So...I Spent $50,000 On An Online Auction

Online auctions just burn a hole in your pocket, don't they? Well, the good news is, WE FINALLY BOUGHT A BEAN HEAD! Thank you for watching.
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Cole The Cornstar, aka Cole, is a 4th generation family farmer from Central Iowa who is the life force behind his family’s 2,000 acre farm. Cole promotes agriculture by filming his day-to-day adventures with his Dad (Daddy Cornstar) and brother (Cooper) on the farm. With a lot of help from family, Cole instills humor and education into his videos fit for viewers of all ages.
Despite being 23-years old, Cole has an old-fashion work ethic with an innovative approach toward agricultural technology and practices. Cole's mission is to prove the American Dream is not dead and be a megaphone for agricultural education and innovation, from technological advances in farming equipment to conservation practices.
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  • TJ DarkRage
    TJ DarkRage13 timer siden

    [Spoiler Alert] You got me, Cole! When you started the video by placing those bids I was thinking, "What! He's bidding on it and hasn't even looked at it yet!?" Glad to find out you had looked it over before hand.

  • Thick Man
    Thick Man13 timer siden

    When did this channel turn into this

  • Omega Rocks
    Omega RocksDag siden

    To cute 👍😁 L Y S 💜💜💜

  • Chris Lepp
    Chris LeppDag siden

    Just finally watched this and you had my cousin where bidding on the same header!! Small world

  • Trent Weston
    Trent WestonDag siden

    Ahhhhh it's good to have that intro back

  • mwnciboo
    mwnciboo2 dager siden

    Cooper looking mid-west Baller!

  • Napalm182 Napier
    Napalm182 Napier2 dager siden

    What the u dont have parts per vehicle on excell

  • Farmer In Saskatchewan
    Farmer In Saskatchewan2 dager siden

    Bean header? Man, that would make a great cereal header.

  • Susan Hewitt
    Susan Hewitt2 dager siden

    As my Farmer friend always said to me.. “Strong like bull, smart like tractor” 😜

  • Shovel Guggelheim
    Shovel Guggelheim3 dager siden

    Does Cooper have a new job producing retro 70s porn?

  • Petranilla14
    Petranilla143 dager siden

    The thumbnail for this video is hilarious.

  • Mignoliacdf
    Mignoliacdf3 dager siden

    You brother he has a look like '80 and 90💪🏽very cool

  • BuildingwithTrees
    BuildingwithTrees3 dager siden

    Cooper lookin like Weird Al

  • S. Smith
    S. Smith4 dager siden

    just curious whats with the mullet??? hehe

  • Quinn Odenthal
    Quinn Odenthal4 dager siden

    When you getting the crary air system?

  • Seeker
    Seeker4 dager siden

    Hey cole, what kind of MacBook is that, or what year is it, been researching how to edit things and just wanting to know how to do it for future videos.

  • Mentally Fit Famer
    Mentally Fit Famer4 dager siden

    It's easy to spend a $100K, $500K, or a million just like that on the farm. It's always cheaper, easier, and less stressful to do maintenance in the winter in a nice shop instead of out in the dusty field.

  • Nathan Swales
    Nathan Swales5 dager siden

    Am I the only person wondering dang what's that black w9 in the shop

  • E C
    E C5 dager siden

    How are you THIS knowledgeable?? You’re 22!! AND didn’t you just get done with college?? How?? Howwwwwww do you know so much??

  • AEStaley1
    AEStaley15 dager siden

    Wow, Coop! Just ....Wow....smh...

  • Donald Gulledge
    Donald Gulledge5 dager siden

    I thought I saw Weird Al Yankovick in your shop!

  • A McD
    A McD5 dager siden

    I always assumed the warsh wash thing was just the accent in that part of the world.....learn something new everyday

  • John Benson
    John Benson5 dager siden

    Just a suggestion for your new bean head look at a wind system it will help keep your beans going in the combine and not on the ground.

  • TheMr9fingers
    TheMr9fingers6 dager siden

    Dumb question so you guys have fridge etc. In the shop to eat so donyou have washrooms in shop or have to run to house

  • starlin hembree
    starlin hembree6 dager siden

    This channel is going stale

  • Bildo Gamer
    Bildo Gamer6 dager siden

    Are you guys going to consider a crary wind system with the Draper?!

  • Mike Gaffney
    Mike Gaffney6 dager siden

    I see you found the zoom in/out button on the camera. ENOUGH already! Great googly moogly.

  • Rick Workman
    Rick Workman6 dager siden

    Cole get a hair cut .

  • David Barr
    David Barr6 dager siden

    Cooper looks like Weird Al Yankovic

  • Shawn Callenius
    Shawn Callenius6 dager siden

    Good morning ☀️

  • Y Zhang
    Y Zhang6 dager siden

    I developed motion sickness from all zoom in/out handheld footages

  • DANIEL mota
    DANIEL mota6 dager siden

    Get a suit for dad cornstar hahaha

  • Andrew Stanislowski
    Andrew Stanislowski6 dager siden

    Glad to hear the your watching cole the corn star my daughter is 4 and after u say it she runs around the house saying it. Thanks cole for another great video!!

  • sjmillerjr
    sjmillerjr6 dager siden

    Keep up the great work guys! I know it must be tough editing videos and trying to do your work on the farm also. Your videos sure do make my day!

  • Mary Helvey
    Mary Helvey6 dager siden

    So Brian has a sense of humor too. Cooper that suit is so Fred Flintstone. Fun video

  • Scrapcash2
    Scrapcash27 dager siden

    Are you going to put an air system on your new Draper head to prevent bean loss?

  • sk84life0
    sk84life07 dager siden

    I bet ya that head won't fix in the shop attached to the tractor or will it ? lol but can we just appreciate how well cooper is dressed lol classy fella

  • Dan Finley
    Dan Finley7 dager siden

    God bless

  • Dan Finley
    Dan Finley7 dager siden

    Thanks for the update Cole it’s always fun to watch this channel and wow cooper now that’s a suit haha 😂

  • Jacolby Jones
    Jacolby Jones7 dager siden

    Is it just me or do the inside tread on combine track more wore than the outside ?

  • Scott Barrett
    Scott Barrett7 dager siden

    It wud of been nice to explain the master link on your feeder house chain .... how the got to go a certain direction so the crop don't tear them off n sucj

  • judy severson
    judy severson7 dager siden

    That was a GREAT VIDEO, 🤣GLAD YOUR BACK COLE ,COOPER AND DC🥰 Love you all👍

  • Paul M.
    Paul M.7 dager siden

    Are you going to put the Curry Air system on similar to Larson Farms?

  • Mary Plunkett
    Mary Plunkett7 dager siden

    Yo... this is my grandmothers account. She watches your NOlocal videos like a a 10 year old girl watched Justin Bieber back in 2012. Thanks for keeping her entertained my dude.

  • Will C
    Will C7 dager siden

    You're a bean head

  • Taurus 420
    Taurus 4207 dager siden

    7:26 reminds me of a t-shirt I saw about “Yoopers”. “Yooper- Strong like bull. Smart like tractor.”

  • Ed P
    Ed P7 dager siden

    Coop , Graduation pics in your new duds????

  • Oxford Montello
    Oxford Montello7 dager siden

    You just gotta love Cooper!

  • Mike Groat
    Mike Groat7 dager siden

    At 2:17, love the treads! I had a dump trailer that I made some of those I could take in and out for when I loaded my Bobcat. Gets sketchy!

  • B Norris
    B Norris7 dager siden

    When I have one of those days I hit the unsubscribe button.

  • Del Bennett
    Del Bennett7 dager siden

    Cole are you always full of energy? It’s funny to watch, but dose it annoy daddy cornstar

  • Damon Ellenson
    Damon Ellenson7 dager siden

    Looking for information your bulk engine and hydraulic oil caddy’s in daddy corn stars shop

  • James Glenn
    James Glenn7 dager siden

    What the poop was up with Coop?

  • swt pea
    swt pea7 dager siden

    The intro is back!!👏👏👏

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    Thomas LaMora7 dager siden

    don't get that tie caught in the combine belts...

  • tery jasper
    tery jasper7 dager siden

    Add an air system?

  • Swamp Rat
    Swamp Rat7 dager siden

    C'mon Cooper, tying a tie is no big deal.

  • Steve Neal
    Steve Neal7 dager siden

    great video. Thank you

  • Curt M
    Curt M7 dager siden

    48’ is your average Semi trailer Looks insane behind a pickup truck

  • Walter Taljaard
    Walter Taljaard7 dager siden

    Cooper starts to look like Tony Montana from Scarface.

  • Diane Walker
    Diane Walker8 dager siden

    Great little peek in to the wils wacky world of the CORNSTARS!

  • Matthias Chupp
    Matthias Chupp8 dager siden

    Are you going to put a wind system on the new head?

  • mr man
    mr man8 dager siden

    "Dropping napalm on my neighbors farm gone wrong cost $100,000,000 "(dyslexiclad445)

  • Jon P
    Jon P8 dager siden

    Was wondering if you all bought it sight unseen. Seemed crazy with how particular you are with equipment. Saved the info until the end.

  • Summers Woodworking
    Summers Woodworking8 dager siden

    Coop ... Bwuahahahahahahaha

  • pittdanny
    pittdanny8 dager siden

    Love the show. I have been watching for well over a year (really never miss a show and always leave a like). I watch a lot of political shows, and at the end of the day I wind down by watching Cole and the family. This is the first time I have commented I felt like I had to say how refreshing it is to see a normal God loving family, and I learned a lot about farming, I like how you are not afraid to say that Jesus is your Savior. I have been watching a lot less of You Tube because of their censorship, but I still watch your show. I remember you asking for suggestions on how you could improve the show, and the best suggestion I could give you is don't change a thing, just keep doing you. One thing I would suggest, and now that Summer is managing you and the show, is branch out to other online services, like Rumble, Twitch, Bitchute and others. Keep up the great work, and be careful, I would hate to see any of you get hurt. May God bless you, the family and all your friends. Dan

  • Marinus Verwey
    Marinus Verwey8 dager siden

    Are you planning to add a CRARY Air Reel or Wind Systems to the new draper head?

  • Gregg Kahler
    Gregg Kahler8 dager siden

    Like the new Case bean head, lot of money but it's the way to go better performance

  • RCK Transport, Inc.
    RCK Transport, Inc.8 dager siden

    With the addition of new combine and heads, will you have enough trucks to get it away to the néw grain bins ?

  • Juanita Wilson
    Juanita Wilson8 dager siden

    Coop is a Hoot!!

  • reno145
    reno1458 dager siden

    With that suit, Cooper looks like a WWF manager from 1982! (Yes, I am old enough to remember that). Love it.

  • BillC
    BillC8 dager siden

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  • Sherry Tangirala
    Sherry Tangirala8 dager siden

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    Big Chunk8 dager siden

    Look at Maya for your corn head

  • Andrew
    Andrew8 dager siden

    Cole is definitely right about them being glorified lawnmowers. I mounted new LED lights on my lawnmower last summer.

  • sylverarow
    sylverarow8 dager siden

    Snuff-up. is that not a term that means to break something?

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson8 dager siden

    Cooper looks like he should be managing a wrestler. The worst part is, it totally suits him!

    SCOTT HEWITT8 dager siden

    How much do those belts cost

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    Big Mamma8 dager siden

    Epic as always 😎 you made my day I smiled 😊 all the way through. 🙏

  • Larry Bruns
    Larry Bruns8 dager siden

    Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, he said to himself in a fog of wonderment.

  • Beth Cervenka
    Beth Cervenka8 dager siden

    Hey, you should check out the SR3 skid steer attachment by ABI. Maybe you can partner with them to demo it. It would be great when doing the rest of your yard/grove, etc. They partnered with Kapper Outdoors, so check them out.

  • Chris Cardoza
    Chris Cardoza8 dager siden

    Even new ones break...

  • robert lonsdale
    robert lonsdale8 dager siden

    I,m English so pardon my ignorance but $10,000 sounds like an AWFUL lot of filters to me

  • Sandra Finney
    Sandra Finney8 dager siden

    ❤❤ Cole, I left this note about your family - read to end!- on BBSTAR's video Top Ten Secret Things You Don't Know About Cole the Corn Star. ❤❤ Great summary of Cole the Cornstar! I'd just like to mention how Cole's family has taken care of 17 or more graveyards for digging graves and cremation plots for families and doing a great job and showing deep respect to families for over 45 years. Also, how hard Cole has worked on cleaning up the family farm and what a huge improvement he has made in comparison to when he first started this massive farm overhaul. Another admirable bit of info was how Cole managed to attend college and pay his way so that he had no debt when he graduated. He had excellent grades and was totally devoted to learning all he could as he longed to be back on the family farm full time, working and managing to bring it to it's full potential then upgrading and bringing it up to date by electronic means for auto steering and more. They have continued to buy more equipment, upgrade and have overcome much with the losses sustained during the derecho storm that had winds over 100 mph. Neighbors helped neighbors and are still working on costly repairs and rebuilds. The financial loss to their fields also hit them hard, flattening a lot of their crops, but they still worked hard to reap what they could. The family work well together and have similar goals. They hired Sable to help run equipment and work on the farm where needed and she's become part of the family and feels right at home. They all have NOlocal channels now, so please subscribe and enjoy their adventures, hard work, dedication, and lots of laughter along the way. Their YT channels, person (channel): Cole (Cole the Cornstar); DC/Daddy CornStar with MC/Momma CornStar (Daddy Cornstar); Summer (Sum Good Stuff); Cooper (Magic Mullet); Nave, Cole's GF (Nave).

  • Andy Lochary
    Andy Lochary8 dager siden

    Cooper needs a 4th of July suit next, or maybe an Easter suit!

  • Molly Johnson
    Molly Johnson8 dager siden

    Good content but not a fan of the zooming and movement with the editing.

  • Ken Kroska
    Ken Kroska8 dager siden

    Are you going to add an air reel to the draper head?

  • Sherwinvega18
    Sherwinvega188 dager siden

    Beans Beans Chinese dreams love them beans

  • MTB123 JON
    MTB123 JON8 dager siden

    are you going to do the air system on the bean head?????

  • Sherwinvega18
    Sherwinvega188 dager siden

    Just dondon't turn into that whistlindiesel idiot.

  • Talisman1957
    Talisman19578 dager siden

    was that a Ricky Scaggs impersonator?

  • Ethan Hall
    Ethan Hall8 dager siden

    It's crazy the money you guys have spent in the short amount of time regardless of your income away from the farm. Yes the price of beans/corn are up but the futures don't look promising. It's just head scratching even with your acres you farm. If that was the case every farmer would be spending that kind of money but we don't because its not really possible.

  • marcel Habets
    marcel Habets8 dager siden

    are you planning voor a air system on this header? ive seen one at the larson farm and they where pretty excited about it. works very good I think.

  • Allen Walters
    Allen Walters8 dager siden

    I watch by rotor loss at night when it's time to quit, can go a lot later than you think, tighten up concave and speed up rotor some

  • jonesy1227
    jonesy12278 dager siden

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  • Old Lady2

    Old Lady2

    8 dager siden

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  • Doug the Farmer
    Doug the Farmer8 dager siden

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