  • Cheng Xing Rong
    Cheng Xing Rong2 måneder siden

    Please tell me the cups were recycled, cuz that's a lot of plastic

  • Angel and the squad :3
    Angel and the squad :32 måneder siden

    I thought u gave up the "SHUT UP"

  • Angel and the squad :3
    Angel and the squad :32 måneder siden

    1day ago wow

  • DarkNebula199
    DarkNebula1992 måneder siden

    really hoped for Shane to just launch himself onto the stacks of solo cups lol

  • Michael Redfern
    Michael Redfern2 måneder siden

    I feel sorry for whoever was on sound and had all of that cup noise in their headphones

  • Nathan Charbonnier
    Nathan Charbonnier2 måneder siden

    Every shut up ever

  • Greg
    Greg2 måneder siden

    Ian cannot dress by himself, what is this shirt

  • panfourteen
    panfourteen2 måneder siden

    Do it again. MORE. Dance for us, puppets!

  • Hay Hay
    Hay Hay2 måneder siden

    I’m so glad I found you guys again I’ve watched I guys for 2 years and I never got to subscribe because I never got a account and now I do

  • Ivorella Rackley
    Ivorella Rackley2 måneder siden

    Courtney's shirt is pure MAGIC

  • Akabearclaw
    Akabearclaw2 måneder siden

    What year is this?

  • Hannah Beth
    Hannah Beth2 måneder siden

    Um, I would like to see this done with, uh, glass cups, please.

  • Zero Gray
    Zero Gray2 måneder siden

    Hang on, there are blue hoo hoo hats? Were those up but taken down or have they just never been on the store before? I highkey wanna get one hella bad

  • Christopher Luna
    Christopher Luna2 måneder siden

    More PLEASE!!!

    C2DAJAY2 måneder siden

    3:59 Olivia speaking nuthin but the truth🙏🏾

  • Sam Witherington
    Sam Witherington2 måneder siden

    Sarah I'm 6'3. Head over heals?

  • Jack Gallahan
    Jack Gallahan2 måneder siden

    I love how serious Damien is taking this

  • GregoryMcCheese
    GregoryMcCheese2 måneder siden

    The only shipping i will be doing is Noah and Chester Cheeto

  • Lucas l
    Lucas l2 måneder siden

    Yall better fucking recycle

  • Anton Strandberg
    Anton Strandberg2 måneder siden

    So I don't know who makes your subtitles. But you've got to cut their wages.

  • Andreas Lam
    Andreas Lam2 måneder siden

    More of this pleeaase

  • Nina Is Here
    Nina Is Here2 måneder siden

    I came from we cut Ian’s hair and it grew really fast

  • Tim Long
    Tim Long2 måneder siden

    If A.S.S. had only waited to deploy their secret stacking method until the very last few seconds they could have had the advantage.