So I Opened 100+ *BRAND NEW* Golden Lantern 21 Crates in Rocket League & IT WAS INSANE!


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  • Raid Rampage
    Raid Rampage6 timer siden

    Nice vid piece out rampage

  • Shmoop
    Shmoop12 timer siden

    Do my brother got a dueling dragons first 5 smh

  • Hartmondy 10
    Hartmondy 103 dager siden

    CallOfGootie I've been so lucky after playing for 7 months and haven't got an animated decal please may I have 1

  • ASSJoey
    ASSJoey5 dager siden

    The amount of tw stuff he got in this video, is just insane by itself

  • Harry Jarrett
    Harry Jarrett5 dager siden

    in leasson gang

  • Splashy -Funidragz
    Splashy -Funidragz6 dager siden

    I got 5 rares -_-

  • Malcolm Dupuis
    Malcolm Dupuis6 dager siden

    I only just recently started playing rocket league and was wondering if you could trade with me. I don't really have anything good, but I know that you do

  • filis brasko
    filis brasko6 dager siden

    Shaw yourself u will look 10 yo

  • Cole Agate
    Cole Agate7 dager siden

    i opened 5 and got 5 rares

  • Plague
    Plague7 dager siden

    Same age of my sister

  • rocket league and fortnite
    rocket league and fortnite8 dager siden

    Can somebody on xbox pls trade with me I got scammed from my duling dragons please somebody

  • ProNoob64 _
    ProNoob64 _8 dager siden

    Day 17 of asking pixel to trade

  • Keons
    Keons8 dager siden

    Does anybody know what wheels were the ones he was using with the nissan?

  • zimran
    zimran9 dager siden

    Pickapixel please I want to offer for the other skyline it's my dream carr please add

  • kaizoux 4
    kaizoux 49 dager siden

    La chance Qu'il a

  • Isaac Karana
    Isaac Karana9 dager siden

    Can I pls have 5k Crs I need it for a white octane I’m 5k short and it’s my dream car

  • Kingdom Esbreon
    Kingdom Esbreon9 dager siden


  • Omc Jackag
    Omc Jackag9 dager siden

    How did you get tw pixelated shades item shop?

  • BlurXD
    BlurXD9 dager siden

    Ive opened 4 from grinding and got all rares :(

  • Alfie Bolton
    Alfie Bolton10 dager siden

    I have some hipnotiks I can't remember but they are painted

  • Vision Chief
    Vision Chief10 dager siden

    Do a vlog on the Id thing. Be a great video

  • Enzo Ribeiro
    Enzo Ribeiro10 dager siden

    Pqp eu abri 200 dessa porra e ganhei 1 exotico se tiver br aq eles vao adimitir de os gringos sao mais cagados

  • O Randtoul
    O Randtoul10 dager siden

    Does anyone know how much crimson invaders in the very rare category on ps5 are worth, I've only been able to find the common and exotic varient

  • Dillpickle2106
    Dillpickle210610 dager siden

    Picka pixel " i dont want any dueling dragons if there not painted" Gets a Dueling dragons not paint *Freaks out! Love the videos man!

  • siljelillenes
    siljelillenes10 dager siden

    Can i plzzzzz get a free dueling dragon its my dream🥺

  • Rapheal Harris
    Rapheal Harris10 dager siden


  • MFG_Splx
    MFG_Splx10 dager siden

    everyone make sure to use code pixelarmy in the rocket league item shop

  • Yash Bhagat
    Yash Bhagat10 dager siden

    8:41 cAn i hAvE tHaT

  • Adde PRO max
    Adde PRO max10 dager siden

    Im in class watching this

  • Roy haddad
    Roy haddad10 dager siden

    I am born on March 30 to

  • Kello_09
    Kello_0910 dager siden

    Can I please have a fennec my birthday was not while ago on 20 feb can I please have a fennec please

  • ea86
    ea8610 dager siden

    I got a titanium white animus gp

  • Yeet 2020away
    Yeet 2020away10 dager siden

    Wanna know something pikapixel I opened a crate from getting a challenge done it was a rare crate and I got a imposter painted purple and a octane and I clipped so I got a purple octane in a rare drop the odds?

  • Rohan Hunter
    Rohan Hunter10 dager siden

    It’s so cool how much pickas channel has blown up

  • Addy Bubbles
    Addy Bubbles10 dager siden

    Best pull was the fidget spinner wheels

  • Dylan McElney
    Dylan McElney11 dager siden

    My friend got a Dueling Dragon on his 3rd Lantern ever

  • Piece_Control_Kyle
    Piece_Control_Kyle11 dager siden

    You know once he gets 10 mil ppl are gonna be flexin being like “I’ve been here since before 1 mil”

  • Frosty1234_7


    10 dager siden

    lol it’s true

  • Carson Jarvis
    Carson Jarvis11 dager siden

    I pulled a black sub zero and sold it for 21k creds that's $210 (I peed myself when I pulled it)

  • TG -szn
    TG -szn11 dager siden

    U gained a follower.

  • Hayden Cribb
    Hayden Cribb11 dager siden

    I got dueling dragons from my 2nd golden lantern lol

  • FickleDrop


    11 dager siden


  • Hayden Cribb

    Hayden Cribb

    11 dager siden

    Oh and they weren’t painted so I don’t think you can get them

  • pokemon lover
    pokemon lover11 dager siden

    Happy birthday man

  • JaySeaDaGod
    JaySeaDaGod11 dager siden

    How did u even get these lol ?

  • Janek Schepers
    Janek Schepers11 dager siden

    Lets buy 101 cause thats 100+

  • Defrag
    Defrag11 dager siden

    My cousin got a forest green duelling out a lanter (so he saidj

  • DrFishStick
    DrFishStick11 dager siden

    i got a frikkin endo on my SECOND ACCOUNT :((((. iTS ONE OF MY FAV BODIES

  • gias 123
    gias 12311 dager siden

    My man played to be exact 2020 games during the chinese new year event

  • Santiago Jaccard
    Santiago Jaccard11 dager siden

    [H]x90 Golden Lantern 21[W]250c each

  • Vr Plays Everything
    Vr Plays Everything11 dager siden

    he got my favorite wheels the hypnotiks but burnt sienna

  • abdulla 500 nabeel
    abdulla 500 nabeel11 dager siden

    wtf del

  • Kierox 329
    Kierox 32911 dager siden

    Can u add me SubZer0_Kierox plz I need bm

  • Rick Rolli
    Rick Rolli11 dager siden

    Our birthdays are right next to each other. I'm the 31st. Brilliant mate. Have a great day!

  • iplayssomethin78 2
    iplayssomethin78 211 dager siden

    u can get duelling dragons painted from a drop

  • zoon.
    zoon.11 dager siden

    my bday is in 4 days, can i get a happy birthday? c:

  • Evan Ortolani
    Evan Ortolani11 dager siden

    Bro pixel idk how u do it, you must be a trading god bc I wouldn’t be able to get that many lanterns to save my life

  • angel boy
    angel boy11 dager siden

    I wish I had stuff like that I got skamed

  • Lucas Rego
    Lucas Rego11 dager siden

    i love ur videos

  • Jesse Kooman
    Jesse Kooman11 dager siden

    How do you know who you already vot someone?

  • Josh Schramm
    Josh Schramm11 dager siden

    Opened 5 got 5 rare decals witch were garbage

  • Zoella Awm
    Zoella Awm11 dager siden

    Dueling dragons is dropping in value

  • Jack L
    Jack L11 dager siden


  • Morgan B
    Morgan B11 dager siden

    I think you should play more games and not open more crates

  • Clix _
    Clix _11 dager siden

    Code pixelarmy in the item shop

  • Jaydon Beckles
    Jaydon Beckles11 dager siden

    :Me trying to get fennec :Pickapixel getting fennec in drops

  • TheOneAndOnlyTro :0
    TheOneAndOnlyTro :011 dager siden

    8:25 is black market ur welcome :)

  • conor smutek
    conor smutek11 dager siden

    I’ve seen a black dueling dragons in a game before

  • Wheelson
    Wheelson11 dager siden

    I got purple hypnotik

  • Will Cruttenden
    Will Cruttenden11 dager siden

    i got a duelling dragons from 1

  • Paolo Magnussen
    Paolo Magnussen11 dager siden

    I sell lanterns at 300 ham if you want to buy them, let me know. I'm from PS4

  • Connor Hannan
    Connor Hannan11 dager siden

    So far the only thing I’ve got is a certified white Centio

  • William Nielsen
    William Nielsen11 dager siden

    Most vids have dueling dragons u are gifted

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion11 dager siden

    I’m online classes while watching this and in a plat 1v1 lmao 😂

  • ElectroX GlaRiFo
    ElectroX GlaRiFo11 dager siden

    U can't get painted dueling dragons from this crate

  • Vqard
    Vqard11 dager siden

    Him: Gets 2 exotics in the first five crates Me: Gets decals for cars I dont even have

  • Grizz


    11 dager siden


  • lazarlazar71


    11 dager siden

    U forgot to say rArE decals

  • Curlingsam


    11 dager siden


  • Sergio Frutos
    Sergio Frutos11 dager siden

    i got dissolver striker in my 2 and in the last event to

  • UndisputedGem
    UndisputedGem11 dager siden

    How would you join he give away

  • Nicole Cavanagh
    Nicole Cavanagh11 dager siden

    I have stiple gait and gravity bomb

  • Nicole Cavanagh
    Nicole Cavanagh11 dager siden

    Can i trade with any 1

  • Aiden Cervantes
    Aiden Cervantes11 dager siden

    I want to upgrade my keyboard because I have a cheap one but my parents don’t let me get a new keyboard with my own money I have saved up

  • Fatema Alzahraa Alebaidy
    Fatema Alzahraa Alebaidy11 dager siden


  • WB2Q
    WB2Q11 dager siden

    My birthday is on April 16

  • DaranKurd 11
    DaranKurd 1111 dager siden

    Bro I got all rares

  • Zaid PG3D
    Zaid PG3D11 dager siden

    Bruh u lied u didn't have 100 golden lantern u had 101 golden lantrens

  • F1xgz
    F1xgz12 dager siden

    I got a Poly Pop by opening 1 golden lantern.

  • HowToSummer mm
    HowToSummer mm12 dager siden

    I was 13 when you were 17

  • Ben Harosh
    Ben Harosh12 dager siden

    if your brithday is on 23 of feb then hapyy bday!!!!!!

  • Hockey Goalie
    Hockey Goalie12 dager siden

    Hey Pickapixel, my birthday is on March 30th too!🥺

  • Ben Harosh
    Ben Harosh12 dager siden

    i love this it always MAKES me feel belter

  • XypherBlacksky YT
    XypherBlacksky YT12 dager siden

    Don’t know if anyone else thinks the same he reminds me of an Ali-a that plays rocket league

  • XypherBlacksky YT

    XypherBlacksky YT

    12 dager siden

    Just maybe not as loud

  • wacko
    wacko12 dager siden


  • Fnxrz Trick Shots
    Fnxrz Trick Shots12 dager siden

    I am 10 and I eat chicken nuggets

  • Slay Rxspect
    Slay Rxspect12 dager siden

    I got a party time

  • Fnxrz Trick Shots
    Fnxrz Trick Shots12 dager siden

    My noob friend got dueling dragons from it in the first try cuz he only had 1 and when he got it he didn’t even know what it was

  • Marco Racano
    Marco Racano12 dager siden

    Burnt sienna gang wya (I like everything but I also appreciate burnt sienna)

  • Marco Racano
    Marco Racano12 dager siden

    Om trading apps people sell painted duelling dragons so does that mean that there from crates because you can’t trade item shop things?

  • AmoghPawar
    AmoghPawar12 dager siden

    101* actually

  • Jesse Mowder
    Jesse Mowder12 dager siden

    What wheels was he wearing

  • Blain Rose
    Blain Rose12 dager siden

    My third one I ever open I got a dueling dragons goal explosion.

  • Jonathan .D
    Jonathan .D12 dager siden

    Pixel i forgot to tell you I got bm hellfire

  • Growthpoint Properties
    Growthpoint Properties12 dager siden

    I love the video and u r my role model

  • ChunkaWoopa
    ChunkaWoopa12 dager siden

    I had 1 of those golden lantern thingys and I could've sold it for a bunch of credits, instead I decided to try my luck. I got a rare decal for a car I don't I even have. I now regret my decisions. Made you look