Snuggling Koala Bears in Australia (Squad Vlog)

We went to Australia and bought a zoo! JK. We did visit zoos, though, and snuggled every koala we could get our hands on!
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  • Sammy W
    Sammy W6 timer siden

    This makes me want to go back so bad. I miss that country.

  • AllieCatonix _9
    AllieCatonix _92 dager siden

    Why does Damien kinda look and sound like Johnny Depp when he was younger?

  • Sherer Mac
    Sherer Mac6 dager siden

    1:27 Damien: I thought that’s Mythical Chef Josh Man, I’m cackling.

  • Sara Long
    Sara Long8 dager siden


  • Sara Long
    Sara Long8 dager siden


  • DavyCrockettPlays
    DavyCrockettPlays14 dager siden

    I literally just sprayed celery juice all over when Shayne said that Ian is the default setting for Caucasian

  • King Dur
    King Dur24 dager siden

    I love hove calmly they said that they could come across the most venomous snake in the world

  • Emily Ferguson
    Emily FergusonMåned siden

    the goddamn godzilla theme for the giant snake omfg

  • Poolside Toilet Productions
    Poolside Toilet ProductionsMåned siden

    Courtney and Damien were putting out such strong vibes the other animals couldn't resist!

  • Anna Saul
    Anna SaulMåned siden

    I heard that gossip girl reference courntey and i respect that! Lol

  • John Will Bonagua
    John Will BonaguaMåned siden

    No one: Absolutely no one: Bird: rerorerorerorero

  • drack attack
    drack attack2 måneder siden

    why their guide look like robin williams

  • Idk LOL
    Idk LOL2 måneder siden

    is that a madame tussauds ad?

  • Slightly Distressed Slug
    Slightly Distressed Slug2 måneder siden

    12:21 the bird licking him is probably the cutest thing ever

  • Sarah Nagle
    Sarah Nagle2 måneder siden

    I wonder how it was getting marlin tickets

  • Daphne Guy
    Daphne Guy2 måneder siden

    I live in Australia

  • The real Jesus Christ
    The real Jesus Christ3 måneder siden

    Couldn’t you see these animals at basically any zoo anywhere?

  • Carissa Simmers
    Carissa Simmers3 måneder siden

    No one gonna talk about the bird straight up licking Ian’s face and how iconic that is

  • Parker Picone
    Parker Picone3 måneder siden

    "It was very sweet it looked me dead in the eyes and it said be my daddy"🤣🤣🤣

  • metalgirl97
    metalgirl973 måneder siden


  • Cool King gamer
    Cool King gamer3 måneder siden

    Hey you mind if I sneak in with you guys

  • Laurel
    Laurel3 måneder siden

    I laughed so loud when the bird was licking Ian! The sound effects, man!! Hilarious!😂😂😂

  • Matilda Connors
    Matilda Connors3 måneder siden


  • HopeChann
    HopeChann3 måneder siden

    It’s weird, watching America youtubers go to Australia because I’m Australian but as soon as I heard that woman’s voice I was like “do I sound like that?”

  • Lance StarKnight
    Lance StarKnight3 måneder siden

    So, I got an ad for Arby's, after Ian was talking how the Koala's have no fat.

  • TheLionGirl _YT
    TheLionGirl _YT4 måneder siden

    When they saw the most dangerous animal, the first thing I saw was a man in a tube Me: Oh, that man. Ok. He must have a knife. I wonder what would happen if he escaped his tube Sorry, this was stupid 🤣

  • Kate Mhm Ehem Oh
    Kate Mhm Ehem Oh4 måneder siden

    6:42 lowkey shout out to Trigun, hoping whoever used that sound clip knew exactly what they were doing

  • Nicholas Persad
    Nicholas Persad4 måneder siden

    I imagine Damien and Shayne just looking and laughing at animal tits

  • Rebekah Thrift
    Rebekah Thrift4 måneder siden

    Ian, and Kakyoin bird are a power couple

  • Julian Martinez
    Julian Martinez4 måneder siden

    2:13 uhh wtf happened 👀

  • Kinzley
    Kinzley4 måneder siden

    6:05 Sarah zooms in on a cassowary and Damien says he wants to pinch its cheeks *PANICS IN AUSTRALIAN*

  • Raging Overwatch
    Raging Overwatch4 måneder siden

    Damn it I wanted them to see a giant spider 😂

  • D M
    D M4 måneder siden

    Wow they're lucky they were able to take a trip before Corona hit hard

  • Eduarda Monteiro
    Eduarda Monteiro4 måneder siden

    6:10 Damien's thing about biting little chicks reminded me that i would put them in my mouth when i was a kid because i liked them so much

  • Elise Xuereb
    Elise Xuereb4 måneder siden

    Courtney talking to the Emu is me talking to my cats 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Merciless Thunder
    Merciless Thunder4 måneder siden

    Poor Larry he just wanted a friend

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr4 måneder siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr4 måneder siden

    AUSTRALIA VLOG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ava reese
    ava reese4 måneder siden

    Why does Shane look like one of the koalas

  • 5
    54 måneder siden

    You guys should bring back just one episode each of the old squad shows

  • Gamer Grill
    Gamer Grill4 måneder siden

    I’ve been there but never got to hold anything sadly

  • 1bluefrog
    1bluefrog4 måneder siden

    i watched a part of this video upside down

  • HJX
    HJX4 måneder siden


  • ShmolKid
    ShmolKid4 måneder siden

    Nobody: Damien: I wanna give it a little bite because it’s so cute. I just wanna go _chomp Nosies_

  • Joey Dave
    Joey Dave4 måneder siden

    Dats me 4:53

  • InsectDude
    InsectDude4 måneder siden

    Shayne: so you can just come across this deadly animal walking around??? Yea... Clearly Shayne has never heard of Australia

  • johnfall34
    johnfall344 måneder siden

    ones green ones blue

  • johnfall34
    johnfall344 måneder siden

    when they hold the thing why is ians eye color differt

  • Randomish Fish
    Randomish Fish5 måneder siden

    Me being the only one to realise that thats where click went.

  • Lasharye Whitworth
    Lasharye Whitworth5 måneder siden

    Lady: "Their babies are the size of a grain of rice" Me: *Looks at rice that i'm eating* "Ummm...... ._." XD

    AVOCADO5 måneder siden

    The JJBA ref when Ian is being licked by the bird 😂😂😂

  • Dareen Dumadag
    Dareen Dumadag5 måneder siden

    damien is so adorable

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool5 måneder siden

    Conan's trip coming here brought me here..... And Smosh.

  • Fishdish 44
    Fishdish 445 måneder siden

    Mike Tyson

  • Zen
    Zen5 måneder siden

    I bet Damien edited the rerro rerro in the vid

  • Fitz
    Fitz5 måneder siden

    Little do they know that the rainbow lorikeet is in fact that deadliest animals they encountered that day.

  • Mr Po
    Mr Po5 måneder siden

    Any other Australians watching this

  • gamerbox
    gamerbox5 måneder siden

    Bird is kakyoin confirmed

  • comnetorg 1 _ 1
    comnetorg 1 _ 15 måneder siden

    Emu and kangaroo asked snake: are we killin the humans now?

  • Jock Sandford
    Jock Sandford5 måneder siden

    welcome mate

  • Joseph Kowalkowski
    Joseph Kowalkowski5 måneder siden

    Click did a hide and seek 8n that exact wax figure thing

  • Gaming_Mia
    Gaming_Mia5 måneder siden

    Omg I went there last yr for school camp

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh5 måneder siden

    Ahhhh that jojo reference at 12:23 Kakoyin has arrived in the form of a bird!

  • Vince 101

    Vince 101

    5 måneder siden

    He's back BOYS!!!!!

  • Ghost_Echo4.1
    Ghost_Echo4.15 måneder siden

    I thought that it said smuggling😂

  • Just Roach Tings
    Just Roach Tings5 måneder siden

    No wonder Australians are so nice. If they are ever mean, some animal is just gonna beat 'em up.

  • Tony Minner
    Tony Minner6 måneder siden

    3:20 TMNT

  • Kitpril xoxo
    Kitpril xoxo6 måneder siden


  • Bethy Boo
    Bethy Boo6 måneder siden

    Everything was so cuteeeeee

  • Carl Boyer
    Carl Boyer6 måneder siden

    Where has Noah gone

  • Schleich Films
    Schleich Films6 måneder siden

    **i come from Australia and no one calls koalas, koala bears lol 😂**

  • Stephen Kuszewski
    Stephen Kuszewski6 måneder siden

    nobody wants to see you hug charcoal

  • Er Chua
    Er Chua6 måneder siden

    Goddammit a year ago at that time I was in sydney at the exact same place that you guys were at

  • Sandra Sancho
    Sandra Sancho6 måneder siden

    10:31 i though the koala feet was that long-

  • Jahir Hipps
    Jahir Hipps6 måneder siden

    The koala was pushing away from everyone except Sarah- she is earth mother.

  • Ian Delos Reyes
    Ian Delos Reyes6 måneder siden

    2:04 those thingies in my country are refreshing but if you stay still for a while it'll get stinky asf

  • Edward Taylor
    Edward Taylor6 måneder siden

    ✌️😔✌️ ✌️😸👌

  • José Emilio Villarreal
    José Emilio Villarreal6 måneder siden

    "Crocodile in the pouch of a kangaroo, they've joined forces. The kangaroo is riding a motorcycle, the crocodile has a gun."

  • Eleanor Penno
    Eleanor Penno6 måneder siden

    COME TO NZ!!!!! if ya wanna see dinosaurs go somewhere where you can see a tuatara they are literal dinosaurs and we have heaps of birds n stuff that would love to have smosh come and pet them !!! XD

  • Samuel Lane
    Samuel Lane6 måneder siden

    As someone from Australia I take hreat offenese when you call it a Koala ’bear’

  • Lilac Amaris
    Lilac Amaris6 måneder siden

    When they were at the area with the crocodile, the first thing I saw was the man in the little tank. I really thought they brought them to a man-

  • Aye Mercury
    Aye Mercury6 måneder siden

    12:21 is that a mother fucking jojo reference

  • George Doty-Williams
    George Doty-Williams6 måneder siden

    TIL that Ian reacts to cute animals as "Buddy!!!" by default

  • Cess Odulio
    Cess Odulio6 måneder siden

    Did I just hear a jojo reference from when a bird was licking ian?

  • Sydney Drake
    Sydney Drake6 måneder siden

    My name is sydney what a quadinsence

  • Kol Ip
    Kol Ip6 måneder siden

    Is that Sam Lerner as a tour guide?

  • rohith chodavarapu
    rohith chodavarapu6 måneder siden

    @1:23 Poor guy just wanted to say hi😭😭

  • jejsjs
    jejsjs7 måneder siden


  • Stephanie Gonzalez
    Stephanie Gonzalez7 måneder siden

    Did u see lazarbeam

  • The Builder
    The Builder7 måneder siden

    1:57 LOL default setting XD

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez7 måneder siden

    Is that a mf jojos reference?

  • and i’m like SCHWOOPSIE.
    and i’m like SCHWOOPSIE.7 måneder siden

    “any white guy with a beard and glasses just looks like ian” i tried to compare my dad and then i remembered that while ian is an early-thirties Generic White Man, my dad is a 55-year-old native american guy. only similar thing is their blue eyes lmao

  • addilyn dotdot
    addilyn dotdot7 måneder siden

    This video came after my birthday

  • Cheesey
    Cheesey7 måneder siden

    lolmher shirt said kill me when she was with the snake XD

  • Shakesqueare
    Shakesqueare7 måneder siden

    the weirdest thing is being australian and seeing people lose their minds about things like animals. it’s just so base level that by this point it’s just normal

  • Muhammad Arqam
    Muhammad Arqam7 måneder siden

    8:18 the australians actually lost a war to these guys

  • Human Being
    Human Being7 måneder siden


  • Scarlett Flitcroft
    Scarlett Flitcroft7 måneder siden

    The parrot that Ian Matt probably was off of Twitter obviously work the other find any other parrot

  • DavyCrockettPlays
    DavyCrockettPlays7 måneder siden

    The snake "Noah'd" Ian 😅 *Insert Noah going Uhhhhhh

  • orangejuice
    orangejuice7 måneder siden

    pfft. even smosh won’t fool me, i know that Australia isn’t real

  • Maisie SPENCER
    Maisie SPENCER7 måneder siden

    Nil but the aboriginal music is so stereotyping