Snoop Dogg RAPPED with Me and my BASS


I played bass with Snoop Dogg and he rapped with me! it finally happened.
very emotional times
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  • Davie504
    Davie50410 dager siden

    M&M next??? Slap like if you're spittin fax too

  • Raina Bark

    Raina Bark

    7 dager siden

    Daniel Trasher told somethig to you in his 'nonsense music to vibe'

  • Heath Lockwood

    Heath Lockwood

    9 dager siden


  • jop


    9 dager siden

    Dr dre!!!!!!!!

  • jop


    9 dager siden


  • Just a Dog Without Pizza Rolls

    Just a Dog Without Pizza Rolls

    9 dager siden


  • Stream_Dude12
    Stream_Dude12Time siden

    bad words is a BIG no no

  • CoderBrow
    CoderBrowTime siden

    No way dude, I just will say "EPICO"

  • Tyson Bittle
    Tyson Bittle2 timer siden


  • Anna Lijesnic
    Anna Lijesnic3 timer siden

    Snoop was great

  • aemluck
    aemluck4 timer siden


    PAOZO GAMEPLAYS4 timer siden

    Vídeo em português faça AGORA

  • Juan Santiago
    Juan Santiago4 timer siden

    I think he paid Snoop with his own homegrown sativa, is that what "dont give me no bamer weed" means?

  • Slayrron Hunter
    Slayrron Hunter4 timer siden

    The guy who rapped Sasha Banks's theme

  • Cam Good
    Cam Good5 timer siden

    He high as Hell. Hell yes.

  • joao Sousa
    joao Sousa5 timer siden

    how does this not have more fucking views?

  • Donald Campbell
    Donald Campbell6 timer siden

    They were all epic

  • Djoxy 88
    Djoxy 886 timer siden

    Mike Choe mind-blowing.

  • John Satyajeet
    John Satyajeet7 timer siden

    winner is daniel_delrio the bassist

  • Devin spampathy
    Devin spampathy7 timer siden

    Davie : SlaPe dAT LOikE BuTon

  • up to learn
    up to learn7 timer siden


  • Dan Rodelo
    Dan Rodelo8 timer siden

    First dude sounds like Weird Al when he covers a rap song

  • Valdemar Junio Barbosa
    Valdemar Junio Barbosa8 timer siden

    First time here... This guy is awesome, but can anyone explain he look like a stallone deepfake vfx?

  • Hugo Fuchs
    Hugo Fuchs8 timer siden

    I'd have to say Laurier Lachance was the best, though there was a lot of tough competition there.

  • Gonzalo Vazquez
    Gonzalo Vazquez8 timer siden

    cat and trumpet

  • Lagum Lemoni
    Lagum Lemoni8 timer siden

    This is a Christian channel

  • Lagum Lemoni
    Lagum Lemoni8 timer siden

    Bass is pronounced bass not bass

  • drudigger
    drudigger9 timer siden

    The third and fourth rapper was really good. Good style.

  • fintan bourke
    fintan bourke9 timer siden

    The talent is 🔥

  • Jonas Bergström
    Jonas Bergström10 timer siden

    @Mike Choe. Hah! that was epical :D

    CREEPER AWW10 timer siden

    Bruh snoop dog rap suck

  • Natalia Santana
    Natalia Santana11 timer siden

    Can someone explain why cat jesus is rapping?

  • Trynda mere
    Trynda mere11 timer siden

    The f*** bombs guy was the best in my opinion, I also liked the cat guy :D

  • JRSDT 2nd Account
    JRSDT 2nd Account11 timer siden

    They were all great. Wow.

  • MrPecikllasi
    MrPecikllasi12 timer siden

    Nice tune.

  • Constant Zero602
    Constant Zero60212 timer siden

    Snoop : I'll meet you in car... standing at the bar? Me : Do we have drive through bars now?

  • March MT
    March MT13 timer siden

    Please respond to Feng E

  • Chasish
    Chasish13 timer siden

    Mike Choe was best imo. Crazy good.

  • philip gaming
    philip gaming13 timer siden

    O M G

  • F Juiceph
    F Juiceph14 timer siden

    For people who is really excited 7:15

  • Randomish Fish
    Randomish Fish14 timer siden

    lol. slap.

  • Guy Don
    Guy Don14 timer siden

    snoop dog was sh*t. My favorite is the guy end with "now pass the mic". The second was I think

  • Gōzu & Meizu -鬼兄弟- / daemon. [ig: 637daemon]
    Gōzu & Meizu -鬼兄弟- / daemon. [ig: 637daemon]14 timer siden

    Snoop Dog did have the worse rap, but are we not gonna take into account my mans was beyond high?

  • kmf18
    kmf1815 timer siden

    Cool, man! Stretching out your wings! Congrats!!

  • Laurens
    Laurens16 timer siden

    Snoop was payed for that ? Well.. let's just say he had his time. And even that time wasn't highstanding music, .. or wait..

  • Soufiane Ait ichen
    Soufiane Ait ichen17 timer siden

    I feel like snoop is very overrated like wtf is that shity fucking rap

  • Naveen Pandey
    Naveen Pandey17 timer siden

    07:10 what your are searching for

  • cowchipsbotme
    cowchipsbotme17 timer siden

    Truuuuuumpet man! That was great!

  • CieQue1214
    CieQue121417 timer siden

    2:49 damn

    JAM DIGITAL17 timer siden

    and the worst one was??? snoop dog

  • Dk Nurul
    Dk Nurul17 timer siden

    "He remind me Eminem" Omg!!!! Not gonna lie, I thought the same thing..

  • Novin Nabam
    Novin Nabam18 timer siden

    7:10 Davie: OMG Snoop dog just send me his part The madarfcker Snapchat ads teh teh reh teh teh reh²😂

  • Complex Patriot
    Complex Patriot19 timer siden


  • Fiona Barry
    Fiona Barry19 timer siden

    Hey Dave504 just found Aaron the Bassist age 9 his guitar is sublime.

  • Alberto Bravo
    Alberto Bravo19 timer siden

    Hey Davie, you should mix all interventions in a single super cool jam song! So sweet! ¬¬

  • David Baverstock
    David Baverstock19 timer siden

    Pretty half hearted rap by Snoop Dogg there.

  • samuel guinacaran
    samuel guinacaran19 timer siden


  • Alexander Shugayev
    Alexander Shugayev20 timer siden

    trumpet guy is dope

  • Handrice Boliscar
    Handrice Boliscar20 timer siden

    Yo you shouldve contacter NemRaps !!

  • Xotiiics YT
    Xotiiics YT20 timer siden

    What up SLAPPERS

  • Butterball Adderley
    Butterball Adderley20 timer siden

    Mike Choe was my favorite.

  • Jyotirmoy Barman
    Jyotirmoy Barman20 timer siden

    @Davie504 Can you play like Ben Lapps?

  • Egg Boi
    Egg Boi20 timer siden

    6:00 Jesus?

  • Egg Boi
    Egg Boi20 timer siden

    those raps were flippin awsome

  • Николаев Николай
    Николаев Николай21 time siden

    Охуенно! Все молодцы! И оригинал был крут и постарались все как следует!

  • Von Andre Acabal
    Von Andre Acabal21 time siden

    This has to be the best collab episode! Slap is funk

  • Eros Swu
    Eros Swu21 time siden

    Damn im waiting for JPolland's video man...

  • T.C.
    T.C.22 timer siden

    "Snoop Dog" is a disgusting person. Your priorities are upside down.

  • Robert Wills
    Robert Wills22 timer siden

    They're all great! Except Snoop's. He phoned it in.

  • Kyle Guajardo
    Kyle Guajardo22 timer siden

    5:14 Love how the twitch rapper left the rhyme for Davie to plug his merch. GRANDE CERVELLO move.

  • Lupin D. Third
    Lupin D. Third22 timer siden

    slap that subscribe button on my channel✌️

  • Rimey
    Rimey23 timer siden

    4:00 guy was the best

  • David Perez
    David Perez23 timer siden

    I love you

  • Ardee Pyro
    Ardee Pyro23 timer siden


  • Huang Kee
    Huang Kee23 timer siden

    really nice beat

  • Lecel
    LecelDag siden

    now i know who is the best bassist and best rapper, SNOOP DOGG AND DAVIE504 Edit: i have been subbed for 7 years davie, omg

  • DJ JRDaily
    DJ JRDailyDag siden

    Imagine, all of the submissions (and Snoop Dogg) collab...

  • Selah7
    Selah7Dag siden

    Slap. Smash. O em G.

  • Shrek
    ShrekDag siden


  • Kharizmo
    KharizmoDag siden

    That first guy rapping sounded like RWJ when he had YFM.

  • DJ Gunsick
    DJ GunsickDag siden

    Snoop was a deepfake.

  • klyn rolle
    klyn rolleDag siden

    DAVIE SMILD in the cat rap

  • klyn rolle

    klyn rolle

    Dag siden


  • germo jake
    germo jakeDag siden


  • D. Love
    D. LoveDag siden

    The Kitty rap hands down!!!

  • 19 20
    19 20Dag siden

    4:35 he smiled :o

  • polesxapart
    polesxapartDag siden

    EVERYONE was better then snoop dogg unfortunately... very poor performance of snoop dogg, but people will still look to the trade mark, rather to litsten to music closer

    MR CHIMPDag siden

    ah yes the highkage of weed village came here

  • Daelin Proudmore
    Daelin ProudmoreDag siden

    Not a fan of this cut up editing that youtubers do. They remove any delay between words. Very annoying.

  • Angel Angel
    Angel AngelDag siden

    If you have the balls and change the name of your video to "snoop dogg rapped like shit with me and my bass"..I guarantee you, you will slap the 5 million views by 10/28/20

  • Michael Haze
    Michael HazeDag siden

    You need Kendrick Lamar, sounds straight up like to pimp a butterfly

  • Jon Pienaar
    Jon PienaarDag siden

    Cat guy ftw - really went to the trouble of fitting lyrics and chorus to the song structure - overall very pro.

  • David Carlson
    David CarlsonDag siden

    Everyone is shitting on Snoop but I'd reckon that's because he's the only one high af and improvising lyrics. I'd imagine the others put some planning and editing into theirs

  • Mikkeyboyy
    MikkeyboyyDag siden

    cant see why people dont like

  • Sergio Raven
    Sergio RavenDag siden

    damn so many talented people

  • Anne Infurna
    Anne InfurnaDag siden

    I'm Glad that cat Guy jumped down from his cross long enough to rap about his cat, Pepper! Certainly Christian!

  • Andresgamer59351
    Andresgamer59351Dag siden

    He said this video had to get to 500.000 likes and it only has 380.000 (average) the best person ever davie504

  • Davide Di Patria
    Davide Di PatriaDag siden

    Great sound

  • Fraser Robertson
    Fraser RobertsonDag siden

    Whatever standard of songwriting you're at, it's so lame to rhyme 'guitar', 'far', 'car', and 'bar'.

  • Armi How
    Armi HowDag siden

    I slap that button, dude. You're cool

  • Souporsalad 956
    Souporsalad 956Dag siden

    "His rap is really catchy" Me: casually forgets every word

  • Mouquet Rémi
    Mouquet RémiDag siden

    5:21 did anyone found that this guy looks like dave grohl ??

  • Freya the uncontrollable sausage Davis
    Freya the uncontrollable sausage DavisDag siden

    5:51 this ones like flight of the concords slap like if you understand

  • Devaux Antoine
    Devaux AntoineDag siden

    I"v been slapped very hard !

  • LJ_Dude
    LJ_DudeDag siden

    First guy was best.

  • Nóra Haouas
    Nóra HaouasDag siden

    OMG I'm starting to play bass!!! I'm adiccted to bass!!!!!!!