Solving PUZZLE FURNITURE That Belongs in a Museum!!


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Today I'm going to attempt to solve this beautiful, sequential discovery puzzle dresser by Jesse Born! This has 18 drawers and each drawer is it's own puzzle! Leave a like if you can :)
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  • jake sinclair
    jake sinclair2 dager siden

    This dude really has a $600 goblin mask😂

  • Arion
    Arion2 dager siden

    This would be perfect for storing items of increasing value :)

    BOCIL CABUL3 dager siden

    Mending rakit PC.

  • KiD DvS
    KiD DvS3 dager siden

    Guys that is Ramsey himself making the goblin voice over

  • BoyoBoy
    BoyoBoy3 dager siden

    "You Belong In a Museum" Only true fans know that quote (:

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller3 dager siden

    Hey, Chris I would like to suggest that you invest in a GoPro. I would love to see you solve puzzles from your point of view! PLEASE? Please like this comment so he can see it!

  • CrippledMerc
    CrippledMerc4 dager siden

    Totally awesome puzzle with incredible and beautiful craftsmanship! That said, it’s a totally impractical set of drawers... Just saying... I think it’d be kind of neat if in each drawer was also an item of some kind, and once you got each item out of each drawer they also could be made into another puzzle of some type. Maybe each piece could be part of a picture and when you combined them all like a traditional puzzle they made a complete picture. Just an idea. This was really cool either way, I just don’t know what you’d actually use the drawers for so why not use them to store pieces to another separate puzzle!

    ADAM EL MGHBBAR4 dager siden

    u forgot the timer chris !

  • Purple crewmate
    Purple crewmate5 dager siden

    I always love the cinematic trailers

  • Panda panda Panda
    Panda panda Panda6 dager siden

    You hurt me with that intro I thought I came here for a puzzle not a ugly demon baby grandfather

  • Kyle Lambert
    Kyle Lambert7 dager siden

    I love your intros! They're all so different and fun.

  • Fiana Farrington
    Fiana Farrington7 dager siden

    Memento Mori

  • dennis pugh
    dennis pugh8 dager siden

    That mask is way to realistic man 😂

  • Ulrich Kruger
    Ulrich Kruger8 dager siden

    Absolutely Awesome i am going to comment every time until you reply

  • Burke Makes Stuff
    Burke Makes Stuff8 dager siden

    Bro! That coat! I need it! Who’s the maker?!?!?!??? Link? Thank you

  • Marcus Bruce
    Marcus Bruce8 dager siden

    Mom: I said, "Put your socks away!!" Kid: I'm trying, but I can't get this drawer to open

  • Marcus Bruce

    Marcus Bruce

    3 dager siden

    @ben beebe Lmao!!

  • ben beebe

    ben beebe

    3 dager siden

    Mom:just open it! Kid: how??? Mom:*opens it like a normal drawer* Kid: o_o

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott9 dager siden

    Theres wards full 👩‍⚕️💉 of people who tried these puzzles xd

  • Medical Marion420
    Medical Marion4209 dager siden

    That intro was sooo awesome man..u are so damn creative bro! Love the videos!

  • THAG
    THAG9 dager siden

    dawg, your lower teeth look exactly like mine

  • Daniel hall
    Daniel hall10 dager siden

    Lol when he said "pattern" he sounded like Tom Green and now I can't not hear Tom Green😭😭😭

  • SDFlick
    SDFlick10 dager siden

    Not that’s a high quality sex toy storage unit! 😂

  • Kerom
    Kerom10 dager siden

    You should make your own puzzle and try to get people to solve your puzzle, I think it's good content

  • Mufti Abu Layth
    Mufti Abu Layth11 dager siden


  • master theory
    master theory11 dager siden

    how & where do you get all of your really cool puzzles?

  • Kyle
    Kyle11 dager siden

    Poor NPH. Lol

  • iSustain
    iSustain11 dager siden

    Hoping that someday Chris would made a film of his own, maybe even a short film. His intros are the best except for cocomelon.

  • N. Joel
    N. Joel11 dager siden

    That puzzle might be unsolvable if the wrong piece goes back in the wrong drawer.

  • Charlotte Brown
    Charlotte Brown11 dager siden

    That was a really cool introduction

  • davidhunternyc
    davidhunternyc11 dager siden

    This puzzle is intriguing but the craftsmanship is stunning. Wow, Jesse Born is now my favorite puzzle maker. Who cares about the ocean of cheap plastic puzzles. In fact, I love watching this channel but I hate puzzles. I would go bonkers trying to solve them. I don't see how Chris has patience for these things.

  • Theodore Pinckard
    Theodore Pinckard12 dager siden

    why is there so much static on every video that you make Chris?

  • grimreefer
    grimreefer12 dager siden

    I commend you on all the work you do on the intro , but personally it doesn’t do anything for me I just want to see the puzzle lol. Keep up the good work brother

  • Theodore Pinckard
    Theodore Pinckard12 dager siden

    turn the back ground music off please chris i can't hear you at all well not very well at least so please turn the background music off please chris please

  • Anthony Rez
    Anthony Rez12 dager siden

    A magician that tricks himself and loses magnet for 20 minutes, is obviously top tier

    CHEYENNE HAZELETT13 dager siden

    This is honestly what I need to keep My brother outta my crap

  • Daniel Plachý
    Daniel Plachý13 dager siden

    Great content!

  • AmandaMa3
    AmandaMa313 dager siden

    I thought a movie was about to start at first

  • ومضات مع رابيا
    ومضات مع رابيا13 dager siden

    Wooouuuwwoo. Bravo. Impressionnant

  • Dueling Jacks
    Dueling Jacks14 dager siden

    Epic intro

  • Nathaniel Blank
    Nathaniel Blank14 dager siden

    Here because of the title - RIP Sean Connery

  • Jess Lynne
    Jess Lynne14 dager siden

    Very cool puzzle and obviously very well made 😊

  • Robert Millard
    Robert Millard14 dager siden

    Put a light bulb in the arrrowwwww!!!!!

  • Philip Raymond
    Philip Raymond14 dager siden

    Not fair if you're going to disassemble the puzzle we need at least a short update on how long it took to put the puzzle together then you can give the total of hours on what you spent doing it that is I would make you put it back together without using video to cheat with. Love your intros

  • jamie lattka
    jamie lattka15 dager siden

    I love your channel and seeing the different puzzles (beyond jealous) it took me a while to work out why I love your vids and it because no matter how many puzzles your solve, you are still one of us. The face you do when you solve a certain part, the excitement when you see how it works. It's the same we would do if we solved it. Best example is when you cut the puzzle open, you regret it straight away and knew it was wrong. 😊😁 Never change

  • Jonathan Sherman
    Jonathan Sherman15 dager siden

    I have been building puzzles my entire life, my great great grandfather started the tradition many years ago. Once a boy becomes of age(18), He must solve his fathers "greatest" puzzle and at that point is official pointed and named a master of the craft. I would love to make you a puzzle box, no names mentioned, nothing, just leave me as anonymous. Let me know please! I have things no one has ever created or thought of.

  • Israel Lopez

    Israel Lopez

    15 dager siden


  • Jason Brecht
    Jason Brecht16 dager siden

    Whole experience through & through satisfying: intro, the puzzles, commentary, box's craftsmanship & ending truth of staring back at the box to put it back together. On edge of my seat, trying to solve it. Went from "Harumpf. Easy puzzle's a joke." to "Dang, Jesse is a genius. I'm the punk!" All the while the box does not mock thee, for it is quite pleasing to just look at its beauty. Thank you, both.

  • April Gomez
    April Gomez16 dager siden

    Here for the puzzles and the solver, 2 in 1😉😂

  • Sean Manley
    Sean Manley16 dager siden

    Stellar work on this build and solve

  • Eliseo Embrador
    Eliseo Embrador17 dager siden

    Big Question Moving to Tuesdays! Hey subscribers! Our next episode of Big Question will upload this Tuesday, November 3, as a special Election Day episode. And from there forward, episodes of BQ will come out every Tuesday. When we originally launched the format, we intended it to be a weekday release, and we’re thrilled to be able to arrange our production schedule to finally make that happen. This move won’t cause any delay in our coverage of major breaking nerdy news as it comes out, and hopefully free up our weekends to cover streaming release series like The Mandalorian and WandaVision as they come out. Thanks, and mark your calendars for Tuesday’s Big Question episode - it’s one of our favorites that we’ve made!

  • Aaron
    Aaron17 dager siden

    Beautiful puzzle

  • HK Bolo
    HK Bolo17 dager siden

    3 hrs! Nonetheless, you plotted through this expert puzzle with precision. Kudos to this creator who obviously created a crafted artpiece to take one's time with--like a fine scotch.

  • Some Singer
    Some Singer17 dager siden

    Me hiding my 1 B because I live in an Asian household be like:

  • Anton Cesaro
    Anton Cesaro17 dager siden

    Was that John Goblikon? LOOOOL!

  • Jason von Michaëlis
    Jason von Michaëlis17 dager siden


  • B33swax hive
    B33swax hive18 dager siden

    Love this content watched all the way through. Love this style of puzzle.

  • sien clement
    sien clement18 dager siden


  • Zakk Vile
    Zakk Vile18 dager siden

    Has Nph responded yet?

  • Kyle Robert
    Kyle Robert18 dager siden

    Ps. If ya'll (CR and your interesting friends) are ever in Austin you guys gotta hmu.!! Anyway my flight back to Austin got messed up thanks to The Sam Adam's virus (I'm in Massachusetts lol) Anyway I guess MA cases are pretty out of control which I call bs but they basically sold me a seat that they weren't supposed to so I need you guys to magically transport me home or atleast cut my checked bag in half to save on weight lol.

  • Kyle Robert
    Kyle Robert18 dager siden

    Wow Wes! You my "friend" are getting a fricken amazing camera!! You should get a new DJI drone and hand gimble too since you're looking at around 14 grand!!

  • Dan Sheppard
    Dan Sheppard18 dager siden

    Damn that was some high tier craftsmanship put into that puzzle!

  • Lacey Jane
    Lacey Jane19 dager siden

    The intros are always so amazing and well composed. Chris should make a movie

  • Styled
    Styled19 dager siden

    These intro's are bloody amazing.

  • Vidhya Partha
    Vidhya Partha19 dager siden

    When I saw the first scene in the video - I thought I accedently clicked into another video

  • Hayley Anna
    Hayley Anna20 dager siden

    Am I the only one that's turned on by watching chris solve puzzles? Just me... Okay

  • Mason Wilson
    Mason Wilson20 dager siden

    Love how he said Ahouutside 😂

  • Mason Wilson
    Mason Wilson20 dager siden

    Chris Ramsay for president 🙌 . If the congress men and women can't solve a level 3 puzzle within a reasonable amount of time, they get impeached.

  • Daggeira
    Daggeira20 dager siden

    I _want_ this. I barely have anything to hide in it, but I would _find_ things to hide in it. Cat treats, probably.

  • Gabe Lawson
    Gabe Lawson21 dag siden

  • bad bovine
    bad bovine21 dag siden

    0:33 mum's reaction when I wake up in the morning.

  • bad bovine
    bad bovine21 dag siden

    0:33 hold your horses... serious discrimination😂

  • fndmntl
    fndmntl22 dager siden

    Man I would love to try one of these puzzles but I don't have da cash or resources lol

  • Griffin Kessler
    Griffin Kessler22 dager siden

    Chris Loved it. what a wicked puzzle. I'm gonna check out Jesse' site. Suggest you check out Tavern Puzzles They are Cast Iron Blacksmith's Puzzles I'm new to your channel so maybe you already figured that one out...from a fellow Card Enthusiast and Puzzler.

  • HoldMyBeer
    HoldMyBeer23 dager siden

    I really like some of the puzzles you do but you are just another annoying youtube celebrity ...

  • Jacob Talbot
    Jacob Talbot23 dager siden

    Intro gold!

  • Joseph Rose
    Joseph Rose23 dager siden

    You should do a live puzzle solving video

  • Gold Fish
    Gold Fish23 dager siden

    The color scheme of this puzzle looks so pretty, and the puzzle overall just looks so nice and we'll made! This was one of the most aestheticly pleasing puzzles ever for some reason.

  • fndmntl
    fndmntl23 dager siden

    I agree lofi hip hop is the best for puzzle solving or anything mental or focused

  • Tristan E
    Tristan E24 dager siden

    Dude that would be so awesome!!!!! Heck yes will do!!

  • Alfred Mantis
    Alfred Mantis24 dager siden

    very cool Cris

  • Wolf The Shade
    Wolf The Shade24 dager siden

    This is a pretty epic puzzle! I'd love to have one of my own someday, buuutt..if I solved it I'd need someone to put it back together for me or I'd just have it as a decoration, because...the putting back together whew would cause so much frustration that I'd break it accidently or purposely. As always great video!

  • Rachel Moore
    Rachel Moore24 dager siden

    I already love you Chris and adding Harry Potter makes me love ya more!

  • Gavin Ekwall
    Gavin Ekwall24 dager siden

    who else saw the off white rugs in the back

  • Antuan Ebanks
    Antuan Ebanks24 dager siden

    Put it back together 😂 it’s part of the experience ☮️

  • Gerry Bird
    Gerry Bird25 dager siden

    Do you know Jon Goblikon?

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller25 dager siden

    It's like a whole mini escape room!

  • Olawunmi Oladunjoye
    Olawunmi Oladunjoye25 dager siden

    6:14: There seems to be a pattern here as you can see Me, without even thinking: square wave

    SPACE REPORTER25 dager siden

    no deck of card kinda sus

  • wolflancet1
    wolflancet125 dager siden

    The moment I saw the drawers, I was like: "Aheh. Good Luck putting that back together again Chris."

  • The Moose
    The Moose25 dager siden


  • DoNE021
    DoNE02126 dager siden

    This was nice. I like old antic cabinets and desks with hidden compartments

  • akaJade
    akaJade26 dager siden

    sounds like harry porter in the intro might also be because i watched all the harry potter movies n the past few days

  • dj akacell
    dj akacell26 dager siden

    The goblin looks more to me like the one of never ending stories

  • Eimantas Arbataitis
    Eimantas Arbataitis26 dager siden

    love your intro bro

  • dillon edwards
    dillon edwards26 dager siden

    Chris you have beautiful camera work and amazing shots. But I think it could be beneficial to invest in a couple small go pro cameras for those hard to get to shots.

  • Michael O'donnell
    Michael O'donnell26 dager siden

    It may sound bizarre to yourself, but! I really think a over head go pro view would be awesome, just switch it up a bit 💪😊

  • Shim Jordan
    Shim Jordan26 dager siden

    Does anyone else just straight up skip the intro every time? I find them cheesey as fuck.

  • Rye Bred
    Rye Bred26 dager siden

    They say that the mind works better when solving a puzzle, mine works better when I'm having a bowel movement

  • Dennis Doroslovac
    Dennis Doroslovac26 dager siden

    Bro, your video production quality is amazing

  • Amy M
    Amy M26 dager siden

    Love the narrative and intro 🍪 nph

  • Alex Tatkin
    Alex Tatkin26 dager siden

    I cant watch this channel without being distracted by those tasteless hand tattoos. Looks like a practice session gone wrong.

  • Linda Bealer
    Linda Bealer26 dager siden

    That was absolutely mesmerizing!