sO sATisFyiNG 2


Today I redeem myself. Kind of
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  • dev_fall
    dev_fall2 timer siden

    0:40 surger water unlocked

  • The Daddy Potato
    The Daddy Potato4 timer siden

    Liam:"Its-ITS TURNING INTO SLIME Slime Experts:"bruh offcours it is you dumb idiot (btw im just making this as a joke im a fan)

  • Cal McCrudden
    Cal McCrudden5 timer siden

    do you guys eat your apples with or without a *spoon*

  • Ana Evangelista
    Ana Evangelista6 timer siden

    Can you do a vid where u train Frodo

  • Nio Maclean
    Nio Maclean6 timer siden

    Those edits are satisfying.

  • Master Kenobi
    Master Kenobi6 timer siden

    3:50 is why Liam doesn’t have a girlfriend and why we don’t want him to

  • b citro
    b citro7 timer siden

    the most unsatisfying part was him mixing the colors of the kinetic sand

  • Julia McMahon
    Julia McMahon9 timer siden

    Bruh but like is every fruit you eat sour or do just not like fruit lmao have a nice day! Happy holidays MerRY CriSTmAs AnD HaPpY ThaNKsGiViNg!!!!!! 🎅🏻no offense btw it’s a joke.

  • Ezra
    Ezra18 timer siden

    2:48 he hates us viewers look at his hand bruh xD

  • Jyro Bonifacio
    Jyro Bonifacio23 timer siden

    The banana makes me angry

  • Aditya Verma
    Aditya VermaDag siden

    to be fair max is more adult than liam will ever be....

  • RianBeatrice526
    RianBeatrice526Dag siden

    the slime sticking to his hand is incredibly unsatisfiying

  • Logan 82
    Logan 82Dag siden

    Bad guy: Liam we are going to take all your stuff. Liam: slime attack 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jessica Coghill
    Jessica CoghillDag siden

    Him calling it candy floss was the most unsatisfying thing ever

  • Terra Allen
    Terra AllenDag siden


  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie CheeseDag siden

    Not as satisfied as I am when I see my big boombastic belly jiggle

  • DeadMagnet
    DeadMagnetDag siden

    2:49 liam swears

  • Cryogen
    CryogenDag siden

    Nobody: Bad guy liam: Liam... uhm... 🥺, we’re going to r-rob you!

    ALPHADag siden

    i just realised he is left handed :D

  • iEnVy
    iEnVyDag siden

    The most unsatisfying thing here is the dislikes

  • Weirdo o
    Weirdo oDag siden


  • Weirdo o
    Weirdo oDag siden


    NINJA FOX2 dager siden

    5:05 I am, disgusted.. and exiled. Free the FOXES #FreeDemFoxBrothers

  • The coolest Kid ever
    The coolest Kid ever2 dager siden

    What is his outro song called

    KXLLANツ2 dager siden

    The best part was when he got slime on his hoodie

    DANIAL CHAN2 dager siden

    Put candy in become nothing but water and soggy cotton candy I tried it before

  • Hastar Lavistar
    Hastar Lavistar2 dager siden

    The 1st one should be called Wait for it Drumroll please D I A B E T I E S I N A C U P

  • FlareonOW
    FlareonOW2 dager siden

    "Whoa! :D Whoa! :D Whoa! :D ...whoa D:"

  • Megan OGDEN
    Megan OGDEN2 dager siden

    You are the weirdest genius in the world lol I love your videos

  • _Husky_
    _Husky_2 dager siden

    Get this comment to more dislikes then the video itself

  • Galaxy the Space Dog
    Galaxy the Space Dog2 dager siden

    0:56 HelP mE iM mELtiNg

  • And i Oop-
    And i Oop-2 dager siden

    “Oh. My. DUDE”

  • Türkü Topaktaş
    Türkü Topaktaş2 dager siden

    Is it me or he's actually faking his emotions

  • Aquo Toxic
    Aquo Toxic2 dager siden

    The most satisfying part was where he licked his fingers after putting the candy floss inside of the water

  • Aminah lolodjekejej
    Aminah lolodjekejej2 dager siden

    "I swear I'm an adult!" -Liam thomsons 2020

  • Adams fortnite Yun
    Adams fortnite Yun2 dager siden

    The slime part went to nice slime to base boost

  • Kaira Singhai
    Kaira Singhai3 dager siden

    Liam:*puts music so we get curious what's gonna happen next* Also Liam:" We just gonna cut off a bath bomb*

  • Kaira Singhai
    Kaira Singhai3 dager siden

    Nobody: NOBODY: Liam:*playing tag with slime*

  • Kaira Singhai

    Kaira Singhai

    3 dager siden

    liam playing tag with lime at 4:00

  • ItzDonutTheGamer
    ItzDonutTheGamer3 dager siden

    new title : Liam being a mindless kid for 5 minutes and fifty seconds

  • I’m A Terrible Cuber
    I’m A Terrible Cuber3 dager siden

    This is how many times he said satisfying 👇🏼

  • Mr. Iguana
    Mr. Iguana3 dager siden

    I hate how the colors mix with the sand

  • Aviah Mui
    Aviah Mui3 dager siden

    the way he says kinetic sand is basically moon sand on steroids got me 😂

  • Burger Bro 360
    Burger Bro 3603 dager siden

    2:05 na

  • Olivia Coleman
    Olivia Coleman3 dager siden

    3:29 Bro r u Voldemort when Harry “died”

  • Lux_Slayz
    Lux_Slayz3 dager siden

    3:10 at least you know what you did wrong so you can improve.

  • Olivia Coleman
    Olivia Coleman3 dager siden

    3:29 as soon as you said that my parents started vacuuming OuO

  • Aashan Kabir Chowdhury
    Aashan Kabir Chowdhury3 dager siden

    The imperfect banana circle is probably the most unsatisfying thing I have ever seen BOAH

  • Mike Jansen
    Mike Jansen3 dager siden

    do soap carving

  • bradensing1
    bradensing13 dager siden

    For the acrilyc paint he used a gum packet instead of a pallet knife😂

  • Tridev
    Tridev3 dager siden

    Wth is candy floss? Oh cotton candy

  • Elurius De Shea
    Elurius De Shea4 dager siden

    If you want something satisfying you should try making oobleck its a solid and liquid at the same time all you need is half a cup of cornstarch and a cup of water its also like slime and you can dye it with food coloring

    BARNEY IS HERE4 dager siden

    He is a “ childish ADULT 😂

    BARNEY IS HERE4 dager siden

    The camera angle is unsatisfying

  • R3lentless
    R3lentless4 dager siden

    fun fact most of you watched this video crossed legged

  • Sophie Gladd
    Sophie Gladd4 dager siden

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not even a single soul Liam: WhEeEeEeEeEeEe

  • KennyPlayz
    KennyPlayz4 dager siden

    2:54 five year old me: *wait* NO THE COLORS WILL MIX THATS ILLEGAL PLEASE STOP

  • LukiZ Music
    LukiZ Music4 dager siden

    Imagine if someone made a compilation of Liam laughing

  • Kolby Craig
    Kolby Craig4 dager siden

    I don't think the cotton candy one is good because you don't get to eat it

  • Vivid BubbasF160
    Vivid BubbasF1604 dager siden

    Slimmer man slimmer man does what ever a NOlocalr can

  • Kie Crafter
    Kie Crafter4 dager siden

    oddly satisfying

  • Miriam Imster
    Miriam Imster4 dager siden

    You flicked me off liam when you did the fruit scooping~! -~- >:0 >:(

  • Janisa Tsang
    Janisa Tsang4 dager siden

    pls do a sO sATisFyiNG 3

  • OG_Delivery
    OG_Delivery4 dager siden

    I think the different colours are different levels of *oH mY gOD*

  • Cyclone Girl
    Cyclone Girl5 dager siden


  • Gatcha Strawberry
    Gatcha Strawberry5 dager siden

    The paint is the least satisfying

  • Khamsiah Mohd Zaini
    Khamsiah Mohd Zaini5 dager siden

    Level of oh my god?

  • Bruno Vescogni
    Bruno Vescogni5 dager siden

    The cotton candy :(

  • Endy Bro
    Endy Bro5 dager siden

    The paint was so unsatisfying but the rest was EPIC

  • Sharkndolphin12
    Sharkndolphin125 dager siden


  • bambi c.

    bambi c.

    5 dager siden


  • Magda Makarewicz
    Magda Makarewicz5 dager siden

    Did anyone one els notice or is it just me bc HE PUT THE THEM MIDDLE FINGER THAT IS A CRIME 2:49

  • Midnight_Shadowfox …Demon

    Midnight_Shadowfox …Demon

    5 dager siden

    Yeah I saw too

  • Anirudh
    Anirudh5 dager siden

    "Art is about, umm expression and stuff" - Liam 2020

  • Shantha Bhat
    Shantha Bhat5 dager siden

    the strawberry scooping was the most satisfiying

  • Nänä FF
    Nänä FF5 dager siden

    I was hoping when bath bomb trends like he urm just hold the bath bomb and plopped it inside the water and it will just literally..flowing like a larva? Urm you know what I mean.. Well it nice that it not only me in this world are weird😌 thanks made my better❤🔥 Because now I know i'm not alone

  • Mc2020
    Mc20205 dager siden

    Shauting like a ti rex is not satisfied

  • Enduro Ryan
    Enduro Ryan5 dager siden

    2:49 I like how he is showing his middle finger

  • Yitocuk Kilic
    Yitocuk Kilic5 dager siden

    cotton candy is kind of pure sugar with flavour thats why it melts in the water

  • Furtnite All night
    Furtnite All night6 dager siden

    Liam, u say ur an adult, but that doesn’t matter coz, age doesn’t count experience

  • Chapter62
    Chapter626 dager siden

    His voice in between is the most uncomfortable thibng...

  • ap1jp Animations
    ap1jp Animations6 dager siden

    I commented this on your Mars video but... Oh my DUDE. -Liam Thompsan, 2020

  • KD Kids
    KD Kids6 dager siden

    Check out this time stamp if u like galaxy 1:07

    OOFGAMEZZZYT6 dager siden


  • Vintage Colored Aesthetics
    Vintage Colored Aesthetics6 dager siden

    “Liam, we’re gonna- um- take all of your stuff-“

  • SmallShooter22
    SmallShooter227 dager siden

    Liam's catch phrase: "Whoa"

  • Jo
    Jo7 dager siden

    0:55 looks like the twin towers 9/11 climate change be like 1:05

  • Jerren_gaming
    Jerren_gaming7 dager siden

    2:50 then pause

  • The Assassin
    The Assassin7 dager siden

    His cats name is fordo and he looks like frodo

  • James Palma
    James Palma7 dager siden

    Liam just being Liam haha

  • Re-Z
    Re-Z8 dager siden

    he cut a perfect circle out of that cucumber

  • Jackieboy 11
    Jackieboy 118 dager siden

    The Candy Floss Not Being Fluffy Was The Most Unsatisfying Thing I’ve Ever Seen.

  • flower power
    flower power8 dager siden

    3:17 he made a sick beat

  • lei yang
    lei yang8 dager siden

    Why are you so surprised when cotton candy or candy floss got melted by water

  • •Tea• Lilly•
    •Tea• Lilly•8 dager siden

    “OH” “MY” “HOLY” “EH” “WHAT” -Liam Thompson 2020

  • Abdur Playz
    Abdur Playz8 dager siden

    His whole channel name should be man being a child

  • Ratify
    Ratify9 dager siden

    thats not sO sATisFyiNG lol

  • OCE-beast
    OCE-beast9 dager siden

    U sound like mccreamy

  • Becca Fitch
    Becca Fitch9 dager siden

    The way the slime is sticking on his fingers wants to make me gag ngl . But still I watch it because I love his excitement

  • Sh410Playz ROBLOX
    Sh410Playz ROBLOX9 dager siden

    3:17 Did anyone notice that matching the beat

  • Justa JATT
    Justa JATT9 dager siden

    My ears for the slime like chill

  • Justa JATT
    Justa JATT9 dager siden

    When it’s something satisfying OH DUDE or WOW or OMG and let’s not forget I lost my hearing from this

  • Gotcha Gaming
    Gotcha Gaming10 dager siden

    Remember the times when you drink Coke and eat cotton candy