Spin The Wheel, Eat The Food! (Eat It Or Yeet It #14)

It’s time to Eat It or Yeet It with a twist! Every round we’ll spin the wheel, and whoever it lands on has to eat a mystery delivery food. No one is out and no one is safe!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit5 måneder siden


  • Khai Matheson

    Khai Matheson

    7 dager siden


  • Edward Taylor

    Edward Taylor

    3 måneder siden

    Shush you mush

  • Jasmine 17

    Jasmine 17

    3 måneder siden

    What if y’all did a theme with weird pregnancy cravings?!?

  • Sibuna Lov3mor

    Sibuna Lov3mor

    4 måneder siden

    Should put a small sliver for Garrett and/or courtney, as a bit of chaos if you want no one to be safe. Lol

  • Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari

    4 måneder siden

    Do an everything is cake one 👁👄👁

  • McKenna Enos
    McKenna Enos2 dager siden

    I finally found the famous start to “Burger but cold” 🤣

  • Nathan Lowry
    Nathan Lowry2 dager siden

    Also I would like another Eat It or YEET it but with Garrett in it. THAT WOULD BE THE PERFECT REVENGE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😡😡😡

  • Nathan Lowry
    Nathan Lowry2 dager siden

    4:22 Shayne said “Give me one thing before I eat this cow boom” MAKE ME LAUGH SO HARD 😅😂😂

  • Mike M
    Mike M3 dager siden

    7:04 "you twisted bitch" 🤣

  • Sakura Yuki
    Sakura Yuki5 dager siden

    is anyone waiting for cortney to join

  • SatooDrawStuff
    SatooDrawStuff9 dager siden

    Dish Idea: Depressive Oreos: Oreos with sour cream

  • Anthony Small
    Anthony Small10 dager siden

    I've had cold burger before. It's a little dish I like to call "Broken Microwave"

  • Violet Eggler
    Violet Eggler15 dager siden

    My favorite quotes MORE BITES - Garret Oh, that’s a hefty shit - Shayne I’m doing it Garret you twisted bitch - Olivia

  • David Bloom
    David Bloom17 dager siden

    missed opportunity to do a cold malic acid burger for shayne

  • Cosmo The Flower
    Cosmo The Flower22 dager siden

    13:10 Garrett Was So Done With Life

  • Ava Kelly
    Ava Kelly25 dager siden

    cold burger= stoner food

  • A 0 K
    A 0 K29 dager siden

    Ian: I'm not gonna eat ANYTHING. First spin: lands on Ian.

  • A Psyduck
    A PsyduckMåned siden

    salad but hot

  • Justine Tom
    Justine TomMåned siden

    I'd love to eat the first burrito

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman NayrMåned siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman NayrMåned siden

    SPIN THE WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn
    LynnMåned siden

    We need cfm on this show

  • Macnatty
    MacnattyMåned siden

    can we appreciate Ian looking out for Sarah and her lactose intolerance asking if she needs a lactose pill for that curry?

  • Myra Peeler
    Myra PeelerMåned siden

    I love how Damien was checking on Olivia

  • Michelle Hill
    Michelle HillMåned siden

    Sarah is super gorgeous omg

  • LordALMO
    LordALMOMåned siden

    bring matpat and stephanie for this show

  • William Hunt
    William HuntMåned siden

    Damien is such a good dude, legend

  • Arlin Josheba Ramos
    Arlin Josheba RamosMåned siden

    _ignore this_ *please*

  • Nick Netz
    Nick NetzMåned siden

    They should do a white elephant style game with the food

  • Niel Kenneth Bernabe
    Niel Kenneth BernabeMåned siden

    I hope courtney will be one of the players in eat it or yeet it. 😅😅😅

  • Directioner315
    Directioner315Måned siden

    When It stopped between blue and green they should have spilt it

  • Elliott Kane
    Elliott KaneMåned siden

    Where did some of the episodes go?

  • Adriana Long
    Adriana LongMåned siden

    Who else is eating food while watching 😂😂

  • Jaylin Jackson
    Jaylin JacksonMåned siden

    My tinder bio: A burger, but cold 🙂

  • Izzy Gutierrez
    Izzy GutierrezMåned siden

    the wheel is HIGHKEY better than the bell i love this show even more now

  • Astrid Marie Bergland
    Astrid Marie BerglandMåned siden

    In Norway it's not unusual to put candy in texmex...

  • ChrisPhoto1991
    ChrisPhoto1991Måned siden

    Burger but cold, that’s just a morning after the night before surprise present to yourself 😁😁😁😁

  • Wolf Blood
    Wolf Blood2 måneder siden

    Is it just me or does everyone look so tired

  • Fury
    Fury2 måneder siden

    "i'm sorry, maker of 'burger but cold'"

  • William Hunt
    William Hunt2 måneder siden

    Bon apeYEEY

  • emma Mobley
    emma Mobley2 måneder siden

    Make a gusher sandwich with fruit roll ups and fruit by the foot as the bread and put fish oil and liquid smoke inside as condiments

  • unbudgingsalmon
    unbudgingsalmon2 måneder siden

    I've had so many cold burgers

  • Ann m Peters
    Ann m Peters2 måneder siden

    Why does courtney never eat x

  • Megan Rivera
    Megan Rivera2 måneder siden

    Why doesn’t Courtney ever play?

  • Not A Lithium Barbie Doll
    Not A Lithium Barbie Doll2 måneder siden

    Side note- it’s so cute how protective Damien is over Olivia in these episodes, he’s always the first to ask if she’s ok. This is not a ship comment, I just think he is a great big brother figure to her

  • Jãmęß
    Jãmęß2 måneder siden

    bUrGeR bUt CoLD

  • Cooljaboyjay
    Cooljaboyjay2 måneder siden

    Please don’t change the way of playing it I love the game with the spinner wheel cause NO ONE IS SAFE!

  • Dezi Xphilia
    Dezi Xphilia2 måneder siden

    Burger But Cold is what im having on break at work to eat 😂

  • Laughs
    Laughs2 måneder siden

    When Ian was eating the burrito it was like lunch time with Ian (smosh) all over again

  • Bernard The statue man
    Bernard The statue man2 måneder siden

    I love the fact that Shayne said it was him the whole time, but he only got it once...

  • Jason Jimenez
    Jason Jimenez2 måneder siden

    Cant wait for hot burger that has been microwaved for 15 minutes

  • Sophie Hewlett
    Sophie Hewlett2 måneder siden

    Damien is so sweet I’m gonna cry 7:30 😭😭😭😭😂

  • Leif Opstad
    Leif Opstad2 måneder siden

    Honestly, I'm waiting for someone to just chuck the food at Garrett

  • taechuu
    taechuu2 måneder siden


  • Sandy Dela Cruz
    Sandy Dela Cruz2 måneder siden

    Damien is such a gentleman!! ♥♥♥

  • TorixLovesxYou
    TorixLovesxYou2 måneder siden

    Theme idea: ice cream

  • Kill Kenneth
    Kill Kenneth2 måneder siden

    Garrett looks like Van Gogh

  • Elian Estrada
    Elian Estrada2 måneder siden

    If u think u had a bad day remember shaynes poor soul had to eat a burger that is cold

  • gastly gracie
    gastly gracie2 måneder siden

    B U R G E R B U T C O L D

  • Amit
    Amit3 måneder siden

    Olivia is the worst character on this show 😒

  • Leahlighter leah boyd
    Leahlighter leah boyd3 måneder siden


  • Aaron D. Rodriguez
    Aaron D. Rodriguez3 måneder siden


  • Taylor Rembos
    Taylor Rembos3 måneder siden

    I really love the updates they made in this episode to this show. Really great and makes it way more fun somehow and I already thought it was very fun :)

  • Xrx
    Xrx3 måneder siden

    Garrett is one evil bastard lol

  • Skullzer96
    Skullzer963 måneder siden

    The wheel made this show better .

  • Reetom Bera
    Reetom Bera3 måneder siden

    I need Olivia saying "you twisted bitch" as a soundbyte stuffed into a syringe and injected directly into my veins.

  • Foxy Doxy
    Foxy Doxy3 måneder siden


  • Bryce Н
    Bryce Н3 måneder siden

    Idk why it took me until now to realize the addition of the wheel is because of sanitary reasons since just Courtney touches the wheel, instead of multiple touching the bell and each others’ hands when they go to ring it which they probably had to stop thanks to ms. rona’s world tour

  • Steven York
    Steven York3 måneder siden

    Olivia has the worst luck on this show

  • Kali Streeter
    Kali Streeter3 måneder siden

    Chocolate covered pickle with hot sauce

  • Victoria Pastrano
    Victoria Pastrano3 måneder siden

    I appreciate them all

  • Hulkamazing
    Hulkamazing3 måneder siden

    ngl, they had Shaye in the first half

  • Kriss Franco
    Kriss Franco3 måneder siden

    “Do you need water let’s get her water” 🥺

  • Karma the scouragious dragon
    Karma the scouragious dragon3 måneder siden

    why not el gelatinous for a name

  • starlight1789
    starlight17893 måneder siden

    “COLD BURGER!!!!”

  • Michael Gatlin
    Michael Gatlin3 måneder siden


  • CM M
    CM M4 måneder siden

    Gotta get rhett and link on this, they'll eat anything...lol

  • Leah L
    Leah L4 måneder siden

    Now we need ice cream but warm

  • SKAGTHSS-NP Official
    SKAGTHSS-NP Official4 måneder siden

    My school feeds us this burrito that’s just peanut butter, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, and lettuce. It is absolutely disgusting. You should try it on this series sometime!

  • Margaret Brogan
    Margaret Brogan4 måneder siden

    i want burger but cold merch in the store asap

  • DerpyGamer0013
    DerpyGamer00134 måneder siden

    Burger but Cold deserves to become a meme.

  • Arnold Hubbard
    Arnold Hubbard4 måneder siden

    Are Sonic smoothies and milkshakes that thick?

  • WolfeTube
    WolfeTube4 måneder siden

    Hey I like cold burgers

  • rahil patel
    rahil patel4 måneder siden

    Ur nan

  • rahil patel

    rahil patel

    4 måneder siden

    She said comment what ever ur thinking

  • shah mahammed
    shah mahammed4 måneder siden

    Eat it or yeet it do you trust shane. Shane host and offers food to each person. They they choose to eat it or give it to someone else. Courtney, Damien, sarah, Olivia and Garrett should be the one eating

  • Kira The Cat Girl
    Kira The Cat Girl4 måneder siden

    Garret 2020 *MORE BITES*

  • cecep chaerudin
    cecep chaerudin4 måneder siden

    Good One instead outfit nutshell besides Need should nice if cool

  • Hannah Dyson
    Hannah Dyson4 måneder siden

    my lord it's a witch

  • lucas correa
    lucas correa4 måneder siden


  • Seth and Elijah Hendricks
    Seth and Elijah Hendricks4 måneder siden

    No One: Sara: ITS GOnna be SPiiiCYYYYYYYYYY!!!

  • Kallie Last Name
    Kallie Last Name4 måneder siden

    The way damien rushed to get water for Olivia after the sushi was really sweet

  • Wyatt Moyer
    Wyatt Moyer4 måneder siden

    The light heartedness of Smosh videos are what kept me sane through this time

  • Thatcher Crowder
    Thatcher Crowder4 måneder siden

    Jalepeño poppers but the cream cheese is replaced with toothpaste

  • ii Melina
    ii Melina4 måneder siden

    this is better than the other eat or yeet

  • Kajsa Merz
    Kajsa Merz4 måneder siden

    Olivia😂😂 "I'm eating it Garrett, you twisted b*tch"

  • K.C Moreno
    K.C Moreno4 måneder siden

    2:53 I Want A Shirt With Garret Sayin MORE BITES

  • K.C Moreno
    K.C Moreno4 måneder siden

    2:55 , I Want A Shirt With Garret Sayin MORE BITES

  • Evie Everett
    Evie Everett4 måneder siden

    It’s a bag guys, duh (imagine the Billie ellish song bad guy)

  • Ashleigh Groh
    Ashleigh Groh4 måneder siden

    Ian looks fresh out of a boy band

  • Brooks


    4 måneder siden


  • black_dragoon
    black_dragoon4 måneder siden

    It's "a big bag of weed!" ayyye

  • Kakashi1311
    Kakashi13114 måneder siden

    TBH the Candy Burrito seems like it would be pretty good-

  • KneeboardFreak
    KneeboardFreak4 måneder siden

    What if Courtney played the game instead of hosting😱

  • Brooks


    4 måneder siden


  • Victoria Carotenuto
    Victoria Carotenuto4 måneder siden

    Thank you Ian for making me almost yeet some CocaCola out my nose with the Chris Christie joke.

  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith4 måneder siden

    I like this eat it or yet it better