Spinning The Globe And Flying Wherever It Lands...

Dubai was CRAZYY!! Leave a like if you guys wanna see more videos like this and comment where I should go next!
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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe Adapt10 måneder siden

    What place I should go next?? Let me know!

  • lavit gaming

    lavit gaming

    4 måneder siden

    India any day u realize what life looks like

  • Hotlink 2017

    Hotlink 2017

    6 måneder siden


  • Maha Zafar

    Maha Zafar

    7 måneder siden

    turkey ;)

  • Hasrat Singh

    Hasrat Singh

    9 måneder siden


  • Velitex


    10 måneder siden

    Am there

  • Leo Andersson
    Leo Andersson2 måneder siden

    Paris please

  • Ibtihal Abokar
    Ibtihal Abokar2 måneder siden


  • ريم اليمن حضرمية. قعقاع
    ريم اليمن حضرمية. قعقاع3 måneder siden

    ادعموني بالايك

  • Omar H
    Omar H3 måneder siden

    I live in the UAE shame I couldn’t see you I’m a big fan ):

    PRXDETORGXMR _68393 måneder siden

    I bet that’s address sky view hotel

    PRXDETORGXMR _68393 måneder siden

    I live in dubai

  • Stannerz
    Stannerz5 måneder siden

    U should go to england

  • deliacopping
    deliacopping5 måneder siden

    i feel like he landed dubai on purpose

  • Mikel Jeha
    Mikel Jeha5 måneder siden

    Why didn’t Adapt charge his camera before he started the video

  • FcGamer PlayZ
    FcGamer PlayZ6 måneder siden

    It’s hilarious when adapt does the Frazier impression😂

  • King jaguar Gaming
    King jaguar Gaming6 måneder siden

    Low key this was on my b-day!!

  • Hotlink 2017
    Hotlink 20176 måneder siden

    Remember when rug went there

  • Jginzz og account
    Jginzz og account6 måneder siden

    what if it landed on afganistán

  • Jginzz og account
    Jginzz og account6 måneder siden

    imagine if sheldon just ate adapt whole

  • kali- venom
    kali- venom7 måneder siden

    Is this azure???

    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    u should have hit up mo vlogs

  • Skuly
    Skuly7 måneder siden

    this should be called "FaZe Adapt Turns Arab For The Day"

  • Dreaded_Beast
    Dreaded_Beast7 måneder siden

    I am from dubai

  • moktada gaming
    moktada gaming7 måneder siden

    What is the funny a$$ hole in the thumnail

  • shody diy
    shody diy7 måneder siden

    I have bin to that place am from there.

  • Humaid Abutaher
    Humaid Abutaher7 måneder siden

    dude i live here

  • avuxex Noob
    avuxex Noob7 måneder siden

    Prince white boy look like Alex

  • Roblox gang
    Roblox gang7 måneder siden

    Go to Yemen there are no Coronavirus there only one person out of 200 million people

  • Cooper Schmid
    Cooper Schmid8 måneder siden

    Can we get one soon😈

  • BlackDrift
    BlackDrift8 måneder siden

    If you look far out in the distance, you can see the remains of mr beasts setup in the desert

  • Ervins_YT2
    Ervins_YT28 måneder siden

    Fly to Latvia next

  • Faisal Khalil
    Faisal Khalil8 måneder siden

    I live in uae(Dubai)

  • mrdonate99GT
    mrdonate99GT8 måneder siden

    I live in Dubai what's upp

  • Nickthemagicman FN
    Nickthemagicman FN8 måneder siden

    The Gucci scarf or the face mask

  • Cloverz
    Cloverz8 måneder siden

    I love how humble and wise adapt is

  • Adan Venegas
    Adan Venegas8 måneder siden

    How much times did you spin the wheel 😂

  • liam sinnott
    liam sinnott8 måneder siden

    So low down on ur helmet hahahaha

  • liam sinnott
    liam sinnott8 måneder siden

    The goggles😂😂

  • Modric 10
    Modric 108 måneder siden

    He probably kept spinning the globe to go to Daubi

  • Yasin Sheikh
    Yasin Sheikh8 måneder siden

    when this pandemic is over u should come back here

  • IJusBro OnYt

    IJusBro OnYt

    6 måneder siden

    Norgee I think so

  • Endu


    8 måneder siden

    STR1P3S3 with faze rug and the other guys

  • BlueLeaf playzToH
    BlueLeaf playzToH8 måneder siden

    u have weird head and I dislike almost all vids

  • BadToggled
    BadToggled8 måneder siden

    11:12 If He Was I The Stage, Then Going To Dubai Was a Plan....

  • Nub Mystical
    Nub Mystical9 måneder siden

    dubai iswhere i live

  • Zane Marshall
    Zane Marshall9 måneder siden

    When he said he’s in the lobby I was like you ain’t in Fortnite

  • Devin Sherman
    Devin Sherman9 måneder siden

    2:00 what the fuck is this man wearing

    XOTWOD9 måneder siden

    I am so mad that I didn’t know about this 😩 he came to my city , I would have gone to the M&G 😭

  • Lethal
    Lethal9 måneder siden

    Are we not gonna talk about how this dude had the same room as faze rug

  • Zaid Abu al wafa
    Zaid Abu al wafa9 måneder siden

    Qatar please come to us

  • Keira Llaneza
    Keira Llaneza9 måneder siden

    you should go to las vegas

  • Um Ayham
    Um Ayham9 måneder siden

    Can u do more vlogs in Dubai it's fun

  • eklFN
    eklFN9 måneder siden

    4:40 is so insane

  • mohammed junaed
    mohammed junaed9 måneder siden

    i live in dubai . but i dun get 2 roam around like u do

  • SnipDip
    SnipDip9 måneder siden

    Try pakistan

  • nishanee ramraj
    nishanee ramraj9 måneder siden


  • Keanu de Freitas
    Keanu de Freitas9 måneder siden

    Come to South Africa🇿🇦 The bird Woman sounded South African

  • Chris De Jager

    Chris De Jager

    4 måneder siden

    She does sound South African

  • Chris De Jager

    Chris De Jager

    4 måneder siden

    He should come to durban

  • Epicster
    Epicster9 måneder siden

    Dude Abu Dhabi Ain't Dubai

  • ruairi
    ruairi9 måneder siden

    I'd love to be the camera man

  • Aysha Aljasmi
    Aysha Aljasmi9 måneder siden

    I am from Dubai Who is from Dubai if you are drop a like

  • Puertoricams
    Puertoricams9 måneder siden

    Go to Puerto Rico please !!!! 🇵🇷

  • Shelbie
    Shelbie9 måneder siden

    When he got on the camel tho 🤣

  • Icecreampower205
    Icecreampower2059 måneder siden

    I remember in Dubai I did the exact same things what he did but in a different location is what soo fun they allowed the cars into the dunes so we went in the dunes and my dad was drifting the car in the dunes it was so cool and also saw my favorite soccer player in a restaurant and salt bar was working there also saw a Ferrari it was the best also went to the top floor of the Burj Khalifa

  • Ahmed Alhashedi
    Ahmed Alhashedi9 måneder siden


  • Iisakki Roininen
    Iisakki Roininen9 måneder siden

    Random places... Chernobyl, london and dubai

  • SXVN
    SXVN9 måneder siden

    After you should go to area 51

  • Knify
    Knify9 måneder siden

    That was the hotel from when rug visited Dubai.

  • Davion Phienemanh
    Davion Phienemanh9 måneder siden

    Dhabi you said dubia

  • Bassin-n-Splashin
    Bassin-n-Splashin9 måneder siden

    North Antarctican Ocean?!???😂. Buddy I think u mean North Atlantic Ocean

  • Dal Khadka
    Dal Khadka9 måneder siden

    I'm in dubi

  • NeEYaH
    NeEYaH9 måneder siden

    You should’ve went to italy

    ANNMARY MANJOORAN9 måneder siden

    i live in uae too

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix9 måneder siden

    I went to Dubai it’s so cool

  • Diavolo
    Diavolo9 måneder siden

    Imagine if it landed on North Korea

  • Alexis Hernandez
    Alexis Hernandez9 måneder siden

    Stay your ass home

  • Fantus
    Fantus9 måneder siden

    I wish it was Bardu in norway

  • Xavi Rubi
    Xavi Rubi9 måneder siden

    To miami

  • Junior Montano
    Junior Montano9 måneder siden

    Wuhan China

  • Galaxy Cube
    Galaxy Cube9 måneder siden

    Plz go to Rio de Janeiro or Tenerife

    REYxRANDOM9 måneder siden

    Go Pakistan 🇵🇰!!!! After the corona 😂 virus

  • Brendah Rivera
    Brendah Rivera10 måneder siden

    Always wanted to go to Dubai

  • Sarfraz Khokhar
    Sarfraz Khokhar10 måneder siden


  • Dean Reynolds
    Dean Reynolds10 måneder siden

    I'm going alone to anywhere I land on the globe what is the camera floating then 😂

  • mahm jesus
    mahm jesus10 måneder siden

    People infected with corona be like

  • Hessa Al Qamzi
    Hessa Al Qamzi10 måneder siden

    i live in dubai

  • Evan Q
    Evan Q10 måneder siden

    I went to Dubai last summer and literally met the falcon and the owl lol

  • Komplexity_shadow
    Komplexity_shadow10 måneder siden

    Watching in dubai

  • Lalhruaisanga K
    Lalhruaisanga K10 måneder siden

    In India

  • Lalhruaisanga K
    Lalhruaisanga K10 måneder siden


  • dazzlez
    dazzlez10 måneder siden


  • Kaylee Garrett
    Kaylee Garrett10 måneder siden

    plaz do this again. Awesome vid

  • wraith X
    wraith X10 måneder siden

    Who’s holding ur camera for you if you are by yourself

  • THE Short clips 101
    THE Short clips 10110 måneder siden

    When she said don’t be shy I was like don’t be shy put some more 😂😂😂

  • Sara


    2 måneder siden


  • Mohammed -Roblox
    Mohammed -Roblox10 måneder siden

    why it didnt land at saudi arabia

  • Connor John
    Connor John10 måneder siden

    What if you landed in North Korea or some shit

  • Monika saini
    Monika saini10 måneder siden

    You could have came to my house i live in dubai

  • Nicole Fayssoux-Bautista
    Nicole Fayssoux-Bautista10 måneder siden

    It lands in China imagine

  • Braxton Pettyjohn
    Braxton Pettyjohn10 måneder siden

    Might as well travel the world while the plane tickets are cheap 😂 too many people live in fear

  • Aaditya Thapa
    Aaditya Thapa10 måneder siden

    Come to NEPAL

  • MKTP
    MKTP10 måneder siden

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  • Hannah The Gamer
    Hannah The Gamer10 måneder siden

    Everybody must be so mad on the plane with Alex talking

  • Kaiyo
    Kaiyo10 måneder siden

    Bring Adapt the type of back

  • PuppyGangster
    PuppyGangster10 måneder siden


  • PuppyGangster
    PuppyGangster10 måneder siden

    Faze adapt met Vanoss

  • xRawa213 _xd
    xRawa213 _xd10 måneder siden

    U must meet Mo vlogs in dubai

  • kainat farooq
    kainat farooq10 måneder siden

    I live in Dubai