Special Correspondents - on Netflix April 29th.

Film og animasjon

Special Correspondents, the new movie written by, directed by and starring Ricky Gervais, comes to Netflix on April 29th.


  • Harry
    Harry4 år siden

    This was diabolical. Even by Gervais' lowly standards. One hit wonder status confirmed.

  • the one
    the one4 år siden

    I've watched this and its incredible. this and life on the road are his old way of doing filmming much like the office. I hope this means his stand up will be like his first 3. your the best Ricky

  • LovinPavan
    LovinPavan4 år siden

    wag the dog?

  • Pog0stickz
    Pog0stickz4 år siden


  • CillBinton
    CillBinton4 år siden

    With this trailer i think there won't be much surprises left in the movie.

  • David Moralee
    David Moralee4 år siden

    great movie, wish it had been longer. lots of opportunity to extend it

  • rickydrumer
    rickydrumer4 år siden

    so that's how they see us in US and UK?, this is really sad, we are not a jungle that you can make funny of..

  • Entre Maratonas
    Entre Maratonas4 år siden

    Nice movie, I love Rick Gervais. In my channel I made a review. Can you go there and watch?

  • Miguel Moncada
    Miguel Moncada4 år siden

    Who produce this????? kids?? Those customs are really far from the reality, the locations?? Quito a jungle?? Are you kidding me??? Our cost and beaches, like that?? They really don't known Ecuador, one of the most beautiful countries in south america, our beaches and cities are really modern, a mix of traditions and modernity. Come on!!!

  • Roberto Artematico
    Roberto Artematico4 år siden

    I guess, most people doesn't care about what country they are talking about, but I live in Ecuador, and this film is totally humiliating. Full of lies and create a perception of a reality which doesn't exist in Ecuador. Ecuador is one of the safest countries in Latin America, very peaceful, never have had a civil war, and carriage of arms is not allowed, nobody does. I suppose, somebody with hidden agenda is trying to destroy our incoming source, wich is tourism, I don't know why...

  • E46
    E464 år siden

    This movie was so bad. It was SO FUCKING BAD. SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I EXPECTED BETTER FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kingdrick Lamar
    Kingdrick Lamar4 år siden

    Does anyone know what exact the type Sunglasses Eric Bana wears in this movie?

  • Kingdrick Lamar

    Kingdrick Lamar

    4 år siden

    +Cool Cat Thanks for responding but I've came to find out that it is a Burberry Sunglass, thanks though.

  • Cool Cat

    Cool Cat

    4 år siden

    +Kingdrick Lamar look like ray ban wayfairers

  • New Thought
    New Thought4 år siden

    Awful film.

  • New Thought
    New Thought4 år siden

    Not good at all. The acting, characters, jokes, themes, story,originality and dialogue are all terrible. Ricky has sold out and now only looks at finances and not the fun; alas poor Ricky, we knew him well.....

  • Jason Moon
    Jason Moon4 år siden

    It's over. Final conclusion, awful.

  • DirishDevil
    DirishDevil4 år siden

    was this written, directed and produced by kids?

  • Jason Moon
    Jason Moon4 år siden

    I'm half way through it on Netflix. Ricky, I'm a huge fan, but stick to raw comedy, this doesn't suit you in the slightest.

  • TooTroo
    TooTroo4 år siden

    Gervais has done great things in the past. But I hope that this film will have subtitles telling me when I should laugh, because judging by the trailer, its gonna need it.

  • Zuri Ten
    Zuri Ten4 år siden

    Oh oh.. they might have to change the "random Country" mention, because..well....you know!

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall4 år siden

    It looks great! It has a Wag the Dog feel to it and I loved that movie.

  • Mr Blue Sky
    Mr Blue Sky4 år siden

    Oh crap I thought this was gonna be a new series

  • hadnt o

    hadnt o

    4 år siden

    Oh damn I thought so to... That's a little disappointing but it still looks hilarious

  • kamacost
    kamacost4 år siden

    trailer reveals way too much... i hate that

  • Ballard Computes LLC
    Ballard Computes LLC4 år siden

    this looks great!

    MICHAEL M4 år siden

    kelly is sooo frickin hot(for a scotswomen)

  • jimmy2k4o


    År siden

    TooTroo lets be honest a lot of Scots are quite doggish. That’s why my stag night will be in Sweden. 😍

  • TooTroo


    4 år siden

    +MICHAEL M What d'you mean "for a scots-women"? Racist. We'll get Andy Murray onto you and have your face imprinted with mesh! ;-)

  • woodmister10067
    woodmister100674 år siden

    From THE creator of The Office?? Steve what the fuck are you letting him get away with???

  • Ayooo


    4 år siden

    Learn how to read

  • bartonfink
    bartonfink4 år siden

    Wow.......not funny, at all. Was the original a comedy? The remake sure as hell doesn't look like one.

  • Gastyne
    Gastyne4 år siden

    That looks really funny, I guess my plans to cancel my netflix sub will be postponed

  • Jamie Knight
    Jamie Knight4 år siden

    I had to watch an advert before watching a trailer what's the world coming to lol

  • wertzui
    wertzui4 år siden

    Cumin soon!

  • Charlie


    4 år siden

    +wertzui19871229 I see what you did there

  • Arc Kocsog
    Arc Kocsog4 år siden

    This looks boring:( I hope the movie will be better, because I was really looking forward to it

  • TooTroo


    4 år siden

    +Arc Kocsog Finally, someone who can see through the emperors new clothes. This flick has been panned in many reviews, including a very low score on Rotten Tomatoes. Lets be honest, its gonna be a lemon..quickly forgotten. Same with Life on the Road.

  • The Hoax Hotel
    The Hoax Hotel4 år siden

    I can spare a dollar for these heroes.

  • WasteOfRAM


    4 år siden

    +The Hoax Hotel Hey what are you doing here don't you have indians to call?!!!

  • EatMyClick
    EatMyClick4 år siden

    This looks pretty fucking funny

  • John Williams
    John Williams4 år siden

    Ha ha. This is CNN

  • Dan B
    Dan B4 år siden

    Literally not one funny joke, all very sophmoric

  • h3ctic
    h3ctic4 år siden

    Looks like I FINALLY found the REAL channel......(I hope)......oh and the show looks great!!!

  • Jim Dokes
    Jim Dokes4 år siden

    this doesnt look very good

  • Redvexer
    Redvexer4 år siden

    Will this be on the EU Netflix too?

  • jimmy2k4o


    År siden

    Countries get Netflix, Eu isn’t a country.

  • BearPMP
    BearPMP4 år siden

    Man, you need to make up with Smerch - the sum is definitely bigger than the parts

  • Thetom5000


    4 år siden

    no they didn't, in a recent AMA on reddit Karl Pilkington said they were very much still friends but are all of doing there own thing and are very busy.

  • Shani LeMeow

    Shani LeMeow

    4 år siden

    +Venimus Vidimus Please.

  • Dunkey's Long Lost Son

    Dunkey's Long Lost Son

    4 år siden

    @Venimus Vidimus Don't believe a word.

  • Venimus Vidimus

    Venimus Vidimus

    4 år siden

    +Dunkey's Long Lost Son Petty love triangle - Merchant and Jane (Ricky's long time girlfriend) had an affair.

  • Dunkey's Long Lost Son

    Dunkey's Long Lost Son

    4 år siden

    +BearPMP What happened?

  • Spanking Everything
    Spanking Everything4 år siden

    This is my favoritists show

  • Ready03
    Ready034 år siden

    definitely be watching this...

  • Rees Jones
    Rees Jones4 år siden

    Definitely going to watch this

  • TheFlixFan
    TheFlixFan4 år siden

    I cannot wait to see this. I loved Ricky Gervais in "Derek" show on Netflix and now I can't wait to see him in anything he does.

  • Edvin M
    Edvin M4 år siden

    This doesn't promise a lot...

  • sarah c
    sarah c4 år siden

    looks good but I aint got netflicks.

  • rmcbeigh
    rmcbeigh4 år siden

    OH yes!!! I will be watching!!!! Shared to FB and telling my friends to watch!!!

  • TooTroo


    4 år siden

    +rmcbeigh You're easily pleased, I see! ;-)

    SIXEYE4 år siden

    Is that the chick from bridesmaids?

  • Boba T

    Boba T

    4 år siden

    +FORTHEEMPIRE From Uggly Betty

  • lewbo99
    lewbo994 år siden

    This better be on in the uk

  • Charlie


    4 år siden

    +lewbo99 Watch it on the interwebs. I would never do that but some people do

  • disenchanted.forest
    disenchanted.forest4 år siden

    Glad to see Eric Bana going back to his roots doing a comedy. I anticipate this will be a great watch! Well done, Ricky.

  • skeligandrew
    skeligandrew4 år siden

    Looks shit ricky

  • TooTroo


    4 år siden

    +skeligandrew Doesn't look ace Gervais

  • WollongongWacko


    4 år siden

    so does Karl, and Steve, and Rick, but we know how that turned out

  • Delores Hartin
    Delores Hartin4 år siden

    can't wait. . . . . . . .

  • Simon Gould
    Simon Gould4 år siden

    looks good

  • Carl
    Carl4 år siden

    He was funnier when he was fat

  • jimmy2k4o


    År siden

    You were funnier when you.........you were never funny.

  • Anton Pursiainen

    Anton Pursiainen

    4 år siden


  • Sean Thornton
    Sean Thornton4 år siden

    Is that Hispanic girl on a Conan remote in the Havana Club in Cuba?

  • DreamyWolf


    4 år siden

    lol no

  • kuracmc
    kuracmc4 år siden

    i love ricky...but this looks so not-funny

  • LauritsR
    LauritsR4 år siden

    Looks nice.

  • Sharon Shreeves
    Sharon Shreeves4 år siden

    Not sure

  • Uri Gressel
    Uri Gressel4 år siden

    I can tell already its going to be a winner.

  • Never-die Young
    Never-die Young4 år siden

    Nothing funny about this precept - it happens every fucking day Ricky....

  • Tristan Carroll

    Tristan Carroll

    4 år siden

    +Lee Hinton People pretend to be lost in Ecuador and then travel there for real every day? Sounds a bit intense

  • Insect Politics

    Insect Politics

    4 år siden

    +Lee Hinton chill dude.......its just a a movie

  • burger s
    burger s4 år siden

    Looks funny ricky

  • Peter Molyneux
    Peter Molyneux4 år siden

    Actually pleasantly surprised by this after Ghost Town.

  • Zeke Iddon

    Zeke Iddon

    4 år siden

    Ghost Town was kinda okay, it was The Invention of Lying that was the real disappointment for me.

  • Maria XO
    Maria XO4 år siden

    Lo amo

  • ouv
    ouv4 år siden

    Whatever you do don't let Netflix ruin it like they did with arrested development

  • ouv
    ouv4 år siden


  • Regicide OIP
    Regicide OIP4 år siden

    OMG yes! Still recovering from DEREK

  • Keeaun Jones
    Keeaun Jones4 år siden

    Looking forward to life on the road more, still looks great tho

  • aluap
    aluap4 år siden