Sneaking Into VAMPIRE Masquerade Ball In Real Life - Rebecca Zamolo


First, Rebecca Zamolo was spent 24 hours trapped inside dollhouse with hypnotized best friends. Next Matt and Rebecca realized he trapped us while sneaking into escape room for game master master secret. Finally the Game Master Network were in an extreme hide and seek battle royale in game master escape room. Now Rebecca and Maddie have two invitations as part of the sacred 6 to attend a vampire masquerade ball. They will have to go undercover in disguise as vampires while sneaking into the recruitment party for the RHS. Matt stays at home and makes the best diy vampire outfit just like troom troom and 123 Go did for Halloween. It turns into an escape room in real life once inside and a few surprises that create awkward situations. Maddie's crush and Rebecca's best friend are in attendance. Once inside the large ballroom Rebecca and Maddie have do a flash mob tik tok dance. Followed by a challenge with mysterious chalices. Finally a battle royale in real life leaves it down to 4. Do you think they will escape in time or be trapped for another 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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    Rebecca he is hypnotize when you were in a doll house with your friends and I have dolls and M is the face Shawn Mendes back he has a dog behind him back behind the back he is I think he races thank you for races memories

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    The face Charmander was wearing a doll tattoo at that back

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    On Ryan's back there is a tattoo which hypnotised Daniel matt and maddie

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    Rayn has an lol dol on his neck his hipnotised

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    Matt so you’re in the right place but you’re right now Rebecca Maddie are trapped in the picture was from King buffet and then for some reason featuring John Nana’s whatever it’s called he is working with Keegan and then now your sleep cloud now Rebecca Maddie or truck in

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