Smurf Accounts in Online Games

Film og animasjon

You're never safe... you're always going to be prey to someone....
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  • CircleToonsHD
    CircleToonsHD15 dager siden

    I genuinely had so much fucking fun making this stupid cartoon, so I hope you guys also enjoy it

  • 오근호


    3 timer siden


  • Viral Malicer

    Viral Malicer

    2 dager siden

    It's so funny because it's true

  • Eyk Dahinten

    Eyk Dahinten

    3 dager siden

    it was surprisingly very entertaining ^^ , laughed out loud

  • ProudToBeAmerican


    4 dager siden

    Watch your language



    5 dager siden


  • SpoopyTurtle 44
    SpoopyTurtle 442 minutter siden

    This is me playing cod mw now after a year of being inactive since every season it resets your level.

  • Sheldon Dinkleberg
    Sheldon Dinkleberg2 minutter siden

    "sMuRfInG dOeSnT eFfEcT tHe GaMe"

  • A dude of the dudes
    A dude of the dudesTime siden

    I never found joy in destroying low level noobs

  • Marco Pérez
    Marco Pérez2 timer siden

    Barras gordoo

  • Vincent Jackson
    Vincent Jackson2 timer siden

    My Steam account got hacked so I made a new one and redownloaded my favs (took the time to prune the library tbh), and yes I 100% have been accused of smurfing on multiple occasions lol

  • Tanksaawk
    Tanksaawk3 timer siden

    Sad but true

  • Dani Lima
    Dani Lima4 timer siden

    I am linda of reverse Smurf, I creat New accounts because I am really bad at the game and I pretend to be new as a excuse

  • ByKross8
    ByKross84 timer siden

    AWESOME LMAO 😂 and very true actually

  • Master Oak
    Master Oak4 timer siden

    Smurfs: The guy who's so bad he can't win at his level, so he create a new account to remember what it's like to win again while telling the newbies to git-gud like he's the #1 ranked player of the game. That sums it up.

  • Nubrex RCO
    Nubrex RCO5 timer siden

    apex legends in a nutshell

  • Justine -
    Justine -6 timer siden

    he has a good gaming chair, thats all

  • Joshy The Matey
    Joshy The Matey7 timer siden

    This is just R6 in a nutshell

  • Tourt0sak
    Tourt0sak7 timer siden

    I played R6 in novice mode, would be great if i knew before it was the smurf mode

  • MikTukLui89
    MikTukLui897 timer siden

    And all this time I thought they were hacking :0

  • GenXDev
    GenXDev7 timer siden

    Brilliant....just brilliant.

  • SomeCovertRebel
    SomeCovertRebel8 timer siden

    I'm currently running 3 separate smurf accounts on PUBG so I can't even complain.

  • Angelo Griego
    Angelo Griego9 timer siden

    Wtf did I just watch lmao. This has me laughing at 2:45 in the morning

  • Tu mai
    Tu mai9 timer siden

    Csgo, some guy named sit down son went 37-10

  • Giant Rat
    Giant Rat10 timer siden

    Wow good job animating his mouth it looks so real, the tweens have really been improving

  • Agent _pineapple
    Agent _pineapple10 timer siden

    When you buy the new version of a game you've been playing for years

  • FTWasp [] one of the best cod players 2012
    FTWasp [] one of the best cod players 201210 timer siden

    So is this hod they feel if i go cs?

  • Patriot Anon
    Patriot Anon11 timer siden

    so we just ain’t gonna talk about the fact that it’s a BABYBAY SMURF

  • Subhaste
    Subhaste11 timer siden

    That gaming chair was tilted at the perfect angle to get kills like that!

  • World Peace
    World Peace11 timer siden

    The camera is shaking madly

  • Jun Kitami
    Jun Kitami12 timer siden

    Or, "HACCCCKS"

  • DA Akuira
    DA Akuira12 timer siden

    Get good, I mean any game is easy unless you got downs like one game title players

  • Mr. Avi
    Mr. Avi12 timer siden

    i don't get how smurf acc's work? won't you not have anything unlocked? sure you have experience but what will you do with the level 1 stuff?

  • Streams4Charities
    Streams4Charities14 timer siden

    Peter is that you?

  • ansof
    ansof14 timer siden

    in dota, you think play against noob. But then when game announce he has 26 conscutive win , you realized against smurf account . Maybe immortal smurf . LOL

  • Only Jesus Can Save Us
    Only Jesus Can Save Us14 timer siden

    John 3:16-17 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen!

  • Jack Mah
    Jack Mah15 timer siden

    The real of LoL

  • The Baba Yaga
    The Baba Yaga15 timer siden

    Rainbow six moment

  • paddotk
    paddotk15 timer siden

    He really smurfed the smurfing smurf out of those guys.

  • FraZz J
    FraZz J15 timer siden

    I just outplay them tactically.... by camping like a bitch.

  • Eden Lia
    Eden Lia15 timer siden

    Me abusing Akali in league be like

  • Damian
    Damian15 timer siden

    They ask for it when they make games skill based matchmaking

  • violent
    violent16 timer siden

    Some smurfs are actually lonely assholes who get gratification from ruining people’s games (similar to cheaters). But most are just people who genuinely love the game and just don’t want to lose their hard earned ranks when playing with friends who they know aren’t close to their level or dedication. Simple as that. Queue times can be a factor as well depending on the game

  • Sergeant Nathan
    Sergeant Nathan18 timer siden

    Guilty as charged...

  • Hisoka L Perv
    Hisoka L Perv18 timer siden

    There are so many smurfs in overwatch that whenever i do really good as a new player to pc i get hard countered and focused by diamond/plat smurfs then called trash by my team because im just automatically assumed to be a smurf too. its both hilarious and cancer as fuck but i love it.

  • Micro USB
    Micro USB19 timer siden

    Wtf is a "smurf account"?

  • grey world

    grey world

    17 timer siden

    It's when someone makes a second account for a game with the purpose of exploiting the matchmaking system and getting matched with players that are lower in skill than them. Dont ask me why it's called smurfing but that's basically all it is

  • August Bjørnsti
    August Bjørnsti19 timer siden

    He prestiged

  • Baby Face
    Baby Face19 timer siden

    Somebody's been playing warzone

  • Overwatch_H1ghlights
    Overwatch_H1ghlights19 timer siden

    Every Overwatch match be like:

  • David Rayment
    David Rayment20 timer siden

    A Smurf account? I've never heard that before

  • Menetetty_
    Menetetty_20 timer siden

    What's a smurf account?

  • Brzi Ananas
    Brzi Ananas20 timer siden

    He is not smurfing he just used roblox technique called rebirth,which u use to progress faster but go to lvl 1

  • E Z 7
    E Z 721 time siden

    Whoever teabags in 2021 is just a complete disappointment

  • MedienGulli
    MedienGulli21 time siden

    No screen is that clean. Ever.

  • Reformed Viking
    Reformed Viking22 timer siden

    This sketch is clearly based on League of Legends

  • CakesLieAlot
    CakesLieAlot22 timer siden

    Always a bigger fish...

  • Nafis Hussain
    Nafis Hussain22 timer siden

    and that’s exactly why I quit playing csgo after a few days

  • Sir Shabaz
    Sir Shabaz22 timer siden

    I hate smurfs.... =_= Why? Just why? Just play you account! Why make another account?! USELESS GARBAGE THEORY! FUCK SMURF ACCOUNT USERS

  • Дмитрий Д
    Дмитрий Д22 timer siden

    ahh, I miss dota matches where usually midlane is for clash of 2 smurfs.

  • Aleem Balogun
    Aleem Balogun23 timer siden

    When the guy got shot in the head it honestly got me😂😂😂😂

  • 3VER
    3VER23 timer siden

    Hey, sometimes your opponent is just having a really good day.

  • Kevin Morales
    Kevin Morales23 timer siden

    I need to see circle toons cod gameplay lol

  • Thadx
    Thadx23 timer siden

    Smurfing should be cheating because its totally unfair.. change my mind

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson23 timer siden

    I smurf so I can play with friends in comp games because my skill gap is 2 far apart. Sometimes we just wanna play with our trash friends lmao

  • Google Mail
    Google Mail23 timer siden

    "78 days of playtime" lmao

  • RoeGi
    RoeGi23 timer siden

    Me in csgo

  • TurboCat
    TurboCat23 timer siden

    CSGO be like

  • FoxGirl Dojigiri
    FoxGirl DojigiriDag siden

    He is level 1 because he is #1

  • Tory
    ToryDag siden


  • Claymoreking YT
    Claymoreking YTDag siden

    Watched this while i Started dead by daylight this gave me chills with the Intro xD

  • Tyler Grant
    Tyler GrantDag siden

    I love the highlighted issue of bad matchmaking and level 400+ players just stomping little kids, and then they get the justice they deserve by a level 1 smurf haha in a surprising twist, they got me rooting for the smurf

    LENGHONG KOHDag siden

    I just beat a smurf account in siege because my team were working well as a unit, while that pendejo were taking it easy because they were up 3-1, nothing feels better when the smurf choke away a 3-1 lead.

  • ryan rong
    ryan rongDag siden

    This is the perfect definition of Congrats you have outplayed yourself

  • Darogab
    DarogabDag siden

    This is the exact plot of an anime I know!

  • sigma
    sigmaDag siden

    These are the same types of people that exploit terrible anti-cheat software and not get banned because they have so many bot accounts. I'm looking at you VAC/TF2!!!!!!!!

  • PoofyKittyPants
    PoofyKittyPantsDag siden

    I'm sitting back watching people who used to smurf realize smurfing is bad. How does it feel to be ollllllllllllllld.

  • Mew Kitsune
    Mew KitsuneDag siden

    Smurf don't exist in a pay to win game just saying

  • Laurenz Mönig
    Laurenz MönigDag siden

    Hey, sometimes your enemy just has a really good day lmao

  • MrPlague25
    MrPlague25Dag siden

    0:29 Welp he deserved it for suggesting teabagging

  • Website Commentator
    Website CommentatorDag siden

    ngl being a smurf in local games with your friends is so funny. So Me and my friends (6th tour in MCC) decided that I create a fresh account, we get some more friends (not in on the joke) and play. I act as if I'm a new friend who just started playing MCC and we do some Reach Invasion. About halfway through I switch skills to my actual skills and hard carry my casual teammates to the shock of those not in. You gotta try it

  • Pepe Cool
    Pepe CoolDag siden

    "there is always bigger fish" - Qui-Gon Jinn

  • manny amber
    manny amberDag siden

    mfs hopping on valorant with 4k hours on csgo

  • I super bros 2
    I super bros 2Dag siden

    a what?

  • Igneous
    IgneousDag siden

    Smurfing is so much fun tho. You get to actually enjoy games again as if you are a new player so instead of having to try your ass off you can just fuck around all game and only get kills with like flash bangs or something

  • feedmewifi _
    feedmewifi _Dag siden

    what was this animated in? powerpoint?

  • Dr Curry
    Dr CurryDag siden

    Guys he just has a good gaming chair

  • wired pol coffee
    wired pol coffeeDag siden

    smurfing in games is the most fun ever

  • never gonna give you up
    never gonna give you upDag siden

    "Tomska also watch it" hmm i dont know is the real tomska or its a fake tomska that name tomska and i sub to because the joke is realy good

  • SanjiBaratie
    SanjiBaratieDag siden

    Apex legends be like.

  • Hellgatyr
    HellgatyrDag siden

    SBMM > smurfing > enjoy killing noobs > beginners uninstalled > smurf vs smurf > Blame developer

  • Neptune
    NeptuneDag siden

    He has all the god tier items the gaming socks,gaming chair,gaming computer set up with 4 monitors with an overly powerful cpu and add gamer glasses,gamer drinks,gamer snacks and gamer girlfriend(non-Existent) Sidenote: to people who got triggered fuck off it means you are part of the gamers fam and so am i

  • R4Z0R84
    R4Z0R84Dag siden

    Call of duty mobile on BlueStacks on PC in a nutshell

  • Hughmann
    HughmannDag siden

    What kind of ranked game like this lets you spawn camp besides over watch?

  • - Kyrel -
    - Kyrel -Dag siden

    me, who lost my old acc, so I create a new one and accidentally smurf

  • Joe Parker
    Joe ParkerDag siden

    Star Wars Battlefront II in a nutshell

  • RenaultSwizy
    RenaultSwizyDag siden

    Rainbow six siege be like

  • Mysitc Owl
    Mysitc OwlDag siden

    He's gotta have a great gaming chair.

  • Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat
    Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker CatDag siden

    Smurf accounts? Huh? What's that?

  • Redmond t. Jacks
    Redmond t. JacksDag siden

    Now I feel bad. Since some guy hacked my account and started playing my games with cheats, he got the account blocked so technically I currently have 116 hours in tf2 but that’s not actually true bcs I have like 5400+ on my previous account so I’m usually confusing the entire server....

  • Pliskin Ishmael
    Pliskin IshmaelDag siden

    When the gaming chair feels just right.

  • thehydra A
    thehydra ADag siden

    Basically, War Thunder in a nutshell Where the beginner matchers are the most difficult in the game

  • Natasha Reid
    Natasha ReidDag siden

    Rainbow 6 siege is all that came to mind

  • Booosh
    BoooshDag siden

    Cold war

  • flamingrubys11
    flamingrubys11Dag siden

    smite smurfs

  • Isaiah Garcia
    Isaiah GarciaDag siden

    Oh my god those aren’t hacks just a kill streak from one kill o ur first game!!!!