Spell the Word, Win $10,000 - FaZe Spelling Bee Challenge

HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED. FaZe House Spelling Bee! Leave a like if you enjoyed, let me know if you want to see more type of these
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Disclaimer: Do not try at home! Security is our #1 priority. I was supervised throughout the whole process.
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  • Monique Salgado
    Monique Salgado16 dager siden

    Anyone here 2021?

  • Cringe Lawatic
    Cringe LawaticMåned siden

    It's funny how they used a lightbulb without a cover as a microphone.

  • ZedXTor
    ZedXTorMåned siden

    It’s almost like there are middle school dropouts

  • ZedXTor
    ZedXTorMåned siden

    What a great Fukken mic!

  • its Willy
    its WillyMåned siden

    We wanted temper!

  • Anglz
    Anglz3 måneder siden

    A L E X___S E N T___M E

  • Danny Hernandez
    Danny Hernandez4 måneder siden

    I feel like blaze was mad at Tenser lol and prolly for something dumb

  • Diego Alberto Robles Osorio
    Diego Alberto Robles Osorio6 måneder siden


  • wilson ramos
    wilson ramos6 måneder siden

    Jarvis and Frazier were high af

  • Smak x flame
    Smak x flame7 måneder siden

    I want true in faze

  • Smak x flame
    Smak x flame7 måneder siden

    I like these videos. I watch them after school

  • Oh Mar
    Oh Mar7 måneder siden

    That last word tho lmao

  • Jamie Suseno
    Jamie Suseno7 måneder siden

    Whos watching after banks destroyed the window of the range rover

  • Ball Is Life
    Ball Is Life8 måneder siden

    I hate that ginger stop tryna act black you’re white kid

  • You have the wrong account link in bio
    You have the wrong account link in bio8 måneder siden

    Nobody Absolutely nobody Kay: antidisenstablishmentarium

  • Raphael kraig Burgos
    Raphael kraig Burgos9 måneder siden

    No one Faze: uses light bulb as mic

  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia9 måneder siden

    Adapt : 12:32 😭😭😭

  • Zenomarf
    Zenomarf9 måneder siden

    Bruh either Lucas is drunk or he is hella tired😂

  • raynee henry
    raynee henry9 måneder siden

    they should’ve turned the light bulb on lol

  • Nayeli Benitez
    Nayeli Benitez9 måneder siden

    when Jarvis misspells your state

  • AllstarAR
    AllstarAR9 måneder siden

    Kay look blowed 😭

  • Chris Torres
    Chris Torres9 måneder siden

    15:34 this made me crack up so much

  • MNR B0ti
    MNR B0ti9 måneder siden

    2:56 I knew it xDDD🤣🤣🤣✌️✌️❤️

  • Halimeh Alhinnawi
    Halimeh Alhinnawi9 måneder siden

    I love that they are using a light bulb for the microphone

  • Keishla Cruz
    Keishla Cruz9 måneder siden

    Straight cheated him at the end

  • Jj Louis
    Jj Louis9 måneder siden

    10:52 We gon act like adapt couldn’t even say the word while reading it ?😂🤣

  • Jj Louis
    Jj Louis9 måneder siden

    Did they use a light bulb as a mic ?😂

  • Eshan Shah
    Eshan Shah9 måneder siden

    WhY iS tHiEr MiC a LiGhTBULB

  • Cali Tony
    Cali Tony10 måneder siden

    Adapt is really stupid bro this guy says the Letter c on nauseous, the word doesn’t even have a C in it 😭😭

  • Addison Gonzalez
    Addison Gonzalez10 måneder siden

    Being onset you guys should of went to school but not to be mean and all love you guess good luck 😘😘😘

  • FortWorthPoly WuTX
    FortWorthPoly WuTX11 måneder siden


  • Michael Wayne
    Michael Wayne11 måneder siden

    Kay high af

  • Boxedbyvxid
    Boxedbyvxid11 måneder siden

    Smart peoples mind:see Alex’s mind :sea See as in you see a person or the sea a body of water

  • Ishmeet Rahal
    Ishmeet Rahal11 måneder siden

    We actually learned about what onomatopoeia is.

  • oak
    oakÅr siden

    they gave Teeqo the easiest word then hit Blaze with "antidisestablishmentarianism"

  • i like cheese
    i like cheeseÅr siden

    Jarvis: Those words are easy bro Also Jarvis: spells Connecticut with a K

  • Jiimz
    JiimzÅr siden

    Adapt: Pneumonia is like the flu Me: BRU, It nearly killed me and flared up my athsma, that aint the frickin flu

  • jaykob tutaki
    jaykob tutakiÅr siden

    jarvis comes into frame stops watching

  • Co-op ZBM07
    Co-op ZBM07År siden

    No one: Jarvis: k

  • Cillo
    CilloÅr siden

    Shouldn’t this have been on the FaZe Clan channel

  • Dino Of legend
    Dino Of legendÅr siden

    3:19 that's insane😂

  • Alec Ritter
    Alec RitterÅr siden

    when you cant pronounce pronunciation right

  • Caspian Bailey
    Caspian BaileyÅr siden

    Faze blaze is clapped

  • Ariana Desai
    Ariana DesaiÅr siden

    man they’re dumbasses

  • Ashok Chakrapani
    Ashok ChakrapaniÅr siden

    They literally speak only one language and they be struggling like ffs... Smh

  • hai_lol 31
    hai_lol 31År siden

    Someone that was born in England did better than u Alex

  • Toxic Bot
    Toxic BotÅr siden

    how is that fair blaze should’ve won

  • Angel Marquez
    Angel MarquezÅr siden

    Pharaoh means God

  • Maliyah Moreno
    Maliyah MorenoÅr siden

    Kay and Jarvis are my favorite btw

  • Gary Gallegos
    Gary GallegosÅr siden

    Ofn I love ma boi adapt he hella funny Btw u sound high asf 🤣😂💯

  • Griffin G
    Griffin GÅr siden

    Shoutout Connecticut 203

  • ExoticSaiyan
    ExoticSaiyanÅr siden

    Fake money

  • Les B
    Les BÅr siden

    I swear these videos wouldn’t be as funny if it wasn’t for Alex 😂😂

  • Charles Bagi
    Charles BagiÅr siden

    Lol lucas was right at the end because there is no g its orangutan not orangutang

  • Evelyn A
    Evelyn AÅr siden

    “You got four motherfuckers right there all looking for words” as he casually eats his pizza 😂😂

  • toby th
    toby thÅr siden

    Faze rug is a 10 this is a 9.9.9

  • toby th
    toby thÅr siden

    No a car

  • toby th
    toby thÅr siden

    Adapt faze

  • Danny
    DannyÅr siden

    They used a light bulb....

  • Madeline Jayarajah
    Madeline JayarajahÅr siden

    Alex: CoNsEqUeNtLy ThAt WaS a BaD iDeA Yr 6 child:what the actual fuck

  • Liam
    LiamÅr siden

    1% of people see this... 🔥But To the few people reading this I hope you have a great life and future❤️I know that nothing happens over night but I am trying my hardest to be a successful NOlocalr ❤️ wish me luck guys 🙏❤️

  • 33 duospectre
    33 duospectreÅr siden

    Im Singaporean

  • YoungBlood Orlando
    YoungBlood OrlandoÅr siden

    Blaziken is so high

  • SGG Faith
    SGG FaithÅr siden

    Y didnt they do iridocyclitists

  • Elijah
    ElijahÅr siden

    they high as hell

  • FireWryst
    FireWrystÅr siden

    that was so unfair for lucas lol

  • SammI The Goat
    SammI The GoatÅr siden

    Idk why I wasn't subribed to this dude

  • Zeyan Hussain
    Zeyan HussainÅr siden

    blaze got robbed

  • Voltz GD
    Voltz GDÅr siden

    Should have told them to spell their

  • LosChav505
    LosChav505År siden

    “Frazier your word is *insane* IM DEAD

  • xvrzs


    11 måneder siden

    Loschav ur word is fortnite virgin

  • klara
    klaraÅr siden

    adapt's iq is soo low omg hahahahaha

  • Omar the good
    Omar the goodÅr siden

    I am Norwegian

  • Mockingjay_ 14
    Mockingjay_ 14År siden

    bro i had the spelling bee at school and that's the word i messed up on

  • Matt Rikkers
    Matt RikkersÅr siden

    15:27 Jarvis even goes claw on the phone😂😂

  • Dawood Malik
    Dawood MalikÅr siden

    That’s tight give blaze another chance c’mon

  • Jonathan Bello
    Jonathan BelloÅr siden

    This is how many brain cells Adapt has lost. 👇👇

  • Shane Holton
    Shane HoltonÅr siden

    Antidistablishmentarianism vs Anomaly, Rip fairness

  • Clove fbr
    Clove fbrÅr siden

    If you think about FaZe members are pretty stupid lol 😂No hate

  • Jdjdjdj
    JdjdjdjÅr siden

    Just say “spell there” if they ask for a definition then say “you have to spell there” lol they’ll never get it Edit: I meant “sentence” not definition.

  • Aaron Harper
    Aaron HarperÅr siden

    Why do they all look like there coming down off a meth binge lolol

  • Klownz
    KlownzÅr siden

    Antidisestablishmentarianism is a pretty easy word to spell I actually say it pretty much everyday It’s just a funny word to say

  • Shakeem Brown

    Shakeem Brown

    År siden

    Learned it from Eminem - Almost Famous? Lol

  • XmanuXbeastZ XoX
    XmanuXbeastZ XoXÅr siden

    Never goes to school

  • Chancinator
    ChancinatorÅr siden


  • Chancinator
    ChancinatorÅr siden


  • Chancinator
    ChancinatorÅr siden


  • Chancinator
    ChancinatorÅr siden


  • Chancinator
    ChancinatorÅr siden


  • Michael Rivera
    Michael RiveraÅr siden

    Shout out to Casper for killing that intro 😂👻

  • GIO Sami
    GIO SamiÅr siden


  • GIO Sami
    GIO SamiÅr siden


  • Vectiz
    VectizÅr siden

    Yo I got one for you, READY SQUIRREL

  • yvng
    yvngÅr siden

    I liked the vid gimme 10 bands

  • Unknown Name
    Unknown NameÅr siden

    Jarvis spell a Jarvis: a Kay: Jarvis your insane

  • RL Danii
    RL DaniiÅr siden

    Adapt wasn’t even saying the word right lol

  • Thomas wagner
    Thomas wagnerÅr siden

    Jarvis nows more then Alex and Jarvis got expelled

  • Demer 90
    Demer 90År siden

    Adapt: spell Jarvis Kay: that’s insane brooo Kay is the winner 🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅

  • dex
    dexÅr siden

    Am-knee-see-a lmaooo

  • Not Lainx
    Not LainxÅr siden

    adapt likes p p

  • Solid Doom
    Solid DoomÅr siden

    3:04 jarvis*

  • Micah Aston
    Micah AstonÅr siden

    When you know none of them completed high school