spend the day with me & HUGE target haul oops!

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NEW VLOG! Spend the day with me and huge target haul! Am I too early with the holiday decor? Definitely.
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  • Katy Uchiyama
    Katy Uchiyama12 dager siden

    wow i'm super late but muji pens are SUPERIOR

  • Leslie Portugal
    Leslie Portugal20 dager siden

    I. Need. THOSE. PENS. I just found you on NOlocal and loooooooove! SUBSCRIBED

  • Peter Courter
    Peter CourterMåned siden

    In Hollywood they make nightmares Biden and Harris are going to make nightmares a reality!

  • Sydney Poepping
    Sydney PoeppingMåned siden

    Me when I try a new good pen 😂

  • Alison Sirois
    Alison SiroisMåned siden

    Is it just me or Claudia and Billie look like each other!!!????

  • Madelyne LeDrew
    Madelyne LeDrewMåned siden

    super late to the party here but Poppin Retractable Gel Luxe Pens!!

  • Aquentis Mason
    Aquentis MasonMåned siden

    The light chicory epidemiologically vanish because typhoon briefly attempt worth a sassy slip. nondescript, plant butter

  • Roxanne Wiedemann
    Roxanne WiedemannMåned siden

    Your table turned out so cute!!

  • Eliza Savage
    Eliza Savage2 måneder siden

    Muji pens are where it’s at

  • eklevchuk
    eklevchuk2 måneder siden

    MUJI pens are great!

  • Megan L
    Megan L2 måneder siden

    g2s are supposedly rly great pens!!!

  • Garima Joshi
    Garima Joshi2 måneder siden

    The Parker roller ball pens and Uniball gel pens are very smooth

  • P Vora
    P Vora2 måneder siden

    life goal : To have a life like Claudia's ✨

  • Sorry Yukari
    Sorry Yukari2 måneder siden

    【BEST PEN RECOMMENDATION!!】 My favorite is the Jet Stream 0.38mm. Specially the 0.38mm one. The lines are so fine and it makes your writing look SO neat and it is super smooth!! Highly highly recommend!!

  • marta odomirska
    marta odomirska2 måneder siden

    i want claudia to design my house when i have one

  • Awkward Athena
    Awkward Athena2 måneder siden

    Is anyone else obsessed with Claudias hoodie?

  • Nazlı Postoğlu
    Nazlı Postoğlu2 måneder siden


  • Willow 1
    Willow 12 måneder siden

    Woah Claudia with the butterfly clips gives me very fairy goddess energy 🧚‍♀️ ✨

  • peanutbuttterjelly23
    peanutbuttterjelly232 måneder siden

    can you make a video of how you wrap with paper bags???

  • Caitlin Gee
    Caitlin Gee2 måneder siden

    For peaches, she seems to be destructive sometimes so maybe try those puzzle toys where you put treats in the containers and she has to figure out how to open it. kongs are great, but they figure it out really easily and these toys are more like puzzles than chew toys. it might help her mind get more stimulated. you could also try agility with her, so teaching her to jump through a hoop, weave, or go through tunnels. papermate profile ballpoint pens are also hella good

  • Tuli Tamang
    Tuli Tamang2 måneder siden

    I was today years old when I found out Finneas is billie's brother and all this time I've been watching claudia's channel thinking "wow, her and billie look so alike". . .

  • Royal Shuvro
    Royal Shuvro2 måneder siden


  • Amelia Hostkoetter
    Amelia Hostkoetter2 måneder siden

    Girl you need to subscribe to the Billie razors! They are amazing!!

  • Laura
    Laura2 måneder siden


  • vania calista
    vania calista2 måneder siden

    i didnt even know claudia is dating finn wkwkwkw

  • Sophia Citro
    Sophia Citro2 måneder siden

    i loveeeee sharpie pens they dry so quickly, coming from a pen loving leftie

  • Lileey99
    Lileey992 måneder siden

    people be talking about the climate crisis and then end up buying 500$ worth of plastic packaged, probably mostly unnecessary stuff

  • Becsh
    Becsh2 måneder siden

    Oh my god peach is adorable I’m ded

  • Maria Lukomskaya
    Maria Lukomskaya2 måneder siden

    Pen Geek recommendation: So here is the best smooth pens for me all of them made in Japan I think they are the best. - pilot Juice (I use 0.38), uni-ball signo DX 0.28 (If you like thin pens), also I love these ones Preppy Fountain Pens - 0.2mm

  • Katalina Marie
    Katalina Marie2 måneder siden

    Joe Biden is not president

  • Sofam1221
    Sofam12212 måneder siden

    Claudia I love you so much please don't get political on your NOlocal channel though..

  • Tiffany Lastinger
    Tiffany Lastinger2 måneder siden

    G2 pens are the smoothest best pens imo

  • Vanessa Aponte
    Vanessa Aponte2 måneder siden

    try G2-pilot pens it’s one of my favorites

  • Lucid Dream
    Lucid Dream2 måneder siden

    7:42 - the STROKES AAHH !!! 💞💞💞😍🤣🤣🤣

  • Jennifer Raymus
    Jennifer Raymus2 måneder siden

    A tip for the dining table- keep the highest pieces in the middle, otherwise, looks great!

  • Sara Joan Moore
    Sara Joan Moore2 måneder siden

    (pentel energel 0.7 pens are my all time fav)

  • albaabkh
    albaabkh2 måneder siden

    I was just at that target a few weeks ago- my boyfriend and I were so excited bc it's like INSANE in there 😭😭😂😂

  • Bridget Barry
    Bridget Barry2 måneder siden

    G-2 Pilot pensssssss please

  • Michelle Wolfer
    Michelle Wolfer2 måneder siden

    It's so sad to see what the ccp has done to the USA. I encourage all of you to do your own research, quit believing what reporters say. They have no need to report the truth. Whether you read something that leans towards your opinion or the opposite, always research it for yourself. Facts matter matter no matter where you stand.

  • Sudiya Lu
    Sudiya Lu2 måneder siden


  • Rachel Grace
    Rachel Grace2 måneder siden

    I'm gluten-free and that s my favorite flour :) It makes the best pumpkin bread

  • Olivia DiRico
    Olivia DiRico2 måneder siden

    muji pens size .38 are the best pens EVER. Muji has a website but you can also get them on amazon :)

  • ღ.bluvedღ.
    ღ.bluvedღ.2 måneder siden

    literally stan this woman ugh.

  • with gratitude
    with gratitude2 måneder siden

    I can't not say it... I'm gonna say it... Finneas kinda look like PewDiePie

  • Alejandra Valdez
    Alejandra Valdez2 måneder siden

    she is honestly like she looks so happy .... I send lots of love I LOVE YOU CLAUDIA

  • Carla Veras
    Carla Veras2 måneder siden

    where is that couch from

  • Summer Shaper
    Summer Shaper2 måneder siden

    Dear Claudia, I just wanted to tell you that you help me so much. Whenever I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed and trying to get back to normal state I watch your videos and they give me the largest sense of peace. Your voice comforts me and I know I won't ever be triggered by anything in your videos. They are so chill and calming and I don't know what I would do without your videos. You are so positive and down to earth and I love you so much. Thank you for making videos, seriously thank you so much.

  • Sophie Buckingham
    Sophie Buckingham2 måneder siden

    I've been trying the Sharpie Gel Pens since about September & they're nice! My reaction was the same as yours xo ahahah :)

  • Mynameisomer
    Mynameisomer2 måneder siden

    Pentel pens are the bestttt!

  • Brooke Alyvia
    Brooke Alyvia2 måneder siden

    *Claudia laughing at peaches* Finneas: “ you okay?”

  • outloudkat
    outloudkat2 måneder siden

    Paper Mate InkJoy are the best, smoothest pens.

  • Sophie Pierce
    Sophie Pierce2 måneder siden

    ok but. favorite couple everrr

  • Zuha Qamar
    Zuha Qamar3 måneder siden

    muji probably has the best pens ive used. you can find them on amazon like a pack of three is i think $7? the 0.38 tip is the best but the have a 0.5 too which i like

  • Elisabeth - MissEllolisoss -
    Elisabeth - MissEllolisoss -3 måneder siden

    Pen rec: Zebra Sarasa Dry 0,5 gel pen 👏

  • ximena carolina huicaña solano
    ximena carolina huicaña solano3 måneder siden


  • Valeria Martinez
    Valeria Martinez3 måneder siden

    wait wait wait just me or does she kinda look like billie😳😳

  • marissa ruff
    marissa ruff3 måneder siden

    The pilot G2-07 pens are the best in the market. My ride or die pens

  • Julia Rose
    Julia Rose3 måneder siden

    Poppin Pens

  • Etta
    Etta3 måneder siden

    peace really said if i cant sit on the couch no one can

  • Kristina Morrison
    Kristina Morrison3 måneder siden

    Try out muji pens you will love!

  • kiah b
    kiah b3 måneder siden

    new life goal: be able to spend 500 bones at target on holiday decor and towel hooks

  • y t
    y t3 måneder siden


  • xizus. gacha
    xizus. gacha3 måneder siden

    will you eat bigos for Christmas?

  • Amina Nafesa
    Amina Nafesa3 måneder siden

    OMG BROWNIES IN MUFFIN FORM!!! And then i don’t have to cut it WHY HAVE I NEVER DONE THIS

  • Joanne Kim
    Joanne Kim3 måneder siden

    pen rec: pilot g-2s! helped me get thru high school and most of college haha

  • Mads
    Mads3 måneder siden

    FIRE HAZARD! The lit broken candle on the coffee table and decor flowers next to each other were making me nervous for you 😅😬

  • Yasmine Liang
    Yasmine Liang3 måneder siden

    A person who steals ‘eggs' will not succeed. #MAGA

  • Agatha Kisakye
    Agatha Kisakye3 måneder siden

    And not the couch????? Is that the new couch too??😭😭😭😭

  • Agatha Kisakye
    Agatha Kisakye3 måneder siden

    All that for 500$ waaaaaaatttt

  • Fatimah Mir
    Fatimah Mir3 måneder siden

    claudia u are so cool and also your appearance is fire but ur personality and ur lifestyle is so

  • Jillian Fisher
    Jillian Fisher3 måneder siden

    Pen recommendations Pilot G2 Uni-ball Rollerball pen (anti-fraud pen)

  • Miami Beach
    Miami Beach3 måneder siden

    as a brit, this gives me very american vibes

  • Layan Alghamdi
    Layan Alghamdi3 måneder siden

    CLAUD you need to try muji’s pens they are the absolute best specially for journaling

  • Myah Hendrix
    Myah Hendrix3 måneder siden

    The gluten free flour is really good

  • SarahLynnHoneyBee
    SarahLynnHoneyBee3 måneder siden

    That flour is amazing!! My fav company and fav GF blend! :)

  • Nutritionally Nicole
    Nutritionally Nicole3 måneder siden

    Is your journal from Papier? I bought my journal from them and love it so I was just curious. Also, I totally agree that journaling is incredibly cathartic and offers such a cool way of self expressing and reflecting :).

  • emma lafontaine
    emma lafontaine3 måneder siden

    MUJI pens are the best! Life changing

    RIOZIC3 måneder siden

    Her getting so enthusiastic/surprised after using those pens is the cutest part for me

  • caisghost
    caisghost3 måneder siden

    FOR PEN RECS!! Pilot G-2s! They are the smoothest pens

  • Jayanti Archuleta
    Jayanti Archuleta3 måneder siden

    Does anyone know where to get those hair clips claudia is wearing at 11:22 ??

  • SläyingRebbie!
    SläyingRebbie!3 måneder siden


  • KirstiAnna Urpa
    KirstiAnna Urpa3 måneder siden

    PS, you should never bake with silicone. It leaches into the food when heated. Fine to mix and prep with, but not to heat 😬

  • KirstiAnna Urpa
    KirstiAnna Urpa3 måneder siden

    PENS! The best pens EVER are made by Muji and they are erasable. Or not, they have both. My fave is super fine 0.38 🌀

  • Lauren Elizabeth
    Lauren Elizabeth3 måneder siden

    TUL pens!! :)

  • Graciela Perez
    Graciela Perez3 måneder siden

    She really went to the target I work at. Wow not fair I didn't see her lol

  • Nazlıcan
    Nazlıcan3 måneder siden

    Can you put Turkish subtitles?

  • Nazlıcan
    Nazlıcan3 måneder siden

    Can you put Turkish subtitles?

  • Nazlıcan
    Nazlıcan3 måneder siden

    Keşke Türkçe altyazı koysan

  • Denisse Padron
    Denisse Padron3 måneder siden

    This could be me and Harry styles but he doesn’t reply to my DM

  • Lauren Mackey
    Lauren Mackey3 måneder siden

    I work for BIC and the BIC Gel-ocity pens are also amazing !!

  • Cady
    Cady3 måneder siden

    claudia getting excited about pens is me trying to entertain myself in quarantine

  • susanne:3
    susanne:33 måneder siden

    I always have reactions to her videos as if she can see my face

  • Sherry Lin
    Sherry Lin3 måneder siden

    Can you link all your clothes Claudia? You have great taste!

  • RandomKK101
    RandomKK1013 måneder siden

    I feel like there have been a lot of ads in the recent videos, which I understand but at the same time takes away from the content, but this was still a fun vlog to watch x

  • skyler norville
    skyler norville3 måneder siden

    my fav pen: pilot precise v5 rt ITS SO GOOD TO ME

  • Victoria Vaughn
    Victoria Vaughn3 måneder siden

    Table looks great!!

  • Andrea Francheska Ybanez
    Andrea Francheska Ybanez3 måneder siden

    Claudia's handwriting is so pretty!

  • Akiko
    Akiko3 måneder siden


  • Grace McCann
    Grace McCann3 måneder siden

    The energel..? needle tip pens are my favorite!! Soo smooth

  • Jag Kaur
    Jag Kaur3 måneder siden

    Muji pens